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Chewing Tobacco Or Smoking

Is it wrong for a christian to use chewing tobacco instead of smoking? Our marriage is broken and heading for divorce because of this addiction.

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 ---Lilly_M_Hicks on 4/24/06
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About the lady with the stronghold of snuff it goes beyond the use of the weed.She is highly demonized.Symptoms include,sexual molestation day and night,intense vibration of the body which no one can feel but her.Grabbing of the spine,clutching of the hips and upper chest.Insomnia so great that she has lain awake some nights without even an hours sleep.She is also stricken with anxiety.Her physical and emotional torment is constant---DAY and NIGHT! She uses because of the torment, and because of the habit it'self.Any deliverance ministers looking on? This is the most incredible case of demonizstion that I have heard about!
---Danelle on 5/26/09

I know of a lady who is demonized.She can't get delivered of the hellish torment she is in I believe,because she has used snuff since she was five or six years old.She is now well over sixty and wants to quit,these devils dont want her to quit.I believe nicotine is a stronghold.I want to see her set free.Does anyone have any good Christian suggestions to help this woman quit using?
---Danelle on 5/25/09

Isn't it the truth, Bob!
---catherine on 2/20/09

Bob,of course our churches are full of over weight people.They are overweight because they became gluttenous.People become overweight by over-indulgence in food.Many find it helpful to eat to alleviate something painful in thier lives,food is like a drug to them.It is comforting.They sneak food to eat,even in Obesity Clinics.I can not condone obesity.Obese people die before thier time,due to the health problems incurred.The Word says: If you are a man given to appetite,put a knife to your throat.Gluttony is one of the seven DEADLY sins.Deadly,because lack of control over the appetite.As for nicotine,it is deadly too,as we have learned.However,there is no comandment given.We must have Godly discernment in every area of our lives!
---Danelle on 2/20/09

Catherine, I could give you a good challenge on that. After I got saved, I realized just how imperfect I was, not to mention being a slave to sin. I thank God every day for His amazing grace that saved a wretch like me.
---Bob on 2/19/09

GOD, could not have chosen a more imperfect person than myself. I am proud of it. I NEED HIM.
---catherine on 2/19/09

Markv.You are right that there are many things in this world that are not good for us,most hardly anything is.However,GOD'S laws against the clean and the unclean meats in still in force.They were definitely not cleansed in the N.T.! When Peter saw the vision of the clean and the unclean,those vile things no one would ever consume,it was not varmits he was seeing,it was the pagan,the infidels,that had not yet been exposed to the Word.God said to Peter,that what He had cleansed,not to call them unclean. Yeshua was sending Peter to preach the Gospel to the Infidels,whom the Jews and Pharisees considered unclean.Peter went and preached the gospel,they who believed,were then grafted into God's family.He loves all!
---Danelle on 2/19/09

Markv.You are right that there are many things in this world that are not good for us,most hardly anything is.However,GOD'S laws against the clean and the unclean meats in still in force.They were definitely not cleansed in the N.T.! When Peter saw the vision of the clean and the unclean,those vile things no one would ever consume,it was not varmits he was seeing,it was the pagan,the infidels,that had not yet been exposed to the Word.God said to Peter,that what He had cleansed,not to call them unclean. Yeshua was sending Peter to preach the Gospel to the Infidels,whom the Jews and Pharisees considered unclean.Peter went and preached the gospel,they who believed,were then grafted into God's family.He loves all!
---Danelle on 2/19/09

Over the years I've seen many brothers and sisters struggle to overcome their addictions including myself. Sometimes there were instant delivery, others took a long time, and perhaps some of them last a last time. Someone who has smoked, chewed, etc.. from anywhere between 5 and 40 years, or so, can have a difficult time, because their entire lifestyles evolved around their habits, along with their families and peers. Being around those who have the same habits doesn't help either. Most Christians use the body is the temple of God scripture, and the statement "what would Jesus do". If you want to quit, God will help you to quit. He knows your heart! Lets join together and pray for those who want help.
---Bob on 2/19/09

Thank Miche for your answer. I am sorry you are still struggling with smoking. What I believe happens to Christians is that they are been change all through life. There is many things that are bad for us. No one changes completely in an instant. It is a life long work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Sometimes worse things in us are taken care first by God, those that hold us back from Him. I also believe God knows when and how we will die. Just like He knew when and to whom we would be born to. It could be the way you die will be caused by smoking, then again it could be a car accident. Maybe if you stop, you will reach the correct age but die another way. I believe the only thing we can change is the quality of life we live. Keep the faith.
---MarkV. on 2/19/09

I want it found for me in the bible that chewing is wrong. and God cleaned the pork in the new testament, read your bible, but no one's seems to be able to show smoking, gambling, chewing as a sin in the bible, please post verses and books.
---sherri on 2/19/09

I will say this markv, with the exception of the one disagreement, we are usually always on one accord.

