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Holy Spirit On These Blogs

I could feel the Holy Spirit moving in me as I read the questions on the blog this morning. Are there others that can testify to this feeling also?

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 ---mima on 4/20/06
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Caring, it is my hope that I would never look down on others, no matter what their beliefs may be. I was raised RC, most of my family and many friends are RC. Some trulylove and serve the Lord, some do not.I see this in many denominations. In any case, my hope and prayer for all would be to know Christ and the fullness of His love. Be blessed.
---Christina on 11/6/07

I hear a lot of talking about feelings.
Can some one tell me wheather feelings comes from the flesh or not,if the flesh explain to me what is ment by saying put no trust in the flesh.
One more explain what it means,faith is believing not seeing.Is it any longer of faith once you began to feel.
Jesus said and when HE,the HOLLY SPIRIT come He will not speak of Him self ,but take the of mine and show unto you.
---lionel on 11/4/07

Christina, since I'm a Catholic, you and others perhaps suspect that I maay not be a true Christian.

One thing I'm proud that I am not: I'm not a fanatic and I don't look down at other denominations like many of you look at us Catholics.

I don't follow theatrical preachings of some pastors who claim to perform miracles and blind their listeners with their screams and their jumping around.

The Word of God is better heard in a peaceful atmosphere.
---Caring on 11/3/07

Caring,It is my sincere hope that you are indeed a true christian. I know I am. As for others claims and intents, it is the Lord's job to judge and He discerns the intents of the hearts. The Holy Spirit is able to reveal.
---Christina on 11/2/07

Cristina, I know I am a Christian but some think they are.

Many abuse the H.S. by claiming they are moved by Him and they say that so others believe what they state.

Moderator, this blog is not in the list of blogs. Was it accidentally removed?
---Caring on 10/30/07


The issue is not whether "the HS is on the side of the Catholics" or any other side.

The issue is whether the Catholics (or anybody else) is on HIS side :)

Actually, I think that God looks at all the divisions and dissentions and petty bickering among his people and weeps.
---StrongAxe on 10/27/07


I would like to say that I'm not sure if the Holy Spirit moves me to read some blogs, and not others.

I will say this, sometimes I believe some of the things I read grieve the Holy Spirit, and some cause joy.

Lord bless you all,
---trey on 10/26/07

Caring,IF, and I emphasize if, we are all christians, then there are no sides, only error in some thinking and doctrine...The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth, so errors will be eradicated.

I sense the Spirit when the Word is spoken and rightly divided, but seldom when opinions are given.
---Christina on 10/26/07

I wonder if the H.S. is on the side of the Catholics or on the other side.

I wonder if the H.S. inspires those who shoot out hateful statements against others with whom they disagree.

Frankly no, I don't feel the H.S. moving in me when I read some of the blogs and I don't believe that Mima or those who admitted they do, feel Him neither.

Theatrical talk!!!!
---Caring on 10/26/07

I cannot write about anything but the work of the Cross of Christ. The Spirit wont have anything else. I must proclaim Christ Crucified in these blogs. At times, I dont know why and I dont know where the words come.
---duane on 10/26/07

I thank God for His presence at this site. I do feel a move of the spirit within me. We need to let the Holy
Spirit lead at all times then our reponses will be more loving,kinder and gentler toward others. The Holy Spirit is like that.We have to move flesh out of the way and then the Spirit can move within us and cause us and do His work.After we have planted the seed(s) He moves in and waters and cause the seed to begin to grow.So we never know who we may have helped along the way on these blogs.
---Robyn on 10/26/07

Absolutely. Infact he helps me to pick and choose THE ONES TO IGNORE OR ANSWER. Ofcourse, I cannot get to them all at once. But yes, He is my guide.
---catherine on 10/18/07

Man shouldn't live by feelings but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
---Bob on 10/18/07

I don't feel any annointing on most of these blogs, I'm sorry. I feel the annointing mostly when I am alone with God or in church. Sometimes when I'm driving or just reading his Word. I don't feel it on this blog though unless all I see is people praising the King. I did feel in heaven while I was at choir practice tonight and we were singing to him.
---MichelleS on 10/17/07

About 45 days ago, I started seeing behind the thin veneers, curtains, agendas.
I'm still seeing, but keeping most of it to myself. I sit on my hands, and try to answer questions without identifying the agendas. If the falsehoods are too blatant, I have to speak up. I feel prompted to do so.

Bigfoot - I open my mouth and change feet every so often.
---Bob on 10/16/07

It is different for everyone. I personally have experienced the tingling in my limbs,scalp and neck, I have felt the weight of the Lord pressing me down, I have felt His fire and had parts of my body feel extremely hot(NO PAIN). Then there is feeling His joy, peace and love. Which feels like a Father's joy, peace and or love.
---Angel on 10/16/07

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bless you sister and yes, I get those beautiful feelings too at times. I belive it is His Holy Spirit working in us, moving us and letting us know that He is with us and what we mayb feeling and thinking about at the time is agreeable with Him. When one dwells in His Word eveyday, one feels it moving and leading.
---jana on 4/20/07

I just felt this feeling earlier.. an extreeeme joy.. made me cry.. and i felt like i was glowing and my arms and legs were tingly.. like i didnt have a body. It was AMAZING! Got online to search what the Holy Spirit felt like and I found this (: .. been too long since I've felt that feeling!
---Christine on 4/15/07

Mima, what does that feel like? How do you know it is really the Holy Spirit or you're not just all excited and happy?
---sue on 4/8/07

Bless you mimi. May you always be sensitive to The Fathers Spirit,however He manifest Himself.
---josef on 4/21/06

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I understand what you are saying. It makes people think and study the bible more, for answers that we normaly wouldn't look for. And when you find the answer in the bible, you feel the Holy Ghost come upon you as your reading and answering the question.
---Rebecca_D on 4/20/06

Sue: I'm not all excited are happy. I just have a sense that I'm being directed about what to think are write down. When I give what I think is a sensible answer the Spirit says no do not write that. Take some more time , and then I finally write something down that the Spirit apparently likes. It feels like someone is lifted a weight off my shoulders.
---mima on 4/20/06

That's wonderful mima. Maybe your spirit was interseeding for someone. I personally try to wait for the Holy Spirit to lead me for answers on some questions. I have come to the conclusion that there are a lot of "religious" spirits involved with this blog.
---Fred_S. on 4/20/06

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