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Jesus Walked On Ice

Have you heard the new scientific discovery that when Jesus walked on water, He was really walking on ice? Apparently ice is common on the Sea of Galilee. It would be the first time I have heard of there being surface ice when the surface is disturbed by a violent storm!

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 ---alan8869_of_UK on 4/8/06
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If he didn't walk on water, and he walked on ice. They would have said he walked on ice instead.
---Dayle on 8/24/08

And what kind of boat were the guys in? An icebreaker?
---jerry6593 on 8/23/08

Wow! that indeed is a great miracle! Not only did Jesus walk on ice without slipping, but the whole boat was moving over top of the ice too! This lie is as unbelievable as the lie that Moses and the Israelites walked across the Red Sea which they say was actually the Reed Sea and only a few inches deep. Wow! that indeed is another great miracle! for Pharoah's whole army and horses and chariots drowned in just a few inches of water! dissers...dissers, rather than accept the truth of God's power, dissers will come up with many ideas and imaginations to try to explain the supernatural, and they do so onto their own foolish condemnation.
---Eloy on 8/23/08

So did Peter walk in ice too?

I'm wondering how Peter, when he looked down fell into an ice hole. You would think by him looking down he would actually see the ice hole!!!

Matthew 14:28-30

28And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water.

29And he said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus.

30But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid, and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.

---kathr4453 on 8/22/08

It would be interesting to collect some of these "scientific" facts that "explain" the miracles of the Bible. Some are pretty amusing. Did you know the reason the Israelites could walk across the Red Sea? Somebody mistakenly called it the Red Sea but it was actually the "Reed Sea" which was only a few inches deep. They never go on to explain how the Egyptian Army drowned in a few inches of water. :-)
---Donna2277 on 8/22/08

Scientific? Israel is on roughly the same latitude as Florida and it is at sea level. The Sea of Galilee would need a climate like Minnesota for ice to become thick enough to bear the weight of a man. There's no record of the disciples ice fishing! Do you remember where you heard this?
---Donna2277 on 4/27/07

What is more miraculous? Ice or water?
---Heather on 7/31/06

yeah, science is bad (and dumb, and evil, and from "liberals") - what are kidding?!? If you believe that I hope you don't drive a car, live in a house with electricity or heat, listen to a radio, own a computer (ooops), etc...

If you cling to a belief that those who don't believe in "walking on water" are somehow less in touch with God than you, than you expose yourself as the lesser.

It doesn't matter, it's his teachings that matter.

teach love
---frank_cos on 7/27/06

Truly the ideal manifestation of the absurd ideas from the mind of the unbelieving and worldly learned. Just another reason Paul said to avoid oppositions of science so falsly called.
---Frank on 7/10/06

ISAIAH 54 :5
---watchman_jerusalem on 7/6/06

Elder and Alan, you guys crack me up. No health and safety laws then? ha ha ha, that is so funny.
---Eloy on 5/22/06

hey you don,t sink on ice, and what in the world would the apostles be doing in a boat? next thing is you will hear they were ice sailing
---tom on 5/22/06

There is a rhyme about how to determine ice safety:

1 inch, keep off.
2 inches, one may.
3 inches, small groups.
4 inches, OK.

In other words, there had to be an ice floe at least three inches thick to bear the weight of both Peter and JEsus as they came back to the boat.

Frankly, it takes more faith than I have to believe they rode ice floes. It strains credulity less to believe that they walked on the water.
---Jack on 5/10/06

danie, the point is, the scoffers scoff the sacred scripture. Pharoah's armies were drowned in the very deep Red Sea, and not as the liers say, the very shallow Reed River of only a few inches depth.
---Eloy on 4/12/06

Elder ... # 4 To be serious about the idea, I do not think it is put forward maliciously. I do not think the atheist is malicious, it is just that he does not understand that how God can exist, and therefore seeks to explain all the miracles without God. I think it an honest lack of faith, not malicious.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/10/06

Elder ... # 3 Of course, although ice may form there at times, the idea that the story of Jesus walking on water night be fabricated or the disciples may have been misled by what they saw, is fanciful to say the least.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/10/06

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Elder ... # 2 Jesus did not slip on the ice. There would have been no point in doing so, because there were no Health & Safety laws then, and He would have had no-one to sue. Witness, there is no record of Peter suing for damages because of the shock he had when he started sinking. No lawyer there to help him sue Jesus for encouraging him into a dangerous situation.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/10/06

Elder ... # 1 No it would not have been a miracle that there was ice there, because ice does form there under certain conditions. But it would have been a miracle if it had been thick enough to support a man, unless Jesus used magic to reduce His weight (and that would explain Peter sinking, not being magicked)
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/10/06

Well, ya know, Elder, people might say that Jesus changed His body mass so he was light enough to walk on very thin ice..besides, didn't He, a full-grown man, ride on a little donkey that had never been ridden before? He must have "supernaturally" made Himself lighter so the little donkey would feel no discomfort and be perfectly content to carry Him....what say, eh?...8>)
---Ann5758 on 4/10/06

Very true comments; just liberals trying to convince themselves they won't end up in hell.

