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Do We Have A Freewill

Should He decide too, does God's absolute sovereignty permit him to override an individual's free will? If not, does man's free will have God handcuffed?

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 ---mima on 4/3/06
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(3) Dr. Beecher, says: The question of free will is not whether man chooses--this is notorious--none deny it, but whether his choice is free, as opposed to a fatal necessity--as opposed to the laws of instinct and natural causation--whether it is the act of a mind so qualified for choice, as to decide between alternatives, uncaused by the energy of a natural cause to its effect whether it is the act of an agent, who might have abstained from the choice he made, and made one which he did not.
---TRU-DOG on 1/30/09

(5)Dr. Beecher, says: Of nothing are men more thoroughly informed, or more competent to judge unerringly, than in respect to their voluntary action, as coerced or free. Testimony may mislead, and the sense, by disease, may deceive, but consciousness is the end of all controversy, its evidence cannot be increased, and, if it be distrusted, there is no alternative but universal skepticism. Our consciousness of the mode of mental action in choice, as uncoerced and free, equals our consciousness of existence itself, and the man who doubts either, gives indications of needing medical treatment, instead of argument.
---TRU-DOG on 1/30/09

(6) Dr. Beecher, says: When a man does wrong, and then reflects upon the act, he feels that he was free, and is responsible, and so when he looks forward to a future action.
And because this consciousness is in men, you never can reason them out of a sense of their accountability. Many have tried it, but none have effectually, or for any length of time, succeeded, and the reason is plain, there is nothing which the mind is more conscious of, than the fact of its own voluntary action with the power of acting right or wrong: the mind sees, and knows, and regrets, when it has done wrong.
---TRU-DOG on 1/30/09

(7) Dr. Beecher, says: Take away this consciousness, and there is no remorse. You cannot produce remorse, as long as a man feels that his act was not his own--that it was not voluntary, but the effect of compulsion: he may dread the consequences, but you never can make him feel remorse for the act on its own account. This is the reason why men who have reasoned away the existence of God, and argued to prove that the soul is nothing but matter, know, as soon as they reflect, that all their reasoning is false
---TRU-DOG on 1/30/09

(8) Dr. Beecher, says: There is a lamp within they cannot extinguish, and, after all their metaphysics, they are conscious that they act freely, and that there is a God to whom they are accountable...-The natural impossibility of choosing otherwise than we do choose, is contrary, then, not only to the common sense and intuitive perceptions of men, but contrary to their internal consciousness. There is a deep and universal consciousness in all men, as to the freedom of choice, and in denying this, you reverse God's constitution of man--you assume that God gave a deceptive constitution to mind, or a deceptive consciousness.
---TRU-DOG on 1/30/09

(1)I cannot do better here, than to quote from the distinguished Dr. Beecher:

Choice, in its very nature, implies the possibility of a different or contrary action that which is made. There is always an alternative to that which the mind decides on, with the consciousness of choosing either.
---TRU-DOG on 1/30/09

(2) Dr. Beecher, says: In the simplest form of alternative, is to choose or not to choose in a given way, but in most cases, the alternatives lie between two or many objects of choice presented to the mind, and, if you deny to mind this alternative power--if you insist that by a constitution anterior to choice, the nature of natural cause to its effect, the choice which takes place can come, and cannot but come, into being, and that none other than this can, by any possibility, exist, you have as perfect a fatality of choice as ever Pagan, or Atheist, or Antinomian, conceived.
---TRU-DOG on 1/30/09

(4) Dr. Beecher, Says: To speak of a choice as being free, which is produced by the laws of natural necessity, and which cannot but be when and what it is--more, that the effects of natural causes can govern the time, and manner, and qualities of their being--is a perversion of language. -Choice, without the possibility of other or contrary choice, is the immemorial doctrine of fatalism, the theory of choice, that it is what it is by a natural, constitutional necessity, and that a man cannot help choosing what he does choose, and can by no possibility choose otherwise, is the doctrine of fatalism in all its forms.
---TRU-DOG on 1/30/09

