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Interesting 666 Theories

I've heard several theories and musings on the meaning of "666". I was wondering if anyone has heard of any I never have, and I'll also post the more interesting ones I've heard.

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 ---david8576 on 4/23/06
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666 - 175 Antiochus = 490 + 1.
---yohannes_estonic on 2/1/12


666 is the number of the Beast's NAME, not the number of the DATE. The year should have nothing to do with it.
---StrongAxe on 2/1/12

What if: Nero carryforward was 64 + 1948 =

---yohannes_estonic on 1/31/12

Persecution of the Christians by Nero was 64 ad to 68ad. It started around the fire of Rome in 64ad and lasted to his death in 68ad was writtern about by Tacticus, Setonious, Cassius.
Where Paul and Peter are said to have been executed.Acts was not finished.
66ad to 73ad was the war fought by Rome against all Jews some of them Christian. It was started by greeks sacrificing birds near the temple. Escalating tensions and anti tax revolts. The Roman military garrison was wiped out. The Roman legion wiped out at Beth Horun. Nero gave command to Vaspasian and Titus and the ethnic cleansing began Jerusalem fell in 70ad and was taken down virtually stone by stone as prophecy.
---chris on 1/31/12

Nerro considered himself a God.As did Domitian and Domitian controlled the finances of the empire, only those who had his grace could trade which did not please the Roman Senate. He was the 10th ruler of the century and the one who followed reigned for but a short time.
interesting Pompelli exploded with fire and brimstone in 79ad. Considered by some the Babylon of its day. What happened to its inhabitants? Forever cast in petrified state.
All you can do Fenri is cast an opinion about Revelation not dictate. All any of us can do. I am just showing how easily Revelation can be interpreted different ways.
The simple answer is the world God promised us has not yet come.

---chris on 1/31/12

Thank you for your words, StrongAxe! I also read your refuting of Eloy's "NEBUCHADNEZZAR's-name-adds-up-to-the-Number-of-the-Beast" foolishness . Good answer [unfortunately, it's pearls before swine].
---Fenrisulfr on 1/31/12

Eloy, you don't read very carefully, do you? You wrote, "foolish blasphemers have said the same thing against Christ that you say." Was I talking about Christ? I was talking about you. You have a Christ complex. If not, you wouldnt be reacting to something said about YOU, as if I was talking about JESUS.

Your delusions are obviously degenerating to the point that if anybody disagrees with you, they must be opposing God.

"Should not the multitude of words be answered? and should a man full of talk be justified? Should thy lies make men hold their peace? and when thou mockest, shall no man make thee ashamed?" [Job 11:2-3]
---Fenrisulfr on 1/31/12


Can you cite any sources that say that the war against the Christians and Jews was 7 years long, or that Nero's persecution of Christians was 42 months long? While these might be convenient numbers to tie Nero to the Revelation, they don't seem to line up with historical facts.

Besides, if Nero really WAS the Beast or Revelation, that would be problematic, because many of the other things in Revelation (for example, nobody in the world being able to buy or sell without receiving the name of the Beast or the number of his name) did not happen, as Nero was not the emperor of any part of the world outside the Mediterranean.
---StrongAxe on 1/30/12

in the 42 months when NERO hung Christians on crosses covered them with tar and set fire to them. When in the seven year war which accompanied that when over a million jews and Christians were ethnically cleansed and Jerusalem destroyed. Don't you think these are the first fruits? killed by four Ceasers.The first and last of which declared themselves god.
Surely whether Revelation is to come or not these were surely the first fruits.
---chris on 1/30/12

Antichrist, beast, etc:

Is both a woman (church) and a city.

Has it's seat on seven mountains.

Arises from among the 10 nations after the fall of pagan Rome, and as a "little horn," it roots up 3 of the 10.

Is diverse from the other powers - as iron and clay are unmixable.

Has the eyes of a man and a name which may be counted to total 666.

Speaks blasphemy - two examples of which are given by the Bible as (1) claiming to be God and (2) claiming the power to forgive sins against God.

