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Am I A True Prophet

I believe that God has chosen me to speak for him, with messages for people who won't seek his voice otherwise. Does it seem possible, to other Christians, that I may be a true prophet? Or will I be met with more doubt from my brethren than from the world?

Moderator - Forget titles and just do the will of God.

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 ---Aarin on 3/27/06
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A Christian can state that they are a Elder,
Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher, etc. and Christians except those titles without a problem. But very often, if a Christian states that they truly believe that they a have a Prophtic calling, instead of the Church excepting them, they are often met with scorn and ridicule. To use the title "Prophet" seems to be a no no, even though the Bible makes it clear that a Prophet is one of the gifts to the Church.
Another insult is, that often a false Prophet receives praise, while a true Prophet is not even excepted.
The Lord has ordained the Prophetic calling to be one of many blessings to the Church.
---Alan on 5/29/09

The prophets knew they were being chosen. There is no indication god said you are a prophet. god didn't say that to me. But many of the great prophets had doubt. And God encountered the prophets in different ways. Ex.4:10 I am not eloquent in speech. Jeremiah 1:6 I cannot speak, for I am a youth. Judges6:15 HOw can I?
---Theresa on 5/27/09

Anyone who asks on a blog if he is a prophet not only is not one but needs to seek help. True warriors of God don't need to ask. YOu want an example of a TRUE warrior of God?

By the time i was 21 I had suffered severe depression, anxiety, and more. I was taken off medication because what I had was inside. i saw true evil, demons, many believe i was possesed. but here i am. i fought out of all this myself without help now i work in my film career to be famous soon NOT for fame but for power to change the world. i don't care about recognition or what others think. i will do it simple because it's the right think to do
---martin on 4/12/09

It's a matter of wether or not the Holy Spirit put that desire into your heart. It is not up to other believers to tell you what office Jesus has called you to. If that's all you think about, then more than likely you are. You can prophesy and not be called to the office of prophet, but if you're called to that office, then you won't be able to escape the desire to hear His voice. The very hour I believed, I knew I was called to the office of prophet, and I didn't even know what a prophet was. I've had to learn over the years. I hear rain coming!
---Bryan on 1/27/09

If you belive God has chosen you, my friend, you should not look for the approval from no body...not even us. In my opinion you should not have even posted this blog, you should've went straight to God and fast and seek him so he can confirm you as a true prophet. When God called The prophet Jeremiah, he told him I will make your forehead harder than theirs. you should expect doubt these day and persecution but If God has qualified you and made you a Prophet to the Nations you should not worry about it because he will protect you. And you should not believe, you should know. And i agree with moderator forget the title Do what the Lord has chosen you to do if that is what he did. Seek him...not our approval.
---Deno on 1/22/09

It's Amillennialism - double l, double n.

I think Amillennialism is that product you add with stew.
---Paul2 on 1/5/09

If God gave you the title of prophet use it. Most importantly know who you are in the Lord. Being a true prophet means persecution. You must not worry what others are thinking or saying about you. You have a job, and that is to speak for God, words which He gives to you face to face. Knowing that God will support His prophets against all odds. Isn't this all that counts???? That God supports His prophets....The whole world will hate you. One thing I have noticed in reading other comments about what it means to be a true prophet of God, and that is..... that no one knows.>>> Have a good week as unto the Lord, or this week will count for absolutely nothing. A message from this Prophetess.
---catherine on 1/4/09

each word that a prophet would speak must be judged by other prophets who recognize the voice and intent of the Lord when they hear it.
so who here can judge that you are or not because it takes hearing what you'd say in order to discern it or not.
be encouraged, you are not the only one, if some wont hear you (if you are a prophet), then pray that another prophet will come along that they will hear.
---opalgal on 1/4/09

I am not a Christian. I grew up in the church. It scares the heck out of me but i think i might be a prophet. I have weird dreams that i think symbolize what is to come. I really don't want to be a prophet. I really hope im not. I don't want the burden.
---mari on 1/3/09

Mark v:thanks you for your comments and that of anne.I am chosen by god of that i know. and people may judge me for such.I do know that judgment will be cast onto me for saying these words. judgment not from god but from man.I ask you all a question> each religion seems to know that there religion is correct and that there ways are correct. why is it that we all do not work together on the behalf of god? we all teach and learn from the bible but do not listen.jesus is saying love one another meaning work with each other. i know now i have a purpose and that is ask you all to work together in these closing days.if a person of differant belifes walks by you would you argue that your faith is right? or would you open your arms unto your brother?
---KEVIN on 11/19/08