Brother Dave, you explained that very well. If one considers everything you said, from the very beginning, no one has the right to choose sin, when they are commanded not to. If they had, really, why condemn them?
---Mark_V. on 10/30/07

#1 What is "Free Will"? Some people confuse a free will with a free choice. Did God give us, or even Adam for that matter, a free choice? Gen 2: 16 & 17. NO! In Gods eyes no one has the right to choose evil, and God can, therefore, never present anyone with the choice between doing good and doing evil. This would only conflict with His holy Character, James 1: 13 & 14.
---Dave_B on 10/14/07

#2 Adam was not given the choice between obeying and disobeying God. If Adam was free to choose then God would have been unjust in punishing Adam for choosing to disobey Him. When we allow someone to make the choice between two things then we have no right to complain when one makes a choice that displeases us, do we?
---Dave_B on 10/14/07

#3 Similarly so, no one has a free choice to either accept, or reject, the gospel of Jesus Christ. All humans, of a comprehensible age, are commanded by Christ Jesus to "Repent and believe the gospel." Mark 1: 15. Failing to obey this command would result in incurring Gods wrath. John 3: 36. God has given no one the freedom of will to decide for or against the gospel.
---Dave_B on 10/14/07

#4 In truth, only God can be said to have a free Will because only He is capable of performing what He wills without being hindered by someone, Eph 1: 11. Humans are slaves of sin and Satan, 2 Tim 2: 25 & 26, therefore, they cannot possibly have a free will to choose that which is good in Gods sight. The Lord Jesus must free their will before they can serve God the Father in righteousness, John 8: 34 - 36.
---Dave_B on 10/14/07

little people can do great things against God, but God can make little people even littler. God is not mocked, I've seen him punish people perfectly for their evil doings as well as reward people perfectly for their well doings. God often restrains man's will from destroying himself many times, and also he causes man to do good. But as a child can either obey or disobey their parent with unspeakable consequences, so too does man choose to follow God or not.
---Eloy on 9/8/07

#2. Denna, In whom I had fallen in love with. It's like when you fall in love, what you want to do is learn all there is to know about that person. The same holds true with God. We need to learn all there is to know about who God really is, His nature, His attributes, His holiness, His justice, His mercy etc. My point is, once you know who God is, when you read Scripture, you are never confused, because no matter what you read, or what a passage might seem to imply, it cannot go against who God is.
---Mark_V. on 9/7/07

#3. Denna. Once you know the explicit statements that speak about who God is, they can never be compromise by some implicit statement. I was running into passages that seem to imply certain things because that is what I was taught, but no one had answers when I ask them something. They take verses out of context for what they were meant to be. What God meant, is not good anymore, its what they mean that is correct which is so wrong. His meaning have a reason.
---Mark_V. on 9/7/07

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If man has no free will then how does the parable of the talents apply. To whom much is given...
---Andrea on 9/7/07

#4. Denna, some of the commantaries have a lot of information. I got a couple of books to learn what Omniscience was, what Omnipotent was, what Omnipresence was. There is many great authors that God uses to help both brothers and sisters. Of course they are man's words, but use your reading and compare it to Scripture to see if it is true or not. Anyway, I hope I have helped you. Thanks for your answer.
---Mark_V. on 9/7/07

Hello Denna, I would like to say thanks for answering me. I also feel that you are not one that has everything all figured out and don't need the Bible anymore as some here. I hope you don't mind what I am about to say to you. If you do, let me know and I will stop. In my experience with Christ, I begin by going to the Gospels as someone had adviced me. I was confused in many ways because of one reason. That reason was that I did not know God. What I mean is, that I didn't have any concept
---Mark_V. on 9/7/07

