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Are Christian Science A Cult

Are Christian Science founded by Mary Baker Eddy Christian?

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 ---alan_of_uK on 3/24/06
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I seem to remember that Christian Science believes that physical matter doesn't exist. The same is true of "sin" and "sickness". These are illusions that plague humankind. "Sickness" is treated by Christian Science practitioners who focus the ailing person's mind on Christian Science principles and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy. Doctors and medicine are deemed unnecessary.

Oddly, however, I've noted that they frequently have their children inoculated against childhood diseases. And, if someone breaks a leg, they are as quick as anyone to get to the emergency room.
---Donna66 on 2/1/10

And the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch.

Actually Christianity is more than following Jesus. Anyone can say they follow Jesus...but what are they Following? And WHERE are they following Christ to?

Aren't we following Christ, the Promised Messiah Genesis 3:15 right into the arms of GOD?

Maybe we should say, from Genesis to today, God calls THE FAITHFUL!!!
---kathr4453 on 2/1/10

mima: I'm sure that you're aware that the early Christians were considered a "cult", and that they were called the most disparaging of terms and even considered enemies of the state. When we engage in similar religious bigotry by calling people of other denominations "cultists", we imitate those early anti-christians and demean our own Christian character. We can show the non-biblical basis of other's doctrines without the childish name-calling.
---jerry6593 on 1/29/10

Christianity was not started by Jesus. Christianity is about Jesus.

Christianity was started by the followers of Jesus.
---mima on 1/28/10

mima: "You will find that most cults were started by an individual"

Wasn't Christianity started by an individual?
---jerry6593 on 1/28/10
jerry6593, are you comparing GOD to a human individual? Christianity is not a religion but a PERSON....
---kathr4453 on 1/28/10

mima: "You will find that most cults were started by an individual"

Wasn't Christianity started by an individual?
---jerry6593 on 1/28/10

Yes!! Christian science is a cult. You will find that most cults were started by an individual for example, Mormons Joseph Smith, Jehovah witness Russell, a good definition of a cult would be a religious organization that teaches things that are not in the Bible. However not all cults were started by individuals for example the RCC was not started by an individual. Yet I believe they fall under the heading of a cult because of their many unscriptural teachings.
---mima on 1/27/10

They deny the diety of Christ, don't believe in sin in the material world or even in God as a real entity. To them there is no hell and the notion of God is an illusion of ultimate love which they say man is apart of. There is nothing about them that is Christian (Christ follower). There is no doubt in my thinking that they constitute a Cult religion.
---jody on 1/27/10

The Christian Science church is neither Christian or Scientific. They follow the words of Mary Baker Eddy as the only person who can truly say what the Bible means since it does not mean what the words say.

They do not believe our bodies actually exist.

They used to only have readers who read her books to the congregation and then speak on her words.
---Samuel on 1/27/10

Clyde, you bear false witness, for I said not such thing. BTW, as for a true Christian church, most church buildings do indeed have some decorum appropriate for a sacred sanctuary, rather than no decorum at all. Most church buildings that I have been inside, have windows with curtains/drapes, lights either along the walls or overhead, pews or chairs for parishoners to sit on, a pupit and a podium to lay the open Holy Bible on to preach from, some musical instruments, and singers who practice various songs. But believers also know that whereever two or three are gathered together in his name Jesus is right there with us: not only so, but he is with the single believer as well, and Jesus is as close as the mention of his name.
---Eloy on 1/27/10

Eloy... Your definition of a house of worship is a highly decorated building with curtains and such? Where exactly do you think Jesus did his teachings? Matthew 18:20.."For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

The teachings of the Bible and Jesus are about the "message" and too often we get distracted by the package. The challenge of Jesus and his disciples was getting the message out to the masses. Today we have the freedom to spread the message, spread the word of God and we get hung up on "how" the message is being delivered.
---Clyde on 1/24/10

James Sr: "Yes the definition of a Christian Cult is any organization that does not follow the teachings in the Bible completely not picking and choosing what you like or do not like"

Wow! That's a pretty tough definition. By that definition, most all denominations are a cult. Then again, weren't the early Christians considered a "cult?"
---jerry6593 on 1/10/10

Yes the definition of a Christian Cult is any organization that does not follow the teachings in the Bible completely not picking and choosing what you like or do not like or Adding a "New" revelation of Christ or redacting so much that you change the original meaning of the verse. Jehovah's Witness', Mormon's, Unity, Way International and Christian Science et.el. Those organizations can be dangerous as they sound like they are Christian but do not follow one or more of the teachings like Bishop Spong calling himself a Christian but refusing to believe in the Resurrection, Paul in 1 Cor 15:12 tells us what that would look like for believers.
---James_Sr. on 1/1/10

Yes it is founded by Mary Baker Eddy. I went to a store for that and they had books on her teachings and what not.
---JoelV. on 12/30/09

