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Cursed If You Don't Tithe

If you didn't tithe, are you cursed? If yes, what was the use of Christ dying on the cross and becoming a curse for us? Many churches teach you are cursed if you don't tithe.

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 ---Reuben on 4/22/06
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//Many churches teach you are cursed if you don't tithe.//
Many churches have no idea what tithing was for.
---michael_e on 7/8/11

"All Christians are priests unto God (I Pet.2:5,9). Tithe and you deny your priesthood."
That's interesting. I never thought of it that way. I DO believe that God does lead us to give, and I know giving blesses both the giver and receiver. In this, as in all things, it ought to be led of the Spirit, rather then a legalistic ritual type act.
---Christina on 7/7/11

I think it's the other way around. God never authorized anyone to change tithes from farm produce to slave wages. Only sons of Levi could take up tithes. Priests did not take tithes from each other. All Christians are priests unto God (I Pet.2:5,9). Tithe and you deny your priesthood. Those who pervert the Word of God for Gain are the ones who end up cursed. Paul didn't teach tithing. not even Jesus took them up. tithing is religious theft from poor people and no thief has any inheritance in God's kingdom
---Patricia_Backora on 7/7/11

Peter, I find that what you say is very good and with a good intent. Keep the peace brother and I look forward to hearing more from you and Micha. I agree with giving to the church, but not as a must do. We are moved by the Spirit to give when we can. When we are moved to help someone in need, or sacrifice of ourselves for someone, it is the Spirit of God who moves us, and the glory goes to God.
---Mark_V. on 2/5/11

micha9344: May you be always blessed by God, and may all here be siblings in Christ!
---Peter on 2/2/11

I do relish civil conversation and fellowship about Christ an what He has for us...
I do try to keep 'giving' and 'tithing' separate for one was a set command and the other follows the Spirit.
I do see people use the words interchangably with no guile involved, but see others that try to force 'tithing' where it truly does not belong.
So, where there is no guile, there is no offence. And I have still mistakenly been offended where no guile was meant, but am learning to hold my tongue an give the benefit of the doubt, especially when there is no voice inflection nor facial expression to clarify a statement that is being presented.
I look forward to exchanging thoughts unto learning and edification in the body of Christ our Lord.
---micha9344 on 2/1/11

-micha9344: I will have to remember that (how you separate the two) so I do not write anything silly!

I had (it seems incorrectly) assume the two were the same! So anything I said, please see (if you disagre) if it is OK if you take tithing and giving as the same meaning!

At least, Micha, we are able to keep things polite - I find that very important here

---Peter on 2/1/11

Accepted also, Peter, but I think that is where alot of the conflict comes into play.
'asar and ma'aser truly mean one-tenth and that is where confusion can set in..
I am more inclined to keep the word 'give' as general and the word 'tithe' as specific according to Bible definitions avoiding confusing and contradictory arguments, although I may have started and continued some in my zeal for these differences.
It may be best, for me anyways, to ask the person first what they mean by 'tithe'.
---micha9344 on 1/31/11

micha9344: Comment accepted

But I had taken the term 'tithe' to mean all giving, not merely the more official OT laws, but the general idea of giving, which remains in the NT even while the law is not required
---Peter on 1/30/11

What the widow gave was not a tithe for sveral reasons, two being it was not ten percent and it was not the increase in her livestock or produce.
---micha9344 on 1/29/11

Cursed, I take it no

But blessed if we do, I assume so

Remember the widow at the temple

Tithing is not an order, it is the fruit of salvation

It als does not have to be much - but again, Jesus said of the widow that she gave 'all she had', so perhaps we should avoid other pleasures so we can tithe

Also - tithing is not only to our church - if we feel the church we attend is not spending the money so well, we can give it elsewhere - to a Christian outfit we can see uses the money better
---Peter on 1/29/11

Sometimes what a church teaches is the exact opposite of what Christ teaches. Christ taught that tithers and those whom demand tithes are a Den of Robbers, and he drove them out of his church with a whip, and said that he hates them and that he will love them know more.
---Eloy on 1/29/11

I would suggest the "devourer" of Mal.3 was probably the Roman army who destroyed Jerusalem in A.D.70..but aside from that Mal.3 does not stand alone, Mal.4 says "remember ye the Law of Moses" is just as much the message of the prophet as what He wrote about tithing...Mal.1 vs1 says "this is the word of the Lord to Israel".Jesus only spoke of tithing in disputing with Jewish leaders about matters of the law and no-where in N.T are Christians taught to tithe!
---richard on 1/29/11

You where not really cursed in an active way, it was rather that a certain part of God his prommise did not open up into your life. Malachi 3 the curse was not send by God but the curse was the devourer (satan) that had access to destroy
---andy3996 on 1/28/11

Galatians 3:24 The law was our SchoolMaster to bring us to Christ

Gal.3:25 Now that faith has come we are no longer under a SchoolMaster

Acts 13:39 And through Him everyone who believes is freed from all things that you could not be freed from by the law".