When you use the words "elect" or "predestination" by God you are then saying we have no choice in the matter. If we decide in our hearts that we will follow Jesus then it makes no difference the choice has already been made. So what is the point what we decide? It has already been decided who will get saved and who will not. God gives us our choice just as He did Adam and Eve in the garden to be obedient. If not why did God not keep them from sinning?
---denna7667 on 9/7/07

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How can God know depending on your choices? Just not possible from a Sovereign God. If He waited until you made the choice, how could He have already known? If God has to wait until you make the choice, that means God is learning through time, gaining knowledge. God is Omniscience, Knows all. He doesn't gain knowledge through time. Either He knows who His elect are, or He is not Sovereign, if He is not Sovereign, He is not God.
---Mark_V. on 9/7/07

The truely converted Christian comes to see his inability and knows that he does not make himself eligible for heaven by his own good works and merits. He realizes that he cannot move spiritually but as he is moved by God. That like the branches of a tree, he can make no shoot, nor put forth leaves, nor bear fruit, except as he receives sap from the root, God. No man can make himself a sheep, but is create such by divine grace.
---Mark_V. on 9/4/07

I did study a little on freewill it is a tough area. I believe once in a while we should realize that we don't have all the answers. We are not as smart as God in the first place. PLus our knowledge is so limited it's almost funny. The more you study the more you realize how little we know And at best what we do know and get ahold of, comes straight from God.
---catherine on 9/4/07

God knows what will happen depending on the choices you make. Lets assume you decided to move to a different area of the country. God already knows the repercussions of your moving. He knows what will happen if you move or if you stay. You have the free will (or choice) to make the decision you want.

Personally I do not believe in the predestination theology. If you do then it does not matter if you accept Jesus as you savior or not it has already been decided.
---denna7667 on 9/4/07

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Tough area. Yes we have free will. But God can do anything He wills. For example if I prayed for a certain job and was in competition with 100 others and the employer was about to choose someone other than me, God can change the employers'heart/mind in answer to my prayer. The employer had free will but was in that instance moved by God. It becomes confusing to think about the fact that God knows what we will do before we do it and yet we have free will. Incomprehensable.
---jody_martin on 9/4/07

Before I was saved I was much concerned with and absolutely insisted on my free will. Then after I had received the Lord Jesus Christ I realize that my free will was no longer mine since I turned it over to the Lord and asked him to have his way with me thereby effectively canceling out my free will. Be assured that an individual exercising his free will can only do so with impunity up too the point of receiving the Lord Jesus Christ.
---Mima on 9/4/07

Mark V ... Yes it was very confusing when you were "mark" because there was also a Mark, a mark s, a mark s (and those two have suddenly gone again!) all saying different things.
What I do not understand about your view is how me saying "Yes Lord, I accept your offers and promises" would make God impotent
---alan_of_UK on 9/4/07

Cathrine :: What appears free to you /me is also kown to God inadvance.Did He not choose "The woman" aka mary to be the mother of His son before she was born.But we are called to strive,- discipline ourselves to His thoughts in our Free will.It is His will & we do that in obedience as Mary did.
---Emcee on 9/4/07

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"Many are called but few are chosen."
---Matthew_from_LA on 9/4/07

Sin and Repentance Quiz

10. Sin separates us from God.

The correct answer is True.

Isaiah 59:2 - But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.
---Matthew_from_LA on 9/4/07

False Gospels Quiz

7. A Christian does not have to change his lifestyle to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

The correct answer is False.

Galatians 5:21 - Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.
---Mattthew_from_LA on 9/4/07

Cathrine :: What appears free to you /me is also kown to God inadvance.Did He not choose "The woman" aka mary to be the mother of His son before she was born.But we are called to strive,- discipline ourselves to His thoughts in our Free will.It is His will & we do that in obedience as Mary did.
---Emcee on 9/4/07

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Cathrine :: What appears free to you /me is also kown to God inadvance.Did He not choose "The woman" aka mary to be the mother of His son before she was born.But we are called to strive,- discipline ourselves to His thoughts in our Free will.It is His will & we do that in obedience as Mary did.
---Emcee on 9/4/07

