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Three Layers Of Heaven

Many scholars believe there are three heavens. 1st heaven consist of the clouds and the sky. 2nd heaven consist of the sun moon and stars. And the third heaven has a great population. Who lives in this third heaven?

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 ---mima on 3/15/06
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1Corinthians 15 mostly concerns resurrection. Within 15:35-57 there is a contrast between the natural physical body and the new spiritual body Christians will receive, see verse 42. The three heavens as mentioned in the Mormon book "Doctrine and Covenants' is a false doctrine made up by an apostate and is, as is nearly all their doctrine, in opposition to the true Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
1Corinthians 15:34, 2Corinthians 4:3-4, Galatians 2:16, 4:8.
---Glenn on 5/9/09

I think Paul explained this to the Corinthians in I Cor 15:40-42. He says that there are three degrees of glory in the resurrection. The LDS (aka Mormons) believe that the highest kingdom of heaven is the Celestial Kingdom. The second is the Terrestial and the third is the Telestial. These "glories" will be given us according to the way our mortal lives have been led. (That's the short of it).
---HappyLDS on 5/6/09

I like the way Glenn has presented the truth to us. Space is not infinite, but God is infinite. Space is confined in God's limits. This makes a lot of sense to me. I believe that God made the earth the centre, and that the planets and sun and stars go around the earth, exactly as we witness it. This is what scientists who were much admired in their day, thought. It was only later with the resurgence of magic and a particular form of mathematics which came from ancient Greece, and probably originated in the belief in the God of Magic, Thoth, when suddenly, the sun became our local centre of the known Universe. It was a decision to oppose the Bible.
---frances008 on 5/5/09

The three heavens are as follows:
The first heaven is the atmosphere, Genesis 2:19, Lamentations 4:19.
The second heaven is outer space, Deuteronomy 17:3, Matthew 24:29.
The third heaven is Heaven, which contains Gods' throne, Deuteronomy 10:14, 2Corinthians 12:2.
p.s. John 14:2.
---Glenn on 5/5/09

It is my understanding that there is only one heaven. That is the heaven where all believers will reside when Jesus returns to claim the faithful in Him. I know that there is a religion that believes that there are different levels in Heaven and only there's will be included in what they call the uppermost high. The rest will reside on levels according to their own beliefs. To me there is only one belief that is God and Jesus.
---Norma on 5/5/09

The third heaven is Heaven, which contains Gods' throne, saints, angels, an army: Deuteronomy 10:14, 26:15, 1Samuel 2:10, 1Kings 8:27, 30, 1Chronicles 21:26, 2Chronicles 7:14, Nehemiah 9:27, Psalm 11:4, 20:6, 135:6, Isaiah 66:1, Jeremiah 23:24, Daniel 4:13, 35, 5:23, Matthew 6:9, 11:25, 18:10, 24:36, John 14:2, Acts 3:21, 7:49, Romans 1:18, 2Corinthians 12:2, Hebrews 6:20, 9:12, 24, 12:22-23, 1Peter 3:22, etc.
God lives in Heaven, but also, more than fills Heaven and the Universe.
---Glenn on 5/2/09

"For our citizenship (citizenship denotes where you live, both origination and dwelling) is IN HEAVEN, from whence also we look for the appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, who shall change our vile bodies that they may be likened unto His glorious body, by the working whereby He is able to subdue all things unto Himself."

Seeing then that we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses.....
They are there too.
---Paulie on 4/22/08

mark_B. >>>

I am speaking from a Spiritual perspective, not the Natural. Satan goes back and fourth through the Heavens accusing the brethren.In the Spiritual realm there is no dividing lines, only in in the Natural. In the Natural we see what Mirma is explaining in her question above.
---Marcia on 8/17/07

Marcia i would disagree w/ you...2 corinthians 12 clearly says the "third heaven", heaven obviouslly implies the spiritual realm...i dont think it matters how many heaven someone believes there is and whats in which heaven it doesnt matter a hill of beans....but there is at least 3 heavens if not more
---mark_B. on 8/16/07

