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Adultry To Have Many Wives

Why isn't it considered adultry to have multiple wives? Why don't women take on multiple husbands?

Moderator - It is adultry and pagan.

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 ---LJ_Hauser on 4/8/06
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**and John telling his little children to abstain from idols we could see the pastor as a husband of sorts.**

Indeed, the Bishop was considered originally to be wedded to his diocese. When he died, the church was said to be widowed.

Such was the original practice in all churches east and west before the Reformation.

Deal with it.
---Jack on 12/18/07

I really wish people on these blogs, including the moderators. would learn how to spell. They would be more likely to be taken seriously.

In this case, the word is:

a d u l t e r y.

It's FOUR syllables, not 3.
---Jack on 12/18/07

Scrioture says to obey the commandments of men for the glory of God. So if it is okay by law then it is okay by God. Why debate on earthly things set your mind above
---jodiah on 12/18/07


I do not wish to strengthen Catholicism but if we see the elect lady as the church and John telling his little children to abstain from idols we could see the pastor as a husband of sorts. If he is married he has one natural wife. When he gets his church, or second wife, his duties should not diminish towards his first wife. (carnal wife)

---Frank on 12/18/07

catherine said, "In the sight of the true God it is adultry. Holy men did not know any better."

Apparently, neither did God then.

Exodus 21:10: "If he takes another wife, her food, her covering, and her marriage rights are not to be diminished."

Are you saying that God was giving men license to commit "adultery" in this passage? Why didn't He simply say "He is not to take another wife" instead of "If He takes another wife"?
---righteouswarriors on 12/18/07

The OP asked, "Why don't women take on multiple husbands?"

Because that is the very definition of adultery (na'aph) in Scripture. Men and women are equal in value but NOT IN ROLES. God made men and women different for a reason. Just as a master can have multiple slaves, or a parent can have multiple children, so a husband can have multiple wives. This "one head/many members" pattern is lost on most Believers today, but this Kingdom order is a constant throughout Scripture.
---righteouswarriors on 12/18/07

Jaz said, "Polygamy is one of the reasons I can't take the whole bible literally as God's word."

This is one of the reasons why speaking the truth of Scripture is so important. Polygyny is simply called "marriage" in Scripture. When a man is a father, we don't assume he has one and only one child. Why do we assume that a husband must have only one wife? It is only because we have been taught this "mandatory monogyny" in our culture, but it is not based on Scripture.
---righteouswarriors on 12/18/07

In the sight of the true God it is adultry. Holy men did not know any better.
---catherine on 12/18/07

Carla5754 said, "When we take our heads out of the OLD testament and into the New we read in Matt that Jesus said from the BEGINNING it was not so,"

Now, you do understand that Jesus is speaking about divorce here, and not marriage (monogyny/polygyny), right?

Matt. 19:8: He said to them, "Because of the hardness of your hearts, Mosheh allowed you to put away your wives, but from the beginning it was not so."
---righteouswarriors on 12/18/07

Carla5754 said, "for what ever reason God permitted it way back then"

I wish more Believers would thoroughly study Scripture to properly understand "what ever reason God permitted" a man to marry more than one wife at once. Unfortunately, our feministic society has so badly perverted the order of man and woman that we don't even understand God's original purpose for marriage. The sad truth is that the church at large does not teach what the Bible teaches regarding marriage.
---righteouswarriors on 12/18/07


Romans 8
...Therfore now no more condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walketh not after the flesh but after the spirit

For the law of the spirit of life in Christ jesus hath made me free fron the law of of sin and death

For what it could not do in that it was weak through the flesh God sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh,
---Carla5754 on 12/17/07

Above all the False doctrine all Ya'll yelling Raise your hands how many of you women agreeing are in a marriage with other women after all you see no problem in it RIGHT ?



Drop the ammo Ya'll just agree'in cos it's in the (OLD) Testament right! not because it's (RELEVANT) N/T Christ given. Even the critic's cannot find a single N/T scripture to back up what they are instigating.
---Carla5754 on 12/17/07

I am not debating the fact that having more than one wife/concubine was not something practiced for what ever reason God permitted it way back then, the idea of having more than one wife/Husband is not permitted today as some MEN are propergating it being valid in todays society. For the very same reason Paul speaks out against debating, Negative responses become Gospel to the Accursed.
---Carla5754 on 12/17/07

It is not adultery to have more wives (because they are legal) than to keep mistress, girlfriends or other partner, whatever they called it. duh! He can always change his "other partner".

