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I Get Bored With People

I do not know how to keep a relationship, I get bored with people in my life and then I feel I need new relations of which I get bored with the next day! Help!

Moderator - Start forming a deep relationship with God through prayer, fasting and reading His Word. Then move on to personal relationships as you will then have a proper prospective.

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 ---anonymous. on 3/23/06
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Reply to this BlogPost a New Blog have to ask 1st yourself what do u want in a relationship before entering into true to yourself..only you alone knows the answer why u feel bored..and when u know the answer u will probably know the solutions then..dig deeper on the roots..
---mj on 12/14/10

Dear Bored:

You sound somewhat superficial. Perhaps you are a closet narcissist and it becomes difficult to invest your time in others because you are in love with yourself.

Selfish people have this tendency. And, it is known that the more one contributes and invests in a relationship, the more value that relationship retains.

When one says "Nothing ventured, nothing lost", it means that one did not invest in a venture, therefore they lost nothing when the deal goes south and the same can be said for relationships: The more you put yourself into them, the more valuable they become to the investor. But, to do this, you can't be selfish and narcissistic. You have to be genuine, loving and selfless.
---Higgins on 9/19/10


Take the moderators advice!!!
---John on 9/18/10

I do understand some of what you are feeling. People are boring to a certain degree. They are selfish and uncaring toward others. Have no natural affection for their family members anymore. Co-workers,certainly, have no love for you. If you try to make friends, you still don't know who or what to trust. It is a mess. Men don't respect women anymore. Vice versa. But we should not focus on the negatives(the real truth) For if we did we would be dead or so messed up, we could not continue to live. This is why our focus should be on Jesus. He is our burden bearer. God bless you and keep looking to Jesus. He loves you and care about what you are going through.
---Robyn on 9/17/10

I think is why you have trouble finding and keeping a boyfriend. Aren't you "notmyname"?
I think so. If you are the same person, Christian counseling may help you.
---Mark on 7/31/07

I agree with Donna2277. You probably bore others to tears, very self-absorbed. This is an old blog, but I can hear you talking about yourself non-stop to others. Always in search of a new audience, new boyfriend, thinking that they can give you the self adoration you crave.
Find the Lord.
---Brad on 7/28/07

I empathize with the question asked here. I always give people the benefit of a doubt when we meet for the first time. If they are honest with me, they earn my respect. if they preach one thing and do another, I don't have time to waste on so called christians doing that. One lie can be forgiven, two lies makes you a habitual lier and someone who cannot be trusted. why, I can't hear what you say, your actions are too loud. I move on and wish them well.
---Lori on 7/27/07

You may need to have yourself checked by a good physician first. You could be in a depression which have you temporarily feeling this way toward others.
You could also have very deep psychological problems that need to be discussed with a competent psychiatrist. Or your problem could be spiritual. Talk with your pastor,if one is available to you. Blessings
---Robyn on 7/26/07

I agree with the moderator The reason he is saying this is that all is superficial for you. I do not say this in a bad way but you are seeing what is on top of the cube without breaking the cube open if you know what I mean. If you do this with others, you are doing it with yourself. And you are doing it with Jesus. Reach deep within yourself and find a meaningful relationship there with your maker. You will see the depth in others when you see your own. Jesus loves the amazing one in you.
---jody on 7/26/07

Not meaning this to sound derogatory, but maybe you need to try to put others before yourself. God says to "love thy neighbor". If you truly care for or love someone, you should unwillingly WANT to help that person's spirit to GROW emotionally and spiritually.
---Fred_S. on 7/26/07

If you seek to love the Lord with all your heart, soul strength and mind and your neighbor as yourself the fruits of the spirit will bring forth a love for others that will surpass self-centered boredom dear.
---Shari on 3/14/07

I tend to feel the same, basically since I started to study peoples behaviours and the society in general. It gets easy to predict behaviour patterns and hence when bored kicks in. When you met alot of people and once you get to know em you know how they will react to most of things.A unpredictable enviroment becomes boring,like a prison. Dont feel bad because some of the replies here saying you must be weird, depressed etc. Its about finding like minded unpredictable people:)
---jonathan on 5/3/06

There are only two ways to become bored with a person: 1. They close themselves off and only show a hollow mask to others, hiding their true emotions, or 2. You never really took the effort to get to know them and only know their "social face," not their real self. My advice: Pretend you're a psychologist! Without the pencil and paper, of course. o.O Poke and prod as deeply as you can into their feelings and motives. Most people are deeper than anyone gives them credit for!
---david8576 on 4/23/06

If people "bore" you, you probably "bore" THEM even more! Learn to ask questions. Ask people about their childhoods..were they the 1st, last, middle or only child. How did that affect them. How did they get started in the work they do? How did they meet their spouse. Ask about their children and hobbies. If a Christian, ask how they met the Lord. The list is endless. If you LISTEN (not just thinking about what YOU want to say) You'll find that people can be interesting after all.
---Donna2277 on 3/23/06

Possibly you need healing from a traumatic past, you may have an attachment disorder or this getting "bored" is really fear of closeness. You want to be close to others so there is hope, and best of all there is hope in our about spending much time in prayer, pour your heart out to God...He loves us and works miracles in our broken lives...might look into Christian counseling as well....God bless you
---sherry on 3/23/06

Fred, that was a great answer. After I read your answer I went back to read the question and the writer is only thinking of himself for everything said is "I" "my life" "I feel" "I need" "I get bored". The answer you gave is prefect for the question. Many times we do only think of ourselves and forget what we are commanded to do. I guess we are all guilty sometimes of that.
---Lupe2618 on 3/23/06

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