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Wrong Parent With RCC Schools

When choosing a good school in the area that I lived I went with the myth that RCC schools are the best. Did I make a mistake?

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 ---Carla on 4/25/06
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Carla: I do believe that catholic schools are VERY good, however ... your child will also have to take mandatory RCC classes. Would you want your child learning false doctrines? I certainly would not. In my city, there are other private schools and Christian based schools that do not teach false doctrines.
---Debbie on 11/18/07

That depends on what you want your child to learn about Christ and salvation. Your child will learn catechism every day and it will be full of RCC doctrines, including Mary worship, purgatory, venial and mortal sins, etc. You must decide what is best for your child spiritually, but having gone to RCC schools for three years, I would never send my child to one.
---Madison on 5/1/07

Moderator. Yes Hitler borrowed from the catholics and the JW watchtower follow hitler in the hating of the Jews. This is twice we argee on something..Might make a Baptist out of you yet...One question for the RCC...Since the two synods of Hippo (393 AD) and Carthage, (397 AD) were under the control of what would later become the "orthodox church", how can the Roman Catholic church claim they determined the Canon? Would not such a claim be more naturally due the Eastern Orthodox church?
---Steve on 4/28/06

Mod ... the principle was way before Hitler.

Moderator - Hitler borrowed from the Catholic Church? Scary if that is true.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/28/06

Aw c'mon Mod, where's the rest of my blog to Herb?

Moderator - Even Herb gets better than that :)
---NVBarbara on 4/28/06

Thanks Herb, such a Christian attitude! I am originally from Greenville,SC and know of the Jones' antics from experience. He has the "Thee and me" mentality, just as you do.
---NVBarbara on 4/28/06

It was the Jesuits, I think, who said if they had the child at 6, it would be RC for the rest of its life.

Moderator - It was Hitler who said give me a child from birth to seven and I have them for life.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/28/06

NVBarbara, I don't know where I heard it, but it was a long time ago. Anyone who will down Bob Jones and lift up Benny Hinn aint in there right mind anyway. The devil has there mind blinded to the truth.
---Rev_Herb on 4/27/06

Cliff: False doctrines are the teachings that go directly against the Word of God. RCC teaches MANY false doctrines. I am unsure why you directed your comment to me. My decision has already been made. I am a child of the Lord!
---Debbie on 4/26/06

Herb I have to ask, where did you hear "give me your child at 6 and he will be a Catholic for life?" Sounds like a Bob Jones teaching, don't even get me started on him, 1st, 2nd or 3rd!
---NVBarbara on 4/26/06

Debbie:: Hi just a simple question.with so many denominations faith doctrines etc which is the right one for which you claim is the right one?? False doctrines are a deviation from the truth as laid down in the word. Good luck in making your decision.
---Cliff_Plettell on 4/26/06

I was sent to RC schools for 9 years, I have the scars on my knuckles to prove it! Those nuns were rough!
My son was TERRIBLY bored in public school, so I enrolled him in a RC school, eventho I was no longer a RC. Non RCs can opt NOT to sit in on catechism class or go to mass.
He was far ahead of his classmates when he entered public school and was always in honors classes, he graduated early. NO RC rubbed off on him!
---NVBarbara on 4/26/06

Rev Herb, I also went to an RCC school for a couple of years - am not, nor have I ever been RC. What I have learned over the years is that a little bit of the Gospel goes a long way - even in a watered down or poluted setting. It isn't what goes into a man that defiles, but that which comes out... which is why I suggested Carla listen well to her children.
---daphn8897 on 4/26/06

Herb: I went to Catholic school from age 6-8. I left the Catholic church at 18.
---Madison on 4/25/06

I must admit that my children come home and pray, at meal times, always praising God and the Holy Spirit, something both my older lads did not do, and they both attended christian schools, but reading some of the bloggs about catholics I thought I may have done something wrong somehow!
---carla on 4/25/06

I have heard the RCC said, "give me your child at 6 and he will be a Catholic for life."
---Rev_Herb on 4/25/06

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Carla, No, you didn't necessarily make a mistake. RCC doctrine has it's problems, yes, but no more than if you sent your child to a good secular private school, or even public school. Every school system has its doctrine. A child who really knows Jesus will not "feel" comfortable in many. Even "christian" schools are filled with with cliques and such. Pay attention to your little one, and ask good questions. Be the guardian of his/her soul - don't leave it to others.
---daphn8897 on 4/25/06

#2. Your child will learn the RC doctrines. The education is great though.My school had Mass a couple of time a year. I never took the unholy communion. They are people that go to catholic schools but are not catholic and would never be. They know the truth. I always compare what the "father" said and what the bible said. I saw the lies. But i never dare to raise my head and say "Hey, Thats wrong, The bible does not teach that". He would have sent me to JUG(lol).
---Ramon on 4/25/06

Carla-(When choosing a good school in the area that I lived I went with the myth that RCC schools are the best. Did I make a mistake?) First of all it is not a myth. And no, you did not make a mistake..God bless you.
---ruben on 4/25/06

Carla. The Catholic schools are very good for discipline(ETC). I went to a catholic school HS. However i was never a catholic. My parents put me there because of safety. The public schools in my area were very bad. They were no christian school in my area that share with my belief (pentecostal). I always knew the false lies but i learn it and pass my religion class. My father always told me the truth. If you teach your children the truth, then they is nothing wrong in going to RC schools.
---Ramon on 4/25/06

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YES, you made a big mistake. I would rather myt child not learn to read and write than be indoctrinated with RCC lies. Present RCC
teachings are satanic .
---mima on 4/25/06

I would advise any parent to never choose a particular church affiliated school unless you are happy to have your child indoctrinated with their particular religious views. However good a school is academically it will still emphasise its own denominational differences and any child from a family that does not share those beliefs will feel very uncomfortable or will begin to conform against parental wishes.
---M.P. on 4/25/06

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