And you are right, God does tell us certain things for us NOT to do. It is because he loves us som much and wants our walk with him to be as close as it can be while we are in the flesh.

I am still struggling with smoking too. That should give you the answer you asked me about markv.
God bless you brother~
---miche3754 on 2/19/09

Miche, we are in one accord, that is great. You don't have to answer but are you someone else who use to post here before? I am thinking of someone with the letter "R" in the beginning? You don't have to answer if you don't want to.
You sound like her some times.

Danelle, there is so many things that are a sin, but many are not sins, many commands were for our protection. God would say, don't do this or that, only because He wanted to protect us from the consequences of what He told us not to do. It was not that He wanted to keep us from enjoying ourselves, but to help us. He used Obedience as a tool to keep us safe. Many times we disobeyed and received the consequences, sometimes they were very bad.
---MarkV. on 2/19/09

Danelle, Our churches have many overweight brothers and sisters who worship and love the Lord. Just because their eating habits are different, we can't consider over indulgence sinful. Overcoming physical addictions can be very hard for some people. Mark is right, they are just objects. They are unhealthful and create dissension among the brethren. But I would reconsider calling them sinful. God's love and peace be with you.
---Bob on 2/18/09

I agree with mark on this one, danielle.

The objects are just that, objects.

Spirits can use these objects to keep our flesh inthralled to them. It is our responsibility to ask God to help us put these things down to have a better walk with him.
Too much of anything is a bad thing.
---miche3754 on 2/18/09

Markv Thanks for your reply to my brief discourse on the lusts of the flesh. I am assuming you are basing your beliefs on your personal conceptions of "wrongs".If you will check the OT,you will see that the eating of pork is forbidden because it is unclean--THEN and NOW.God knew pork would clog the arteries,heart,cause high blood pressure ect.Sugar is a drug that we sometimes must struggle with.Sugar is a carbohydrate and hard to eliminate from the body.It is expelled through the respiratory system,i.e.the "common cold." Too much sugar,unable to go anywhere,taxes the system causing diabeties.Gluttony,the over-indulgence of food or strong or soft drink is a sin.God says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge!
---Danelle on 2/18/09

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Danelle, I am not the same Mark who answered here but I will give my impute on this subject. I believe anything which becomes a habit is wrong. Eating too much, drinking to much, smoking too much, eating a lot of pork, eating alot of meat, eating a lot of Ice cream. Anything that becomes a habit is not good for us. There is no demons of Pork, or food, or drinking, demons of Ice cream or smoking. They have nothing to do with the choices we make. I believe people are ready to put the blame on the devil or his demons when the cause was the person. They don't want to take responsibility for their actions. Always blaming someone else as Adam, then Eve did.
---MarkV. on 2/18/09

Mark,if the Lord was in my presence and I was addicted to any substance harmful to the body,I would confess it and ask him to cast it OUT!
---Danelle on 2/17/09

Mark,I would further add that the use of mood altering drugs is witchcraft.Nicotine is a powerful,satisfying (to what?)drug. Just what ARE we satisfying when we smoke or dip? When we smoke that weed,sniff a substance up our nose,pop that "nerve" pill,put a needle in our arm?The whole world needs a Valium!The world needs DELIVERANCE ALSO!
---Danelle on 2/17/09

I have plagued myself with the question of wheather smoking and the oral use of tobacco are sins.The Bible speaks against making provisions for the flesh.(lusts of the fleah.) I have noted that when people become Christian,they either stop,or have difficulty stopping.It becomes something one wants to do as a cleansing for the Lord.In my studies of how the works of darkness work against humanity in the form of harmful addictive substances,I believe that something that is obsessive and compulsive,is (hate to say this,) demonic.
---Danelle on 2/17/09

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This is something I'm struggling with myself. The Lord has lit a fire in me to truly transform my life. I have dipped for 15 years now. Anyone who tells you tobacco isn't addictive is lying via Satan. Each time I try to quit it makes me so irritable I get a dip just to maintain my Christian attitude. But make no mistake. I have prayed about this and know in my heart it is a sin. I know that God will strengthen me and eventually deliver me from this sin. The closer I walk with him the more I'm sure of it and the closer to quitting I get. In my opinion anything that I that I would be ashamed to do in front of God is a sin. It doesn't matter how small as God sees all sin the same.
---Big_W on 2/17/09

