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Is Jesus's Birth A Fable

Was jesus really born from mother Mary or is this just a fable played out by people in jesus's time and then past it on by generations?

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 ---William on 3/27/06
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The story of Jesus's birth is true. Luke was a man who was with St Paul. He was a physician and a humanist. He wanted to make sure that we saw that Jesus was a real human being with real parents and a real (if lowly) birth. If he had made it up, why have Jesus born in a stable among the dung of animals? Why have Joseph and Mary as asylum seekers in Nazareth? It sounds a bit strange that the King of the Jews should have such an inauspicious welcome. It is because that is just how it happened. Of course Satanists will bring in lies to try and corrupt the innocence of the Christian mind. The Wise men were probably astrologists. Just my opinion.
---frances008 on 10/14/08

William ::Your questionraises a thought! how old are you 2 Were you evertaught anything by your parents we had a post about teaching christianity in public schools.which causes me to raise my eye brows.???To amswer the question it is absolutely True without a doubt no fable.Read the full account in Luke 's Gospel.
---Emcee on 3/7/08

If you are not going to believe and understand the whole Bible, you do not believe. God said, "He was, so He was born". God said, "His mother is Mary", so she is.
---catherine on 3/7/08

Jesus created a woman named Mariam, and through her he put on flesh and came into the world he created.
---Eloy on 3/7/08

God has ALWAYS proven to be TRUTHFUL. If Jesus was not born of Mary a virgin, then God is a lier, Which the Bible says that there is NO lie in God. The Devil IS the ONLY lier here, trying to keep you from the truth. I pray that God will reveal Jesus personally to you.
---Leslie on 3/6/08

It's normal to question things in your faith, but it doesn't take a lot of faith to believe Mary was Jesus mom. He had to come from somewhere. There is no question of Jesus Christ existence, NonChristian historians even quote that He did. What I think your trying to figure out is is Christianity something made up or is it real? It's real my friend not a made up thing. One book I think would help you in your quest for answers is Lee Strobels "The Case for Christ" this is an excellent resorce
---ryan on 3/6/08

Mary really did give birth to Jesus. He was not born in a manger, for it was a stable, he was laid in a manger. It is a true story. If anyone has said otherwise, then they don't know Jesus at all.
---Rebecca_D on 3/14/07

Jesus was born of Mary. Why would all four gospel writers go to such extents to play out a fable? Moreover all fables unlike God's truth, get distorted over time so we would have heard all manner of theories of his human origin by now. But as christians we should keep our eyes on the prize, that Jesus was born, gave His life for us that we may have eternal life. Questions as to whether Mary was his mother are distractions by the devil to keep your eyes from the real truth - salvation and belief in Jesus.
---vicky on 5/10/06

God is the authority of faith and truth, Satan is the authority of lies and deceit. Satan lied to and deceived Eve, thus starting a snowball effect, Where people question the Word of God, and what God has said. If God is all powerful, then why could he not keep His Word perfect for us today, and allow it in other languages?
---Jerry on 5/2/06

Amen f.f.!!! That's the sad irony, i.e., many are zealously practicing churchianity (the religion of the unsaved; 2 Tim 3) without repenting of their sins, receiving Jesus Christ as saviour... & being saved/"BORN AGAIN".
---Leon on 3/30/06

Alan there is no other kind & I'm sorry the phrase 'born again' used the way some of us do, upsets you. I can only speak for myself but I cannot think of any other way of making it clear that I am speaking of a Christian rather than a church-goer who think he/she is a Christian unless I say 'born again' or 'real' Christian - and 'real' also upsets some. There are so many unsaved 'christians' in and out of our churches that we sometimes have to use phrases like this when discussing issues.
---f.f. on 3/30/06

Mima "Born-again Christians" ... Is there any other kind??
---alan_of_UK on 3/29/06

Amen Mima! What's essential is one must repent & BE BORN AGAIN (spirit quickened, made alive). Otherwise, what man tries to intellectualize (reason) about God & creation isn't possible for him/her to comprehend in his/her soul (mind, will & intellect).
---Leon on 3/28/06

Born-again Christians, who have had the Bible come alive to them, know for certain that the story of Jesus's birth happened exactly as recorded in the Scriptures.
---mima on 3/28/06

Jesus was/is real. His teachings were/are real. His followers knew Him and His life story. Many believed so strongly in Him that they gave their lives for Him. Some were beheaded, stoned to death, or crucified for teaching His Words. Even our calendar year is based on His life/death. His birth had to be of a virgin and in specific manner to prove His place as God on the Earth, so Yes Jesus was born of Mary, a virgin. God with us, Jesus Christ.
---mikefl on 3/27/06

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