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How about a blog where we can actually talk about ChristiaNet and ask questions that maybe others have been wondering too?

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 ---Ann5758 on 4/2/06
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hello,To NurseRobert,you post very well informed & always interesting bloggs! Hope,brother you will continue ....thankyou! God bless you!Do stay! I have bloggs too that don't "cut -it!".... I'm still happy 'n see ChristiaNet a valueable tool for learning etc.
---ELENA on 4/16/12

..holding my free speech.
---Lawrence on 7/19/10

Lawrence, the Constitution only prevents the GOVERNMENT from controlling your speech, not a private entity like ChristiaNet.

I've reponded many times that do not get posted. I try to make posts clear, concise and free from personal attacks but a lot still never show up. There are rules for posting (the multipost issue for instance) but some of my submissions were not posted because the moderator did not agree with me (mod answered my posts online, but would NOT post the orginial I submitted). This is one of the reasons I have not posted much in the last couple of months.

Its there site and they control what is posted. Free speech has nothing to do with it.
---NurseRobert on 4/16/12

First,let me say thanks! Great people our moderators! I have some disabilities,everybody know guess by now! :) so,you all are ok with me. I do try to write better :)oh! Want to say anybody care to respond..sometimes,I get scared when my fellow bloggers "argue "over the word,bible history,subjects,etc... Are you guys really mad or is it just a "guy thing"?only a few women be gett'n sort of irritated.. I often wonder is it just you all style? Or you be really angry? Concerns me... Seek peace & pursue it!
---ELENA on 4/15/12

I think CN is doing a wonderful job. If even just one soul who comes to this site and reads about the gospel from those of us who post it, and they accept it for themself, then this site is well worth it. For the salvation of a soul is priceless.
---Eloy on 8/17/10


Basically was using scripture for what it says about sodomy etc. No doubt it offended some.
Even though, they sure need prayer.
---Lawrence on 8/16/10

Moderator thank you and the entire CN Staff for all you folks do to allow us posters to do what we do.
Emotions come into play in these post. Many need to be deleated.
We can be stern or stupid. I have been both. Some of my post failed to make it through also. I look at that as the will of God. After thinking about it I thanked God they didn't post.
If anyone had to pay to post then maybe they could complain.
I make these statements because many people need CN for guidence.
---Elder on 7/21/10

Elder you are 100% correct. Thanks!
---Moderator on 7/20/10

"They are with holding my free speech." Lawrence
It always amazes me when people whine like this on a cost free site.
CN has an automated system that rejects some post because of the language content. Other post are rejected because of the hatefullness and extreme rudeness. Some post are never seen by the CN staff because they are lost in cyber space.
I request the CN staff to correct me if I am wrong.
Now, Lawrence, which catagory did your missing post fall into?
How much do you pay to express your "free speech" here. With a statement like this I can only guess what has been deleated that you have summited...... Thanks ChristiaNet staff!
---Elder on 7/20/10

Some blogs & or replies are not posted because
of affending the moderator & or staff. Some replies I've send & wasn't posted & there's No apology. They are with holding my free speech.
---Lawrence on 7/19/10

How do we know for sure if something we try to post here has been rejected or if it's just taking a long time to post? Even more importantly, how do we know for sure if a QUESTION we try posting has been rejected? (It's sure be nice if an e-mail was sent to us.)

Moderator - During business hours, postings usually happen within a few hours. Off hours, it is much slower.
---Daniel on 1/12/08

Thank you, Moderators, for posting more than the last 25 replies again. I was off the blogs for more than a month (though it doesn't seem like it, since a couple of my old replies were pulled to the top as though new, lol) and am only just now realizing the change. Are replies posted all the way back to the beginning or is there a new limit set on them? Either way, thanks for reconsidering and allowing more than 25, it's very helpful.
---AlwaysOn on 5/19/07

I agree. One wants to help and answer someone's question and I can understand that it should be brief and stuck to the Truth, Word, etc. But sometimes people ask a personal question and one cannot just answer as you don't have all the info. When I leave my name for people to come back to me, it doesn't happen?
---Junia on 4/28/07

I really like this question. OK the first thing I want to know about is why our answers have to be so short. Maybe I'm a little too wordy but still I would like to have more space to answer in.

Moderator - Just submit more than one posting if you need more words. The limit is so the moderator can quickly approve blogs.
---mima on 4/27/07


What has changed. It used to be that if you sent messeges in sequence they would show up in sequence now they are all jumbled up.
Is there something we can do to ensure they show up in sequence like they did before?
---Bruce5656 on 10/14/06

You had once given us the syntax of a Google search to search Christianet archives. Could you please repeat that again. Does it search the complete archive?

Moderator - link: church
---Bruce5656 on 5/18/06

Why is it when I get cards on my account, they are deleted automatically over a period of time? I like to save them and go back over them, especially if I haven't sent a reply.

Moderator - All ecards are removed after 25 days. Standard management for any ecard system.
---NVBarbara on 4/11/06

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Thank you..everything looks fine now.
---Ann5758 on 4/9/06

Hi, Mod....I was just checking on my last 10 posts to see where I had left off, and to see if there were any comments made, and to my surprise, it showed comments from June of last year. What happened there? I've made more thatn 10 posts in the last week.

Moderator - Webmaster made some changes last week. I will check into. Thanks.
---Ann5758 on 4/8/06

No codes, just A or B
A Baptism is a matter of obedience
B Baptism plays a functional part in salvation (cannot become saved with out it)
I wanted to see if some of the people that insist baptism is necessary are in fact saying that it is necessary for obedience sake rather than that it plays a functional part in our BECOMING a christian.

Moderator - If you are just wanting to post a two part question, then yes post it.

Incidently, I am proud of my self that I have managed to make thing bold etc. I have no clue as to how to do what you were talking about. :)
---Bruce5656 on 4/4/06

By the way, When I spoke of formating in the question, I just meant underlining etc.
---Bruce5656 on 4/4/06

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I was just looking for people to choose option A or B here on the blogs with out all the retoric that has accompanied questions on baptism before. There is so much words exchanged that mean different things to different people that I thought it would clarify where people stand and some may just find that they are saying the same thing after all only with different words.

It had nothing to do with any external site of any nature. Just a simple blog.

Moderator - Were you going to ask a question and tell everyone to pick A or B, but don't give your comments? Or were you writing code that tabulates the results? It's the code we don't want.
---Bruce5656 on 4/4/06


Was it the question or the formatting that disqualified it?

I had composed a poll on baptism. It had some formating like we have been playing with here lately. I thought maybe the formating made it too bulky even though it previewed ok.

Then I tried to post a variation on it that was meant to get the blog started and I intended to be the first respondent at which time I would present the poll in detail.

Neither were posted.

Moderator - We don't allow code such as a poll on our site. Unless, I misunderstood what you wanted to do?
---Bruce5656 on 4/4/06

Over the past day or so several of my posts do not appear and today I tried to start a new blog twice but neither one showed up. Is there something I should know? Am I cut off or something?

Moderator - Only know of one question that wasn't posted.
---Bruce5656 on 4/3/06

Could there be a link to get us directly from the blogs to the penpal section without having to log in again or keep hitting

Moderator - I would just click the Mall button on the top of this page and login on the homepage.
---Ann5758 on 4/2/06

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