Mark v:thanks you for your comments and that of anne.I am chosen by god of that i know. and people may judge me for such.I do know that judgment will be cast onto me for saying these words. judgment not from god but from man.I ask you all a question> each religion seems to know that there religion is correct and that there ways are correct. why is it that we all do not work together on the behalf of god? we all teach and learn from the bible but do not listen.jesus is saying love one another meaning work with each other. i know now i have a purpose and that is ask you all to work together in these closing days.if a person of differant belifes walks by you would you argue that your faith is right? or would you open your arms unto your brother?
---KEVIN on 11/19/08

Mima~ Haha and thanks, yea, that is the word I was looking for.
---Anne on 11/19/08

Hello sister Anne, you are right about the Eschatological Theories:
1. Premillennialism, is the theory that Christ will return before the millennium. He will descend to earth and set up a literal 1,000 year earthly kingdom with its headquarters in Jeruselem.
2. Postmillennialism, is the view that through evangelism, the world eventually will be reached for Christ. There will be a period in which the world will experience joy and peace because of its obedience to God. Christ will return to earth at the end of the millennium.
3. Amillennialism, is conceptually a form of postmillenialism. The millennium, in this theory, is sybolic and refers to the time between Christ first and second coming, not to a literal 1,000 year period.
---MarkV. on 11/19/08

Anne continue, Under the Amillennialism theory, the view is that during this time Christ rules symbolically in men's hearts. And that Christ's second coming will mark the end of the period. Some Amillennialist believe that Christ will never have an earthly rule, even symbolically. For them the millennium refers to Christ's celestial rule in eternity.
Hermeneutically, the major issue that divides Pre-millennial and Amillenialism is the question of prophecy. How much of the prophecy should be interpreted literally and how much symbolic. He believes the promise to Israel and to the church should be kept separate, and that it is not valid to take physical promises made to Israel, spiritualize them, and apply them to the church.
---MarkV. on 11/19/08

YOU SAY: I believe that God has chosen me to speak for him, HOW DID GOD CHOOSE YOU?

YOU SAY: with messages for people who won't seek his voice otherwise - WHAT KIND OF MESSAGES? Jesus said: My sheep hear my voice and the voice of a stranger they will not follow. So if someone isn't seeking his voice which is His word, they're not seeking him and he won't speak to them, even through you.

YOU ASK: that I may be a true prophet? Do you even know what a True Prophet is?
You may be referring to Words of Knowledge, not prophesies. Are you?
---donna8365 on 11/19/08

---mima on 11/19/08

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Mark V~ I studied millenialism etc. in Christian College, and they taught 3 possible different scenarios of that: (premillenial, postmillenial, and something else) Do you believe in a literal 1000 year reign of Christ?
---Anne on 11/18/08

Sorry Anne, this last post I put down was for Ken. The one I send you was not posted. it was the second part of the Passages In Acts. About wonder and marvels. I believe when I send something in two parts many times it is not posted. I just lose it. Sorry for the confusion.
---MarkV. on 11/18/08

Verse 9:8 "children of the flesh" Abrahams's other children by Hagar and Keturah were not chosen to receive the national promise made to Him. "Children of God" Pauls point is that just as not all of Abrahams descendants belonged to the physical people of God-or national Israel-not all of those who are true children of Abraham through Isaac are the true "Spiritual people of God and enjoy the promises made to Abrahams spiritual children " Paul gives the example, quote from Mal. 1:2,3. It speaks about God's sovereign right to choose one and pass over the others by His own sovereign will. Verse 9:14 states, "is there unrighteousness with God?"
---MarkV. on 11/18/08

Anne, Concerning Acts 2:17-21, "visions and dreams" visions (Gen. 15:1, Rev. 9:17) and dreams, (Gen. 20:3, Dan. 7:1) were some of God's most memorable means of revelation since they were pictorial in nature. Not only believers had visions and dreams, (Abimelech, Gen. 20:3 and Pharaoh, Gen. 41:1-8) also had them.
Here Peter says, Joel's prophecy will not be completely fulfilled until the millennial kingdom. Peter, by using it shows that Pentecost was a pre-fulfillment, a taste of what will happen in the millennial kingdom when the Spirit is poured out on all flesh in that kingdom for all of them will be saved. Last days, the phrase refers to the present era of redemtive history from the first coming of Christ to His return.
---MarkV. on 11/18/08

