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Wedlock Kid Is An Investment

I live in a society where single women are scoffed at and children are seen as an "investment" and someone to feed and care for their parents in old age. I am often tempted to have a child out of wedlock because of this. Please comment.

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 ---crist7943 on 3/24/06
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I don't understand your logic. Wouldn't you be scoffed at even more if you were a single woman WITH a child? Also, how would you support that child until it is old enough to support you?
---emg on 2/4/08

1) I think when she says "single" she is meaning "childless, and therefore most likely single in my culture." Please only have a child for mutual benefit; one to love and care for, and receive love and care from, and most importantly somebody to guide towards a relationship with God. Remember, what Gods thinks about your actions is infinitely more important than what people think about them.
---Anthony on 5/31/07

2) Having children as a means of "social security" is totally selfish, among other things, and is even worse when this "living crutch" has no earthly father as part of his life. You need to make God the light of your life, to guide you through the darkness of it, otherwise you're eternally lost. Don't have a child until you're married, don't get married until you're happy with the man, and don't be happy with him unless he thinks more about God than himself.
---Anthony on 5/31/07

No. Children are not pets or slaves for your amusement or personal benefit. They are a gift from God and if you have any love for God at all, you will seek a husband and create a stable family environment first before you attempt to bring any children into it. To deliberately deprive your child of a loving father and stable family is insane and unChristian.
---lorra8574 on 5/31/07

I feel you are a very unwise person needing direction, morals and values in your life. You are easily swayed by the wrong things. Pray for godly direction and wisdom in your life. The world has so many traps for people like yourself. Beware! Ask God for help in these areas of weakness. If you have a child out of wedlock, this will and could be the worse decision of your life.
---Robyn on 5/31/07

Crystal ... children ... "someone to feed and care for their parents in old age"
Mostly they don't unless yuo do not expect them to do so.
Can you imagine their resentment if they realise that is why you had them?
But, we do not know where you live. In most Western countries, single women are not scoffed at. Tell us more about yourself
---alan_of_uK on 5/31/07

Of course, dont' forget that at the time the Bible was written, in a predominatly rural and agrarian economy, where there was NO social security or pension programs, to be old and childless was a real calamity. Who would support you when you were old and feeble? That's one reason why there were extended, multigenerational families.

That's why the surviving brother had the duty to impregnate his dead brother's childless widow.
---Jack on 5/9/06

Part 2:
Crist, Society's acceptance is very important. Your immediate family's acceptance is also very necessary. If you cannot get their acceptance, then don't ever be tempted to have a child out of wedlock. ASIDE FROM SINNING, YOU ARE PUTTING THE LIFE OF YOUR CHILD IN A VERY PROBLEMATIC SITUATION. You are bringing someone into a world that has no space for him/her.
---Linda6546 on 4/9/06

Crist, My society is similar to yours. But you did not elaborate how your society react to children born out of wedlock. Does your society accept children born outside of marriage the way children inside marriage are being accepted? My society is putting a "brand" to children born outside of marriage.
---Linda6546 on 4/9/06

Temptations come, yet it is for our good to turn to God and His word. Humbling ourselves before Him, we can listen to Him and let Him take care of every need. If single women are scoffed at in your culture, it seems strange to think that you would be anything but single with a child out of wedlock--multiply your problems! Trust in God who can do all things. Rest in a love that wants to see you saved, and then joyfully follow wherever He leads--whether single or married. Do not dishonor Him by sinning.
---Wayne87 on 3/25/06

Think of Abraham and how he bypassed God's program.
Then think how we would be today if he had trusted Gods promise.
To want a child out of wedlock and deprive the child of a Godly father is selfish.
You only have your "welfare" in mind.
To have a child in this manner and for this purpose will cause you more problems than you can guess and you still will not have anyone to care for you in old age.
Be a Godly woman and do things God's way and let Him provide for you.
---Elder on 3/25/06

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