Alan, I was compelled to change because of what you said on the other blog. I wanted to make it clear Mark was not me. He is good with answers but some I do not agree with. That is why. I am sorry if we don't agree and that is ok with me Alan. You have your own feelings and teachings and understandings, and reasons why you are on line. I do not wish to offend you. Just the theory that God is impotent. As I see God is much different then the way you see Him.
---Mark_V. on 9/4/07

This subject of free will is so important. It is not a game we are playing. It concerns the thoughts, the dependency of God in all things and the way we see God. Only one path lead to salvation. Only one Gospel. Man since the fall "is utterly indisposed, disabled and made opposite to all good, and wholly inclined to do evil. He possess a fixed bias of the will against God, and instinctively and willingly turns to evil. He is an alien by birth, and a sinner by choice.
---Mark_V. on 9/4/07

#2. The inability under which he labors is not an inability to exercise choices, but an inability to make Godly choices. In matters pertaining to his salvation, the unregenerated man is not at liberty to choose between good and evil, but on "chooses between greater or lesser evil," which is not free will. The fact that fallen man still has ability to do certain acts morally good in themselves does not prove that he can do acts meriting salvation, for his motives are evil.
---Mark_V. on 9/4/07

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#3. Man is a free agent, but he cannot originate the love of God in his heart. His will is free in the sense that it is not controlled by any force outside himself. As a bird with a broken win is "free" to fly but not able, so the natural man is free to come to God but not able. How can he repent of his sin when he loves it? How can he come to God when he hates Him? This is the inability of the will under which man is while lost.
---Mark_V. on 9/4/07

#4. Jesus said, "And this is the judgment, that light is come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather then the light, for their works were evil," John 3:19, and again, "ye will not come to Me, that ye may have life," John 5:40. When fallen men acts freely he is never compelled to sin, but does it freely and delights in it. He acts knowningly and willingly from the desires of his heart. Those desires are to please his father the devil.
---Mark_V. on 9/4/07

Mark V Welcome in your new name!
Now there won't be confusion between mark & Mark. Thanks for doing that because previously it was difficult to be sure who was who.
But why did you change?
What made you change?
---alan_of_UK on 9/4/07

Mark>>I loved what you wrote in reference to "Free will". You said, When He draws someone to Him, no one can reject the power of God." What is so amazing to me is whom He chooses, where and when He chooses. Also, how He saves, which is a mystery only God understands. And God really knows what He is doing and He's the only one who does. I have often said to God, "you really know how to get and keep your woman or man". Usually I only say woman because I am a woman. In love.
---catherine on 9/4/07

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How can I have free will if God knows everything in advance is another question that Theologians have wrestled with for years. The Bible tells us definitely that God knows everything.And That is the one among many things that draws ME to the living God and I love a man who knows everything and that is God. Then how indeed can we have free will? Does God have to work it out all in advance? The answer is NO. I suggest if you want to know more get your Bible Dictionaries out of the drawers.
---catherine on 9/4/07

God does not ensure that no one hears, they don't hear because they are spiritually dead.
God does not ensure they remain evil, they remain evil because they want to be evil, they love what they do and don't even care about Christ, its their nature.
God has Satan and everyone else as His servants. Satan cannot do anything to anyone unless God permits him or allows him to. Satan is not God that he can do what he wants. He is not Sovereign as God is. Christ ordered the demons and satan at His will.
---Mark_V. on 9/3/07

Matthew, there is no contradiction in my believes. The call of God goes to the whole world, meaning Jews and Gentles, but out of those few are chosen. If they are chosen, doesn't that tell you it was God who chose them? Doesn't it tell you too that the word goes out to many and many will not come to Christ? The many that don't come is because they cannot see the light of the Word of God. They cannot because the Holy Spirit brings light to His Word. Don't you get it?
---Mark_V. on 9/3/07