However, be very careful with your "Reed Sea" comments! The logic is correct: shallow marshes coudn't have drown all those Egyptians! But, how many of you might be caught 'unawares' because you never studied the Hebrew? The proper name has always been "yam suph" (Strong's# 05488) or 'Sea of Reeds' in the Hebrew. 'Red' comes from what the Greeks called it!
---danie9374 on 4/10/06

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Wouldn't it be a miracle that there was ice in that place to begin with? Another would have been that the people in the boat "rowed" through ice thick enough for someone to walk on. Then it would be another miracle that Jesus didn't slip and fall while "walking" on it. Then Peter began to sink through it so it would have been another miracle that it began to melt at just the right time.
Will miracles never cease?
---Elder on 4/10/06

First the stupid DiVinci code, then the stupid gospel of Judas and now ICE? The world will come up with all kinds of crazy things. Just hold tight and stay in Jesus. Ice?
---Chip on 4/9/06

This is the time of year when liberal "scholars" come up with all sorts of "explanations" for the resurrection of Jesus. For example, He wasn't actually dead, just fainted on the cross, revived in the coldness of the tomb, and was taken elsewhere by his friends during the night. Have you heard any of these? Do these explanations make any sense?
---Donna2277 on 4/9/06

Doesn't it take a thickness of 6 or more inches of ice to support the weight of a person? Any of you who have lived on the Great Lakes would probably know. I do know that it takes prolonged VERY cold weather not "occasional" icing over. In that kind of weather you wouldn't cross the Sea of Galille, which is actually just a very large lake, by boat Wish I could heve been there to see 5 thousand men, women and children in parkas sitting in the snow being fed by Jesus the day before!
---Donna2244 on 4/9/06

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Ann, I love you, that was so funny you made me laugh. That reminds me when they said it was the "REED RIVER", just a couple inches deep, and not the "RED SEA" that Moses parted and walked across. If so, then that would be a bigger miracle because Pharoah's whole army of soldiers and horse driven chariots would then have been drowned in just a few inches of water. Hallelujah! God is awesome! And how ignorant is man!
---Eloy on 4/9/06

nvBarb, uh oh, you sound like me, you must have had a blond moment.
---Eloy on 4/9/06

If it was ice, where were the waves that caught Peter's attention, and frightened him, and made him turn his gaze away from focusing on Jesus? Why was there a boat out in the middle of the ice? Did they have "ice-breakers" back then? Makes no sense at all.
---Ann5758 on 4/9/06

Another one of Satan's lies.
---Rev_Herb on 4/9/06

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What happened to my blog? Now I can't remember everything I wrote!
---NVBarbara on 4/9/06

The lies just seem to be being dumped in heaps in these last days. I feel sorry for the lost scientists, even dumb beats have more respect for their Creator than the ignorant and foolish man.
---Eloy on 4/9/06

No I had not heard this before but I would like to know how, if the sea was covered in ice, Peter began to sink. Also, who in their right mind would be out at sea when if was covered in ice? I think that in the coming days we are going to deluged with 'proof' that there is nothing miraculous about events mentioned in the bible simply because many people just cannot bring themselves to accept that there is a God and that He can do supernatural things.
---M.P. on 4/9/06

Scientists need to stick to something they know about. Have the feeling "someone" is trying to destroy your faith? I've also heard that Pilate and Jesus had a secret. That Jesus really didn't die on the cross. It was a cover-up. He was actually sedated. People that have no faith will try to explain miracles anyway they can ... ignorance isn't bliss, Jesus is.
---Nellah on 4/9/06

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It really does seem strange that in a storm, with presumably waves, that there could be a sheet of ice on which a person could walk.
Maybe there is ice there sometimes. But if Jesus wal;ked on ice, the chronicler would have said so. But as he said Jesus walked on water (and you cannot really confuse ice with choppy water) either that is what happened, or it was a fabrication.
Lie or truth ... what do you beleive?
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/9/06

I read about this. Sea of Galilee does not freeze and even if they had a month of severe cold weather, it's not enough to freeze the water to bear weight of a person.
When Peter tried to walk on the water, he got soaked. If it were icy, he too would have walked on the water.

My guess is that the writer wants to make his name popular world wide.
---A_Catholic on 4/9/06

So dumb is this theory that it has actually been widely published. Suprise. Suprise.
---pkay on 4/9/06

I also heard this thing about Jesus walking on ice. What is that? I heard it on the radio about some scientists saying that the sea froze and that is their explaination for Him walking on water. It sounds like the guys that wrote the gospels with the Holy Spirit inspiration didn't know water from ice. And I agree, how cold is it in Isreal, cold enough for ice?
---Marjorie on 4/8/06

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