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Can Dictators Use Religion

Years ago, a dictator runs our country. Repression came in many forms. Discontentment was high! Religious conversion from one Christian sect to another was also high. A political science professor considered this as government tactic. He said religion can be used to subjugate a people.

Moderator - Very true as Hitler did it. 98% of the Catholics and Lutherans voted for Hitler in 1940. The Anti-Christ will do the same thing.

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 ---Raine on 4/1/06
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How can they not?

Even those so against religion demonstrate their own. Atheists.
---Martin_nz on 10/4/08

Moderator - Very true as Hitler did it. 98% of the Catholics and Lutherans voted for Hitler in 1940.


Hitler killed 6 million Catholics, 6 million Jews.

If you want to play the blame game, I will suggest you notice that Protestants were the least harmed citizens underneath Hitler.

When we opened up our Convents to hid the Jewish people and we were dragged out by the Nazis for hidding the Jews, what did the Protestants do?

They did what you are doing today.
Deny the help the Catholics did for the Jews, to take the focus off of what Protestants didn't do in helping the Jews.

That's okay, because God was watching and noticed who help Our big brother. Catholics
He knows the truth!
---Nicole on 10/3/08

So Jews welcomed Hitler's coming to power in great numbers. And pigs fly.
---Kim2u on 10/2/08

The Moderator was careful to mention the Catholics and Lutherans as Hilter's supporters. Would it be accurate to say that many Jews supported Hitler as well?

Moreover, George Bush and other American Presidents have been responsible for the deaths of untold millions of people. Should they not also be classified as mass murderers?
---Janze on 9/30/08

Adolf Hitler was never excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church. If a hint to the wise is sufficient what does that tell you about the Roman Catholic Church.
---mima on 9/30/08

There were no elections in Germany in 1940.
---Kim2u on 9/29/08

No amount of skulduggery will alter the fact. The Pope helped the Jews even at his personal risk.No person jew or gentile condoned the behaviour of Hitler.If he was catholic He was APOSTATE. USofA delayed entering the war,immedialely but when they did it was with Fanfare.Many British Soldiers civilians air/seamen gave their lives to save their country its ideals.This was a bone of contention,it was an unspoken thing but it existed.I know as I served in this war.Movies attested to this.
---Emcee on 2/18/08

I agree with Alan of UK the war started in 1939-45what vote could you have after the fact 1940 I feel mod is wrong.If it was left to a vote about the war thenHitlerwould have won as he was already in Power By FORCE he was well entrenched He rose to power in 1936 from a private in the german army.It took him3years to spread his demonic Principals through His "Mein Kamf"
---Emcee on 2/18/08

As the moderator has pointed out, Hitler was a "good Catholic". Many of his speaches could have come out of George Bush's mouth. The religious retoric matches quite closely.

Moderator - It's the apostate church which is the church today which will elect the Anti-Christ whomever that person turns out to be.
---Bruce5656 on 2/18/08

Mod ... I think you were told a lie.
Catholics were in the minority in Germany in the war, and there is absolutely no evidence that they participated any more than others in the genocide.
---alan_of_UK on 3/3/07

Mod I think we should be wary of condemning in this situation. Our country was a democracy during the war, although there was no general election until after the victory in Europe. But censorship effectively kept our people from knowing about huge catastrophes in battle. In a totalitarian dictatorship, Hitler easily stopped his people knowing about the atrocities.

Moderator - The doer of the deeds most certainly were in the know which were plenty of Catholics. I have witnessed to many Jews whom have never forgotten this fact as it was them that brought the history to my attention.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/3/06

Mod "He should have been because his Catholic people lived in Germany" I don't think it was that easy. The gas chambers were kept secret even from the population of Germany, and it was not really until later ... after the 1935 election, that the atrocities began.

Moderator - Catholics and Lutherans were part of the army and knew what was happening because they were doing the deeds.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/3/06

Mod you say "Exactly, the Pope was on the same level as the world. Not a godly example to say the least"
I accept your point, but I think it is easy to be wise after the event. I doubt it the Pope was any more aware of the atrocities than the rest of the world.

Moderator - He should have been because his Catholic people lived in Germany.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/3/06

Moderator ... you say "Americans wanted to avoid another European war as they were making money off of the people killing each other" That makes the pope no worse than those who were making money by selling arms to both sides.

Moderator - Exactly, the Pope was on the same level as the world. Not a godly example to say the least.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/3/06

Yes, religion can be, and is used to subjugate a people. Moderator is correct. Hitler was Catholic and the Catholic Church ordered his support. My family came from the Netherlands and my Uncles were in the war. They showed me clippings of newspaper with Hitler taking communion and being kissed by the pope. The popes message was for the people of Germany to support Hitler. Some Catholics did not agree and were put to death.
---john on 4/2/06

Moderator ... # 2 Why did the Americans join the war? It was not because they thought Hitler was bad man.
Why blame Germans for voting for a man who seemed to be a rescuer of German pride, when America generally and some British were pro-Nazi & pro-Hitler? You have produced no evidence to support your statement that 98% of Lutherans and Catholics voted for him.