Gal. 5:4 those of you who are trying to be justified by the law have been cut off, you have fallen from grace"!
Gal. 3:13 Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law by being made a curse for us

3:14 He did this so that in Jesus Christ the blessings of Abraham would be given to the Gentiles so we might recieve the promise..

Jesus Paid in full for God to FREElY give us all things Romans 8:32! Praise His paymt. not your tithing!
---SueAnne on 1/16/11

Sounds like the error of Balaam who was called to come curse the children of Israel for personal gain. However, when he was taken to a high place and was able to see the arrangement of the camp (which was in the shape of a cross), he was unable to curse them. We all need that type of view of the church. And the "curse if you don't tithe" mentality is nothing more than demonic wisdom in operation because it is motivated by personal gain, even if it is subconsciously.
---Linda6563 on 12/27/07

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The ONLY place in the Bible that God says to test Him are in tithes & offerings. Your finances will be cursed if you do NOT tithe, not you. I have tested God in this, and know.
---Leslie on 1/3/07

I am in agreement with Rachel and almost all of Eloy, for the exception of what he said about "those who impose tithe, and those who give, that they will be cut off from salvation." God doesn't need our money. Everything belongs to Him already. We should give from out of the heart. We already know in our minds that to continue the mission fields, money is needed and a true Christian will give if he feels it in his heart to give.
---lisa on 11/5/06

2. Every Christian without having to be told, should feel the need to help, teach, love, and commanded to spread the gospel. Sometimes it takes money. God makes is possible in some way or another to get what is needed, by convicting some to give whatever they have, if they have it. To others He doesn't. But to say that you go to hell for tithes is not in Scripture. And losing salvation for doing is not biblical at all. Maybe he can show passages to that effect.
---lisa on 11/5/06

Thank you Alan, for correcting me.
Now, I realize how out of Touch I Am with the way you feel and I won't offer a comment to you again; I'm sorry.

---Reiter on 11/4/06

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Wrong so-called churches teach titheing and the keeping of other abolished O.T. laws; and Right Christian churches teach generous giving and keeping all currently inforce N.T. laws.
---Eloy on 11/4/06

Rachel ... Reiter ~ 1 ... You say "Please, just pay your bills. I have and always have without difficulty
I'm empathetic towards you. Thanks but I think not, you do not understand why I have said what I have said
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/3/06

Rachel ... Reiter ~ 2 I'm feeling your pressure No you are not because there is no pressure
You have had a guilt trip put No I do not feel guilty
on you to give more than you can afford no I can afford all my bills no I am not, I have no debts except non-financial ones to Jesus, and to loving people.
Let nobody guilt you.They don't
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/3/06

Rachel ... Reiter ~ 2 I'm feeling your pressure No you are not because there is no pressure
You have had a guilt trip put No I do not feel guilty
on you to give more than you can afford no I can afford all my bills no I am not, I have no debts except non-financial ones to Jesus, and to loving people.
Let nobody guilt you.They don't
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/3/06

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Rachel ... Reiter ~ 3 Sorry but I am not the poor victim you imagine. I have been under no pressure to tithe, but choose to give in a planned and hopefully generous way (but can it ever be generous enough?) both to my church brotherhood and to the needy of various kinds ... the homeless, the ill, the lonely, the derelicts, the environment (because is that not one of God;s gifts to us, and He has given us charge of it) and missions.
And of course I give of my time and my prayers.
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/3/06

Rachel ... Reiter ~ 3 But I am perhaps sad that I am not like the widow who gave her last penny, because it was all she had.
I am very fortunate, and God has blessed me, even through the time (as you will note on the "suicide" blog) when I felt totally cut off from Him.
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/3/06

I will ask the same question here that I ask on every tithing blog I encounter (I just wonder who will have the courage to answer it honestly):
What specifically was commanded to be tithed in the Mosaic Law?
Why was the tithe instituted in Mosaic Law?
How was the tithe carried out in Mosaic Law?
When did tithing turn from it's original definition to money? & who instituted this change, man or God?
---Ryan on 11/3/06


Please, just pay your bills. I'm empathetic towards you. I'm feeling your pressure. You have had a guilt trip put on you to give more than you can afford and you are now in risk of acquiring debt. Let nobody guilt you.