Persecuted the saints of God for 1260 years (42 months or 3 1/2 times).

Thinks to change times and laws.

Suffered a deadly wound that was healed.

All the world wonders after the Beast.
---jerry6593 on 1/30/12

if you add 1 six hundred and sixty times you get 666.
---atheist on 1/29/12

NonChristians make light of the Holy Scriptures and we saints whom preach them, and they attach all manner of incorrect definitions to the things prophesied in the Bible. The Scriptures explain themselves and tell the readers thereof what the meaning is of that what is being presented, and therefore there is no need for any private misinterpretations from the NonSpiritually discerned.
---Eloy on 1/29/12


You quote a scripture including the term puffed up against Fenrisulfr. This is the pot calling the kettle black.

In the very previous message, you said: I do not preach theory, but truth: and not one point will fail of all that I preach, for truly truly I say to you, all that I preach will surely come to pass.

You claim infallibility. People who make such claims are either arrogant and delusional, or true prophets.

Yet on many occasions you have made statements that have been proven to be false (like your recent claims that one cannot be forgiven without repentance, which is directly contradicted by Jesus's forgiving his executioners).

So I guess infallibility is out. Guess what that leaves?
---StrongAxe on 1/29/12

fenrisulfr, You need to repent. For foolish blasphemers have said the same thing against Christ that you say, and their dissing tongues are heard no more. This thereupon know, that in final days the people will be mockers, desecrating speakers, unholy, slanderers, not lovers of good, stubborn, puffed up, pleasure-lovers rather than God-lovers: and of these turn away from. Blessed be you all when that malign you, and will persecute and say all evil word against you, lying falsely, on account of me. Rejoice and raise high, that the bonus plenteous yours in heaven: for so they persecuted the prophets, them before you."
---Eloy on 1/28/12

Looks like somebody's got a Christ complex, Eloy. Do you really think anyone's impressed with you sounding like Moses coming down from Mount Sinai? The Bible's full of false prophets who make all these grand, sweeping proclamations [I'm especially talking about Zedekiah the son of Chenaanah in I Kings 22:11 and what Micaiah said to him in verse 25].

Jude is specific about people like you: "These are murmurers, complainers, walking after their own lusts, and THEIR MOUTH SPEAKETH GREAT SWELLING WORDS, having men's persons in admiration because of advantage." [Jude 16]

Time to drop the name Eloy and call yourself Morlock, instead. It would be more honest.
---Fenrisulfr on 1/28/12

david8576, I do not preach theory, but truth: and not one point will fail of all that I preach, for truly truly I say to you, all that I preach will surely come to pass.
---Eloy on 1/27/12

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I have pointed out to Eloy several times that his pseudo-Greek "Nebuchadnezzar" spelling is different from any real Greek spelling (in particular, kappa+eta for "ch" is ludicrious, as "ch" is two letters in English, but one in Hebrew (chet) and Greek (chi)). I further showed 5 different old testament spellings of Nebuchadnezzar, each of which comes to a different numerical total - and none of which is anywhere near 666.

But rather than providing an example of how his spelling was ever ACTUALLY used anywhere (i.e. corroborating his theory, and providing "two witnesses" as required to establish truth), he ignored my proofs and replied to them with abuse.
---StrongAxe on 1/27/12

---Fenrisulfr on 1/23/12

the nature of Truth or Logic (Logos) is binary...on/off, t/f, light/dark...let your yes be yes and your no be no...anything else even good intentions and theory is a smokescreen. if it fits the pattern. the pattern is in the Logos.

many falsehoods are in numerology in different forms whether "christian" or not.
---aka on 1/24/12

Aka: Very true about the smokescreens. I try to avoid Israel's mistake in Joshua chapter 9 [Joshua and the Elders accepting the Gibeonites' story on face value]. I check out things for myself, and a lot of popular beliefs about what the Bible says [especially about the End-Times] turn out to have a lot less Biblical backing than one would think.

