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I Can't Lose This Weight

I have always been slender. But after 25 years of marriage and three children, I find myself 25 pounds overweight. I am active, no thyroid problem, tried fasting, don't eat a lot, and still cannot lose. I am so down on myself that I don't really like to be seen. How have some of you lost weight?

Moderator - Never had a weight problem, but realize how difficult it must be to lose the weight. One point though - I have never known an overweight person that fasts and prays every week of their life for 1 or 2 days each week. It's not possible. Also eat the right foods and exercise.

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 ---Cana on 3/30/06
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Celery, those were words to the wise.

Computer time is not exercise, it's widening the load time.
---Ted on 4/10/08

Eat only when hungry. When you do eat, eat small,very small portions. Eat light foods.Lean meats,Salads,fruits,soups(no added salt etc..),take vit/mineral tablet,drink moderate water and exercise 3 times per week. Add a little patience,discipline and prayer. The weight will begin to come off.
---Robyn on 4/10/08

I once had to cut out salt on orders from my doctor. Immediately the kilos started to fall off me. I was eating just as much as before and the same food, only now I was not eating any soy sauce, ketchup, salt, salad cream or any form of salt. It really works. I think we tend to eat too much salt these days. You also should not put it in cooking food (eg boiled potatoes etc). Let people add their own later. Of course for baking salt is needed. (So don't eat baked foods.)
---frances008 on 3/22/08

Moderator: Doesn't fasting put your system in 'starvation' mode and and seriously slow down your metabolism? This would make it impossible to loose wieght, your body would hang on to any fat so as not to starve during a fast. Eating lots of small meals is better. Fasting is no way to loose wieght!
---sue on 3/22/08

The real secret to losing weight is not 'banishing calories', but keeping your digestion healthy.

Calories are units of energy ("calories" are also used in measuring BTU heat in air conditioning, UNITS of heat). Calories are necessary for health.
---greg on 3/21/08


Digestion can be improved with garlic, SEA salt, enzymes/probiotics, proper amounts of drinking water, etc.. General health will also be greatly improved also with good digestion and you will find that you will go to the bathroom regularly losing weight naturally and healthfully.

Put the search words 'transit time' in your browser and you will be able to understand more about the importance of digestive health.
---greg on 3/21/08

Find out more about digestive health. Diets are dangerous and of little lasting benefit. We were made in the image of God and our body is much more capable of health and healing than is realized.

Do not use ASPERTAME or any artificial flavor enhancer, they are poison to the body (look it up). Some people have been put in wheelchairs (it mimics Muscular Dystrophy) and can cause heart palpitations.
---greg on 3/21/08

Do not drink TOO much water (excessive amounts) because people (runners) have done that and the imbalance of minerals in the body made their brain swell and they died within hours (runners EXERT themselves).

A quarter teaspoon of APPLE CIDER vinegar added to a glass of water every would be a great help (one of God's miracle food's) to the digestion, but also to general health (NOT any other vinegar, ONLY APPLE CIDER vinegar).
---greg on 3/21/08

Alkalize the body and you will be protected from most sickness.

Look it all up, God provided miracle foods for our health.

Have FAITH, learn true LOVE.
---greg on 3/21/08

I know several overweight people that fast and pray very regularly. Don't focus on how little you eat focus on fruits, vegetables, low carb, no fried foods, minimal snacks drink plenty of water and exercise 3 times a week. I have struggled with my weight since childhood and I just made the decision to treat my body as a temple and feed it appropriate food, drink water and exercise and the weight is coming down. You too can have the victory in the area of your weight. Take action to live healthy!!

Moderator - Are they fasting for the diet yo-yo which you are correct doesn't work long term or fasting with prayer and seeking God? Being consistent will make it impossible to be overweight.
---Letisha on 3/21/08

Here's the biggie, you can't sit at the computer for 8-10 hours aday and boost your metabolism. You actually have to move around and exercise.
---Celery on 4/20/07

3) I thank the Moderator for not posting my other post. I put some information that would have made me look ignorant. What is important is to have a calorie deficit. Eat less calories then you burn in a day. For a woman of 25 i don't know exaclty how many a calories a day you should be eating. But I do know the best way to keep your meatabolism going is to eat at least three meals a day(six small meals a day is even better). Also exercise. For a woman your age maybe 1500 calories a day?
---Matthew on 4/19/07

4) I have to agree with how the Moderator said to pray to God and he will give you knew desires. I can testify to that. I have been praying alot for God to help me lose weight and all of a sudden I have a desire to exercise all the time. I do push ups and situps whenever I can. Thank you God. =)
---Matthew on 4/19/07

I have to agree wtih Darlene. I'm also one who is trying to lose weight and here are a couple of things I learned.

1) Fasting is more likely to make you gain weight in the long wrong then lose weight. Why? As Darlene says it slows down you metabolism and two, you body goes into a "no food mode" where it saves your fat and uses your muscle for calories. In other words you lose more muscle than fat when you fast. Trainers call it losing lean muscle tissue or something like that.
---Matthew on 4/19/07

Don't eat one meal a day to lose weight.
It's tempting it's easy but if it works it will only work for a little while. Why? It's similar to fasting. Your body goes into a "no food mode" before you eat your meal(assuming your meals are 24 hours a part) and you are more likely to stay at the same weight doing this.
---Matthew on 4/19/07

Never fast to lose weight. Your body slows down metabolism to conserve your body weight,it goes into a mode as if you are starving. The bottom line is intake,amount of calories you eat and output,the amount of calories your body burns up in activity. Cutting carbohydrates also helps. As a diabetic on pills, dad could have 60, but for me to lose weight I could only have 30 grams. Don't eat sweets but use the sweetner substitute derived from real sugar,you can bake with it and it tastes good.
---Darlene_1 on 4/19/07

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I also recommend that you see a nutritionist for guidance on dietary needs. It will be worth it.
---Madison on 4/3/06

Fasting is not recommended for people with eating disorders, like binge eating disorder or anorexia or bulimia. To draw closer to the Lord as in a fast, I sacrifice other things in my life other than food.
---Madison on 4/3/06

Eat a little and often - snack on veggies and/or fruit - go for brisk walks daily.
---A_Catholic on 4/3/06

If you eat a good meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is easy to lost weight. I would get my son up for school, I'd fix breakfast, then around noon I'd fix a small meal like a turkey potpie. I would cook around 5:00, chicken, potatoes, bicuits. And at night I would have popcorn. I lost 15 lbs in 2 months, and didn't realize it. I had to eat something reasonable before I could take my pain pills. So I stopped snacking all day long and watch what I ate and when.
---Rebecca_D on 3/31/06

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fasting is great, but don't fast as useing it as a diet, fast as in asking Gods help in what you should do, getting his guidance, wisdom and strength. and ask God to write his menus for you. Listen to what he tells you to ewat and how much. fast for what He has for you in loosig, not fast to keep from eating.

Moderator - Exactly lva. And a by product of seeking God and His will, you will lose weight. He will guide you to eat better, exercise and actually feel like doing these things versus a great effort.
---Iva on 3/30/06

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