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Want Guys To Like Me

How do I get guys to like me?

Moderator - Then fall in love with Jesus Christ.

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 ---jessica on 3/26/06
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Part 2. Sure it will seem like they like you at first, until they get what they want and then your history. You need Jesus and He will guide you into a fulfilling life. It's your call. You sound very young and this is no joke!
God bless you.
---John on 3/16/08

Jessica, I sometimes feel the same way you do, why don't guys like me? But I have accepted the fact that I'm single. And I know that I will meet the right guy someday. The guys who don't like you aren't good enough for you because they're not the one God has in store for you. Be patient (hard to do, believe me!!) and God will work things out in His timing, don't rush God!
---Katie on 8/8/07

Part 1. Jessica, not to put you down dear lady but please do not worry about guys liking you. In my experience in life, and I have a lot, if you continue to think like this, you could very well ruin your life. Any girl or woman that thinks like this is open to getting hurt bad like getting pregnant and left behind or is open to deseases and ultimately rejected and God forbid worse. I'm a guy and I know how guy's think. The harder you try to get guy's to like you the more they will hurt you.
---John on 8/4/07

Quit trying to get guys to like you, period.

A Christian man will have intelligence. He can spot manipulation a mile away. Without Jesus, you might be able to use womanly wiles to entrap someone, it wont' last.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and all it's righteousness, and Jesus will open your eyes.
He will help you see when the right man is walking your way - towards you.
---Terry on 3/21/07

Jessica, you don't want just any guy to like you. If you are a Christian, you want a believer and a God-seeking, God-fearing, born again believer will value the Christ in you. Like the Moderator said, "Fall in love with Jesus". Then, trust Him for your mate.
---Linda on 3/21/07

Don't go looking for guys to like you. God has the "right" guy lined out for you and your paths will cross at the right time. Seek to grow in your relatinship with the Lord. I know from experience. The "hell" of wrong relationships for the sake of having someone isn't worth it. The "right" one is better than you can imagine.
---Terry on 8/10/06

All things come in time. Take time to enjoy yourself, draw closer to the Lord. Ask Him for guidance so that when guys do begin to catch your eye, you will know how to handle all the different situations that come along with dating, and relationships.
God Bless.
---lynet on 7/14/06

jessica, just be your self, keep praying wait on God, because he knows who and what is best for us, just trust him, you will meet that person and you will know, live a good life pleasing to God.
---winni on 7/13/06

Yeah so Jessica, what is your age?
---sherry_g on 3/31/06

Part 2. So you just can't throw answers out there because you think your Dr. Phil. The next time your tempted to give someone advice, think twice because you could set them on a collision course which could destroy them. We have to think according to the Word of God here, not the worlds way. Becky
---Becky on 3/31/06

Part 1. Jessica asked how she can get guys to like here. This is a loaded question if I ever heard one, and must be answered with much wisdom. How do we know if Jessica is 11 or 12 years old or even younger. She may be of age but she sounds very naive. You could ruin someones life if you give them the wrong advice. My daughter was always crying that she wanted to be herself. the only trouble is, she wasn't herself in Jesus. She got pregnant, married the wrong guy and ruined her life.
---Becky on 3/31/06

Some here are missing the point. It's all very clear. This whole thing is not about being yourself. It's about making the right decisions in life. This is the only mature way of looking at this. And it's the only way a true Christian should look at it.
---Mary on 3/31/06

Donna gave good advice. Lynn is someone supposed to fake who they are? Be someone they are not? How truthful would that be? I was myself, I didn't change for no-one (expect God). But when I found my boyfriend (husband now), I wasn't looking for any type of relationship. We became good friends, and it progressed into a relationship, and we got married, and had a family it is been almost 7 years.
---Rebecca_D on 3/28/06

I have heard this one many times and if this is your main concern, than you are asking for a heap of trouble. Don't worry about guy's likeing you. It really means nothing at this point. If they like you for the wrong reasons, than you have nothing that will last. God can give you a life beyond your wildest dreams and that perfect guy for you, if you let Him.
---kevin on 3/28/06

I would be very careful, listeneng to Donna. A friend of mine wanted to be himself and he killed someone. You just rely on God to help you. That is through His son, Jesus Christ.
---Lynn on 3/27/06

Jessica, just be yourself. Different men are attracted to different kinds of women. Some men like women who are very quiet. Some like outgoing women. Some like women who don't speak their mind and some like women who they can have fun with who is very outgoing and speaks her mind as long as it's the truth. See where I'm going with this? BE YOURSELF. GOD CREATED YOU and you are fearfully and wonderfully made. That's in Psalm 139. Be the way God made you, be yourself.
---Donna9759 on 3/27/06

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