As far as Triangular Numbers go, I just give my mind free rein, looking for patterns. I was surprised to see 666 was part of that series and wondered if there could be any deeper significance. Mathematicians named them Triangular Numbers ages ago.
---Fenrisulfr on 1/23/12

120 Noah, 130 lbs..

130 - 120 = 10. 10 % x 10 = 1.

---yohannes_davisto on 1/23/12

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by pythagoras thereom..

for equilateral triangles:

=(SQRT(3))/4 {6}^2

= 15.5884572681199...

=(SQRT(3))/4 {7}^2 = 21.21762239271875...

21 1/5 + 1/50 - 3/1000 + 3/50000 + 1/500000 + 1/5000000...
---davsidon_yo on 1/23/12

---Fenrisulfr on 1/22/12.

thanks for all your recent posts. there was always smokescreens and there will always be. the evil one is so far ahead of us. if not for the one slight of hand that God used in Jesus, we would be a slave forever. and, because jesus pulled of this one trick, we can overcome the evil one's schemes.

BTW - your post on triangular numbers is not common knowledge. how did you come across it?
---aka on 1/23/12

On 4/28/06, Eloy wrote:

The Holy Bible explains the number, so there's no need to theorize or muse about what is already revealed: N (nu)= 50 + E (eta)= 8 + B (beta)= 2 + U (upsilon)= 400 + C (kappa)= 20 + H (eta)= 8 + A (alpha)= 1 + D (delta)= 4 + N (nu)= 50 + E (eta)= 8 + Z (zeta)= 7 + Z (zeta)= 7 + A (alpha)= 1 + R (rho)= 100= 666
(ref: Daniel 3, Matthew 24:15-22, Revelation 13 and Revelation 13:16-18).

So, because Eloy does some cute tricks with the Greek Alphabet, that's supposed to be the Final Word and no one else's searching of the Scriptures can be of any possible value?
---Fenrisulfr on 1/22/12

In reference to Eloy's attempt on 4/28/06 to convince us that NEBUCHADNEZZAR is the name of the Beast: I could give you many Greek and Hebrew number games with similar proofs that have been used down the centuries to name this or that person or institution as the Antichrist.
The list includes Nero Caesar, Domitian Caesar, the Papacy, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Now we can add to that list Nebuchadnezzar.
Bill Clinton's was fun, because that added up to 666, not just in Greek but in Hebrew!
---Fenrisulfr on 1/22/12

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Chris, all the events in Revelation have yet to occur. Revelation is not the symbolic story of the last 2000 years but a chronicle of this worlds Last Seven Years. The man child in chapter 12 is not the Christian Church but the 144,000. They are the "firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb." [Rev. 14:4]. Also look at chapter 12, verse 6: "And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days." 1260 days is approximately three and a half years, a time span referring exclusively to within the Great Tribulation.
---Fenrisulfr on 1/22/12

//130 [lbs] x 666 = 86,580 lbs....12 troy ounces in lbs ? x 12 = 24,935,040,// ---johannes_d

interesting that if you go on biblegateway dot com, you can put in 1 Kings 10:14 and compare the different versions. about half now obscure the truth with measurements such as tons and pounds instead of talents.

the truth was already given in witness. 1 Kings 10:14 --> Rev 13:18...there is one greater than Solomon.

//approximate current value in US dollars=$39,896,064,000//

The Outstanding Public Debt as of 22 Jan 2012 at 12:39:47 PM GMT is: $ 15,246,612,820,146.39

The National Debt has continued to increase an average of
$3.96 billion per day since September 28, 2007!

it won't be long.
---aka on 1/22/12

At the end of the day. We were asked to give a theory, not necessarily a belief. Yet the theory I have quoted certainly falls in with this phrase

'things which must shortly come to pass.' Rev 1 Verse 1.

