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Illegals To Fight Americans

Bush wants illegals in the US so he can have a standing army to fight his own people who will revolt when his identity is revealed. He is shifting his money and interests to the east.

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 ---tim444 on 4/8/06
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I had been a pretty much life long Republican until this president. I think he ruining this country and no doubt leave it if he got scared enough just like he left his military position when it no longer was convenient for him. Having said that even this theory is too weird for me.
---randy on 12/30/07

If you are insinuating Bush is the antichrist, that is wrong. Bush is a born again Christian. 1John 2:22 \ 4:3 2John 1:7 Bush's proposed ammigration law will probably not pass. He does not want illegals in the US, especially to fight Americans. Where did you get such a strange idea. Bush has made mistakes and bad choises, but I still trust him more than the Democtrats.
---Ulrika on 6/10/06

2. When they come, they open post office boxes in the border american towns and they come and pick up thier welfare checks and to back home and that is after they have entered and signed up for welfare. A lot of them stay and continue to get more help then others that are citizens. The liberals walk with these people on demonstrations to get the vote and don't even care about the US citizen enough to stand for thier rights. Bush gathering an army is full of it.
---lee_1 on 6/10/06

Tim, I don't know where you came out with this theory but it has to come from the movement against Bush. How in the world can the illegals form an army when they are running away from their country entering ours without papers? While many of them are trying their best to make a better life for their families a lot of them are here to take advantage of all the things liberals want to give them.
---lee_1 on 6/10/06

You know, I was one of the few people I know that actually liked John Kerry, and didn't just oppose Bush. But the election is over, I'm done arguing about it. As for Bush, I don't think he's a bad guy, but this Iran issue has me very scared. The U.S. is already stretched in man power and resources in Iraq. I don't want to see us tangled in another mess in the middle east. Bush may not be able to have a third term, but we may be paying for his second term for many terms to come.
---Casey on 6/9/06

Hi!Tim444,This is interesting,I nearly missed it.I hope you know all the inside info.I am not surprised to hear all and anything about him after he sat for an hour while 9/11 was in progress reading a book.I didn't believe my eyes as I watched it all tumble down.There was no leadership for us then.Sounds like noone can protect us anymore ,an illegal alien takeover has already occurred,we don't count anymore. More tricks.Lulac3895
---Lula on 6/9/06

Right on Randy, MikeM and Jack...
---sherry_g on 5/11/06

I've heard all sorts of conspiracy theories. But this is a new one. Totally nuts! Lots of people hate Bush. Most don't have to work THIS hard to accuse him of something! I didn't vote for Bush because he is a professed Christian..that doesn't qualify anybody. I thought Bush had some good ideas, but he's disappointed me somewhat. Yet, if Kerry was prez, he'd still be apologizing to Osama Bin Laden for whatever we did that made him bomb N.Y....and Los Angelus....and Houston...
---Donna2277 on 5/10/06

His identity? Pres. Bush isn't the antichrist. He's a professed Christian. His interests better be on the east since Iran is acting up. No revolt here.
---Nellah on 5/10/06

I remember the 2000 election when all the Christian Right were saying what a wonderful, godly man George Bush was and how he was exactly what we needed in the White House.

I'm not questioning his spiritual state--that's not for me to do--but you think we would have learned from the Carter experience that mere piety is NOT a good indicator of the job one will do as US President.
---Jack on 5/10/06

The gobbulns are gonna git us yet!
---Jack on 5/10/06

Illegals are here by design. It is all a plan by both Bush and Mexico's Fox. They are not the problem, our own goverment, both parties are the problem.
---Molly on 4/18/06

Bush was the lessor of two evils. Socialist John Kerry, being part of the socialist Democratic Party would raise taxes, increase goverment control over your life. Bumble Bush was simply slightly less socialist. Politically I am Libertarian, a strict Jeffersonian. 'All goverment is evil, but a needed evil, limit that evil.' -Thomas Paine
---MikeM on 4/17/06