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The words, " of smoke" These phenomena are all connected with events surrounding Christ's second coming and signal the establishment of the earthly kingdom. Verse 21 "whoever calls" up to the hour of judgment and wrath, any who turn to Christ as Lord and Savior will be saved (Rom. 10:10-13).
Wonders is the amazement people experience when witnessing supernatural works. Miracles are signs point to the power of God behind miracles. Marvels, have no value unless they point to God and His truth. Such works were often done by the Holy Spirit through the apostles and associates to authenticate the as them as messengers of God's Truth.
---MarkV. on 11/18/08

To all, I have a question, Has anyone on this blog recieved the gift of the Holy Spirit? Because i know some churches don't teach it, they just preach salvation and not the fullness. I must admit i got fed up with peoples views and the ignorance to God's Word. God's Word has not changed it is the same today, yesterday and forevermore. Through the Holy Ghost these things are possible, Rom12:6 Says we all have gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, for building the kingdom of God. We are all members to the body of Christ, we function differently, one may hear,one may see, one may lend a hand.If we don't know what God has called us to do,we must pray, if we don't understand someone else's gift we must pray.
---Addie on 11/17/08

Mark V.~ Your comments to Kevin were very solid and biblical.
---Anne on 11/17/08

The Bible says we are to test their Spirit to see whom they serve!

Do they "CONFESS" W/there lips that Yahshua(Jesus)"IS" the risen Son of God?

Do you understand that he has received ALL the power that God has to give(He IS as his Father), and was able to take the Book with 7 seals from the hands of a Mighty Angel and even break the seals of it?

War is about to break out in Heaven & upon the Earth, Pray, Pray and raise your worthy hands unto God, For "OUR" redemption draweth nigh!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 11/17/08

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Mark V.~ I appreciate the fact that you and a few others on this site are being helpful in speaking God's truths boldly, directly, and accurately yet with patience and kindness as well. Thank you for answering my question, and according to God's word, I believe exactly as you do concerning this subject about people who claim to be prophets who believe in dreams, visions, audible type voices etc. Yes, the red-flag always goes up for me too when I hear people talking of such matters. I believe you are a wise teacher after God's own heart, so I was wondering if you could explain the verses in Acts 2:17-21, if you feel you might understand those verses, since I find them to be mysterious in their meaning. Thanks!
---Anne on 11/17/08

Kevin, there is many who hear voices and dreams that come true. There is so many things that people predict that comes true. There is no evidence where this comes from so it can never be proof it came from God. Jim Jones said he spoke to God, 8 or 9 hundred died. Some televengalist say they talked to God while in the toilet.
I believe that when God talks to us, many times we don't hear Him, we just follow our conscience because He is directing us. He puts a burden in our hearts many times to help another, or bring the Gospel and we don't feel He is doing that, we just react to His calling. The Spirit works in many ways in our lives and we believe it by faith. For everything good we do as Christians comes from above.
---MarkV. on 11/17/08

Anne, a red flag should go out when someone call's himself a prophet. The prophets of Old were mentioned in the word of God. They were there with a mission that God had for his people. Their purpose was to represent God. The danger was that many false prophets would come and they did. After Jesus came, He became the Great Prophet mentioned in the Old Testament. Today we have the Spirit of God. God speaks through His word and the Spirit brings light to His Word.
Telling others about the wrath of God coming, and hell is already written in His Word. Everything we need to know is there for all who truely believe, read, listen, and God reveals His Word depending on the person and where God wants that person to be at a perticular time.
---MarkV. on 11/17/08

Thanks for your comments rhonda.

ask your self the question of if you heard the voice of an angel would you not test your angels voice to prove to your self that what you are hearing is true.

i am not a christian of who attend church or studies teh bible.

however i do ask god sertain questions fo which he has replied.