It is though just a theory which was as asked for. Not my belief.
---chris on 1/22/12

"And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth." [Rev. 17:9]
It's commonly thought that this can only refer to the Seven Hills of Rome. But there are seven other mountains whose names should be heard: Mount Zion, Mount Ophel, Mount Moriah, Mount Bezetha, Mount Acra, Mount Gareb and Mount Goath.
These are the Seven Mountains upon which Jerusalem is set.
---Fenrisulfr on 1/22/12

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Interesting replies Yet we were asked for theories. Few have answered the question that was asked.
The woman laden with child, twelve stars representing the tribes of Israel. Giving birth to a child, the Christian church. Christ ascending to his rightful place alongside God. The woman then flees to the desert,the Jews and Christians fleeing the persecution of Rome.
The book of acts not completed, the giving up of sister by brother and vice versa. No word heard out of Rome. The word was not heard.
Pompelli destroyed by volcano AD 79. The Sodom if not Babylon of its day.
The control of all things fiscal by Domitian. You cannot buy or sell.
---chris on 1/22/12

May not make a difference but while many get caught up on the number being 6-6-6 look again. The number is 600, 60 and 6 as it reads in KJV. There may be a difference there of note.
I don't have knowledge if it says any different in the original Greek or not!
---Legends on 1/21/12

Contrary to popular opinion, the Seven Heads [not horns] of the Beast are not the Seven Hills of Rome. Rome has nothing to do with it at all. The events of Revelation have not even yet begun to occur. People see a few things fit the prophetic pattern and assume they know what it's talking about.
Antiochus Epiphanes fit many of the characteristics of the "Vile Person" of Daniel 11:21 but does anyone really think he was the Antichrist, yet to come?
---Fenrisulfr on 1/21/12

About Peter and Paul being the two Witnesses, no.
In the first place, the events of Revelation will be fulfilled IN THE FUTURE. They have NOT already been fulfilled at different times in the last 2000 years.
In the second place, neither Peter or Paul performed the kind of miracles the Two Witnesses perform. Bringing down fire, causing drought, turning water to blood, bringing plagues: this, however, was done by Moses and Elijah. They will be returned to the Earth at the Last Time, for they are, in effect, THE LAW AND THE PROPHETS.
---Fenrisulfr on 1/21/12

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Nero adding up to 666 in Hebrew is actually pointless. It's possible to find a "666" numerological connection with just about anybody you want. It doesn't prove anything.
Robert Graves had a dream where he saw the words, "DOMITIANUS CAESAR LEGATOS XRISTI VILITER INTERFEIT". In Latin this meant, "Domitian Caesar basely killed the envoys of Christ". DCLXVI is 666 in Roman numerals. But it doesn't prove anything.
One fellow was convinced that Bill Clinton was the Antichrist because his name added up to 666 in Hebrew AND in Greek. And we all remember Ronald Wilson Reagan. Six letters in each name.
Remember: let him that hath UNDERSTANDING...count the number of the Beast.
---Fenrisulfr on 1/21/12

Consider this:
There are a series of numbers called "Triangular Numbers". These are formed by taking the series of regular numbers and adding them consecutively, 1+2+3+4...and so on.
Thirty-six is the number of full human potential.
---Fenrisulfr on 1/21/12

Weren't these the same number of the yearly talents of gold given to Solomon for The Temple and City Building of Jerusalem, when He had peace on all sides and His competitors were trading with Him?

130 lbs was the talent.. for the Roman time of the New Testiment.

130 x 666 = 86,580 lbs.
ie. 24 years x 86,580 = 2,077,920 lbs?

12 troy ounces in lbs ? x 12 = 24,935,040,

approximate current value in US dollars $1,600?

x 1600 = 39,896,064,000
---johannes_davidstones on 1/14/12

The name Nero in Hebrew numbers is 666

Who declared himself God whom all men must worship.

