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Are Charismatics Christians

Are Charismatics Christians or are they part of the false church?

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 ---Judy on 4/24/06
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Gods got people all over the place...if He had to wait for us to join the right church and beleive all the right doctrines to be lacking in nothing...well work it out for yourself..its just a good job God is able to weigh mens hearts for sincerity in a way beyond the knowledge of man...Gods bigger! (old saying,worth quoting a lot!).
---richard on 8/5/10

...we shouldnt remain as babies,we should take in milk and GROW to be able to handle the word skilfully and digest meat..there are fundamental things to consider,in order to be a Christian...but I believe God teaches us so that he who has a little can have acsess to more..we are all on a journey in this world.B.I.B.L.E..."Basic instructions before leaving earth".
---richard on 8/5/10

No, no kind of Christian is any part of the false church, only nonChristians or antiChrists make up the false church.
---Eloy on 8/5/10

I do not consider myself anti-charismatic.
I have witnessed many things in charrismatic churches which my spirit says were of the Holy Spirit!!!
---mima on 8/4/10

There are wise and mature and spiritual Charismatics, and there are also foolish immature carnal Charismatics - the same as with any other Christian group. There will always be wheat and chaff mixed together, and we need to use discernment to not go overboard in either direction (eating chaff, or burning perfectly good wheat).
---StrongAxe on 8/4/10

They are liberal loose living people ( Not Christians, But, they are Man - made christians spelled with a little c ), & just about anything goes. Trying to have one foot in for God & the other foot in for the devil.

You canNot serve 2 masters.
---Lawrence on 8/4/10

Accepting Christ as Savior. Read these words. God's Blood is what saves you. It is His Blood that is powerful enough to raise you out from among the DEAD. Anyone who is truly saved understands these things and have experienced these thibgs.
---catherine on 2/20/08

As long as you have received Jesus as your Lord and Savior. You are a Christian. You need to be baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit. I don't need a label. I am just a christian.Good enough for me. You can call me a believer also. That's ok. Charismatic,Baptist,Pentecostal and ad nauseum bores me.
---Robyn on 2/20/08

Depends on if they have accepted Christ as saviour.
---Madison on 2/19/08

R.W., i'm not sure who that guy is, but i do know that Moses talked to God, and changed what he wanted to do...HE CHANGED IT...
---mark on 3/9/07

Charismatics take the reigns of Christianity and are taken in the full Wind of the Holy Spirit, I would liken it to the entire opposite of Harry Potter flying with the powers of scorcery. Charismatics are the ones who are totaly not afraid to plunge into the realm of the HIGH SUPERNATURAL, If your in a good Charismatic church, it should make Harry Potter, look like Pee Wee Herman.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/9/07

It depends on the way they believe people need to be saved.If it is Bible based,the church may be true.I have friends and family members who speak in tongues but have been saved and have a great love for Jesus
---william on 3/9/07

nella jesse duplantis is a FALSE prosperity teacher who had the gall to say he went to heaven and talked to God, said he told God that He must have made a mistake with the 30, 60, 100 fold. said it shouldve been 90 fold. WHO IS THIS FALSE PROPHET TO TELL GOD ANYTHING?!!
---R.W. on 6/16/06

Many Charismatics are sound Bibliical Christians.

Others are immature and blown around by every wind of doctrine--or spiritual fads, as I call them.
---Jack on 5/12/06

2. I am NOT Baptist, but at least at their college here they churn out well-rounded thinking youth. Most go on to higher institutions of learning. At the gym I enjoy healthy refreshing debate with them constantly. They do not bail from debate. I respect them, their brightness speaks for their college, and religion.
---MikeM on 4/27/06

In the 1970's I remember going to the Catholic Charismatic meetings. I loved them even though they didn't explain what the movement of the Holy Spirit is, the Baptism, and things that I know now that I go to a Pentecostal church. So I think the church is good for leading people into the Kingdom and living a Holy Life, but they really don't teach the sheep the word, and all about the Holy Spirit and how He operates, etc., That's what I remember in the 1970's.
---Donna on 4/25/06

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Charismatic churches are an outgrowth of the "Jesus Movement" of the 1960's. (many may be too young to remember). Their teaching on Salvation is Biblical.They believe in speaking in tongues and other gifts of the Spirit but not as a requirement for salvation. They have, unfortunately, built many "mega-churches" with "name it and claim it" and the "prosperity" teachings. They gave birth to Christian T.V. such as TBN (and, sadly, to much of the Apostate Church.)
---Donna2277 on 4/24/06

Every Christian is charismatic. The greek word used in the N.T. for gift of Holy Spirit is charis. If you have the gift of the Holy Spirit then you are charismatic.
---john on 4/24/06

If a "Christian" wasn`t charismatic about his/her love for Christ then i would wonder about their relationship with HIM!!!!!!

Why do we "label" people of FAITH aren`t we all"CHRISTIANS"?????
---co_ach on 4/24/06

I love Jessie Duplantis, he's a Charismatic but doesn't roll on the floor. He's funny and a very Godly man. He'll even do the Charismatic Shuffle. He always gives testimony and wonderful lessons.
---Nellah on 4/24/06

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