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Was Jonah Forced By God

What possible reason does God have to force Jonah to fulfill his mission? Other men are not forced to fulfill their missions for God.

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 ---mima on 3/29/06
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Beautiful responses from all. Linda thank you for the lessons on submission. May the Father continue to bless and speak through this forum. Thank you Christianet for you impartiality and the allowance of freedom of expression. I for one appreciate it.
---josef on 12/15/07

I think this just shows us that, however much we try to outsmart God and regardless of the slack He allows us, He will still have His way.
---M.P. on 12/11/07

Jonah was a true prophet. He already prophesied to Israel, he was sent to Nineveh by God. God told Jonah to go and warn the people in Nineveh about their wickedness. Jonah knew that this city would be a hostile city so therefore he fled into Tarshish. Jonah was angry with God (Jonah 4:1-2) God had to tell Jonah twice. He went the second time, and when he did, he prophecied to the people. He brought many people into repentance. Mt 11:29-30.
---Rebecca_D on 5/11/07

Yes! Jeanne! Jonah had Time on his side. Time [and the stench of fish gut] will get the stubborness out of you, me, Jonah and any other Jew. Are Jews stubborn? Jeanne, I thought it was just me.

---Reiter on 11/9/06

No he was not forced. God was serious, didnt play w/him & stern but not forced. He could have died in the storm & not gone to Ninevah or he could have not cried out to God in the belly of the great fish & perished. I am Jewish by blood we can be very stubborn, headstrong it says it thru out the Bible, every group, ethnic, race has its good/bad points. He was fearful and being stubborn but God knew He had Time on His side and would wait out his fear and stubborness and in the end all turned out brillant!
---Jeanne on 11/9/06

The case with Jonah was a conflict of Destiny vs. Free-Will. In the end Destiny Won, but in order for Destiny to Win, Jonah had to have a change of Heart so that his Free-Will was in line with Destiny: then he prophesied.

---Reiter on 11/7/06

God never force us..He is a God of a second chance..Jonah was disobedient yet God put Him thru a difficult circumstance, a second chance to turn and he did ...we are all like that...takes circumstance to turn us back...
---jana on 7/13/06

commandment submission (when you have done everything that has been commanded of you, you are still an unprofitable servant)
choice submission (simply making a choice to submit with all your heart)
covenant submission (submission out of a heart of love and an understanding of unity)
Christ submission (nevertheless I live, yet not I but Christ that liveth within me)

Jonah's experience was like the first one. His disobedience got him into so much trouble, all he cared about was getting out.
---Linda on 4/11/06

What happened with Jonah is what is called "crisis submission". You know, the old "Lord, if you get me out of this one, I will listen to you" submission. A believer who gets into just a big enough mess WILL call out to Father. Not the best kind but submission nonetheless. There are seven altogether:
crisis submission
contrary submission (wrong motive/right action and vice versa)
childlike submission (Daddy, let me help you)
---Linda on 4/11/06

God didn't force Jonah. He just allowed him to get in a place where he wanted to do His will.
---Elder on 4/11/06

God does not force anyone to do anything. God gave everyone free will. When we disobey Him when He tells us to do something, then He punishes us.
---Lissa on 3/29/06

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