---Reiter on 11/3/06

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I give to support my church and all the missionaries we support, God Blesses me for that many times over.
Peace be with you
---kent on 11/3/06

Alan, When people regulate 10% to give to God, then it becomes even as Cain's offering and becomes a curse to the giver. Abel gave the best that he had, he did not measure out 10%, rather he wanted God to have the very best, and God looks at the heart and thereby he is blessed. Christ hates the tithe and the numbering of money to give to God. We should serve God 24/7 in representing him, everywhere we go we should share our salvation with others. 10% is an abolished O.T. custom, and is an insult to God.
---Eloy on 11/2/06

Eloy ... It depends onwhat the 10% is of. Time? Can one give 100% of time if there are family responsibilities?
Money? What is left after essential non-avoidable bills, before tax, after tax.
Unless one expects the receiving back in multiples, God cannot expect one to give more than one actually has available???
Love? & Heart?
Whatever is given should be between the giver & God, with no outside compulsion,
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/2/06

Alan mentioned two important elements: Choice and Love. Never should anybody feel manipulated to give if it is not 100% in his/her free-will to do so. Fear of being cursed is Not a reason to give. Fear is used as a religious tactic to "steal" money from the flock.

---Reiter on 11/2/06

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Alan, Jesus cast out of the temple all those who both bought the sacrifices and those who sold the sacrifices. Therefore, those who are persuaded to tithe are cast out as well as those who implement the tithe. God who gave up his only Son to die a gruesome and torturous death on the cross in your place in order to save your soul; you would only give him 10% a week for this your salvation? That will most assuredly bring ostracism from God upon any who would even dare do so.
---Eloy on 11/2/06

Alan, That is the difference between Cain's offering, and Abel's. Both gave offerings to God, Cain brought of the fruit of the earth, but Abel brought of the firstlings of his sheep and of the best of them. God looked to Abel's offering, but not to Cain's. "Then YHWH said to Cain, Why are you angry, and why skulk you? Will not if you give well, receive? but if however grudging, then your sin lies open in the door." Genesis 4:6,7.
---Eloy on 11/2/06

Eloy ... Thanks for the explanation which mostly I would agree with.
There is a grey area ... it is perhaps reasonable to give 10%, out of choice and love, not out of compulsion.
But I don't think those who have been persuaded that they have to give 10% will go to perdition.
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/1/06

Alan, Robbing sheep is sin, and worse doing it in the name of God. Giving is not the sin, but the imposing and requiring of tithes and offerings is the sin; along with saying God commands it, and if you refuse to pay 10% then you're breaking God's Law and will be cursed. All this is dispicable sin: Those who impose the tithe and Those who pay the tithe will be cut off from salvation. God's will is: If one has a lot, give a lot; if one has a little, give a little; and if one has none, then give none.
---Eloy on 11/1/06

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Rebecca, Give because you want to, not because you think you have to. I give never because God needs or asks for it, because he doesn't need nor ask for any money, let alone 10% foolishness. God is not so poor that he needs anything. He never asked you for a tithe, and he doesn't want nor need it. The bondage is thinking God will withhold his grace from you if you don't give money to the church. Jesus was hurt because a poor widow put in two quarter pennies, which was all her life, into the offering.
---Eloy on 11/1/06

Eloy; I don't pay tithes so I can hear preaching. I pay my tithes because that is between me and God. And I know that my finanical situations go alot better and smoother if I pay tithes to my church, not to my Pastor, but to my church. Acts 8:20, some people are like Simon, but alot are not. So you can't give that scripture to me and tell me it is wrong to tithe, I'm not buying God. I'm helping the church. Supporting my church. what do you do for your church?
---Rebecca_D on 10/31/06

Eloy ... I'm sorry, I am confused. You seem to say now that it is wrong to give to the church or its missions or to any charity.
Surely I have read you incorrectly?
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/31/06


You are Finished, Complete and Wonderful just the way you are...even if you never get dunked in water. [I prefer the Ocean, myself.]