Sounds like a pretty selfish reason to be ending a marriage. If I recall, the only acceptable reasons to end a marriage is in the case of fornication or if one is unsaved and wants to leave the one that is saved. Otherwise it forbids you to leave your spouse and claims you will be in adultery if you get with someone else (even after the divorce that is legal in human law, not gods) Matthew 19:9; 1 Cor. 7:10-15
---chris on 8/17/08

Hudson: I totally agree. It isn't nothing for me to see a man with a mouth full of tobacco. Heck, I've seen women with a big wad of tobacco in their mouth. I can handle a man chewing, but not a woman. A woman should be a woman and a man should be a man.
---Rebecca_D on 11/3/07

Oh brother. If chewing tobacco was the cause of divorce, in my neck of the woods, cowboys wouldn't have a chance.
---Hudson on 11/2/07

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dipping is bad for the body, true this is. however the processed foods we eat are pretty bad too, margarine(butter substitute) is even worse. so our bodies are temples however we cannot avoid everything, the only question is if the Lord were in your presense, would you dip in front of him?
---mark on 11/2/07

Yes they both are sin we are to be different from the world And not have these nasty habit's
---Betty on 7/24/07

Not really wrong but it is a bad and dangerous habit. Your health can and will suffer eventually but you need to be persuaded in your own mind. Read Romans chapter 14 and pray. Ask the Lord to give you an understanding in this area. He will. You know. Note: The tobacco did not break your marriage up. I have a suspicion it is something much more serious.The chew is only an excuse that is being used.
---Robyn on 7/24/07

Tobacco is not a sin, although many find it an unpleasant habit. It is certainly, by itself, no reason to break a marriage.
---alan8869_of_UK on 7/24/07

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Ya know I have noticed something, people always bark about smoking and chewing snuff and how wrong it is. But what about those that are lost, always in a hurry and never have time for God? Or those whom has lost their faith in God because of people barking on what is wrong and how it is a sin in people's faces? Instead of barking to someone that something is wrong, why don't we just pray for them? It is so easy to kick someone when their down, and the sad part we don't realize it.
---Rebecca_D on 7/7/06

Smoking is a bad habit, hard to break. What about all the damage done to people's health when the air is filled everyday by automobiles. I suppose the damage is greater than that of the smokers but I doubt any of you are going to park your car. How many out there addicted to riding everywhere you go?
---Thomas_D. on 7/7/06

We have to be Mindful, that it isn't the Person that we are Wrestling with but the Spirit of ADDICTION! Which is the STRONGHOLD!!!
---Renatta on 7/7/06

We have to put away the old man and his DEEDS! We are CRUCIFIED with CHRIST no longer I that LIVETH Galatians 2:20
---Renatta on 7/7/06

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We have to with all Stronghold Learn to Captivate them in the Obdience of Christ JESUS! We walk no longer according to the Flesh, but the Spirit of GOD!
---Renatta on 7/7/06

Smoking as we know is a Bad Habit and it is something that you have to be transformed from by the renewing of your MIND! It is a STRONGHOLD over the BELIEVER and HINDERANCE!
---Renatta on 7/7/06

Oh How Sweet it is when BRETHREN DWELL toghther in UNITY!!!Psalm 133:1
---Renatta on 7/7/06

Smoking is a sin it is also a nasty habit i know i smoke 23 years before i quit or rather the
lord delivered me from the habit
---Betty on 7/7/06

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Further more If you struggle with Smoking What Testimony have you got to tell someone that smokes 50/100 a day that being a Christian you are an Overcomer Through Christ that strengthens you. Who will you witness to? Someone that smokes and needs to stop? Are you fit for service? when you have an Addiction yourself!
---Carla5754 on 6/15/06

Get Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding.

Wisdom: Somking it is not wise to fill your Lungs with Nicotine a smelly Addictive Drug.

Knowledge: That It is now one of the most Silent killer habbits that people struggle to stop using.

Understanding: that you were choosen as a clean vessel to be an example to the World that is literally dying day in day out from Lung Cancer.!