The seven horns are the hills of Rome and the 10 crowns are the 10 ceasars of the 1st century. The two apostles were Peter and Paul martyred by Nero. The 42 months were from 64/68 when Nero slaughtered the Christians.
The tribulation was 66ad-73ad.
When Jerusalem was destroyed
The darkness was during the time of Nero's persecution.
The final battle is between the east and west Roman empires fought in the north Turkey. Constantine wins. Christianity becomes predominant. Which couples with I shall make my kingdom on earth. I will never leave, his spirit is with us.
There is more to this but not snough space.
---chris on 1/1/12

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Simple explanation. It is number of a man. Man was created same day as beast, 6. day. So it really means 3 man/women ruling the (spiritual world) without God since God's number is 7.
---Mir on 12/26/11

johnnyB - Thank you for clearing that up.
---kevin3597 on 4/30/09

There is only one Prince of Wales. That is Charles, the heir to the throne. When Charles dies, his eldest son will become the Prince of Wales. His second son will become the Duke of York.
---JohnnyB on 4/29/09

Mima~ just looking at that word gives me a headache! lol
---Anne on 4/29/09

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While reading the answers to this post I came on this word.
"Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia" and I would like to say something in defense of my reactions.
First this word makes me feel inadequate.
This word tends to make me short of breath.
Also I would like for those of you who daily use this word to have some sympathy for those of us who have little comprehension or understanding of this word.
I have never experienced fear of 666 but I'm exceedingly fearful of this word
" "Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia"
---mima on 4/29/09

Debbie: "In Scripture numbers have a great deal of meaning. #1 = God, #2 = # of witness, #3 = # of the Trinity, #4 - # of the world, #5 = # of grace, #6 = # of humanity(sinners), #7 - # of perfectness or God's completeness, #8 = # of the new creation - believers, etc. The # 666 speaks of humanity 3 times - Satan, anti-christ and false prophet."

Now you are getting into numerology. These numbers are meaningless because there are different meaning depending who you talk to. Take, for instance, your number one. there a a few christian books that claim the number is "unity." Another book claims the number means "beginning." As you can see by reading these posts, bible numbers are debatable and not worth dabating.
---Steveng on 4/28/09

Good question, so I went to the official website of the British Monarchy. Here is what it said: "The Prince of Wales is a title created for the male Heir to The Throne. There is no automatic succession to this title, but it is normally passed on when the existing Prince of Wales accedes to the throne. The title becomes merged in the Crown and is renewed only by the Sovereign's pleasure.
1. The Prince of Wales
2. Prince William of Wales
3. Prince Henry of Wales"
---kevin3597 on 4/28/09

Kevin are you sure that Princes William & Harry bear the title "of Wales"?
---aaln8566_of_Uk on 4/28/09

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Prince William has recently revealed his "Harry Potter" scar. He was struck in the forehead with a 7 iron when he was 9 years old. He says it also glows. It is above his left eye. Visit my profile. The meaning of the name William: Will, desire, helmet, protection (Revelation 13:14)
Separate William: Will I AM (Satan's will is to be the I AM.) Prince Charles was born the same year that Israel became a nation. (again). I-66 runs through Prince William County just outside Washington D.C.
---kevin3597 on 4/28/09

Prince Charles of Wales = 666. According to the Hebrew, Greek, and English Gematria. His Coat of Arms has a dragon, which gives the AntiChrist his power (Revelation 13:2). Since we know that God is a triune God, so Satan has his own biological unholy trinity (Revelation 16:13). The number of the beast is actually his father's number (Revelation 14:1).
(anti-father) - Prince Charles of Wales - The dragon
(anti-christ) - Prince William of Wales - The beast out of the sea
(anti-spirit) - Prince Harry of Wales - The beast out of the earth (false prophet)
---kevin3597 on 4/28/09

r.w. the reference to the Pope actually adds up to 666. I think you are missing something. I looked into this in depth. There are also umpteen other titles of the Pope and many of them add up to 666. A big fuss was made about this because the title you used DOES add up to 666. Somewhere in my hundreds of documents I printed out, I have all that written out properly, and it is beyond dispute. Make sure you have the full title down.
---frances008 on 4/28/09

It probably means sick-sick-sick because that's what it does to some people's brains!
---JohnnyB on 4/26/09

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Allah written in Arabic looks like 666...
---Linda on 4/26/09

No, Frances, you'd be surprised, there are people that are afraid of the number (not many anymore, but still some). About two years ago, the Federal government in the U.S. built a highway that was numbered "route 666". Many people turned out to protest and the number was finally changed. When I was growing up in the 1970's, you could go into any office building and get into the elevator, but there was no number "13" (the 13 floor was still there, but it was numbered "14" because there was a superstition about the number "13", Triskaidekaphobia).

