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Blessed During Separation

I separated from my husband for 3 months after being phsically,mentally, and emotionally abused. During this time,I felt blessed,good things were happening for me.He begged me to come back, and I did,we have the same problem. Is there anyone who felt more blessed after leaving a marriage?

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The reason you "felt" blessed was because you were removed from a situation that was beyond your control. Good things happening to people is not the sole evidence of God's blessing. Good things happen to unregenerate folks all the time. If the truth be known, we are already blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ when we are born again. He has enabled us to walk above the fall (doesn't mean trials won't come) by His Spirit.
---Linda on 12/27/07

Yes. I seperated from my husband for 10 months and I felt free. I returned to my home state, got blessed with a job and an apartment right away. Then we got back together and I feel depressed, unhappy and broke all the time. I know this is not my imagination that I felt happier without him
---Just_Wondering on 7/10/06

I was in an abusive relationship for many years with an alcoholic, crack addicted husband. I kicked him out several times over the years, the shortest time being for 3 months, and longest 2 years... before taking him back. we had christian counseling, much prayer and church discipline, but any change was superficial, manipulative and did not last. I believed in the sanctitiy of marraige, and in reconciliation..I do know God is able, but He never forces one to change.
---christina on 3/18/06

Clearly divorce is justifiable in some circumstances and the one that divorce his or her spouse, does not necessarily sin in doing so. In some ways, divorce is the means of acquiring justice.
---lee on 3/17/06

It seemed evil was all around me all the time. Drug use, drinking,porn, lieing, journey is to come back to the Lord and myself. It is a blessing not to have so much negitivity (evil) around. I feel bad saying that and I am always so scared. I need to fix myself and God willing I will.
---Alexandra on 3/17/06

Yes. After I left my first husband I hurt for awhile, but I got over the hurt and the pain. I have moved on and got a divorce. Later on I found a man and we got married and now we have two wonderful children. Since then he has been called to preach and God called me to sing. I am more blessed now than I ever was.
---Rebecca_D on 3/17/06

My husband left me, and I hated it. I was not abused, but controlled. After he left, I went back to school and got the degree I was seeking all along. I am now pursuing the career I chose before he made me get a degree I didn't want.

You do not have to stay in an abusive marriage. Get out while you can.
---Madison on 3/17/06

After 18 years of being emotional abused by an alcoholic husband I divorced him. Yes, I can say I feel more blessed after getting myself and our daughters out of that situation. I am happier and basically stress free. :)
---Kim on 3/17/06

Not sure that I felt more blessed, but life has been immeasurably better since my husband left us. He simply walked out 10 1/2 months ago.
---Shanah on 3/17/06

My husband was physically abusing me and I was letting him because I thought it was the right thing to do. God didn't think so. By the hand of God, I was removed from my husband and am now divorced. I live in peace with Jesus and I have no plans to re-marry. Yes, you can find peace when you separate yourself from a person who is abusing you.
---Donna on 3/17/06

Even begging you to come back had to do with the fact that he had lost control of you by your being gone, otherwise there would have at least been some change because of repentance. Pray that God would grant him repentance and the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him (Eph.1:17).
---Linda on 3/17/06

I do not condone or endorse any woman's staying around a man who physically abuses her and would even advocate a separation in that case with the couple coming into counseling together with a spirit-filled believer who hears from God. I am sorry that you went back and there was no change on his part. Realize that he is only functioning out of the need to control you and that is a need of his that can only be satisfied by giving His heart to Christ.
---Linda on 3/17/06

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