(boasting)this is not boasting but informing you of which god wants me to inform you.

rhonda i belive that christians should not be envyous of others.

if you are not hearing or seing then you are not listening.
---KEVIN on 11/17/08

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posted by KEVIN on 11/16/08
i donot claim to be a prothet. i claim to hear the voice of god through an angel.the other day i tested this ....ask with a true heart and he will show you the light

Gods Holy Spirit guides True Christians to Truth ...false ministers of light show miracles and whatever you want to believe

God is not tested ...if you were being led by God you would not be boasting or claiming this on a blog

Mary and John the Baptist were led by angels they did not "test" these angels

the fact that you are "testing" with trivial visions is clear there are no angels of God in your life have been led away by another spirit
---Rhonda on 11/16/08

I have always known that god is listening.when i was a child i was on many differant paths and i attended a church.i use to get a warm feeling of which is like someone holding yur heart warm and gental. i still get this feeling and that is how i know god is listening.the visions and voice are all new to me. when ever i have had a problem to overcome i have prayed and god has shown me the right path.i have been shown a vison of me talking to people of masses.i donot claim to be a prothet. i claim to hear the voice of god through an angel.the other day i tested this by asking my partner to ask me question i wouldnt know.she asked i prayed for god to show me this i got was correct.ask with a true heart and he will show you the light.
---KEVIN on 11/16/08

It is possible to be a modern day New Testament prophet and yes, just like Jesus,Moses,Jeremiah and other prophets,you'll be rejected. You need to make sure that what you are hearing agrees with the word and/or purposes of God.
You also want to make sure that you are speaking as a N.T. minister and not an O.T. minister. New Testament prophecies build up people rather than tear down. If you do get a word that corrects or judges you have to make sure that there is some type of restoration attached to it otherwise it is probably not the Lords voice you're hearing. Jeremiah pronounced a lot of judgments but also an equal amont of restoration. God is not in the business of destroying lives but of saving and restoring lives.
---Dan on 11/15/08

Frances, and Mark V. help me here if you can! Thanks! ~Anne
---Anne on 11/15/08

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Hi Addie~ I hear God speaking through people like Mark V. and Frances many times on this site...but I never really thought of it as God speaking 'audibly.' Maybe I just don't understand your interpretation of God speaking 'audibly.' Sorry if I caused any misunderstanding on this issue.
---Anne on 11/15/08

Hi addie. i hear the voice of god but this is in a female for of which could be gods angel.

if we ask the right questions well will get the right answer.

ask and he will deliver.
---KEVIN on 11/15/08

Anne- this is my final comment to you on this subject, If you can't hear God's voice, your not listening. God always speaks, through His word, in an audible voice, through a passerby. But if you do not have an ear to hear, you are cheating yourself. being saved is not limited to meditating on the word, prayer and praise are also major components. how do you think God answers prayers? He spoke to someone along the way! well i hope you find all the answers you need on this subject, i just don't have anything further i can say to you on this matter.
---Addie on 11/15/08

Addie~ No, God does not speak to me audibly... I meditate on His word. Do you believe God speaks audibly to you...and if you think He does, how do you perceive He does that? (P.S. I like what the moderator has to say on this one.)
---Anne on 11/14/08

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I just have question to you Anne: Does God speak yo you, audibly? If so how do you discern His voice from your conscience, or the devil? When God speaks we know His voice, Jn10:4, and a stranger we will not follow, So much emphasis has been placed on prophets, and not the real issue, are we paying attention to God's voice,are we walking in the spirit. God can use us all for kingdom building, if we just listen!
---Addie on 11/14/08

Kevin~thanks for your comments. I consider myself to be a 'prophet', but not the type of prophet who has a dream, and then says "this dream is from God, and therefore you must heed it." People should be VERY sceptical of me if I were to boast such a thing. The only prophecy I would want to reveal is the prophecy that comes from God's Holy Word. Prophecy such as proclaiming that God's wrath and vengeance is coming upon this world since we continue to walk in our unrighteous lusts and ways, and refuse to turn to God.
---Anne on 11/13/08

anne. bless you.
i ask of you a question. was jesus himself called a lier? and was he not accussed of speaking words of the devil.

jesus himself had certain person accusing him of being false.

not all people whom claim to be prothets are the work of the devil.

if i pray to god and ask he provides me visions and the voice. if it was the devil i was asking then i would expect an answer from him.

these latter days prove that most donot trust.
---KEVIN on 11/13/08

Mima~Don't place your faith in your dreams or in your wonder if you may have some prophetic thoughts. The devil tries to trick us in these ways. Put your faith and trust in the Holy Word of God alone.
---Anne on 11/12/08

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Amanda and Aarin~ Don't be tricked by those who call themselves 'prophets' and have a 'special message' from God. This is just a work of the devil, not of God. Place all your trust is God's word alone. As it says in Romans...."Let God be true and every man a lyer." This means we must seek His holy word above all, and believe man only if what that man says is in accordance to the Word of God. The devil's tricks are stronger than ever now...and we need to be as wise as serpents in a world of wolves.
---Anne on 11/12/08

I don't tremble, I raise my hands in thankfulness, for I know My/Our redemption is so very near...