Many years ago, I personally visited a Christian Science meeting one time. The building was painted completely white inside and had no decorations on the walls nor any curtains nor drapes on the windows. It felt like I was inside an antisceptic hospital rather inside a house of prayer and worship. There were two leaders, one a man and another a woman, dressed in formal business attire. But like all religion, this particular Christian Science was completely devoid of Christ's spirit of life and love. I suggest that you research their Statement Of Faith online, which is a summary of what they believe, and this will reveal to you whether or not they uphold the gospel from Christ.
---Eloy on 12/27/09

Mima, thanks for giving me that site. I thought the site was reliable. I would suggest for you to stay away from that site and the people condemning John MacAthur. I don't agree with a few things he says, but let me say the way they put their comments were to distort his creditability. They twist things as many do here to discredit someone. They even call him to go to hell. Anyone making those comments about someone need a change of heart. And those guys do it with a passion. I have even read what Charles Spurgeon had to say on the matter. Too much condemning and not enough teaching the Truth.
---MarkV. on 12/27/09

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MarkV the controversy stirred up by John MacAthur can easily be found on the Internet.

I suggest you put"john mcarthur's heresy concerning the blood Jesus Christ" and go from there.
---mima on 12/27/09

Mima, you made a comment on this blog a few years ago. It is still posted. You claim that John MacAthur posted something about the blood of Jesus, but gave no insight where you heard this from or where you read it. Can you please come back and give me some direction to look?
---MarkV. on 12/26/09

Yes, CS is Christian. Being Christian is believing in and adhering to the teachings of Jesus Christ. CS promotes God & the Bible.

Mrs. Eddy's writings do not supersede the Bible nor try to. Mrs. Eddy's insight to the Bible is no different than a priest's homily or a pastor's sermon.

Is CS a cult? I seem to recall a young Nazarene who could be considered a cult leader in his day.

It amazes me how people comment with authority on subjects they do not understand. Just because I can Google "E=MC2" doesn't make me an Einstein or automatically fully comprehend the theory of relativity.
---Clyde on 12/21/09

Christian Science is akin to Post Cereal's Grape Nuts. They both are neither.
---John_T on 9/5/08

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There is a CS reading room in my town. It's a quaint, stone tudor cottage. I see very little activity. I think it's a dying 'cult' that does not appeal to younger adults.

---Michelle on 10/7/07

"The material blood of Jesus was no more efficacious to cleanse from sin when it was shed upon the accursed tree than when flowing in his veins as he went daily about his Father's business ." -- How pathetic....
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/1/07
I totally agree with you Mrs. Morgan and I have lately found out that John MacArthur says virtually the same thing. Which is very distressing.
---Mima on 10/7/07

Cults prosper all over America, and weak Christians do nothing about it, fearing political correctness. Using the Bible as what was Joshua directed to do about cults in the land? There will be an accounting if Christians continue to stand by and do nothing.
---John on 10/7/07

CS does not accept orthodox Christian teachings such as salvation by grace through Christ or the Trinity. It is a strange mixture of nihilism and Mesmerism, or mind-control as practiced in the 19th century. It is cult-like because there is a near deification of Mary Baker Eddy and strong pressures on the members to shun medical care - resulting in the deaths of many people - including children. I know - I used to be one.
---alan on 10/6/07

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---mima on 9/17/07

"kay; did you 'bail' on the neanderthal thread?"

No, Mike dear, I didn't. There are other things for me to do besides chat about neanderthals. What's your hurry?

Anyway, last night I checked out a Christian Science website. They really aren't in touch with reality. They deny matter, death, sin, sickness, etc. They even believe that Jesus taught that death is just our imagination.
---Kay on 1/2/07

Christian Science in reality is a form of modern gnosticism, much like the third century gnostics. Nothing new under the sun. Kay is correct, they deny reality, being nihilistic.

kay; did you 'bail' on the neanderthal thread?
---MikeM on 1/2/07

Christian Science denies reality.
---Kay on 1/2/07

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(I.)Yes, Christian Science is a cult, But many Protestants have similar beliefs as they do in regard to the Blood of Jesus. I found out that the Christian Scientist Movement Erroneously says this: "The material blood of Jesus was no more efficacious to cleanse from sin when it was shed upon the accursed tree than when flowing in his veins as he went daily about his Father's business ." -- How pathetic....
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/1/07

(II.)....many "so-called" real Christian's believe that same LIE. The Truth is ,Without the death AND the shedding of the precious divine Blood of Jesus , there is NO REMISSION OF SIN. Many who claim to be so-called "saved", Will die in their sins, if they continue to believe in that VERY DANGEROUS Lie of the devil. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/1/07

This is a cult religion. Read the pamplit "Christianity, Cults, & Religions" by Rose Publications.
---Leslie on 12/31/06

talk about paying for salvation...isn't that why we had the reformation?
---Jared on 12/2/06