What God would approve what Doctors Condemn.
---Carla5754 on 6/15/06

what about smoking crack? how bout mainlining horse? snorting coke? Bible doesnt talk of these either. here's your answer to questionable things the Bible doesnt talk bout----tattoos, smoking , snuff etc 1 Thes. 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.
---r.w. on 6/14/06

I would never teach that gambling or smoaking to be a transgression of the law, due to the fact of going beyond what the scriptures teach, this is a sin in itself.(REV22:18) I choose to never smoke on my on free will because I do not wont to destroy the temple (body). But there are smokers that actually never destroy the body and live to be 102. If the body is destroyed by smoking or any means, then it would become sin at that time. The transgression would be there. Good advice may be -take no chances.
---dan on 5/25/06

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The bible is the full athority. Gambling and other things not addressed in the bible are things people try to force on others, as did those that made washing of the hands and pots befor eating of there food, a comandment(of men-not God). Look at the real athourty 1john 3:4 sin is the transgression of the law. GOD must say what is sin not what we say. It must be told us from the bible before we can transgress it. 1john 5:17 all unrighteousness is sin: the bible tells US what is unrighteousness not man.
---dan on 5/24/06

Addiction of any kind is wrong. This is because it harms the body and the bible in 1st Cor.6: 19 Says the body is the temple of God. It is a sin to defile the temple of God 1 Col 3: 17. Rom 6:16 says you are servant to whomever you choose to obey. Since the Bible is our standard as xtians, lets live according to its dictates.
---Bridget on 5/23/06

Thanks Alan, this is my personal opinion on which you may disagree but I think that anything we do which harms our body is a sin. Examples. Drinking or eating to excess, smoking, taking drugs other than as medication, not excercising unless we physically cannot, etc. Many things, including tobacco, are not in the bible because they didn't exist then so we have to decide through what scripture DOES say and it tells us that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit so we insult God when we abuse our body.
---f.f. on 5/21/06

ff for the extenuationg circumstances ... slavery was quite acceptable to many Americans, and it is only recentl declared to be sinful Tobacco was traded by Christians for centuries. When did it become a sin?
Big problems when we try to decide for others.
---alan8869_of_UK on 5/20/06

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ff Yes I agree your ppoint aabout the sin being a sin even when we may npt recognise it as such (althoughthere "extenuating circumstances.
My coment abour "nerve" was addressed to the gentleman "O" and I composed it as a separate paragraph, but it was not published as such!
---alan8869_of_UK on 5/20/06

If a person thinks it is a sin, then it is a sin to them. Just because one thinks it is wrong, that doesn't mean it is wrong for everyone else. Someone whom steals and someone whom smokes is two different things. First of all it is illeagel to steal, and the bible says to obey the laws of the land. A person can be a christian and smoke at the same time. If this habit interfers their walk with God, that is when it becomes a sin.
---Rebecca_D on 5/20/06

Almost 3 years ago now when I got diagnosed with Emphysema and sat crying my heart out to the Lord and asked Him to do something because I knew I could not quit, He required me to confess the smoking as a sin, then He set me free totally from the addiction. If it was a sin for me, then how come it would not be a sin for someone else?
---Helen_5378 on 5/20/06

Alan I am not the one who used the phrase 'you have a nerve', that is said in the post below mine. I agree with your first sentence absolutely but I think you miss my point which is - Rebecca thinks something IS a sin ONLY if a person is convicted of it where I say sin is sin is sin, but it is only WHEN we are convicted of it that WE PERSONALLY see it as sin, but it was still sin BEFORE we could see that. We are all very good at seeing the sins of others but not our own.
---f.f. on 5/20/06

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I have ready the current blogs on smoking and many of you think it not to be a sin. What about the scripture that calls the body the Holy Temple and we are not to harm it. Smoking will cause cancer, therefore harming the body. Comments please?
---LaLa on 5/19/06

f.f. Stealing is said to be a sin in the Bible & is forbidden in the Commandments. Tobacco, and smoking, is not mentioned in the Bible. O ... it is you who has the nerve addressing Rebecca in that way.
---alan8869_of_UK on 5/19/06

Rebecca as a smoker you say that smoking is not a sin if the person is not convicted over it so would you also state that stealing is O.K. if the thief is not convicted over it? It is not our conviction of it that suddenly makes something sin, it is sin anyway but once we are convicted we then KNOW that it is sin.
---f.f. on 5/19/06

You have some nerve advocating that it is alright for Christians to smoke and chew tobacco!
---Okebaram on 5/19/06

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Why let this get in between you and your husband? It is a petty thing to fight over. It isn't wrong if one isn't convicted over it. chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes is the same thing, and neither one is a sin. In who's eyes is it a sin? God's or man?
---Rebecca_D on 5/19/06

Amen Madison. Your responses to this blog has been excellent. God bless
---josef on 5/4/06

Shira: Anything addictive is addictive. Excesses are sin. All things in moderation. Food is addictive, yet it is not sinful to eat. Bingeing or gluttony is the sin. Drinking is not sin, drunknenness is.
---Madison on 4/26/06

anything addictive is sin. smoking, drinking, lust, porn, gambling and on and on we could go.
---shira on 4/26/06