Maybe you would, lovable linda.
---Francis on 8/15/07

I have heard this from scholars and scoffers alike. I understand this to be the interpretation of the Natural realm. Within the Supernatural realm there is no division as these scholar teach. There are Angels and demons within the Supernatural or Spiritual realm that we cannot see in the Natural realm. If we could see it we would drop dead from shock.
---Marcia on 8/15/07

Please, there is an actual basis for this... according to the book of Enoch (A book often quoted by JC) there are -10- Heavens.. but, after JC, the top three are locked out for man.. making the 7th heaven the highest one can achieve. Hence the expression "I am in 7th Heaven". I am sure you have all heard that expression.

On a side note, according to Enoch, Hell is found in the "northern reaches" of the third heaven.
---Rich_Urvine on 8/15/07

The Celestial Kingdom or glory of the sun. Those who enter therein become Gods. as Jesus said in John 10:34-36. They lived their lives in perfect harmony and obeyed ALL the teachings of Jesus Christ. They were not blinded by the false doctrines of man and lived their lives as an example of Jesus Christ. They are those who come forth in the first resurrection of the just. Made perfect through Jesus Christ.
---Dave on 3/21/07

Is God really in the 3rd heaven, is their proof of scripture all i see about the third heaven is that its paradise(2nd corinthians 12:2-4)
---mark on 3/21/07

Heaven is My throne, and earth is My footstool; and where is the place of My rest?

There are living creatures, elders, and angels (messengers) around that throne in heaven. There is the Lion of the tribe of Judah and the Lamb lying down together as spoken of in the book of Isaiah seated on that throne. Jesus is not a Lion or a Lamb. He is both. Here's some good news: we are seated together with Him in that place.
---Paulie on 3/21/07

God's home and one day ... our home too!
---Nellah on 3/19/06

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No, the body is not "in heaven" but who we really are, which is spirit, is. You may not believe that but God said it and He always speaks the truth. Even if you never experience that place of rest while still in your body doesn't change the fact that it is truth.
---Paulie on 3/18/06

Rebecca, I didn't say it, God did. Eph.2:2,5,6. Don't forget that we aren't body; we are spirit. He that is born of the Spirit IS spirit and He that is joined to the Lord is ONE SPIRIT with Him...and He is in heaven. We have a soul (mind, will, emotions, and thinking faculties) and we live in a body.
---Paulie on 3/18/06

Paulie; one thing that I disagree with you is the fact that you said, those who seated together with Christ. Now the bible says that our names are written down in heaven (the ones that died in Christ) but as far as the actual person being there, their not there yet.
---Rebecca_D on 3/18/06

God doesn't say things to make them true. He says them because they are true. In regards to reading the newspaper and whatnot, you are right. I tend to not let what is spoken from the earth determine my belief system.
---Paulie on 3/18/06

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I didn't expect you to understand that Jerry. Nevertheless, it is true. Eph.2:2,5,6. Don't forget that who we are is spirit. We have a soul and we live in a body but we ARE spirit. He that is born of the Spirit IS spirit. That is why God says that we are seated together with Christ in the heavenly places and why He says our citizenship IS in heaven (not will be).
---Paulie on 3/18/06

Paulie: If you are trying to say that we are currently in heaven, then you haven't read a newspaper lately or even looked around much. We can have citizenship in our final home without currently living there. Many people live in the US that have citizenship elsewhere.

Those that we know are in the 3rd heaven are God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), 24 elders, Enoch, Elijah, Moses, 4 living creatures and Holy Angels (10 thousand times 10 thousand + = over 100 million).
---jerry6593 on 3/18/06

He said that the third heaven has a great population and then asked who lived there. I answered the question. God, elders,living creatures, witnesses, and those seated together with Christ.
---Paulie on 3/18/06

Paulie; I don't mean to be mean or sound like it, but in what way did you answer Mima's question? Mima I agree with Rickey, God is in the 3rd heaven.
---Rebecca_D on 3/17/06

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God is in the 3rd heaven.
---Rickey on 3/15/06

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