Moderator - Few Americans or British were pro-Hitler by 1936. If 90%+ of the people of Germany claimed to be either Catholic or Lutheran and Hitler was elected by a landslide, you do the math. The Pope told the Catholics to vote for Hitler.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/2/06

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Moderator ... Hitler was able to seize power by burning down the Bundestag, and blaming the communists & socialists. The vote in 1935 was rigged by disenfranchising his opponents. There is no record I have been able to find of a 1940 free vote. If the Vatican was at one time fooled by the Nazis, Americans were similarly enthusiastic.

Moderator - Americans wanted to avoid another European war as they were making money off of the people killing each other. The Pope welcomed Hitler as he "claimed" to be a Catholic. Obviously Hitler was demonic.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/2/06

Moderator ... I have done an extensive search of the web, and can find not references to a German election in 1940.
There was an election in 1935, which Hitler won, but only because Jews had been disenfranchised by then, and the socialist and comunist parites were banned. And nowhere have I found any reference to the proportions of Catholics and Lutherans and how they cast their votes. Please can you give further information?

Moderator - To answer your question, a high percentage of the people of Germany were either Catholic or Lutheran. Without either the Catholic or Lutheran vote, Hitler couldn't have been placed into office. The Pope told the Catholics to vote for Hitler as you may know Hitler was a Catholic. This is a main reason why many Jews today still hate Catholics.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/2/06

Mod "98% of the Catholics voted Hitler into office as the Pope ordered it".

Moderator - Alan, I included Catholics and Lutherans. We don't list websites in these blogs as you know, therefore if you want more information go research. I am very surprised that you didn't have world history in the UK about World War II?
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/2/06

I was a child during WWII, not sure from history of Hitler's use of religion (never thought he was really religious). But we could not have a better example before us than Afghanistan and Iraq. The Qu'ran is law , religious and civil. Government funded schools teach mainly Islam and military skills. People who spoke against Saddam or Islam had their tongues cut out or were executed. Literacy rate was low, outside info is restricted. Freedom of religion ALONE might have been the dictators undoing.
---Donna2277 on 4/1/06

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1936 The cruel and oppressive anti-Semitic Nuremberg Laws are passed in Germany. In repeated broadcasts Vatican Radio condemns the injustice and inhumanity of these new laws.

1937 Cardinal Pacelli drafts the encyclical Mit brennender Sorge, issued in March by Pope Pius XI. It condemns Nazi racism and worship of the state in the Church's most authoritative form of teaching. It infuriates the Nazis, who respond with more persecution of Catholics.

Moderator - Think again. 98% of the Catholics voted Hitler into office as the Pope ordered it.
---Johannes on 4/1/06

Moderator ... in 1936, most in the USA supported Hitler, as he was to be their bulwark against communism. If his cause was so obviously evil, why did the USA wait so long before joining in WW2?

Moderator - They considered it just another European war and wanted to stay out.
---alan_of_UK on 4/1/06

Mod .. "However Germany put their people in office" Are you sure of your facts? As far as I am aware, there was no election of any sort in Germany in 1940. You may not be aware that at that time Germany was at war. And as Hitler had already seized power and was creating a totalitarian dictatorship, the election of 1936 was rigged. Please quote your authority that 98% of catholics and lutherans voted for Hitler in 1940.

Moderator - Positive about 1936 because the Pope told the Catholics to vote for Hitler. Hitler could have never been elected or stayed in office without the Pope's approval. That is one of the main reasons people thought Hitler to be the Anti-Christ and the Pope the false prophet. However, Israel wasn't a nation yet until 1948.
---alan_of_UK on 4/1/06

In the 1932 German elections Catholics overwhelmingly reject Hitler with less than 15% of Catholics voting for him. But with strong support from other constituencies in Germany, this election makes the Nazis a major party and leads directly to Hitler assuming total power.
---Johannes on 4/1/06

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Mod "98% of the Catholics and Lutherans voted for Hitler in 1940" Was that in an election or a referendum or what?

Moderator - However Germany put their people in office. They voted him in also in 1936.
---alan_of_UK on 4/1/06

Man's religious doctrines have often been used to manipulate. There is a difference between "religion" and "salvation". Religion is often about control by mankind. Salvation in Jesus Christ is about mercy, compassion, fogiveness, and unconditional love. If you don't know what a Personal Relationship with Jesus can do for your life, invite Him to become Lord & Savior of your life right now. Find out for yourself. Try Jesus ... He loved you enough to die for you!
---Vea4696 on 4/1/06

Dictators, evil angels, Satan, and evil men can and do use religion as a cloak to ensnare, bewitch, and control the unwary. The religion of Christ seeks to reveal His love, to draw with cords of love, to seek to bless. True religion is the only barriar there is against this evil confederacy using an appearance. Jesus' life of true religion made the false appear for what it was--evil. Likewise today. Wolves like to appear in sheep's clothing. By their fruits--principles used, ye shall know them.
---Wayne87 on 4/1/06

One of the greatest cases of leaders using religion to subjugate the people is shown in the fanatic, satanic behavior of the Moslem people.
---mima on 4/1/06

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