Superstitions die hard, but if a company is using #666 in their logo, I wouldn't trust that their products are safe either (FDA approved).
---more_excellent_way on 9/2/08

More Excellent Way, nobody fears number per se. We should discern from the way numbers come up, whether we need to take action or not. If my temperature reads 104 degrees F, I would call a doctor. Not because of an innate fear of this number but because it means I have a fever. Likewise 666 appearing in , for instance a company's logo, would put me off buying their products (especially food). So would a skull and bones, an upside down star, a pyramid etc. I take notice of symbols and numbers, but I do not fear them.
---frances008 on 9/1/08


is the fear of the number six-hundred-sixty-six.

The number cannot hurt anyone, let alone someone who is a son of the most high.

The fear of this number is only a religious superstition.

Mankind has always replaced the three gifts of God to humanity
1) creation (Father)
2) Son (salvation)
3) Godliness teaching (Holy spirit)

with its own teachings and efforts (the efforts and teachings of the sixth day creation)...3 sixes.

6 is a very common number in everyday life.

In mathematics, it is known as an "abundant" #, a "super abundant" #, and the first "perfect" #.
---more_excellent_way on 9/1/08

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So did anybody ever think that you're all right? 666 sign of the devil, anybody ever notice that beer primarily comes in multiples of 6? Could be things that come in a 6 format are the sign. I don't know the exact scripture, but somewhere towards the end of the 666 description it says it takes an intelligent man to decipher the meaning. This came in an epiphany format, I could be crazy, but then again I'm posting on a website devoted to 666
---Rick on 8/31/08

I have an opinion, I once heard that the end of the world was not a time but a season. I also heard that 666 means great imperfection. GOD is perfect. An imperfect god could be Money. Maybe it's that time of the season?
---gregory on 8/23/08

Greek Correction:
In Greek, the mark of the Antichrist is, chi + xi + digamma= cxf.
The Antichrist is, Nebuchadnezzar.
And the unholy trinity is number 666.
In Greek, the mark of God is, omega + pi + eta= wph.
The Christ is, Iesous.
And the holy trinity is number 888.
---Eloy on 1/15/08


Both Hebrew and Greek used letters for counting, so each word had a numerical value. You COULD do the same for the Latin alphabet, butby the same system, a=1, b=2, ...

if you use any old numbers, it's very easy to fit such vague prophecies into almost any agenda.

A facetious example:
If we choose a=85, b=86, c=87, ...
r=102, e=89, v=106, h=92, e=89, r=102, b=86: total=666
---StrongAxe on 1/15/08

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in some translations of the bible, the number is 616...if that makes things hugely different
---cassie on 1/13/08

Here is one I came up with, but someone else probably came up with it before I did: Expressed in Roman numerals, "666" is read as "DCLXVI". This is, leaving out "M", the Roman numerals listed backwards. Perhaps the number of man is the number of one who does things backward from the way they were intended, who takes what God has given us and uses it for the opposite purpose. The omission of "M" might mean something, but I can't think of anything meaningful.
---david8576 on 6/6/07

How about in Gospel of John chapter 6 verse 66, John 6:66 reads "From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him."
---Ruben on 8/6/06

A=6, B=12, C=18,D=24, Etc.

