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Slack And Bikini Women

What constitutes "modest dress" for a woman? Are slacks acceptable, what about sleeveless blouses? Our bikinis acceptable on the beach as being modest?

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 ---mima on 3/14/06
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I have realized that men like Mystery.

The more you show in a way shorten the interest men have towards you.

Many ways to make yourselves pretty without showing the grand prize.

My goodness who is running the contest anyway?

Some just don't realize how valuable we are.

Forget the diamond!

This girl wants a Gold band on her finger before any prizes are shown or given!
---Nicole on 7/30/08

Hi.. I am from Malaysia. I think that all women should dress modesty though nothing will help her if the man is bent on doing what he wants to do.
I wear trousers and long sleeved blouses for work. On occasion I wear a sari
---florence on 7/29/08

If you women want to look beutiful, by all means go ahead and be pretty... I mean that's how God created you... to be pretty...

But if you are dressing in such a way as to make us males gasp over you, whether you dressed intentionally for that or not, then my friend, you've caused me to sin...

Doesn't the bible tell us to take care that we do not become stumbling blocks for others????

Take care you don't be that stumbling block to a Christian male...
---Alwyn on 7/28/08

I feel all things should be done decently and in order but this means different things to different people. Slacks and short sleeves are ok, if they are worn in good taste. If the slacks are not too tight and revealing then why not? I think bikinis should not be worn by christian women. A one piece is too revealing,as well. If the one piece is worn with a large tee shirt or a wrap around,that would be more modest,to me. If you feel convicted in what you wear,then, this is not for you.
When we make a vow to serve Christ it is a giving up of things in this world that is not pleasing to Him. The giving up does not happen overnight, but gradually worldy things fall away from us, so we can serve God more fully and without hindrances.
---Robyn on 7/28/08

Slacks and sleeveless tops are fine for a woman. Why should we be more uncomfortable in warm weather?
---Madison on 7/27/08

Pants/slacks are okay. Sleeveless blouses/shirts are okay if the part under the armpit isn't revealing and can't see your bra. I don't like bikinis too me it is too revealing. I do wear a one piece, but it depends on how you feel on what you wear. You will get some answers saying it is wrong and it is a sin. If you wear something and it condemns you, then don't wear it anymore.
---Rebecca_D on 11/5/07

What does scripture say about "Modesty"?
Are we correctly interpreting verses that discuss this issue?
Is this a culture/tradition thing?
---John on 3/20/07

In Genesis, God created clothes for Adam and Eve.
Did He do it because He didn't like their nakedness? or
Did He do it to provide protection from the elements?
Does scripture say one way or the other?
God didn't have a problem with their nakedness in the garden. Did He change His mind?
---John on 3/20/07

helen -is it ok to accentuate the curves of the temple?
---r.w. on 8/7/06

Slacks are perfectly ok. Jeans are ok too, provided they do not fit tightly. Sleeveless tops depends entirely on the woman and her figure, but should not be low-cut. Bikinis to me are completely out for Christians -- we should not expose the temple of God.
---Helen_5378 on 8/5/06

if any person dresses to stir the desires of the opposite sex, this is just as much a sin as the one lusting. what ever happened to "be ye holy.." no wonder the u.s. is on a downward spiral Prov 30:12 There is a generation that is pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness
---r.w. on 8/5/06

IMHO, it's not what you wear that counts, but how you wear it. As long as a woman doesn't flaunt herself sexually, any feminine clothing is acceptable in my book. Be modest with your attitude.
---david8576 on 4/23/06

Number one feature that attracted me to my wife was her decency and dignity in her clothes and in her words.

Scantily dressed women attract the wrong type of men and if they marry them they can't expect a happy marriage.
---A_Catholic on 3/30/06

As a man, I would say this, that on a beach full of near-naked women, some top-less, I have not felt a stir of lust. But a fully clothed woman (although not provocatively dressed) can seem so so attractive.
---alan_of_UK on 3/30/06

Nock ... what's so wrong with a bra?
And what would you say about a strapless evening dress? OK as long as the bra is also strapless? Or if there are straps to the dress, but the bra straps do not lie exactly under it?
Really, it does seem to me that we need to stop thinking evil of other people.
---alan_of_UK on 3/30/06

Thomas ... Men's trousers would not have been acceptab;e in the early church. Nor would knickerbockers worn by men in the English Elizabethan period. Nor would the the fur skins worn by Inuits.
---alan_of_UK on 3/30/06

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Some people dont have to expose anything for men to stare, men have always looked at women regardless of their physical looks, and they will still do till Jesus comes back. Its their way of appreciating Gods creation. As for the lusting guys, theyre the ones with a problem, I am sure they will still lust after a woman dressed covering every inch of her bodyit is just a state of mind.
---glrs on 3/30/06

Rebecca D., everyone has opinions. What one deems right another might deem wrong. I don't care what you wear. If you go naked, that's your business. Between you and God only!
---Thomas on 3/26/06

Ask yourself, If I was walking hand in hand with Jesus in public, would I or Jesus feel uncomfortable with what I am wearing? If yes, then don't wear it; and if no, then wear it. After all we represent the Lord, and it is his reputation that we are reflecting.
---Eloy on 3/26/06

Thomas; I'm not in the early church. And besides I don't dress to empress no one. Nock, isn't that what I said? If a person has a starring problem, then they need to get right with God and then they wouldn't have this problem. I do wear bathing suits, but what I wear isn't revealing.
---Rebecca_D on 3/26/06

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Bikinis are a bit too revealing. So are some one piece bathing suits ( depending on the style). Trousers/slacks are allright as are sleeveless blouses so long as the arm hole isn't so big that it reveals the bra you're wearing inside.
---Nock on 3/26/06

To Rebecca D., One piece bathing suit would not be acceptable in the early church.
---Thomas on 3/19/06

The Bible has scripture for dress codes and modesty. What we do with it has to be our conviction of God's word. But, why push the barrier? Is it so hard NOT to cover at least the sexual areas of our bodies? As for bikinis, most women's underwear covers more yet many will be mortified if anyone sees it. So, where is the line? IF one looks upon thinking of adultry.. How about if one dresses causing one to look and have those thoughts...
---mikefl on 3/16/06

All looking is not lusting. If a man never looked at a woman, how would they know if they appealed to each other? I look at attractive woman [without sinning], as do many other christian men & v.v.

Thank God for the differences! Modest or immodest appearances, I won't get into except sometimes some cross the lines, & it is according to ones faith til convicted by God's Holy Spirit. Some change, some don't. Always church mothers & church rules. [some women can't be hid!] I LIKE ECHAD/GOD'S WAYS!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 3/15/06

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If a man looks upon you to lust after you, take a look at what you are wearing.
---Lynn on 3/14/06

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