Son's & Daughters of God are NOT to fear The Great and Terrible day of the Lord, but to REJOICE, Watch, Pray & ready themselve's...

We are children of the light, Not the Dark,
and that day will NOT come upon his children like a thief in the night...

Many of us are proclaiming the words of the Prophets and sounding the trumpet of warning,
Bless you, you that walk in the Light, even while it's dark outside.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 11/12/08

i now know that god speaks for himself however has chosen few to ensure that we listen. lets face it if god apeared before us then we will all tremble.
---KEVIN on 11/12/08

I had a dream a few nights ago about a "air compressed" run car.
Having never heard of this, I begin to look on the Internet about an automobile that could be powered by compressed air.
I found many such articles!!!
Cars of this nature are being produced in India at this time!!!
I have had many thoughts about alternate types of engines that power automobiles, but this dream seemed to me to be very very enlightening. Please comment.
---mima on 11/12/08

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i have heard the voice of an angel of which told me to find the temple of the brotherhood. i searched for a church that was opened on a sunday in london. as i gave up hope there was a church open of which shone brightly to me. myself and my partner went in side so i could ask the advise of the vicar. being in the church was like being in another world. i mentioned what had been told to be and the vicar lead e to a temple under the church.

that night i thanked god for showing me that temple and guiding me he then showed me a picture vision of rocked arch with a big rock in the middle and the voice told me (go to there)
---KEVIN on 11/12/08

A ton of people are called to the office of prophet.Are many responding to that call? No. They are not. IT is biblical that a prophet is called by God and not by man. So if God told you.. Well then you need to seek his guidance. In the five fold ministry there are 5 offices. But the prophet is too guide so ask God what he wants you to speak. There are many doubters saying it died with the biblical prophets but God is speaking now and we are the voices to speak. So keep your chin up. IT'll be ok. God knows all. I hope that helps. I'm in a prophetic and apostolic insititue. So.. you aren't alone my friend :)
---Amanda on 11/4/08

I believe you, i have had my own experiences and dreams that have shown me what heaven is like.

I have had experiences that are unbelievable, and my latest dream showed what is to come.

My dreams are not like any other. At first although uplifted i was afraid to tell any one, i knew people would say i was mad,mentally deranged or some thing.

Some christians are as much likely to not believe as non christians. I feel i must pass onto the world what i have seen regardless of wether they choose to believe me or not.
---jean on 10/3/08

just that is what God needs some to do.
---kigen7393 on 9/26/08

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EVERY Christian is called by God to do three things: (1) minister the Gospel, (2) do all the things that Jesus did (signs, wonders, miracles), this includes healing, deliverance (casting out demons and breaking curses), opening blind eyes (spiritually and otherwise), and raising the dead, (3) prophecy (Jesus also did). We may not all have the gift of prophecy, however, the Bible says that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. This means that if Jesus lives in us, that we are to have HIS testimony and spirit (prophecy). Jesus also said that these things I do, you will do and greater.
---Leslie on 9/24/08

It is not a strange or glorified thing to be a prophet. A prophet is someone who is shown something by God and then told to share what the Lord shows him with a designated person. The Lord Jesus Christ said "My sheep hear my voice". Does the Lord Jesus Christ speak to you and do you hear him? Does he ever say "Go share this verse, or that verse, or preach on this verse, ect? Do you then obey the Lord and do thus and so when he says to do thus and so? Then you are not speaking your own word or showing your own vision. You are then acting like a true prophet.
---Jeff on 9/23/08

You are not a true prophet chosen to speak for god.

a selfish man with a voice that does not speak but instead cry's to be heard is alone.
---Gary on 8/9/08

If someone believes they are a special "chosen" one, they seriously lack genuine humility.

If they dare "speak FOR Him", they are very presumptiuous and are overstepping their bounds (you must decrease so that He may increase in your heart AND mind, Romans 12:2).