---Rev_Herb on 8/5/06

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"vicarius filii dei" vicar of the Son of God this is on the pope's coat

use roman numerals to figure this out. the u in vicarius can be seen as a v

i=1 v=5 L=50 C=100 D=500

Moderator: This ads up to that right?
---r.w. on 8/5/06

I happened to catch a TV show that talked about US 666 that passes through the 4 corners area.

While weird and tragic things have happened on it, the Bible DOES say that it's the number of a man, NOT the number of a road.

How many of you have books--including Bibles--with 666 pages in them?
---Jack on 5/16/06

In Greek, letters of the alphabet serve as numerals. Alpha is 1, Beta is 2, Gamma is 3, and so on.

The letters used to signify 666 in Rev 13:18 in Greek are KhiKsiSigmatav. (Sorry, don't have a Greek font that will work here.)
---Jack on 5/12/06

Why do people think the 666 refers to letters of the alphabet? Maybe these numbers are in reference to a law or a recommendation giving this person "supreme" power over a 10-nation union. Read about Recommendation 666. google it.
---Nellah on 5/7/06

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man created on 6 day his # is 6, man is body soul and spirit, the body is the temple of God,soul is for the mind of Christ,spirit is for intimate relations with Gods spirit. when man is in possesion of these he is the Son of perdition not submitting to God. Body-6, Soul-6, spirit-6. 66 books in the bible add mans opinion 66 6
---Exzucuh on 4/29/06

Randy, It may look like numerology, but it is not, instead it is a standard numeration. Since the recorded history of man from the seventh generation, a number and a meaning corresponds to each letter of the first Hebrew alphabet in 3507 B.C. and likewise in the Greek alphabet: A=ox,1; B=house,2; etc. etc. which correlates to each of the 25 characters of the alphabet.
---Eloy on 4/29/06

Elder ... as usual you are right, When you said turn upside down I assumed you meant turn the paper top to bottom over to do so, in which case it does not work. But if you turn the paper 180 degrees, then 999 does become 666.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/29/06

Eloy and Debbie, I was just wondering where you got your numbers. Isn't this a lot like numerology?
---randy on 4/29/06

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In Scripture numbers have a great deal of meaning. #1 = God; #2 = # of witness; #3 = # of the Trinity; #4 - # of the world; #5 = # of grace; #6 = # of humanity(sinners); #7 - # of perfectness or God's completeness; #8 = # of the new creation - believers, etc. The # 666 speaks of humanity 3 times - Satan, anti-christ and false prophet.

---Debbie on 4/28/06

The Holy Bible explains the number, so there's no need to theorize or muse about what is already revealed: N (nu)= 50 + E (eta)= 8 + B (beta)= 2 + U (upsilon)= 400 + C (kappa)= 20 + H (eta)= 8 + A (alpha)= 1 + D (delta)= 4 + N (nu)= 50 + E (eta)= 8 + Z (zeta)= 7 + Z (zeta)= 7 + A (alpha)= 1 + R (rho)= 100= 666
(ref: Daniel 3; Matthew 24:15-22; Revelation 13 and Revelation 13:16-18).
---Eloy on 4/28/06

Elder ... You misunderstood me ... you have to turn 999 upside down AND back to front at the same time. Try 999 upside down, and you get the 6's back to front!
Mind you, it you ROTATE it by 180 degrees then it does work.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/28/06

Alan it must be the translation of engligh that you use. If you turn 999 front to back you will get GGG. Oh you Brits. It is OK to say Brits isn't it? Or is it Stir b?
Anyway I have some ugly pictures in my mirrors at home.
---Elder on 4/27/06

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No Elder, I do not agree. If you just turn 666 upside down, you do not get 999. You also need to turn it back to front.
Incidently, 999 in the UK is the phone number for Emergency services. I think in the US you dial 911?
But it would put a whole new complexion on this whole subject.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/27/06

The Anti-christ appears de-facto having the appearance of a man during the events of the sixth vial, sixth seal, and the sixth trump. Which will all occur during the same period of time.
---josef on 4/26/06

I think 666 is 999 upside down. Who agrees?
---Elder on 4/26/06

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