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What is the Da Vinci Code About

What is the Da Vinci Code movie all about? What is wrong in the movie or book?

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 ---Jimbo on 4/23/06
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It was about a. Making money b. Denying Christ c. Dumbing down the masses d. Rewriting history especially about Leonardo da Vinci. It is so full of inaccuracies, only the Japanese public who do not have the Bible could fall for it. But they don't really have any interest in God anyway. It was entertainment to them. But it might have turned some away from Christ.
---frances on 1/29/08

It's about the gnostic gospels....and the beleif the Jesus was not Divine...perfect...full of Grace and truth.
They claim Jesus was married to Magdeline and had a child which is the Holy blood line of Christ.
Sick isn't it?
Definitely of the Devil and his dirty works!
---lisa on 1/9/08

I didn't see the movie or read the book. What is all about is leading people astray, putting doubts in the minds of people about the word of God. Just like the gospel of Judas.
---Rev_Herb on 1/9/08

it is all about the devils idea to destroy peoples faith in God and move them out of church as he knows he has only a short time left. Dont ever be deceived by this movie. Its all trash. Its demeaning and insulting to our Lord.
---jana on 9/18/06

JESUS WAS NOT MARRIED AND DID NOT HAVE KIDS!!!! Jesus is not a normal human being and we will never be on the same level as he is. He is a Superior Being. He is the true, the way, and the light of the world noone can come to Father but through him.
---tammy on 5/26/06

Without fact (truth) there could be no fiction (lie/fabrication of the truth). The Da Vinci Code is a 21st century subtle, "truth twisting", i.e., re-packaging of the devil's lies (Gen. 3).

The devil is a liar & the father of all liars. (John 8:42-47)
---Leon on 5/25/06

There is no question of being open minded.we have no business watching or reading books/articles that do not give glory to God as born again christians. phil 4:8 says it all.
---evely3966 on 5/25/06

Lazy people will think that there is some validity in the movie because they keep using the word "fact" when the information was supplied by a Frenchman who started this secret society in the 1950's and forged documents to look like 1099, but later admitted that it was all a hoax.
---Dottie on 5/25/06

With the very strong--if historically inaccurate--picture of the Roman Catholic Church painted by the book and movie DA VINCI CODE, one would think they would both be favorites of many of the posters here.

Their clear theme of "bash the Catholics" should really make them popular.

After all, isn't the enemy of your enemy your friend? Or something?
---Jack on 5/25/06

Moderator--While in the long run DVC will have about as much effect on the Church as Last Temptation, I agree with you that because of the mostly bogus factoids presented as absolute established truths, a lot of people will be led astray by the movie.

Moderator - Oh so true.
---Jack on 5/23/06

The controversy surrounding this book reminds me of another I read in the early '60s: "The Last Temptation of Christ," authored by Nikos Kazantzicus. That novel stirred a mild controversy then, but, I guess, is mostly forgotten today. I recall it well, though. I fully realized then that a "novel" was all its author claimed it to be. It was not until over a decade later that a movie version was tried. The film was dismissed by critics and public alike as an unbearable bore.
---JOHN on 5/23/06

Moderator, the book itself does NOT 'defame Christ'. It does do a number on historical Christianity, which is another issue. But anyone who knows anything about Church history or even ART history will recognize Brown's errors and bogus factoids.

Moderator - Most people don't know Church History whether they profess to be Christians or not, therefore fiction is implanted as fact in many of their minds. You are well versed, however the majority don't know much.
---Jack on 5/23/06

I have no interest in the book nor the movie because like all of you said, it leads many people to the false path and away from the true Christ. I want to ask you all; if you want, to read in the Bible the books, 1 John through Revelations. It talk alot about the antichrists that will try winning many people's hearts so they won't turn to Christ, and will try about anything to do so.
---im_blessed on 5/22/06

I gotta agree with the moderator open mind, mind destroys power. marterdom would not exists, an open mind leads to persecution. stand fast in the faith a prerequisite for being saved is believing jesus was who he said he was died and was raised on the third day by the same power that lives within you. what do I call this movie wordly,babylon,a sin against gods word.
---tom on 5/22/06

Brown, the writer, says the book is fiction based on truth.
Fiction based on truth??? How big a space between our ears would we have to have to accept that statement?
When a Pastor makes a mistake people are ready to lynch him, but there is not much outrage about Brown's perversion of Jesus and his false hoods. erick, you have been eating your Cornflakes too dry if you think anyone should be open minded about this book that gives more credit to Judas and others than to Christ.
---Elder on 5/22/06

its about making money. before that the author brown wrote it in book form to make money.he sold the movie rights to make money
---tom on 5/22/06

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listen folks jesus was not married and had no children, god has no grandsons, only children. and he only has one divine son jesus. this could go into the sins of the churh post. a book professing jesus as a liar.the witness in scripture is there as a matter of personal acceptance or rejection, christ parable of the sower applies your job is to believe. the book is fiction PERIOD.and has no business like many other wordly subjects to be given credence by born again christians.
---tom on 5/22/06

I read the book, and I can sense that the book is telling us something. we should also have an open mind. if our faith is a personal experience, and not merely a product of religion, then issues, will not shake faith nor misled us.

Moderator - Makes sense that Christians should have an open mind about materials that defame Christ. Are you joking?
---erick on 5/22/06

I am currently reading this book, and the threat I see is the fact that so many people are willing to consider the possibility of the material being true, even though the book is purely a work of fiction. The things allegated in it are troubling enough because people are so easily misled, not knowing what they believe or why.
---tommy3007 on 4/25/06

I'm not interested in the DaVinci code. I note people wholesale dismiss it without knowing what it is all about. like the Gospel Of Judas. That's called ignorance. As to the Judas text the copy they have is from about 300AD based on one from about 150AD. It was refered to as heretical by Ireanious in 180AD, but we must remember he accepted the writings of Barnabus and some other text as canonical as Gospel. It is interesting, as a Gnostic text. In the second century there was NO monolithic 'church.'
---MikeM on 4/24/06

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Part 2
I live in the UK, an watch alot of American TV. Frankly, there are more offensive TV shows out there then DC.
Which ones? Will and Grace, about an openly homosexual man, is abhorent. I don't watch it, and about the only Amerian show I do watch is the west Wing.
---mike6553 on 4/24/06

In fact, I have read all his 4 books, and enjoyed Angels and demons intensely. Is it ant Christian? I don't think so, anti RCC deffinitly. He is primarily a conspiracy writer, A&D about the Illuminati, DC about the silly idea of Jesus marrying Magdaline. The other 2 books concern a conspiracy to infer alien life and the last one about computers.
---mike6553 on 4/24/06

This book puts confusion into the minds of people about the true Jesus. Christians- don't read the book, don't see the movie!!! Don't pay Hollywood to blaspheme Christ!
---Liz on 4/24/06

The books author says it is just fiction.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/24/06

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the movie and the book.. are works of fiction but because most Christians will not read their bibles..they may follow or get confused about the true events if the bible... just look at some of the questions in this forum.
---willow on 4/23/06

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