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We are taxed to death on everything. But it isn't considered sin tax, just tax. It isn't a sin, it is a sin if one is condemned. But we have been around this block more than once and I shall not argue about what is right and what is wrong.
---Rebecca_D on 4/26/06

Both chewing tobacco and smoking tobacco is a sin. "Therefore to him that knows to do good, and does not, to him it is sin." James 4:17.
---Eloy on 4/26/06

I think your legislators are cynically calling it a sin tax, rather than believing it to be so. I am sure it was introduced ther, as here, long before tobacco was known to be harmful.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/26/06

When I was a leader of a Cub Scout pack I had one parent that permitted his eight year old son to chew tobacco. I know the child could not do it at school and I would not allow it at Scout meetings. But when you are dealing with parents of that mind set it makes reinforcement of acceptable conduct very difficult when a child brought up in that kind of environment.
---notlaw99 on 4/25/06

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Alan UK,
My sister recently met a wonderful man that had lost his wife, while a lot older than her we all encouraged her to give him a chance, they will be married by the beginning of next year.
for years she stayed on her own, her fiance is the nicest person you would ever like to know, a bit like you, I pray God answers your prayers( I do however like to keep my prayers secret, as God has never failed me yet) Love CarlaX
---Carla on 4/25/06

Mima do you really mean this baldly "What is not of faith is sin"?
I enjoy walking in the countryside, listening to classical music, doing crosswords, reading detective stories.
I don't think those are "of faith" certainly they are not commanded in the Bible. Are they therefore sinful?
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/25/06

alan uk They actually call it a sin tax here.
---Rev_Herb on 4/25/06

Here in the uk I think that working for a living must also be a sin because we are taxed on that also (besides alcohol, tobacco, petrol - about 80% - the interest we earn on savings, money we wish to leave to loved ones, the increase in value of our homes and much, much more.) Regarding chewing tobacco, this is a sure way to get mouth cancer. If anyone needs a reason not to chew it that should be sufficient.
---M.P. on 4/25/06

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We had a blog about smoking recently, so this issue has been beaten to death. The issue here, I believe, is that tobacco has become a grounds for divorce in this blog's question. Sin or not, it is not grounds for divorce. Address that, not the tobacco. Sure the question asks if it is wrong, but the issue is mute in that they are using it as grounds for divorce.
---Madison on 4/25/06

To find the answer to this question cnsider this.What is not of faith is sin. So is using tobacco something of faith? If not you have sin. Example I am fat.So is eating a sin to me. I think answer is yes!
---mima on 4/25/06

I know smoking is a sin after i recevied the Holy Ghost i was puffing away And the Lord spoke aubile to me and said you are sinning against me.I won't to be addicted to the Lord like i was the cig i was smoking 3pack's a day
---Betty on 4/25/06

Herb ... Tobacco and alcohol are taxed, over here in the UK at least, to raise revenue, nt because they are regarded as sin.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/25/06

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Lee ... please take care what you say to people. I do not chew tobacco, so cannot spit out the juice, and I do not smoke, and sadly I no longer have a wife.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/25/06

Lilly I agree 100% with Madison. If you heart condemns you,remember The Father is greater than your heart and knows all things. If your heart does not condemn you, then you have a good conscious towards Him and may ask what you will and it will be done. If you have faith in God, than have faith in yourself as you stand in His presence.
---Josef on 4/25/06

First off, Herb, the US Government does not tax tobacco, states do. They also tax alcohol. They are called "sin" taxes in jest, because of all the hullabaloo that Christians make over the "evils of drink and tobacoo." Ever notice that tobacco is cheaper in North Carolina. They don't tax it the way other states do. Tobacco is their livlihood.
---Madison on 4/24/06

Rebecca. Don't they tax alcohol were you live? I'm in Canada. They tax alcohol and tobacco really big here. And gasoline too. They aren't sin taxes here.
---john on 4/24/06

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Herb; that must be in your state only. Because I have never heard of that. What about the sin of drinking? People abuse it everyday worse than cigarettes, and die from it quicker and you don't hear of any drinking taxes.
---Rebecca_D on 4/24/06

The government of the US reconizes tobacco as a sin and therefore places a sin tax on it. I will not send you to hell but will send you to an early grave. It is a bad witness for Christ.
---Rev_Herb on 4/24/06

tobacco is tobacco is tobacco. I use to smoke and I abused the temple of the Holy Spirit. I am paying for that today. Smoking is no worse than gluttony. I once watched a preacher who was preaching quenched the Spirit by continually talking about food. He was so fat, he had to sit and preach. Oh, he also preached on the ills of smoking.
---shira on 4/24/06

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