#2. Matthew, you have been given many Scriptures. In your case, it is not whether I am right or not. It is that you cannot except the fact that you are wrong. In the case of Alan, I already knew he was coming out with what he said. Maybe not the very same words but something to that effect because he had already before. He ask me the question knowing well he had something he wanted to bring out again. It did not happen by free will, He as you have a reason behind your answers.
---Mark_V. on 9/3/07

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#3. Matthew, my will is not free when I answer you either. It has a purpose behind it. To make you aware of those passages, and if God wants to bring light to His word to you, He will do it. If He doesn't see fit to bring light to you now but later, it is His doing. All I am asked by God to present the truth to you. My answers are to please God not you or anyone else. If you cannot except correction, it's your will and your right. I have no control over what you do, only what I do.
---Mark_V. on 9/3/07

#4 Matthew: I ask you to stop this nonesense you are doing. If you don't agree with me, bring Scriptures and the point your are trying to make. I am a nice guy and will answer according to how you answer me. It's time to move on Matthew. If you care to know and learn, some times you have to just listen, then check it out for yourself and see if what was said is true or not. Look up the passages with some help like a wordstudy Bible or the history of what was going on. and come back and give an answer.
---Mark_V. on 9/4/07

Alan, "God is Satan" there you have it, those are you words, your thinking your knowledge of God. Not anyone else's. You come to a conclusion as you see God. I see God as a loving God who could have left everyone to their own distruction, and saved no one. What you think is that those who hate Him deserve salvation. But none do. Not you or me. You should be glad and thankful He had mercy on you.
---Mark_V. on 9/3/07

Man has two natures - physical and spiritual.
The physical (flesh) is sinful.
The spiritual (mind) is sinful unless it has been renewed in Christ.

All men are called - "God so loved the
world" not just a few chosen.

You must by an act of agreement with God ask Him to be Lord (He never forces) then He renews - regenerates your spiritual man.

These are not easy concepts which is why with Faith believing in Christ - just give up and let God. Trust Him - not me
---Andrea on 9/3/07

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God is Satan.
God ensures that most humans remain evil, beause He prevents them hearing the message of salvation.
God then is doing satan's work (but because He is greater than Satan, He must be Satan, or have Satan as His servant)
That is the effect of your doctrine, mark.
---alan_of_UK on 9/3/07

Romans 11:29
For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.

This was used as a defense for "No one can reject the calling of God." If you believe that then you can't believe

"For many are called but few are chosen."

means "all" are called. It says "many" are called. If it did mean all(but it says many) and you believed no one can reject the calling of God, you are faced with a contradiction in your beliefs.
---Matthew_from_LA on 9/3/07

#4. Alan, If a lost person could choose Christ without God drawing him by the Spirit of God and changing his heart, he would have at least one thing that is pleasing to God. The transfer from Spiritual death to spiritual life, can only happen by the Spirit who brings life. When a person is born again, his desires change towards God. He wants to please God who he now know's as his Lord and Savior. Without faith no one can believe, and that faith is a gift of God onces you are born again.
---Mark_V. on 9/3/07

#5. Alan, again thank you for answering. You do not have to agree as I said. I can only bring Scripture to you. It is God's Word, "The unspiritual man does not receive the gifts of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned.". Alan, I added Mark V. from my name in answer to another blog who has ask to do so.
---Mark_V. on 9/3/07

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I am not wrong that God has chosen you. And not chosen your neighbor. Why is the reason that God cannot chose you? The only reason is that you want to have something to do with your salvation. No other reason. And if you believe you had something to do with your salvation, you can also believe you can give it up any time you want. Making you the controller of your salvation and not God. Thousands of passages speak to us, that He chose us, no one can honestly say they are wrong.
---Mark_V. on 9/3/07

#2. We as believers only, not the unsaved, because they don't care about salvation, but we do. The question should be, whether sinners are wholly helpless in their sin, and whether God is to be thought of as saving them by free, unconditional, invincible grace, not only justifying them for Christ's sake when they come to faith, but also raising them from the death of sin by His quickening Spirit in order to bring them to faith. Because the crucial issue then becomes,
---Mark_V. on 9/3/07

