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Mist Or Power Of God

Have you yourself seen or had someone describe to you a, visible although not physical, presence of the power of God. A person has described to me something that he calls almost a "mist" as representing the power of God in a room.

Moderator - Yes, I have heard this, but it sure sounds New Age.

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 ---mima on 4/4/06
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George: what you described sounds something like sun beams!
---sue on 4/21/07

Yes. In the OT, as a burning bush, a pillar of fire or cloud (night/day), and, in the book of Acts, as tongues of fire... just to note a few. Something being supernatural or metaphysical is not necessarily New Age. God tells us to test the spirit of it. Is it glorifying God or someone or something else?
---daphn8897 on 4/21/07

A Catholic--" if supernatural things happen to a Catholics, it's a sign of the devil" If so, whats all this about images of Christ or Mary appearing on stones, wood and even a toasted cheese sandwich? A lot of Catholics believe these to be signs from God. How about the pictures that cry real tears or crucifixes that appear to bleed?
---Donna2277 on 5/7/06

You can see by the fruits of whom represents God or not, I do not know about a mist, but I do see it through the person by actions & in their eyes (& no it's not a 'love song' lol)but true Christians have this certain fragrance a rare ,but nice smell to it, & fake christians ,if you pay attention can smell the wolf a mile away.
---candice on 5/7/06

Here are the scriptures in the OT for the word MIST. Gen 2:6. NT-- Acts 13:11, 2 Peter 2:17. I have not felt a mist just the power of God.
---Rebecca_D on 4/8/06

If supernatural things happen to Evengelicals/Protestants, etc, it's a sign from God.

If supernatural things happen to Catholics, it's a sign from the devil.

Grow up folks.
---A_Catholic on 4/7/06

I have heard about this "mist" for years in the Pentecostal church. It's not "new age" nor is it even new! I don't know how this kind of thing gets started, but once somebody describes something unusual, all sorts of people start reporting the same thing. I thought I saw a mist in the church one time, but it turned out my glasses were dirty!
---Donna2277 on 4/7/06

I was singing at this church one evening, and it was an indian church. I thought okay this is different, we too can worship the same God. Well this one man got up and said that he needed to burn his head-dress because it was full of evil. and that it was passed down through generations and whomever had it had a miserable life. So after service we went out to burn that head-dress. I heard screaming coming from the fire. So I guess this would also go along with watch what you bring into your home.
---Rebecca_D on 4/7/06

George: The reason people don't believe in these things anymore is because people are afraid of God's power. Some just don't have faith that God can do these things. Jesus said that the things he done, we can do and more. Just think we can do what Jesus done and more. God doesn't make people act like that, for that is out of order.

Moderator - Explain the Biblical purpose with scriptures why we need a mist?
---Rebecca_D on 4/7/06

I have seen a mist coming from a person on a warm day. It was demon posession.
---jerry6593 on 4/7/06

I love it when the visible presence of God comes. This is nothing new. For 40 years God came as a fire by night and as a cloud by day to the Israelites. How about the day of Pentecost?. Very visible there too. Saul on the way to Damascus. The list is big.
---john on 4/7/06

How do you explain things like speaking in tongues which goes directly against what the Bible teaches us about it. I witnessed it at a Pentacostal revival as well as other strange things like eyes rolling back in heads, shaking, falling down, crawling like snakes up the aisles and it not only looked like demonic posession but the only information I could find on those things was in books about demonic posession.
---George on 4/6/06

Moderator, Please provide scripture to support that last statement.

Moderator - Please quote me when asking questions as I can't see the information in my screen where I am moderating.
---George on 4/6/06

I'm sure God will reveal the reason He bestowed me with the gifts He has in time. An overly active imagination? Nope.

Why is it that Christians believe in miracles, believe the Apostles saw and recieved the Holy Spirit, could heal and cast out demons, but when someone tells them about a miracle that was performed on them or a gift God has granted them they immediately look for ways to refute it and even call it evil? I say it is due to either jealousy or that good old lack of faith.

Moderator - Or the Bible states it is demonic, or cults have these practices, etc.
---George on 4/6/06

I wonder why God would give these signs to George. Is it a gift? What possible use could it be? Does it enable George to be a better Christian? Or to be a more effective witness? Or help him to be a better neighbour? Does it glorify God?
George, why do you think this is a gift?
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/5/06

Moderator: Now now, don't go 'jumping to conclusions' in your comment to George. You have no idea if he's seeing a demon (in his mind) or just has too active an imagination and has deluded himself!

Moderator - I know, I have to watch these things :)
---Daniel on 4/5/06

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Moderator, Thank you for your concern but having having been given this gift from God i can tell the difference between good and evil. I have seen both and what I see in the churches is not evil. It is in all Christian churches, more active in some more than others at at different times. I've learned not to ignore the many blessings and gifts God has bestowed on me since I turned my life over to Him. I am a dedicated servant of God not a puppet of satan.

Moderator - Why are you going to a Catholic church or is it charismatic Catholic?
---George on 4/5/06

What is the difference in Mary crying and the mist seen? Not the wrong blog, just making compairisons.
---Rev_Herb on 4/5/06

Herb ... probably a fake
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/5/06

Herb; your on the wrong blog.
---Rebecca_D on 4/4/06

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There are some that God has granted certain gifts to. The ability to see the Holy Spirit is one of those gifts. I can see it in churches, sometimes a mist and other times sort of like white diagonal lines that move down from the upper left. In every different kind of church I've visited it stays up in the rafters unless it happens to be the day that church celebrates the Eucharist. In churches that celebrate it at every service it is always down on the altar and sometimes throughout the congregation too.

Moderator - If you are not joking, that is a demon.
---George on 4/4/06

If a statue of Mary crys tears of blood, is this a sign from God or is it of the devil?
---Rev_Herb on 4/4/06

Yes. One night I wasn't feeling very well, so I laid down. My husband was worried about me cause I have been through so much during the past 4 years. He was in the living room and he was praying for me, then he came into the bedroom to check on me and he saw an angel hovering over my bed with his arms stretched out over my bed. He knew that I would be okay. I slept like a baby that night. God works in mysteries ways. Don't underestimate the power of God.
---Rebecca_D on 4/4/06

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