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Humor Blog #13

How's about Humour Blog #13 and not in the least superstitious.

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 ---Ann5758 on 3/25/06
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Mod :: Following your advice to NVB would you call that Hard love, or the normal Kind, meant for Humour.
---Emcee on 2/14/08

Hey somebody mention my name? I honestly have not been back here in quite awhile.
My special home cookin recipes. Hoo doogie!!
Folks are still recovering, uh, I mean reminisin bout my "Winter Stew". Love Quiz? Now if you can forgive me after tastin my stew, Praise God your saved and goin with Jesus! Maybe a little sooner than expected but saved none the less. Now that's love.
New recipies comin to a blog near you. Love you all. Mean it. God bless. ,) Olie
---Olie on 2/13/08

Mod, why should we take the Relationship Quiz before we blog on the Humor blog? Will we learn how to insult and give Elder and Olie a harder time? Kewl!

Moderator - Go to the Love Quiz for that :)
---NVBarbara on 2/9/08

Dating in America. Two people being who they are not, trying to find out who the other person really is.
---Keith on 5/19/07

Wow! Keith, I guess Barbara's parents haven't stopped laughing yet.
Being blond she was two hours late one evening for a date with her husband Steve.
When he asked her what happened she said she was in a Department store and got stuck on an escalator when it broke down.
---Elder on 5/19/07

If you can't laugh at your own mistakes, why make them?
---Keith on 5/18/07

A blond was weeping when her boyfriend called on her.What's wrong? Cant fit this jigsaw together! What is it? A tiger (picture on the box) Calm down, have a coffee, and I'll help you put all these frosted flakes back in the box!
---1st_cliff on 5/18/07

Let's move to the top, we're buried under all the serious stuff!
---NV_Barbara on 4/19/06

Shhhhhh, it's too quiet in here. YA GOTTA YELL TO WAKE US UP!
---John on 4/19/06

It is very quiet in here! Hummm, I will try to think of a question.
Maybe everyone has that nasty flue(???).
---Alexandra on 4/18/06

Where is everybody? Olie? Flying Elvi? Elder? Ann? John? Pupps? Fred? Vlad? et all..
Too quiet in here!
---NVBarbara on 4/18/06

Two termites walk into a bar.
One askes, "is the bar tender here?"
---NVBarbara on 4/17/06

Usually Chinese people are very intellegent but my neighbors son is an exception. Maybe that's why we call him Sum-ting-wong!
---John on 4/12/06

Don't ask Bob! If Olie tells you you'll be sorry you asked!
OLIE! Please avoid Bob's question, for all our sakes!
---NVBarbara on 4/10/06

Wait a minute! What does stink bait smell like? Or should I have asked this question?
---Bob on 4/9/06

I just tried some of Olies cooking. Stink bait! I thought those were my brothers socks. Wilma!!! Dino made a mess again! Oh boy a hand thamich. Ouch!!! Wooo hoo hooo! What a maroon! I taut I taw a putty tat! Athe-athe-athe a that's all folks!
---Pupps on 4/7/06

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I'm not much on speaking in front of a crowd. Sitting in church the pastor called on me to dismiss the service. My first reaction was "oh God!" (quietly). My wife leans over to me and whispers "that's a good start". Almost got the giggles.
---Fred_S. on 4/6/06

Thanks again Olie, that jump started my diet again! Many more of your 'recipes' and I'll be able to stand under a clothesline when it rains and not get wet!
---NVBarbara on 4/6/06

Well, testest my stink bait marinate ( marinated it for 4 yrs.) for my first official spring BBQ. I opened the stink bait bag ready to slap some on a roast pig. All of a sudden women started screamin and everybody started runnin away in a frenzy! I asked cousin Bubba why would they turn down such a work of art? He said, "son, that's not art but it rymes with it!" What is he talkin about?
---Olie on 4/5/06

A small boy was trying his best to ring a doorbell, but he couldn't reach it. A woman walking on the sidewalk, saw him and she watched him reach and reach, but couldn't. She felt bad for him, so she opened the gate and picked him up so he could ring the bell, Buzz, buzz, the lady looked at him and asked, "Now what?" The small boy said, "Run, Lady, run".
---Rebecca_D on 4/2/06

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You know those fishing shows on TV? They catch the fish, and then throw them back!
They don't want to eat the fish, they just want to make it late for something!
---NVBarbara on 4/2/06

I hear that Olie cooked up the Easter Bunny and marinated him for the big feast. Marinated with what, I do not know, I'm afraid to ask. He was going to serve ham, but that would include him.
---John on 4/2/06

Say somthin funny. Mock my meals if you want but let's not get too serious on this bloggy. Most of you folks are Kingdom kin. So come on youngins! I have a new pot pie but it's just too disgusting to tell ya. Ya'll aint ready for it!
---Olie on 4/2/06

Still praying for you Barbara.
---Pupps on 4/1/06

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I'll pray for your truck Pupps. Please pray for our new venture. We are about ready to open a web site for advertising. THANKS!
---NVBarbara on 3/30/06