#3. whether God is the Author, not merely of justification, but also of faith, whether, in the final analysis, Christianity is a religion of utter reliance on God for salvation and all things necessary to it, or of self-reliance and self-effort." Only a Christian can believe the truth. In your view, you will have to give up half of Scripture to allow it to fit your believes. God saves, believe it or not.
---Mark_V. on 9/3/07

Alan, Thank you for answering. I knew already you had a problem with Scripture, as it is written. It is your choice to do as you feel and believe, that is why your choice is not free at all. Because you are captive to your feelings and believes. They prejudice your decisions to feel and believe what you want. It desires to do one thing even if what its doing is wrong. That is why there is no free will. The will of man is captive by its desires.
---Mark_V. on 9/3/07

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#2. Alan, Lost man is captive to sin. His desires are never for God. The Scriptures declare that fallen man is a captive, an willing slave to sin, and entirely unable to deliver himself from its bondage and corruption. He is incapable of understanding, and much less of doing, the things of God. There is what's called, "freedom of slavery" a state in which the subject is free only to do the will of his master, which in this case is "sin."
---Mark_V. on 9/3/07

#3. Alan, It was this to which Jesus referred when He said, "Every one that committeth sin is the bondservant of sin," It is beyond his power to cleanse himself. His only hope of an amendment of life lies accordingly in a change of heart. Romans 8:7,8, For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God, it does not submit to God's law, indeed it cannot, and those who are in the flesh cannot please God." Not that he doesn't want to, but he cannot.
---Mark_V. on 9/3/07

Many are called and few are chosen is correct. The word of God goes to everyone, but only those that God has given faith to will come forward because they believe. No lost person can understand the gospel truth unless the Spirit brings light to God's Word. Not a one. No one can respond to God's calling unless He is alive to Christ. While spiritually dead to the things of God, he is unable to come forward, until God draws him to Him. When He draws someone to Him, no one can reject the power of God.
---mark on 9/2/07

#2. When a person say's, Lord please forgive me, I have sinned against you, please make me a new person." God has already made you a new creation, because you can see Christ, hear Christ, and now are able to confess your sins since the Spirit brought conviction to you. It is all about God. No matter how much man try's to take some small credit, it is all of the Lord. When God gives faith to an individual, it is because he is born again and is given to him as a gift, so that he can believe.
---mark on 9/2/07

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mark-*It is when a person say's "he came to Christ on his own free will" that the statement is wrong. You are rejecting the work of God enabling you to come to Him.*

No, those who believe they accepted Christ acknoledge God called them to the faith, they simply understand they accepted and said yes to the call. I knew God drew me to the faith, but drawing isn't forcing. I accepted his call and his drawing of my own free will.

"For many are called but few are chosen"
---Matthew_from_LA on 9/2/07

If God didn't draw me to the faith then I wouldn't be a Christian.

If I didn't choose to say yes to God drawing me to the faith I also wouldn't be a Christian.

"For many are called but few are chosen."
---Matthew_from_LA on 9/2/07

Mark Treason I cannot accpt yuor precise interpratation of the bible passages is that it means that God has decided that he will not select the majority of humanity. He has in fact decided to condemn them without a chance. He has created them without any hope of anything but eternal damnantion.
Why should he do this? It makes Him complicit in their sinfulness.
We talk about God judging. How can He judge them if He allows them no chance to repent?
---alan_of_UK on 9/2/07

Alan, there is nothing wrong with saying, "Lord please save me" Every born again believer will say those words or such words. It is when a person say's "he came to Christ on his own free will" that the statement is wrong. You are rejecting the work of God enabling you to come to Him. When He say's "you are saved by grace through faith, and that faith is not from you, so that you will not boast, you are saying that statement is not true.
---mark on 9/2/07

