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Cheating Boyfriend Dreams

I keep having dreams that my boyfriend is cheating on me, but he says he isn't. What should I do?

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 ---margherita on 3/27/06
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I recommend that in your dream you hire a private investigator to follow your boy friend and take pictures. This way in your dream you'll have proof. (Just kiddin')

I suggest praying about it, the Apostle Paul says pray without ceasing. I also recommend talking to your boyfriend and maybe praying together.

Lord bless you,
---trey on 12/4/07

Spend time in the Word and praying before you go to bed at night. Listen to praise music on your stereo as you drift off to sleep. Fill your mind with God and His love.
---Madison on 12/4/07

Are you encountering some problems with the relationship you are having with your boyfriend? You seem to be very insecure and your insecurity is showing in the type of dreams. Look into the causes of your insecurity and from the analysis decide whether you are to believe your boyfriend or not.
---Raine on 5/13/07

While dating a man about 15 yrs ago I often had dreams he was cheating or running away with another gal. Turned out he was married and I was the other woman. That was total humiliation to put it mildly. I was sensing the truth somewhere within myself and the dreams obviously had meaning.
---sherry_g on 5/3/06

Usually a womans instincts are correct. trust your instinct because most likely they are right. look up information on facial expressions when someone is lying and then next time you ask him try to compare his facial expressions to a liars.
---adrianna on 4/18/06

Trust in the Lord for your answer. Stay in prayer about the dreams. God will bless with discernment, and in that you can trust.
I was going through the same as you. It took months, but it turned out that my husband was cheating. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.
---Liz on 3/28/06

Maybe that the "perception of him", you are getting from your boyfriend. Especially if he is an outgoing, never-met-a-stranger type of person. Those kind of personalities tend to "affect" one's sense of self-esteem in a young relationship. And if you let it, these feelings will comsume you. Remember, innocent until PROVEN guilty. And sorry to say, but if he decides to cheat, you can't stop it. So let the dreams go, and thank God for your relationship you have, trust God to lead you.
---Fred_S. on 3/28/06

You can't put much trust in only dreams. Your boyfriend may be totally "above board". But, if you have doubts, it would be best to take a very slow approach to getting more serious. You seem to express enough doubt that you don't 100% trust him for some reason, so take it easy. If he is cheating, it will surface sooner or later - but don't force him to cheat by doubting his every move.
---WIVV on 3/27/06

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