In the "last days" (Acts 2:17), we shall ALL propheSY of a "more excellent" devotion (1 Corinthians 12:31) based on the "GREATEST of these" (1 Corinthians 13:13) and the "depths of God" (1 Corinthians 2:10). We will also "walk by the SPIRIT" (not faith) and also have our conscience cleansed by receiving "living water" baptism (you know these verses, don't you?).

Verses are from RSV.
---more_excellent_way on 8/7/08

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The prophetic ministry is a ministry gift that comes from GOD. The HOLY SPIRIT grants spiritual gifts according to HIS WILL. If God wants to anoint a person who can operate as a prophet in the "Old Days" it is HIS DECISION. If God is calling you to be a prophet, believe me, he will grant you some guidance to revealing the spiritual gifts your will operate under the unction of the Holy SPIRIT. Please read the Bible (WORD OF GOD)particularly the Old Testament to see how GOD uses prophets in the "Old Days". Then read the Gospels of Jesus Christ such as the Book of Matthew. John the Baptist was considered a prophet in the New Testament. Read Ephesians 4:11-13.
---Ervin on 8/7/08

Forget your title, if you're not really a prophet, you are in big trouble.
---Pastor_Harry on 7/11/08

You know Andy, the devil HATES PROPHETS. He hates the very ground that we walk on. Seldom does a prophet live a normal life and die a normal death. Kill us is what Satan wants to do. Good day++
---catherine on 7/10/08

OOH how dreadfull we latter day Christians are. (no refference with the mormons here)NO prophecy, no apostolic ministry, according to some of us no miracles. we deffenately chose the wrong religion according to some. a quiet no longer working old God we serve. and now what? Why do we continue the lie? if there are no such things as the above,then it is better to eat drink, for tomorow we die.
Nevertheless I believe in a eternal neverchanging God, I believe in prophecy, i believe in the apostolic ministry i believe in miraclkes and that makes the devil outrageous
---andy on 7/10/08

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Amen, Pastor Harry!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 7/9/08

Pastor Harry, you speak the truth. Revelation has ended. What is spoken in Scripture is complete. Like the priest, the prophets represented God to the people and constituted a characteristic feature of early Hebrew society. Because of the ever-present threat of the false prophets and the pagan counterpart, the diviner (Det. 18:20-22), constant vigilance had to be exercised against the incursion of false religion and demon-energized paganism with its threat of occult supernaturalism (Det. 18:9-140. The coming Great Prophet (the Messiah) was constantly held out as the expection of every godly Israelite (Det. 18:15-19, John 1:21, 45, 6:14, Acts 3:22,23, 7:37). God now speaks to us through the light of the Holy Spirit.
---Mark_V. on 7/9/08

Pastor Harry: I don't know if you would call it a prophet, but people can pray and speak to the Lord. The Lord will answer if you listen. This is no means can be proven that A person who does this is a liar, deluded, or mentally ill. The Lord will speak if you will listen. What makes you think that Moses, Jeremiah, or Ezekiel where not mentally ill. There is no proof. You just must believe that God did not retire. He stills loves us and is with us and those with enough faith could very easily ask and get an answer.
God Bless You
---James on 7/7/08

There are no Prophets of God today as in the Days of Old when God spoke directly to one single person. Any man or woman who claims to be the "Prophet of God" or the "Prophet of Yahweh" are False. They are liars, deluded and possibly mentally ill.

I do not claim to be a prophet where as God speaks to me in an audible voice as He did in the days of old with Moses and Jeremiah and Ezekiel.

My claim is that God has given me the "wisdom and understanding" to correctly interpret Bible Prophecy, the ancient writings of the prophets that will all happen in our lifetime as we are The "Final Generation".
---Pastor_Harry on 7/7/08

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I do believe that some may be chosen prophets as long as it is not for profit. I'm not a prophet but pray and ask the Lord questions. Sometimes I feel that I'm receiving an answer. Othertimes I must make the right choice for myself. Duanne Dudley Martin you answered your question perfect. You are loved by your real Father the Lord and should feel like your walking on air. There can be no other feeling so great.
God Bless You
---James on 7/3/08

Do you know the Biblical tests of a true prophet?
---robinz on 7/3/08

when God begins to speak we'll know alright!!!!
---Carla5754 on 7/3/08

I made no posts here before today. Someone is wrongly posting under my name.