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#2. Alan, before a person can make a commitment to Christ, I mean a true commitment, with a contrite heart, He has to be born again of the Spirit to hear the gospel truth, and that only comes by the Spirit. He has to see and hear Christ, that only comes when a person is alive to Christ. They have to repent and that only comes by God granting you repentance by convicting your heart. The glory is for the Lord. All glory of a Christian goes to Christ. His works.
---mark on 9/2/07

#3. Alan, from the time you were moved to go to a Billy Graham's revival, God was already working in your life to get you to the place. You were not there by accident. I believe your question is why you, and not everyone? That is problably your problem with this whole thing. It isn't that it is not in the Bible, because it is, it is that you cannot understand why God would choose you and not others.
---mark on 9/2/07

The word sovereign is not the KJV of the bible. I checked the Greek also. If gods Gods will is that non be lost, we doesnt he just say "poof" you are all saved? If you have to confess with your mouth according Romans 10:9 does that not take a decision? Hence some will not make that decision. Adam and Eve made a choice in the Garden that affected us all. Gods plan of redemption is Jesus.
---GregMI on 8/30/07

Luke18:12 (Free will I,I,I) I fast twice in the week, I give tithes of all that I possess
13. (Free Grace God,God, GOD) And the publican, standing afar off, would not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying, God be merciful to me a sinner.

14. I tell you, this man went down to his house justified rather than the other:

for every one that exalteth himself shall be abased, and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.

who went away JUSTIFIED?
---steven-rem7000 on 8/30/07

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mark ... again I ask "How is saying 'thank you' & 'please' or 'I need you', or 'help' meritorious?
---alan_of_UK on 8/30/07

If Salvation is of grace, which it is as Scripture so clearly teaches, it cannot be of works, whether actual or foreseen. There is "no merit in believing, for faith itself is a gift of God. God gives His people an inward working of the Spirit in order that they may believe. And faith is only the act of receiving the proffered gift. It is, then, only the instrument cause, and not the meritorious cause, of salvation.
---mark on 8/29/07

#2. What God loves in us is not our works or merits, but His own gift? for His unmerited grace precedes our meritorious works. In the book of Acts we find that the very inception of faith itself is assigned to grace (18:27), only those who were ordained to eternal life believed (13:48), and it is God's prerogative to open the heart so that it gives heed to the Gospel truth (16:14). If God does not open the heart, no light can come into that heart. It is as simple as that.
---mark on 8/29/07

Yes we all have free will, and i belive the Lord let us choose between right or wrong in every aspect of our life's we can choose to ask Him in prayer or just judge by our inteligence
i belive people that force an idea or belive to anybody are just wrong,
any body has the freedom of free will.I think is a powerfull tool that can be use for good or evil.but the way we use it is alway are choice.
---Ann on 8/25/07

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What is "Free?" Free is something that cannot be forced, by a desire, a motive, a reason, in making a decision. Free from any kind of influence. Is a lost person free? If you read the Bible, you will see that lost man is not free. His love is his father the devil. His separated from God. His a slave to sin. His actions are for worldly things. His desire is to do the desires of the enemy. How can he be free? No such thing for a lost person.
---mark on 8/24/07

#2. Satan on the other hand had "Free will" Adam and Eve had "free will." They didn't have a sin fallen nature before they sinned. Why did they sin? Who knows but God. But all fallen creatures have a fallen nature that is influence and captive to sin. They are not free at all. They have a will, but their will is to do the desires of the enemy. He is also blind and cannot see the things of God. How can he be free? How can he choose what he does not desire?
---mark on 8/24/07

God CAN & DOES at times change the hearts of man in order to fulfill HIS purposes:

Proverbs 21:1
The kings heart is in the hand of the LORD, like rivers of water, HE TURNS IT wherever He wishes.

Revelation 17:17
For GOD HAS PUT IT INTO THEIR HEARTS TO FULFILL HIS PURPOSE, to be of one mind, and to give their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled.
---Holly4jc on 8/24/07

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