---Reiter on 10/31/06

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Reiter - Hi. I did walk away from the last church I went to. There were enough false teachings there for me to not go back. ("See everybody as already saved" - What??? "You need to get water baptised or the job is not finished" - Really??? "God put gold dust on her face and left it there till the next day" - He did??? "Tithing is New Testament too" - Oops I'm out of here).
---Helen_5378 on 10/30/06

Alan, you already know where I stand on this sin. As the Lord himself purged the Temple completely of this Robbery and fleecing the sheep, so too I.
---Eloy on 10/30/06

Rebecca, Jesus does not require any money before he ministers to anybody. Please read Acts 8:20. And he did not hang only ten percent of himself upon the cross, but all of himself, and how much should we likewise give, even as he has done for us?
---Eloy on 10/30/06

Helen --IMO many large ministries, and especially Faith Teachers, are afraid they might go broke (or have to do without) if they don't use guilt to motivate people. After all, if a Faith Teacher doesn't at least appear to be wealthy, how can he convince others that it's God's will for them to be wealthy, too.
---Donna2277 on 10/30/06

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Eloy; I'm sure Abraham thought that way to when he tithe to Melchesedec. And we come from the seed of Abraham, so I guess we are all cursed. Everyone in my church, pays tithes and were all blessed. Duane; how are tithers stealing from God? tithing is between each person and God, no one else.
---Rebecca_D on 10/30/06


You are free to give or not to give to whoever, whenever, whatever...

Any church that manipulates for money or puts the pressure on the flock to give...

just walk away

---Reiter on 10/30/06

Right Eloy, so I will stop giving to the church and its missions and to God's work to releive the suffering of the world.
Or are you saying I can give 10% providing I do not tithe?
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/30/06

The teaching of "you are cursed if you do not tithe" is a false teaching. Unfortunately it abounds in the Church today. It seems to be prominent amongst the faith teachers, and very large churches, as well as others. Tithing was a part of the Old Testament Law, and it did not involve money! Christians are not under any curse.
---Helen_5378 on 10/30/06

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2/... When I got saved I went to a church that taught this, and when I did not tithe at one stage I became very scared because I had been told that to do that I was under a curse. Well, my wonderful Jesus has since freed me from that thinking. Anything that has fear attached is not from God.
---Helen_5378 on 10/30/06

Any one who asks for tithes is cursed, and any one who gives tithes is cursed. You can never buy God, and he is insulted by all who try.
---Eloy on 10/30/06

The New Testament doesn't say DO NOT tithe...we don't need to tithe as was required in the law. 10% is now just a rule of thumb. We are to give as God has prospered us (I Cor.16:2) and to do it "cheerfully" (IICor 9:7.)

"Tithe" is a MATHMATICAL term meaning "a tenth"... anything more or less is technically not a tithe.
You cannot "tithe" 5% or 20%. If we gave God what is HIS, it would be 100%. We are responsible to HIM for how we use all that we have.
---Donna2277 on 10/29/06

tithing is an act of obedience, and it is not a sin if you do not tithe. God ables us to have the health and strength to go out and work on the job and earn a paycheck, and he only ask for the tenth. He does not need it, it already belongs to him, this is just an act of obedience. He says 'prove me... Read the Scriptures..
---stephanie on 10/29/06

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So Duane, By giving 10% I would be sinnning, but if I only gave 5% I would not be sinning?
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/29/06

Duane, I beg to differ in your response to this question. Where in the Bible does it say that we sin if we tithe? Tithing is mentioned both in the OT and NT. By tithing we are giving God back a portion of what He has given us.
---Norma7374 on 10/29/06

We are led by the spirit, not law. When christians tithe, they sin...they cannot be led by the spirit in giving if thay follow law. In reality, tithers are stealing from God.
---Duane on 10/29/06

When you do not tithe, the "curse" is that you are hendering God's blessings to you. God loves to bless us, so we should bless him with our tithes. And he will in turn bless our obedence.
Try it out, you will see.
---Chris on 8/6/06

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Well tithing is good but if you don't tithe then I think God will give someone else your money/blessing so that they can be a channel. But I don't believe he curses you.

But when we don't give God what is already his then we miss out on his blessings. And always remember God owns everything it's not our money it's his. So if you don't want to be God's channel then he will use someone else to do the Job.
---BeckyN on 6/11/06

The wealth of the sinner is laid up for the righteous, Sinners have to pay tythe for their Blessings the Sons of God receive everything by Grace and give like their Father in heaven expecting nothing in return.
---exzucuh on 6/9/06

II Corinthians 9:7
Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, [so let him give]; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.
---Donna2277 on 6/9/06

Titheing was the most freeing thing I ever decided to do. Once you understanding that all you have belongs to God and you are the steward of it, you will experience great joy in sacrificial giving.
---Pam on 5/24/06

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helen, can u show were in the scripture Jesus did away with tithing. I mean tithing is giving, its not like an OT custom like sacrificing animals. The early church tithed even more that 10% most times.