The REAL John T
---John_T on 7/1/08

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Read the bible... NO!!
---Shiloh on 7/1/08

Not with a proper diet of Milk & Meat...
The sincere Milk of the word is what one grows on, the Meat of his words are for those who have grown up and have made themselves ready & able to hear it.

Not even in Pauls days were they able to grasp the concept of the MEAT of the word.
Let us pray, that more will be able to partake and understand...
Send the Holy Ghost Father, so many are in need of it, Not our will Father,
but yours be done, Amen!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/30/08

It is very hard to separate a "word of knowledge" from prophetic utterances. To those who receive words of knowledge. This can be very confusing. Sometimes I receive "words of knowledge" that concern other people and experiences taught me to be most reluctant to repeat "a word of knowledge" to people lest you be called a false prophet. Generally speaking, people who do not receive "words of knowledge" will be the most critical.
---Mima on 6/29/08

Looks like you were Jhonny on the spot, John T!!!
---Elder on 6/27/08

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Thank you Dudley::I an reminded of the saying"Selfpraise is no recommendation"this can be countered by the biblical verse A prophet is never recognised in his own Country.He who exalts himself Shall be ????
---Emcee on 6/27/08

Actually the 100's of people that have called me one,
have strenghtened my resolve to acomplish that which has been asked of me.

It honored & humbled me to think that God would love such a man as myself.

Like I've said many times, It's far better to be a Son to God,
than a Prophet to Men!

People have asked me, Are you John T. Baptist
or some other Prophet?

My answer has always been, NO,
I'm a Son of God, I am of the 1st fruits of our Lord Jesus the Messiah!

Many people asked me this when i was only 12 yrs. old.

I'm sure this will be taken wrong by some of you, SO bring it on,
Just remember WHO my Father is!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/27/08

The gift of prophecy is good. God also has 100% full bred prophets. Not too many. Do not be jealous, because God expects too much from us. We are scared that we can not deliver. You, if you are saved be thankful for that! Am I bragging? Let God be the judge of that!
---catherine on 6/27/08

We have "profits" and "prophets" coming out of the woodwork. Endtime prognostications that say nothing. Their desire for attention overrides any value to the Christian.

When I see someone so needy for attention and praise, I throw it all out. Narcissism has taken over.

Forget titles and do the will of God. Sensible, humble and sound.

There are sites that tear these people to shreds and without realizing it, they are doing the devil's work. There's a fine line between exposing the false and being used as a pawn of the accuser of the brethern.

That's why this site is safe. There's a Moderator that balances out critical judgments that go way too far.
---John_T on 6/27/08

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Does it make you feel good to be thought of as a prophet? The Pharisees were puffed up's your decision. If it doesn't offend your sense of humility to think of yourself as a prophet, it's time to have a good conservation with God.

Acts 2:17 says that in the last days we will ALL "propheSY" a deeper message of having a devotion/relationship based on LOVE FOR GOD (not mere FAITH). Anyone can believe God exists (FAITH), but not many will "enter by the door" and "neither thirst" because they have received the "living water" that flowed from Christ's side at the cross and also had their CONSCIENCE PURIFIED in order to receive the guarantee of what Jesus made available to everyone on earth.
---more_excellent_way on 6/27/08

There are endless so called end time prophetic sites on the web. After a few paragraphs, they read like complete gibberish or what some here have called blathering. It's nonsense.

These prophets go on and on, saying absolutely nothing. Nothing that you can take to the bank, nothing that prepares you for the days ahead, nothing.

Most of it, I'm sorry to say, is mental illness. A form of godliness but mentally ill at the same time. They are utterly convinced they are God's spokesman. The proof is when they let their guard down, read their prayer requests, that's when the whackiness of it all is revealed.
---John_T on 6/26/08

Jim said: ****About Nov. 23, 2007. Generally God doesn't set dates specifically. God will speak through a prophet about a future event to warn others for the sole purpose of repentance****

SOOOOO, was November 23, 2007 an earth shattering day of utterance? Did someone say, "I'm going to speak at a conference on Nov 23....

We're all called to repentance and always have now we set dates to preach repentance and reconciliation?

100% of dates set are 100% bunk!!!!

Was this the date Chicago was suppose to be destroyed? Another false prophet's moment of delusion?
---kathr4453 on 6/26/08

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