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Presbyterian Or Nazerene

I am currently seeking out the difference between a presbyterian church and the church of the nazerene? I am 22 married with a 20 month old daughter. I am a Christian and I LOVE GOD. My husband & I did not attend church regularly as a child but we would love to raise our daughter as a Christian.

Moderator - Either church could be acceptable provided the specific pastors teach and preach the Bible.

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 ---Rebecca on 3/24/06
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Donna 66
There Is only One God in heaven, One God has Only One Church with One Salvation Plan. Whish was born on the day of Pentecost Acts 2 v's 37-41 & Fulfills Matt 28 v's 19-20. Gal. 1 v's 8-9. Straight is the gate & narrow is the way & be few to find it. Because God Is Strict.
The god of this world has churches, 2nd Cori,11 v's 14-15 & these Man-made salvation teachings, easy believism - no works salvation - the sinners prayer - repeat aft me & the such like with NO scriptural basis & that Is why these Are Man-made teachings. B R O A D
is the way that leadeth to destruction & many it shall be. Because people live just any ole way as they desire, as the god of this world directs them.
---Lawrence on 8/29/09

Rebecca- I could have predicted all the replies here...multiple WARNINGS about certain churches to AVOID. I agree with the moderator. It is important, too, that both you and you husband feel comfortable, so try several different churches together.

Since you say you LOVE God, let His Holy Spirit guide you. If you come away with even MORE desire for Jesus, that may be a church to consider!

I have only one caution. Reject any church that says they are the ONLY true church that God approves.
---Donna66 on 8/28/09

One God Jesus Name Apostolic Pentecostal Church

It's worth googling for their web-site

Very instructive!
---alan8566_of_uk on 8/28/09

No matter if it's the bapt, naz, presby, metho, luth, etc churches, these Are churches branched off away from r-catholicism with their idol worship the first trin-church. These (Man-made)2-3 god's & or persons in a god-head churches teach easy believism - repeat aft me - once saved always saved - say the sinners prayer - no works salvation & the such like & Is False salvation teachings, there is No scriptural basis for these Man-made teachings.(Bible prophecy Rev 17 v's 4-6 & with other scriptures)
The only Church that is Not in association
with the above is the One God Jesus Name Apostolic Pentecostal Church.
---Lawrence on 8/28/09

Please stay away from all Baptist churches.They're so legalistic and they believe you are saved forever no matter how far in sin you go.
---Doris on 8/25/09

I would highly suggest an independent Baptist Church. An independent Baptise Church is the closes to the bible church.
---Rev_Herb on 5/3/08

Dave - *If the church is following everything as stated in the bible, you would realize doctrine cannot be changed or altared.*

The problems lies with the interpretation of the Bible that affect doctrines.

The church of the Naz for instance, will practically disinherit you if your wife divorces you.

We had a man in the Church of the Naz, married as a teen, divorced & married to his present wife > 30 years. He could not be a member thro he went to church all the time with his wife.
---lee on 4/10/07

Dave- I am not talking about the doctrine from the Bible. Yes the Bible is words of Jesus and God and Yes that can not be changed. But What Lee and I have been talking about are the doctrine of the church some people might call it the rules of the church. And I think some of them needed to be changed other wise we would not be taking prosititutes in, homeless people in, druggies and drunks in. Even though we say that "everyone is welcomed".
---Carea on 3/24/07

Dave - I understand Christian doctrine to be what characterizes a religious belief. For instance, the diety of Christ, the Trinity, etc. are basically beliefs totally derived from scripture.
A distortion of Biblically doctrine is something that some groups adhere to basically something that comes from other sources rather than the Bible.
---lee on 3/22/07

If the church is following everything as stated in the bible, you would realize doctrine cannot be changed or altared. That is adding to and taking away from the bible. The words of Jesus Christ are eternal, not to be toyed with on every whim of doctrine men invent. If they have to change any doctrines, they are not of God, because He is perfect. Men are definitely not perfect.
---Dave on 3/22/07

Carea - No I have not updated myself as to what the Church of the Nazarene now believes in. I would suspect that with the increase in knowledge via the Internet & other media, that it is impossible not to have some changes.

It is probably good that the Church of the Naz can change as some of their doctrine - 'one can lose his or her salvation' - can be hard to defend.
---lee on 3/22/07

Good lee so you know a little about the background of the church way back then. So do you know the new (updated) rules, beliefs, acknowlegements, etc. Things change, people change, and doctrines change. Only because people and life styles change. no offense but please up date yourself on todays nazarene churches.
---Carea on 3/21/07

Carea - the Nazarene church I attended was in a rural community & reflected rural values.

