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Space Exploration Satanic

Ever wondered about space exploration? Ever wondered why we have the humble telescope? If you will carefully read Jeremiah 31:37 you will see why mankind, driven on by Satan himself, searches for the foundations of the earth and measurement thereof.

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 ---mima on 3/16/06
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But I did not write it.

Please use another blog name. Mine is taken.
---John_T on 4/22/07

I can remember a story in the Bible about the people trying to build a tower so tall that it went all the way to heaven. God got angry about it. Space exploration kinda reminds me of that story.
---sue on 4/22/07

Does not compute!

Are you saying that exploration for knowledge in outer space is demonic?

That question, if I read it correctly seems to be written by a real space cadet. (Could not resist the pun!)
---John_T on 4/22/07

Mima, 'IF heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, saith the LORD.' This verse seems to be saying that this can actually NOT be done (not that we must not, but that we will never have the ability to do so accurately). Human beings are not actually as clever as they often think they are. That is my humble opinion of this verse anyway.
---emg on 5/11/06

Mima, that's a needlessly literal reading of that verse.

Who's to say that GOD doesn't inspire man to study His creation more closely?
---Jack on 5/10/06

Nurse Robert--me too!
---Donna2277 on 4/5/06

MOI??? Enjoying a political arguement???? ;)

Donna, when I sit in my backyard and gaze at the stars, when I see what exporing space can be, I am awestruck at the universe that God has given us. When I see the images from the Hubble Telescope, I can't help but know that there is a God.
---NurseRobert on 4/4/06

NurseRobert--Sorry, didn't mean to start a political argument (much as you enjoy them). I never said we SHOULDN'T HAVE HAD the space program. Yes, if we cut back now it would put some people out of work..But all those smart engineer-types could maybe work in development of alternate energy sources. That's a more critical need. I think one result of ALL scientific exploration has been to prove again the eternal power of God, so that unbelievers will have less excuse not to worship Him. (Rom:1:8-21)
---Donna on 3/17/06

That was excellent, Bruce.
---Linda on 3/17/06

Mike, as a former soldier and current Navy office, I agree, we should fight our enemies before they get into our back yard but first we need to figure out who our enemies are. The war in Iraq was a costly (so far, over $200 billion and over 2,300 American deaths) mistake.
---NurseRobert on 3/17/06

There are so many things the government spends money on that is wasteful. Spend some time looking at the budget and the pork that is constantly added to the budget. The space program has spun off so many different things we use in our daily lives. I cannot imagine what it would be like not to have explored space.
---NurseRobert on 3/17/06

If I choose to purchase a 60" large screen TV today, no one would question that. But what if I spent the money that I should have been spending on my kids clothing, food, health care etc? That would make my purchase wrong.

There is nothing "wrong" with space exploration other than the resources could be used for much better purposes. Just take a look at the American health care system and level of poverty.........
---Bruce5656 on 3/17/06

What's wrong with exploring the universe that God made?
---Lissa on 3/17/06

As to other comments here, YES, I believe USA spends way too much on 'space', but all the atheists are desperately seeking life ANY kind of 'life' somewhere other than on earth, so they can try to prove evolution! Just like 'abortion,' no one asked me if I wanted to spend MANY $billions$ on this, but sometimes I can enjoy the pictures. Christians have found work in these projects too; friend works at JPL.
---danie9374 on 3/17/06

Mima: The point of Jer.31:37 is that NO ONE other than God (satan included) can do so! It's what some might even call 'sarcastic'! Even if the Universe isn't infinitely wide, the word "measure" also means "survey" elsewhere, and isn't limited to simply figuring out its width! Jeremiah was merely stating in a graphic way that the LORD will never forget Israel; only HE knows everything about the whole Universe, and always will forever!
---danie9374 on 3/17/06

Nurserobert--I didn't say nothing good came out of the space program. I could continue to add even more things to your list. I just think it should be of lower priority now than it was. And, no, I don't want to argue politics with you AGAIN
---Donna on 3/17/06

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And I agree NurseR' that it would be great to have no wars. I knew a fella once who told me he would never fight unless the enemy was in his yard threatening his family. Good theory. When the enemy gets to our yard, we are dead people. Best to do the warring in their yard. Pearl Harbor? Twin Towers? England? I'm a Barney Fifer "Nip it, nip it in the bud". If we move out and let that sand hole fill back in, it will be with more infidel haters. (politics)
---mikefl on 3/16/06

Donna, I agree. I also know we are to be wise stewards of what God gives us. Our nation allows people (not only in the rest of the world,but)in our country to go without food, medical care, education, and more. Sure space exploration brings innovation. But it is like Niagra falls brings us fish. A whole lotta water for not much fish (in comparison). Just think if that outer space drive was toward the earth and it's inhabitants. Good stewardship...
---mikefl on 3/16/06

and not to start a political argument, but there are many more frills the government spends money on that are a much bigger waste (the War in Iraq is one of them!!) with much less return
---NurseRobert on 3/16/06

Donna, lets explore what we have because of the space race: Cordless power tools, smoke alarms, home water filters, laser heart surgery, cat scans, MRIs, prostetic limbs, infared thermometers, digital mammography, lightning protection for airplanes, windshear predictions, collision avoidance for airplanes, firefighters breathing apparatus, the Jaws of life. This barely begins to list the inventions, medications, and other scientific accomplishments that have come from the space program.
---NurseRobert on 3/16/06

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John T, in my estimation, when an unbeliever sees such beauty of the Universe, s/he must be tempted to believe that there is a superpower who has caused all this to happen.

My first reaction when I see some Hubble pics is what a beauty has God created and there is so much more we still don't know about.
---A_Catholic on 3/16/06

I remember June 1969....all huddled around the little tv at our cottage watching Neil Armstrong take the first step on the moon- it was wonderful. I'd love to go upinto space, and see all the beauties the God has created. Of the devil? No way!!!!
---Ann5758 on 3/16/06

John, I know the screensaver you are talking about and it is awesome! The very first time I saw it, my breath caught in my chest as I realized that all those galaxies, stars, planets, etc. are issuing out of the very first words God spoke, "LET THERE BE...."
---Linda on 3/16/06

I have a screen saver that has pictures that telescope Hubble took.

It is amazing, and I use it to praise the Creator of those galaxies novas and planets.

You need to have a good video card to handle the details.
---John_T on 3/16/06

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I see nothing wrong with space exploration per se. or any other scientific exploration. (The science of medicine has saved countless lives) But I think the space program is a "frill" on which the government wastes a lot of money. If the space program were cancelled, perhaps we could pay off some of our national debt, pay for the war in Iraq? increase border security? bail out medicare? IMO, though this isn't a "spiritual" comment,the money could be spent better elsewhere.
---Donna on 3/16/06

When I see pictures transmitted by the Bubble telescope, I always think of the Engineer who designed the Universe. He sure did a wonderful job. I see nothing wrong with space exploration except the billions of dollars that are being spent.
---A_Catholic on 3/16/06

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