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Ever Seen A Miracle

Have you ever witnessed a miracle in your own life?

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 ---George on 4/4/06
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I have witnesses thousands of miracles with my own eyes.
---Gary on 2/18/08

Yes. I have witnessed many.
---Linda on 1/12/08

Years ago in church pastor's wife got up and announces she was having a operation for cancer Wednesday morning. After coming home from church I felt the Lord telling me to pray for her. I did. Lord then told me get up off my knees, call her on the phone and tell her she was healed. I did. At the hospital they could not find cancer operation canceled. She lived many years thereafter.
---Mima on 5/10/07

Yes I have seen a deaf person healed.
---wes on 5/10/07

1995, my sis, 50, had menigititis, diabetes, hbp, stroke left her paralyzed, seizures, staph infection, bed sores, in a coma/ 5 weeks. On 3rd day, the dr. suggested pulling the plug,saying if she lived, she'd be in a veg. state & mentally impaired. I told him to do what he could, let God do the rest. Now, she is walking, can drive , diabetes is better, on very little medication. When she left the hosp. and rehab., after 3 mos., she was donned the "Miracle Lady". Truly a miracle!
---Donna on 5/9/06

YES! I have seen several. The most memorable one was the birth of my son! Particularly since we were told we couldn't have children!
---NVBarbara on 4/18/06

In CCU unit of hospital I saw the doctor telling a family to take the father off of life support. There was nothing more to be done. I raised my hand and prayed for that family. The next day the man was gone, his cubicle clean. I asked a nurse what had happened? She said all of a sudden the man had gotten better and had been moved to a private room! How wonderful that was!
---Nellah on 4/5/06

Healed of chickenpox (at the age of 32) in three days.

On way to Murfreesboro when I lost the desire to go. Took next exit into Manchester only to find out that there was an accident that had traffic blocked all the way up into Nashville. The exit I used was the exit the truckers were using to get around the mess. If I had continued, there is no way I would have been home when my kids got off the bus.
---Linda on 4/5/06

I think miracles happen in our lives all the time but we don't recognize them. Have had no spectacular miracles but lots of little ones. One day I was following semi loaded with lumber on the freeway. Something in my mind said "Slow down - he's going to lose his load". Slowed as quickly and safely as I could; just when I was a safe distance away and could change lanes, a bundle of lumber flew off the truck. If I had still been following him, it would have hit my car. Little miracle, life spared!
---marya4598 on 4/5/06

I was healed of a Brown Recluse spider bite in 3 days. I am told it takes weeks to heal.
---Lissa on 4/5/06

I have seen miracles, and lived a few myself. Pastor and his wife were expecting their second child, did a sonagram due to defects with the first child. Early in the pregnancy, the doctor's advised that the baby didn't have a brain, only the stem and they advised aborting. Pastor said NO WAY! At the appointed time a fully developed beautiful little girl was born, with a complete brain. I think the doctors are still scratching their heads.
---tommy3007 on 4/4/06

yes I have Been healed many times in my life cancer, broken back, blinded in one eye, enlarged heart, high blood pressure, damaged lungs, there is not enough space to tell all the miracles I have witnessed in my life and other people signs truly follow those that believe. exzucuh
---exzucuh on 4/4/06

When I was born, my mom had a really hard time with me. She died while giving birth to me and when I came out I wasn't breathing. My mom said she seen me, a blonde hair, blue eyed girl holding hands with Jesus, she said Lord I can't go now and leaver her behind. Her veins had already went flat, she had no pulse. As soon as she said that, she came back to life. She died when I was 26 years old. (2001) My mom told me that if anyone asks if I had touched the master's hand, tell them yes.
---Rebecca_D on 4/4/06

Three different doctors refer to me as a living miracle. Had a heart attack, 17 days unconscious, breathing on ventilator 7 months. Heart stopped, total of 12 minutes, was officially "blue baged". When the nurse said O no, jumped on me and begin resuscitation on a person already "blue baged". That was two years ago today I'm alive and well in very good health. Glory hallelujah to his name. Have led over a hundred people in a sinner's prayer since recovery.
---mima on 4/4/06

Many, can't remember them all. As child,healed of earache time and again. One Leg shorter than the other,had been treated for backache from it and worn build up in shoe,x-rays showed it,the leg grew out. X-rays never showed it shorter again,pain left back. Fibroid tumor in uterus,22 days of blood loss, going to have emergency hysterectomy next day if not stopped,Pastor and Church prayed that night and tumor gone,doctor confirmed it. Miracles are a real part of life in our family. Glory to God !
---Darlene_1 on 4/4/06

yes, Hallelujah! the Lord healed me of many fatal diseases, and one of which I only had a 20% chance of of survival!
---Eloy on 4/4/06

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I was healed from a debilitating illness about 12 years ago. This was a miracle for me. I still give God thanks and praise.
---randy on 4/4/06

A 70 year old blind man. He had a brain tumor that had progressed to his eyes. Less than 3 minutes after prayer and laying on of hands he saw perfectly and his headache was gone. 5 years later he sees perfectly and has no brain tumor or headaches. He was a visitor that day and got saved and is faithful in our assembly.
---john on 4/4/06

In my darkest hour I tried to end my life. I opened an artery in my arm and just before fading out to death I called to God and said "OK God come take me, please come take me now." Instantly the blood stopped shooting out and even after making 6 more cuts I couldn't get a drop of blood out of myself. God obviously had other plans for me and I have dedicated myself to His service and will be entering seminary soon. Not just a life saved but a man deeply converted by the touch of God.
---George on 4/4/06

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