And the result: alot of children are born out of wedlocks.
---Sheila on 12/15/07

It's adultery in the United States and other countries that prohibit polygamy. But in countries where it is legal, it's considered as valid a marriage as any other.

And as U.S. law acknowledges any marriage that was legal where it was performed as legal in the U.S., polygamous marriages contracted in legal locals are NOT adulterous, even if the family moves to the U.S.

As for it being Pagan, I think you're confusing polyGAMY with polyAMORY. Big difference.
---Nancy on 12/13/07

Some women can hardly stomach one husband let alone two or three.
Read the loveless marriage blogs and you will know why polygamy is a disaster.
---lovable_linda on 12/13/07

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Either its wrong or its right, but there is no doubt that its was practiced and TAUGHT in the Old Testament. Specifically men were to marry their brother's widow, even if they already had a wife. The O.T. god used polygamous prophets and he wouldn't have if this were a great crime like adultery that was subject to a death penalty under the 10 commandments. Polygamy is one of the reasons I can't take the whole bible literally as God's word.
---Jaz on 12/13/07

When we take our heads out of the OLD testament
and into the New we read in Matt that Jesus said from the BEGINNING it was not so, Jesus said If you as much as LOOK at a woman to lust you commit Adultery no marriage there yet you commit in your heart never mind the ACT. Women do have multiple husbands and did so in New Testament times and it also was condemned!
---Carla5754 on 12/12/07

A servant - Thank you for your explanation of Is 62:5. That makes more sense in the context that it's in!
---Sheila on 6/25/07

Is 54:5, 62:5; Jer 3:14, 31:32; Hos 2:16, 19; Rom 7:4; 2 Cor 11:2 all speak to God being married to His people.

Is 62:5 prophesied the future of a time when God's people would in fact come into the intended covenant with God. "Sons" also = daughters.

We are now in that time because of Jesus. Entering into covenant with God via Jesus is considered by God to be marriage.

Both men and women having the indwelling Spirit are His "wife."
---a_servant on 6/23/07

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God often speaks in allegory. Thus, all Scripture pertaining to how wives are to view & act towards their husbands, are primarily the allegory for how we are to view & acts towards our eternal Husband.

The most important role of a wife is, by her example of serving her husband, teaching her husband how he is to serve his Husband, Christ.
---a_servant on 6/23/07

A servant-Great points,thanks!

Wow,Is 62:5 strikes me as a strange verse. I read it in context of ch.62 and it sounds as though God is telling Jerusalem that her sons will marry her. Is 62:5 *For as a young man marries a young woman,
so shall your sons marry you,* That's incest,&a mother having at least 3 husbands,at least 2 who happen to be her sons! Ez.23 says God is Jerusalem's husband.
Another example of polygamy is Israel&Judah are sisters,&God was married to them both(Jeremiah 3:8).
---Sheila on 6/22/07

Cathrine :: Changing the Name does not change the action, Gravity of the offence. Call a spade a spade & a sin a sin.Agreeability does not come into the picture neither does the degradation.
---Emcee on 6/22/07

In a letter to Chancellor Gregor Brck, Martin Luther stated that he could not "forbid a person to marry several wives, for it does not contradict Scripture."

Devout Christians in other nations practice polygyny, and are not forced to divorce if they relocate to the U.S.

Eze 23 shows God having 2 wives: Samaria & Jerusalem.

God's 12 tribes were from polygynous marriage. He could have formed them from monogamy.

Is 62:5 shows God intending to marry more than one son.
---a_servant on 6/22/07

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Catherine-Well put!Thank you VERY much!

I think you&I would agree polygamy is NOT adultery,but IS *contrary to God's original plan...&divine ideal of marriage*(as you so well said!)

As for anyone who would want to do polygamy,Why not just have one man&one woman like what's best!

Those calling it adultery(I don't understand that)what would you tell a polygamous family who hears of christianity through you,&wants to be christian?Do you think Paul never came across that?
---Sheila on 6/22/07

Pinnacle-You asked if I'm Dave. No, I'm not.
You asked if I'm David. No, I'm not.
You asked if I'm Ashley. No, I'm not.