Doctrinally the church is an Arminian church believing that one could lose his salvation with a big emphasize on Hebrews 6.

While they did not use tobacco, many of the church members had no qualms about renting their property out to those that raised tobacco.

Drinking of alcoholic beverages was strongly condemned but interesting enough that the preachers son ended up in jail for drunk driving.
---lee on 3/17/07

Yes again I partly agree with you. You should have responded with your answer as some Naz. churches. Not... Nazarenes believe. It also depends on the size of the church what they do and not do. The bigger churches have more money to do more things and particpate in things as the smaller ones improvise. I am glad you made it to church for two years but I think I got you pretty well beat when I have 26 years Sunday, Sunday Night, and Wednesday Night, ladies fellowship, teen time, and children's church. :)
---Carea on 3/17/07

Carea - I used to be an Episcopalian but after having problems with a priest I tried to go to another parish only to find that priest ran off with the choir director. Delusioned, I quit going to church but the woman who cared for my children invited me to the church of the Naz and I went there every sunday, morning & evening + wednesday nites for about 2 years. So I am very familiar with the denomination & their beliefs. There are differences in different parts of the country.
---lee on 3/13/07

Lee- I agree with you on somethings. But not all. I am a Nazarene. Yes, Nazarenes believe in the holies of holies. About the jewelry ... We do ware jewelry. Back in the 30's and 40's they didn't. We also have open doors to the church. We don't not speak in tongues. And we love having music in our churches. At one point in time we were called the "Holy Rollers". If you would like more information about Nazarenes send me a message and I would be more then happy to share our beliefs.
---Carea on 3/13/07

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Presbyterians by doctrine lean heavily toward what Calvin believes & much of what they believe is found in the Westminister confessions, in particular the doctrine of Election.

Nazarenes,Otoh are basically Arminian in doctrine believing that one can lose ones salvation. I used to go to a Nazarene church and there is a strong emphasis of the holiness doctrines - no drinking, no smoking, no rock music, no jewelery (except perhaps for a wedding ring), dress code, tithing of gross income to the church.
---lee on 3/12/07

I honestly don't know what all is involved in the presbyterian religion, but if you want to raise your child as a christian, I suggest raising her as a Nazerene. I have a million Nazerene friends, and they have a wonderful relationship directly with god! I have recently converted to the Nazerene church, and everyone there are just so accepting and loving. i'm sure that the presbyterian church is that way too, but I love the Nazerene church. GOOD LUCK WITH THE DAUGHTER!!!!!
---Christina on 3/8/07

Have you tried asking local Presbyterian and Nazarene pastors what their difference and distinctives are?

Or tried looking in Wikipedia?
---Jack on 5/7/06

The Nazerene church was the 1st church I attended after I fled the RCC. I found the people loving and welcoming.However they still held to some beliefs that I disagreed with, not cutting hair, long dresses etc. I don't care for 'high church'like most Pres. churches. I have belonged to bible believing, balanced teaching of non denominational churches for the past 30 years. Let the Holy Spirit guide you as you visit houses of worship.
---NVBarbara on 3/26/06

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As to independent baptist churches- you never know what you will find - I found lots of skeltons in their closets as they tend to hide doctrine and practices in their bylaws - for instance, if you had a marriage fall apart when you were a teenager, became a Christian at age 22, got a degree in managemnet, remarried and successfully raised a family, you cannot be a deacon or elder in their churches as they claim you are a polygamist.
---lee on 3/25/06

raised as a Presbyterian but left it in the mid 1960's when they promoted the social gospel in lieu of the biblical gospel. today I see that they have some good churches as well as some bad.

Went to church of the Nazarene while single parent...good people but Arminian believing that you could lose your salvation also funny rules about music and dress code. No smoking but some of the farmers raised tobacco for sale and some secretly drink alcoholic beverages - pastors son ended up in jail on DWI.
---lee on 3/25/06

The Presbyterian Church is more formal than Nazarene. Nazarene's adhere to Wesleyan Holiness tradition. They believe in infilling of the Holy Ghost. Many have gone from the Pentecoastal Church into Nazarene but the denomination itself doesn't promote speaking in tongues in church. There are also some Presbyterian people who speak in tongues, not in church either. Go to their websites and lookup the differences.
---Darlene_1 on 3/25/06

The varying denominations of Presbyterian Churches theology is based on Reformed Faith and John Calvin. The Church of the Nazarene it by knowledge is Arminianism based theology and the two are basically incompatible so I would suggest that you explore nuances of the two belief system and then make your choice. I'm an Elder in Presbyterian Church (PCUSA).
---Phil_the_Elder on 3/24/06

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