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Third Jewish Temple Built

Do you believe the third Jewish Temple will be built?

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 ---mima on 3/14/06
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They have already finish the Robe for the Preist & All the Instruments of Gold Needed for the Daily Sacrifice!
I Believe it is the AntiChrist that will make it Possible for the Tempke to be Built in Troublsome times!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/10/08

We know that the 3rd Jewish Temple WILL be built, because it states this in the bible very clearly. When the anti-christ confirms the 7 year peace treaty coming, part of this treaty will be that they can build a new temple. It's coming!
---Josh on 4/10/08

I doubt it! It would not be a good thing because as I understand it, this would mean a return to the temple services with the animal sacrifices and that would be like saying that Christ's gift was not sufficent, that Christ failed in some way which He did not! P.
---Pierre on 1/13/08

Talk has been for some time that Orthodox Jews are trying to reconstruct the temple (the Third Temple) in hopes their Messiah will come soon. It could be a political move. Presently, the "Dome of the Rock", one of the holiest sites of Islam, stands on the Temple Mount. The Jews have only ruins of their temple wall there. Christians are interested because some believe the Anti-christ will be revealed there, "standing in the holy place" according to the prophet Daniel and Matt.24:15.
---Donna227 on 5/10/06

Why such interest in rebuilding the Temple?

No matter how you slice it, the Temple was (and will be) a glorified slaughterhouse and stockyard. What do you think went on there, anyway? Cantatas and revivals?

Furthermore, according to common wisdom, will this not become the Temple of Antichrist?
---Jack on 5/10/06

I've heard the Temple is going to be a pre-fab building and then moved to the Temple Mount. All the furnishings are there waiting ... also, read that the Ark is in the Temple Mount waiting for the right time to be revealed to the world.
---Nellah on 4/20/06

the jews can build all the temples they want God is only interested in a temple not made with hands. john 11:24 martha told jesus that lazerath would be in the resurrection on the last day. jesus said I am the resurrection. therefore there is no last day to look for it is the last day today is the day of salvation, get you eyes off the jews and on Jesus lest you miss him.
---Exzucuh on 4/8/06

It also is a sign that the end times are upon us, right? The rebuilding of the Temple. Am I to take the quiz each time I awnser if it is the same quiz I have just finished to awnser previous?
---Alexandra on 4/8/06

According to a radio program, Politics and Religion, the cornerstone for a third Temple has already been laid. Furnishings for the Temple are being stored. Temple will be pre-fab, and moved to the Temple Mount. Yes, it is being built. Remember the Jews don't accept Christ as the Messiah, so sacrifices will begin again.
---Nellah on 3/19/06

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