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Into Drinking And Poker

I have a sister in law who has had one child and is expecting again. She told my husband and I, that her and her husband did not grow up in a church and have perfect lives. So she is not going to take those babies to church either. My husband's family is into drinking and poker. What should I do?

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 ---carea6568 on 4/11/06
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all you can do is pray for them and live your life as a witness. I can't believe some think they are perfect, on the other hand, I have seen some on CN like that. Shira
---shira on 1/27/08

this modern day gospel is leading people astray-come to Jesus and youll have health and wealth and happiness. baloney. Bible only promises trials temptations and persecutions. take them thru the Law-have you ever lied, stolen, taken God's name in vain, looked with lust. on judgement day God'll see them as a lying thieving blasphemous adulterer at heart. dont get to heaven by being "good" but by grace thru faith
---r.w. on 8/5/06

carea: If you are not allowed to be around your nephews alone, then you must pray and ask God what you can do to earn your sis-in-law's respect and trust. You must also pray and ask the Lord to soften her heart and open her eyes to the Truth. Be a silent, living epistle. That is better and more effective than trying to win an argument. Let them gamble and drink. God will judge them and convict them IN HIS TIME.
---Madison on 4/19/06

Madison- I still disagree with you about Jesus in the temples. They were selling things and Jesus was very upset about turning a place of worship into an area of being gluttonous. He let all the animals free and tipped all the tables over. He also threw all the money all over the place. I am not allowed to have pictures taken or be around my nephews by ourselves. My SIL says I am not educated enough to take care of them. But I am buying Christian stuff the the kids.

Moderator - Madison is correct; just read the whole passage. They were suppose to sell the items, but were given out faulty animals for the money. By doing so, they were stealing from God and the people.
---carea6568 on 4/18/06

I forgot to finish my thought. My brother and his wife are both saved, so are their kids. They are active in our church, serving Him in the children's ministry, and my sister-in-law is very involved in the women's ministry.

The Lord hears and answers our prayers.
---Madison on 4/18/06

Prayer is a powerful tool. The drinking and poker are nonissues to me. Pray for them to get a hunger and thirst for Christ.
---Madison on 4/18/06

carea: Jesus did not tear up the temple because of gamblers, but because the money changers were robbing people when they came to make their sacrifices. They were being sneaky in their business dealings.

As an aunt, I can assure you that you will have opportunities to love your nieces and nephews to the Lord. My brother and his wife were not saved when they started having kids. I prayed a lot for their family. I gave Bibles and story books as birthday and Christmas presents.
---Madison on 4/18/06

Lee- If you read the gospels, you would see that before Jesus was crucified, that he went to the temple. There were people who were turning a place of worship into a market place. They were gambling or selling things there to earn money. Jesus went and tore up everything in the temple. So to say Jesus might have gambled in the synagogues, I would have to strongly disagree with you. Yes, he was around those people, but he was with them to be their friend,show love and compassion on them, not to gamble.
---carea6568 on 4/18/06

Madison- I would mind my own business, but I feel in a way that these babies souls I am a pinch responsible for. I am there aunt. And if they raised in a non-church and a non-Christ enviroment then I need to be there to help give some type of a Christian value.
---carea on 4/18/06

carea, Since you and your husband are saved, then just witness to her normally. Share with her how God has saved you and transformed you and is with you to help you personally every day. The old unconverted nature is subjected to Satanic delusion believing they are perfect when in reality she and her husband are completely separated from God. Share with her the gospel: Adam and Jesus= Romans 5:12-14,19; The Roman Road and Sinner's Prayer= John 6:37; Romans 10:9-13; Psalm 5r1; God's Love= John 3:16,36.
---Eloy on 4/13/06

Jesus was accused of doing many evil things -"Look at him! A glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!"

I would bet (gamble) that if He knew poker, He probably would have also played a few hands and maybe even shot pool in the basement of one of their synagogues.
---lee on 4/12/06

BTW: My family has a Texas Hold'Em Tournament every holiday, in my house. There is no money gambled, just chips. There is nothing wrong with what they are doing.

My brother drinks, and so do my sons, just not in my house.

I mind my own business when it comes to their drinking. There but for the grace of God go I.
---Madison on 4/12/06

Let her know that Christians do not live perfect lives, only Christ has achieved that. 1 John 1:8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

I play poker with my family all the time. I love the game. We do not play with money, just poker chips, so it isnt gambling because there is nothing lost or gained. There is no drinking involved either.
---chris on 4/12/06

Mind your own business and pray for them.
---Madison on 4/12/06

Eloy- My husband and I are saved. We are very active in our church. When my husband and I were dating he was not saved and I told him that if he wanted to keep dating me he was going to have to start coming to church with me. To make a long story short he became saved before we got married. The rest of his family is not saved and is into drinking and poker.
---carea6568 on 4/12/06

Your husbands family needs to return to the Lord, then your husband's family can be a Christlike witness to your sister-in-law and her husband and the lost. It's difficult to preach salvation to anyone if the one doing the preaching is lost in sin themself. Get saved from sin first, then you'll be effective in saving others.
---Eloy on 4/12/06

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All you can do is pray that God will convict them of their sins. Let the God in you shine through that they may see the light. I wouldn't argue with her about this, cause in her eyes she nor her kids need God. But do be a witness to her. Out of the blue, strick up a converstaion of what happen in a church service, or tell her how good God has been to you. Get a little word in here and there, plant a seed at watch God make it grow.
---Rebecca_D on 4/11/06

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