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Spiritual Gifts Sending To Hell

How were the people mentioned in Matthew 7:21-23 able to prophesy, cast out devils, and do many wonderful works and still not be known by the Lord? The Lord doesn't deny they did the miracles, rather he says, depart from me. I never knew you. So how were they able to do the miracles?

Moderator - Today's Pentecostals and Charismatics that are using their Spiritual Gifts which are irrevocable from God in a fleshly manner. We are to use everything God gives us in a manner according to His Will not our will.

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 ---mima on 4/3/06
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These are people like Benny Hinn who many people think is a wonderful man of God, when infact he is a false prophet and God can see the heart of him while others see his wonderful works that are of the devil. This is the type of person the bible is talkin about.
---Rev_Herb on 3/8/08

R.Herb, how funny, people were asking the same questions a year ago. Why do you always have to bring Benny Hinn up in your answers.
---Buck on 3/8/07

Because the Devil also can do miracles. Also a good example is God, Moses,Pharaoh, Aaron and the snake.[Walking stick.] You can look it up in [Exodus]. I really do not know how any true Christian can use any Spiritual Gift without the power of God in it, on it.
---catherine on 3/8/07

I totally agree with Moderator. The gifts of God are irrevocable (that's in scripture). When Jesus said "I never knew you," He meant they didn't have a close, intimate relationship with Him, thus He didn't know them intimately. We know ABOUT Pres. Bush, but we don't know him, right? Same with Jesus. People know about Jesus, use their gifts, or I should say abuse their gifts without the gift giver in their life intimately.
---Donna9759 on 3/8/07

As I have said elsehwere here, the two most important thing with ANY sign are these:

1. What doctrine comes weith it?
2. What's the fruit of the sign in the lives of the people involved?

Rev. Herb, I don't doubt that God can see into Benny Hinn's heart, but I really doubt if YOU can. (I'm not a Hinn fan, myself, but I don't presume to speculate on his spiritual condition. I have a hard enough time managing my own.)
---Jack on 5/7/06

Herb you are very opportunistic in your attempts to tell us all the bad things you know about Benny Hinn. Can you not just answer a question without constantly bringing B.H. into everything. I don't like him either b.t.w. To answer the question, I think that these people referred to had a counterfeit power from Satan. Why else would Jesus say "ye that work iniquity?
---M.A. on 4/4/06

Rev Herb. Since I don't listen to Benny Hinn I have no idea what he preaches. All I know is that Peter walked on the water until he looked away from Jesus. If we can manage to keep our eyes locked on Him we can accomplish anything in His name. Reading what you've said answers my last question, it must be the faith of the healed that heals them, just as it was with Jesus and those he healed.
---George on 4/4/06

The reason I think Benny Hinn is a false prophet is because he said there were 9 in the trinity. He also said that we are little gods. He has made many perdictions that never came true. So now I have given reasons why I critisize these false prophets.
---Rev_Herb on 4/4/06

How can we mere mortals know who is a false prophet? Can Mr. Hinn really heal as the apostles did? We can do anything through faith. We can walk on water, move mountains, heal the sick, cast out demons, and help others find God, but only through true and complete faith. If we are of incomplete faith how can we judge others? Can satan cast out satan? Jesus made it clear that a kingdom devided will perish. Is it Mr. Hinn's faith that heals or the faith of the healed? Maybe it's both combined.
---George on 4/4/06

The reason I posted this question is because I think these people knew and understood the power in Jesus name but they failed to ask Jesus into their hearts and lifes. The relationship in this question, between the workers of miracles and those that know the Lord Jesus Christ has always been of interest to me since I became a Christian.
---mima on 4/4/06

Funny how some people criticize pastors/evangelists but don't give any reasons why they believe they are false.
---Bob on 4/4/06

These unsaved hypocrites were selfish users, they were doing their own agendas and will, rather than the Lord's will. Remember Jannes and Jambres, Pharoah's magicians? They performed supernatural deeds as well as Moses, but recall who's power, the dark arts or the works of God, was the greater. Now the rain falls on the just and the unjust, but in the end on Judgment day the tares will be separated from the wheat, and the goats from the sheep.
---Eloy on 4/4/06

The lord tells us why he did not know these people, we represent the lord in the earth we are his body the church. these ministries did not reconize his body and help them when they were hungry,thirsty,naked,sick,and in prison when the gifts of the Spirit are misused they become lying signs and wonders because people use them to promote false doctrines God deals with these people eventually but gives them a space to repent. were under grace you know.exzucuh
---exzucuh on 4/3/06

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