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Scientology is freaky. Did you know to learn the "highest level" knowledge in Scientology you have to pay 10s of thousand of dollars to take special classes. What do they teach? How to reach the highest levels of their spiritual being. Also get this, they teach about a ruler named Xenu that 75 million years ago sent human people on earth. It's just so sad.
---Matthew on 12/2/06

did Ms. Eddy die? I think if she cut out sin and then was healthy then every CS would live forever right. But for somereason they still die. CS is pure Gnostism, it has hints of Christian thought but it is mostly easter mysticism It would probably be better to call it Buddist Science or BS.
---Jared on 12/1/06

Yes, CS and Scientology are not related--their origins and teachings are quite different.
---Donna227 on 3/27/06

I once went to a CS meeting, my girl friend invited me, and I was fascinated.
I had just completed a 5 year study on gnosticism in the Early Church, and found almost everything mrs baker said was pure gnositicism!
Think on this: key doctrine of Cs is that sin makes you sick, cut out the son, no sickness. Fact Mrs Baker spent the last 30 years in a whrrlchair with arthritis. Nuff said.
---mike6553 on 3/27/06

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I think Christian Science and Scientology are two completely different false religions. I will investigate the difference between the two different beliefs. Both are definitely a cult.
---Donna9759 on 3/27/06

Scientology is founded by a science fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard.

He got indigestion eating those Grape Nuts, and discovered a whole "new religion". But don't tell that to Tom Cruse! LOL
---John_T on 3/26/06

To alan of UK : The religion founded by Mary Baker Eddy is a cult.
---mima on 3/26/06

Scientology is a "business" and a cult. Recruiting is by offering "counseling" for personal problems or past hurts. This is free at first, but requires ever increasing fees for books and more intense "counseling". The founder is L. Ron Hubbard, a former science fiction writer. His teachings resemble his fiction, with technical-sounding lingo that might convince Christians that the teachings are scientific not religious.(eventual entrapment is by delusion, debt, or both)
---Donna2277 on 3/25/06

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thanks ... I have never knowingly met a CS, although they have a "reading room" near here, and advertises Sunday services, so there must be some local adherents.
Now, Scientology is a REALLY wierd one, they claim is is a religion which can embrace all others, but I've never heard of a Christian belonging.
---alan_of_UK on 3/25/06

Alan, 'Christian Science' RE-DEFINEs all major words in Scripture! That's why trying to have a rational discussion with them about God is like trying, oh, to understand what Scientology teaches! You need a "C.S. to 'real Bible' translation program" to find out just how odd their beliefs are! I may call them a 'cult' at times, but really, whatever isn't Biblical is just plain false teaching about the true God (and blasphemous too if you claim to be a 'Christian'!).
---danie9374 on 3/25/06

John_T: Learned "Grape Nuts" phrase about so-called 'Christian Science' over 30 years ago! Stuck with me since I felt 'lied-to' when trying that cereal back then; CS's teaching is no different: Lies from the devil.

CS has more in common with 'Eastern philosophy' than Christianity! I've seen bad people use it as excuses: "Oh, you only think I did something wrong, but sin is an illusion! I'm always right." Some 'good people' (didn't say saved) are suckered into attending though.
---danie9374 on 3/25/06

John T's comment about "grape nuts" was great! Christian Science is neither Christian nor science. CSs refuse medical care because they believe that "sin" and "sickness" are both illusions. They have "practitioners" who attend the ill and read Mary Baker Eddy's teachings to them. (oddly, FRACTURES are may be set by an M.D.,first). They are a cult, but "The Christian Science Monitor" doesn't expound their beliefs. It is a well respected newspaper.
---Donna2277 on 3/24/06

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PT2: I also wanted to say it is also false teaching if they donot follow God,but their own way like most "cult" groups do. They may "look" like they are following ,but in reality they are not.
---candice on 3/24/06

A cult, I donot know...however I donot use the word cult except for "culture" because it is not in the bible. I think what you are asking is it either Christan or false teaching, which btw is in the bible, so I have to say if ANY person or group, whether they claim to be a denomination or not,that does not practice the whole truth in the bible it is false teaching. A "cult" to me is someone being Satanic rituals etc..
---candice on 3/24/06

I see that their web-site says Mrs Ebby founded a "new religion" They also say they are Protestant christian religion. The use of the word religion seems to me that they do feel they are a new religion based perhaps on Christianity, but improved by Mrs Eddy ... all the hallmarks of a cult, although I do not think they have the other tell-tale signs of disfellowshiping or personality cult of the leader
---alan_of_uK on 3/24/06

Mima ... not quite sure what you are saying? I aksed whether they were Christian. You reply "Yes" But you also say they are a cult. I thought that by definition, a cult cannot be truly Christian?
---alan_of_uK on 3/24/06

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Christian Science (CS)teachings directly contradict the Bible. The writings of Mrs. Eddy, not the Bible, is the real authority in CS.

CS does what many other cults do; it has a second authority which supersedes the Bible as the final authority in solving doctrinal matters. Unfortunately, as far as adherents of CS are concerned, the misguided, unbalanced writings of Mrs. Eddy -- not the Bible -- constitute the final word.
---Leon on 3/24/06

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