Moderator - It's semantics. In the New Testament it's called giving. Giving 10% or more is a good place to start.
---Okebaram on 5/24/06

No I am not cursed. God loves a cheerful giver. Tithing was part of the old covenant, which Christ did away with --- "He takes away the first that He may establish the second" Hebrews 10:9, see also Hebrews 8:13. We are to rightly divide the word of truth.
---Helen_5378 on 5/24/06

Let me ask you this Reuben, since Jesus died for us, can we simply kill and fornicate and go scott free without the curse associated with such acts?
---Okebaram on 5/24/06

you dont tithe or give for a blessing you tithe from a blessing. one day i gave an expensive commodity and told God not to bless me cos i dont wonna bribe him, and tha fact that he had given wealth that is why i give to somebody fueled by love only as he gives me cos of love to me.
---patrick on 5/24/06

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The "Curse" that Christ became for us was SIN AND DEATH. This is different from curses we bring upon our own selves from disobeying HIS commands, which is God's judgement. Why would he die to void out a command he gave us, or the consequences he said would be the result of disobedience? That does not make any sense, no matter how hard you NT only people argue the fact.
---T.S. on 5/10/06

Malachi 3-8 read this
---Betty on 5/1/06

Sinners have to pay God for blessings, the wealth of the sinner is layed up for the righteous, the sons of God recieve blessings by grace paid for by the blood of Jesus. They give expecting nothing in return because they are like their Father in heaven who blesses both sinner and righteous without respect of persons.
---Exzucuh on 4/30/06

Randy: Thank you for your testimony!
Rickey: Thank you for your "blessing blocker" illustration. (Helpful text Mal 3:10&11)
RebeccaD: May I suggest you read MATH 23:23 where Jesus shows his approval of tithe paying and Mal 3:8 where He tells us that we are guilty of robbing Him if we withold the tithe (and offerings). It is a serious matter as you can see. P.
---Pierr5358 on 4/30/06

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There are churches in my area that, although not stating that non-tithers will be cursed, do put pressure on members to tithe. People have got into debt keeping up with the tithe. Household bills have gone unpaid. Did God tell us to do that - no. No-one but God knows the heart and only He should know what we give. A friend of mine puts in the smallest coin she has, knowing it will be noticed!!!! and gives the rest anonymously. "The heirarchy of the church can think what they choose." she says.
---emg on 4/26/06

No you are not cursed. God told us to give with a cheerful heart, so if your heart is not in it then it is better not to do it, but if we serve the Lord we'll want to give with a cheerful heart.
---Candice on 4/24/06

Ephesians 1:3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places (in Christ:) (These are power,riches,wisdom,strength,honor,glory,and blessing) they are paid for by the blood not titheing. nothing you have is worth anything to God but your faith and it is worthless if it's not in true doctrine. We can buy wine and milk witout money without price-Isa 55:1
---exzuc6636 on 4/23/06

Reuben. I have tithed for over half of my life, and it has been a struggle at times. But the real blessings came to me when I made a commitment to god and tithed as it came in. The first fruits if you will. One is not not cursed because if you dont tithe but you are blessed if you do. Bless you in your journey. BTW if I got threats like you are getting from your church, I would find another church.
---randy on 4/23/06

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The curse that Christ has redeemed us from is in (Deuteronomy 28:15-68). The curse in a nut shell is: sickness (1Peter 2:24), poverty(2corinthians 8:9), and spiritual death(John 3:3-7; Romans 10:9-10; Ephesians 1:7; Colossians 1:9)
---Rickey on 4/22/06

Yes. Cursed in a sense means "blessing blocker". When a person doesn't pay their tithes to the Lord then it blocks His blessings from coming to them. I'm not saying that He will completely stop blessing you, but you will miss out on some stuff. In faith, pay your tithes. When you do, tell God to bless you. He has to because He is entitled to do what His word said He would do. (Numbers 23:19; Malachi 3:10-12)
---Rickey on 4/22/06

No a person whom choses not to tithe, isn't cursed. it is a choice one makes for themselves and it should be between them and the Lord. The churches that teaches that one must tithe are dead wrong.
---Rebecca_D on 4/22/06

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