I once had an offer, voluteered to wok my dog.
---1st_cliff on 3/30/06

I need a truck.
---Pupps on 3/30/06

You got it Pupps. Do you need prayer for something in particular?
You're on my list Dude.
---NVBarbara on 3/30/06

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I'll take all the prayer you got, thanks.
---Pupps on 3/29/06

I thought that was "Rots a Ruck" Pupps.
Have you noticed that you never see dogs or cats hanging around those places?
They could be HANGING around inside!
With all the MSG they use, who could tell what they were eating?
Include me out on that kind of 'food.'
---NVBarbara on 3/29/06

Egg and fish soup Vlad! YUK! The thought of that will help my diet nicely too!

Pupps, for $5 you get to change channels on the remote!
I'll happily lay hands on you and pray over you for $0.
---NVBarbara on 3/28/06

No Vlad baby. "Lot's a luck" is a Chinese buffet right down the street from where I live. I feel it's my duty to warn people of the hazzards of that cusine. Let's just say the name of the place is fitting. Every once in awhile they ( Health Dept.) shuts down the dive. Then you got to deal with a guy named Woh Fat who counts every trip you make to the "Mile long Great wall of China Buffet". It's revolting, I tell ya!
---Pupps on 3/28/06

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What is good health for a lifetime?
I bought a fish from a pet store one time. It had a life time warranty. It died before I got it home. When I took it back they said I shoulda brought it back while it was alive cause the warranty was now gone.
---Elder on 3/28/06

This Olie guy soup is stinking now? Sounds worse than Russian egg and fish soup. How you say in America, Lots a luck!
---Vlad on 3/28/06

What do you get for sending in $5, a beating?
---Pupps on 3/28/06

Hey! For a billion dollar pledge, I'll personally come pray and lay hands on you! The three miracles were #1 Marriage restoration. #2 Good Health for a life time. #3 Something stolen from you will be returned. He also wanted 120 people to send $8500 dollars. But only offered them a book and a CD. Thus saith the Lord.
---Fred_S. on 3/28/06

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So, you didn't mention Fred, did you send the Billion? Do let us know when the miracles start!
What does this guy think God is, a genie in a bottle granting wishes!?
---NVBarbara on 3/28/06

We don't need no stinkin' soup! Especially if Olie had a hand, or whatever in it!
I still come back to this blog to read Olie's recipes, it helps my diet considerably! I read his recipes and I can't eat all day!
---NVBarbara on 3/28/06

This was a first for me, and I found it quite humorous. I ran across a TV evangelist last night and he was asking for eight people to send him a "1 BILLION" dollar pledge. He promised three miricles in return. I guess it does not hurt to ask!
---Fred_S. on 3/28/06

Pupps, now you went and did it! Parmasian cheese? Why, why, why? Gives a whole new meaning to the term, stinking soup! I don't think that Progresso has that flavor yet. Unless Olie takes over the company. If those objects look like worts in the clam chowder, just tell yourself " That's impossible, or is it"?
---Bob on 3/28/06

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Now I can't get out of my mind the picture of a bowl of Olie's entrail soup with brussel sprouts floating in it. Somebody pass the parmisian cheese. And you have to eat it! Probably smells real sensational too.
---Pupps on 3/27/06

Barbara it is "shocking" that you say those things. It makes me believe you have drank my coffee.
Olies cooking is not so bad if you can catch it.
I am learning to make a Banana Parfait with concrete that'll just stick to your ribs.
Jimmy Hoffa had something just like it at his last lunch. The concrete helps keep the meal down if you know what I mean.
---Elder on 3/27/06

I stand up very straight TY, there is NO dye in my hair and I wouldn't mind if LV became a convent! I say this with the same love I have for brussel sprouts and Olie's cooking!
I took the test you mentioned, I'll keep the answers to myself! I have an electric personality, I don't need Hoover!
(You know I love you OLD buddy!)
---NVBarbara on 3/27/06

Olie she won't drink my coffee cause if she does all that dye will come outta her hair, she will stand up straight, Vegas will become a Convent, they won't hav'ta go to Hoover for electric power and NASA will hav'ta get new Radar systems. And I say this with the same love that I have for Chocolate and Swiss Cheese. Barbara, Before responding to this blog, please take our Will I go to Heaven if I kill Elder Quiz.
---Elder on 3/26/06

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What's going on? Are you closed on Sunday?
---peter on 3/26/06

Now Barbara, why would you want to give nice fellers like Elder and me a hard time? After all, he never forced you to drink his coffee and I never in your presence. If I did you would probably never be able to respond to these blogs. First thing that happens is that your fingers get all crippled up for months, until the effects of the wears off. Opps, there goes another idea into the atmosphere. Im kind of imune. It only lasts for.
---Olie on 3/26/06

No Cliff, the blond is the frosted flake.
---Pupps on 3/26/06

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