Monikers used as a disguise are annoying,so I can understand you asking if that's what you suspected. But, I am Sheila as how I always post myself as well.
---Sheila on 6/22/07

Adultery>>>To have an unlawful intercourse with the spouse of another. Adultery is specifically prohibited by the Seventh of the Ten Commandments. [Exod. 20:14] >>>Polygamy-A family system under which a man is allowed to have more than one wife at the sametime. The old Testament patriarchs practiced polygamy, [for example Abraham Gen. 16:14] But it was contrary to God's original plan [Gen. 2:24] and divine ideal of marriage [Matt.19:5]
---catherine on 6/21/07

NT shows it's better to have one wife.Was required for being an elder or a bishop.I'd think there were cultures then with men with more than one wife.If it was adultery,Paul would tell them how to stop the sin once they're christian;or, Gal.5:19-21,they COULDN'T inherit the kingdom of God.ONLY way to stop polygamy is divorce,cuz even after confessing the sin,the polygamy still exists.
---Sheila on 6/21/07

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She-he-ila, are you Dave or David, Ashley or all three?
---Pinnacle on 6/21/07

Yes, it is, are you a mormon, too, Sheila?
---Gail on 6/21/07

Why not a wife take on multiple husbands;if multiple wives isn't best,but *ok*?(why not just have one man&one woman like what's best!)
Not sure.A wife is to ultimately follow her husband(unless it's against God).If it were ok to have multiple husbands(no Bible example of having multiple husbands,a tip off it's not ok)then who's she to follow when her husbands aren't in agreement?God listened to men with multiple wives,yet He won't listen to sinners(Jn9:31).Polygamy isn't adultery.
---Sheila on 6/21/07

God created His nation from polygyny, when He could have created it from monogamy. What is impossible to God?

And God is not pagan.

Adultery is breaking God's Law, when a man is intimate with an already married woman - Dt 22. Polygyny is permitted by God's Law, except for Church leaders. Many Biblical men were never punished because of polygyny.

God never said that polygynists will earn Hell.
---a_servant on 6/21/07

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Women are not permitted polyandry because ..

1 Cor 11:9 the man was not made for the woman, but the woman for the man.

Gen 2:18 ..It is not good for the man to be by himself: I will make one like himself as a help to him

God who always knows best, created woman to serve the needs of man.
---a_servant on 6/21/07

I disagree that polygamy and adultery are one and the same.This was a common practice among the patriarchs and is never condemned in Scripture.King David was polygamous and described as a man after God's own heart.Both God the Father and Son used polygamous marriage when describing themselves.If polygamy was sin then they would not use it as a good example.
---Clyde5596 on 6/21/07

Polygamy is adultery and paganism.

"Moderator - It is adultry and pagan."

If you've missed the question up above.
---Gail on 6/20/07


A lot of women ask that question. I wouldn't want more than one husband, though. Would you? Polygamy was necessary for pro-creation. In Middle-Eastern culture, children are wealth. A large family is a rich family. It is not necessary for women to have more than one husband. How does that help her replenish the Earth? It doesn't. It would be just for her pleasure...

---Reiter on 11/12/06

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Jack ... Do you live in the States? I suspect not, otherwise you would not say "IT's adultery (note the spelling"
---alan8869_of_UK on 8/4/06

you know what im kinda confuse about that too. there are some parts in the bible that make it seems like women are "something "to gain and not like an equal human being.
(how come none of the women mentioned in the bible had more than one husband?)
---tathie on 8/3/06

Right. IT's adultery (note the spelling) and pagan.

Just as Abraham, Jacob, David, Elkinah, and Solomon were.
---Jack on 5/9/06

The question of polygamy is answered simply in the word, where it is written "and the TWO shall become one". It does not say three or four or more.
---christina on 4/19/06

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Why is polygamy wrong when it was tolerated so much in the Old Testament? Why does the 7th commandment of the original 10 state, "you shall not commit adultery" yet biblical figures like David had several wives and Solomon had 700 wives and another 300 concubines, probably more than that.
Was God silent? Does God care about this? Can someone take multiple wives today with the same silence from God? Someone help me figure that out.

Moderator - These men were sinning just like any other sin. God didn't document every individual sin per person in the Bible; not even close.
---glrs on 4/10/06

There is no Scriptural proof that God considers multiple wives adultery unless the extra wife was married or there was cheating. Some of the greatest people in Scripture had more than one wife but God never considered them adulterers.

Moderator - Take the Dating & Marriage Quiz to learn.
---john on 4/8/06

As far as I am aware, it is adultery in all Christian societies
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/8/06

Moderator. How can we say it is adultery when Nathan told David God would have been happy to give him more wives if he wanted them and also, it says God blessed Solomon with many wives? Many great men of God had them and God never considered it adultery. Biblically, I think adultery is when you cheat or if you take someone elses wife.

Moderator - Solomon disobeyed God and his children suffered accordingly. God doesn't always punish someone immediately, but that doesn't justify sin.
---john on 4/8/06

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