Alan, Elder is referring to John Kerry who actually went to Viet Nam and served in a leadership position.
Bush is running this country just like he ran his three failed businesses. We are so far in debt we will not see day light in our time. We have lost credibility worldwide because of Bush and his policies. We still dont know why we attacked Iraq and apparently he doesnt either. Yeah, he is a real hero.
---randy on 4/11/06

Elder ... you seem to be saying that John Kennedy put his crew and boat at risk for the sake of a few photos? That seems a rather grievous slur, & I wonder whether there is any evidence to back it up?
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/10/06

Randy do you know anything about the Nation Guard? Bush did not leave the Guard until his time was up and he did the same thing that I and others did. He at least didn't put his Speedy (PT) boat crew at risk so he could take political pictures for later.
---Elder on 4/10/06

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Bush cannot serve again as President according to Law. He cannot serve as Vice President either. There was a time when other countries would listen to the USA but now we have gotten weak and whinny. First it was prayer out of school, then sliced up babies now married sodomites and some are worried about Bush being president again? Remember this war didn't start with this President he has just been the one to fight it. Clinton could have avoided 911 but didn't. He wanted to play Golf.
---Elder on 4/10/06

Hello, Tim: Are you trying to tell us that President Bush has "another personality" that would be revealed sometimes in the future? Are you the one posting saying that Pres. Bush is the anti-christ? Are you trying to say that the illegals of the US will soon become Bush army?
---Linda6546 on 4/9/06

Do illegals know about this?
---Donna2277 on 4/9/06

Beam back down Tim and explain your question please!
---NVBarbara on 4/9/06

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What are you talking about, HUH?
---Donna2277 on 4/9/06

It would be good if Tim would actually say what he meant and implied by his question. Secon time of my asking him, and others have as well. TIM please come in!!
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/9/06

Moderator, President Bush is not going to be tossed out of office. His term ends at a predetermined time. As of January 2009, he will no longer be president regardless of what is happening in the world. Whoever is elected in November of 2008 will step right in and take over the job.

Moderator - I agree that is most likely, however if Bush is stepping beyond his reach we will know in by 2008.
---ralph7477 on 4/9/06

'a standing army to fight his own people' - what does that actually mean?
---emg on 4/9/06

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To all you that are wondering about president Bush. What was our choices during the election? To vote for a party that supported homesexuals, and abortion on demand? Or for a more conserative choice?
We made the right choice, and God is not a deceiver. He will see us through.
---wayne on 4/9/06

This sounds more like a plot line for the next season of 24. For the president to serve a third term, the U.S. Constitution would have to be amended and given Pres. Bush's low popularity, pigs would grow wings before there would be enough votes.

Moderator - He can call a 90 day state of emergency especially if he starts a nuke exchange which was in the news today as his plan for Iran. If we were in a nuke exchange, almost nobody would toss him out of office.
---ralph7477 on 4/9/06

I believe both the Repulicans and Democrats want the Hispanic votes. It could be for Congress and Senate seats that are up for reelection this fall, as well for president in 2 years. I don't believe President Bush wants to run again for office. He came right out and said it was up to next administration, when we leave Iraq. Christians should pray that our president have wisdom. I don't agree with his illegal alien policy, but I don't read into it, things that probably never crossed his mind.
---Ulrika on 4/9/06

Tim, are you implying that Bush will be revealed to be the Anti-Christ? If so, why not just state it?
---Ann5758 on 4/9/06

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If the questioner is right in his apparent supposition, it seems that Bush perhaps thinks he is God, and so might be antiChrist?
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/9/06

Perhaps the hidden question in your stated question is, will President Bush attempt by some underhanded method to serve a third term? Again the answer to that question might turn out to be Yes!

Moderator - I am concerned about the third term issue also as things are starting to point in that direction if we attack Iran within the next 12 months. A state of emergency can be declared as well as a change of laws.
---mima on 4/9/06

Tim would you please explain exactly what you are talking about??
---M.P. on 4/9/06

What exactly are you talking about mate?
---pkay on 4/9/06

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Your question does not make sense.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/9/06

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