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I Think My Wife Is Bipolar

I think my wife may be bipolar. She gets into moods and screams at me at the top of her voice about maybe a employee didn't show up for work. She drinks 6 to 10 beers daily. Any suggestions to help my cope?

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 ---Mike on 4/26/06
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Bipolar people are really hard to deal with if they are not on medication. My ex-wife was bipolar & we have 2 kids together. She would go off on us over the most ridiculous stuff. She would get help & get pills but then quit taking them. I really feel for you man just
know that its not your fault they have a disease. Just keep praying He will get you through it. He did me. Good luck!
---Mike on 3/17/08

My wife is bipolar, too. This illness ended my marriage twice. We divorced and remarried to eachother but it ended up in a new painful divorce. The problem was that she claimed not ill and refused taking her meds. Her conflictive behaviour destroyed all of her relationships with immediate and extended family and friends. Bipolar depression is a terrible illness. There is nothing you can do to force medical treatment upon the affected person. The law does not back you up. It is horrible.
---vic on 3/16/08

Planet earth is bipolar, too. There's been enough beer guzzled to fill a few oceans.
She needs to go to rehab, but says No, No, No.

Load her up and take her to the morgue. Drinking and driving are a deadly combination. Tell her there's no such thing as soul sleep. She could end up dead dead if she drinks that much every day. Ask her if she would like to work there as part of community service towards rehab? If she get's picked up while drunk, you'll wish you had not enabled her drinking.
---Cindy on 3/5/08

Mike, My heart goes out to you. Before my husband got saved, he did the same thing. After 2 beers he was a complete jerk. It almost ruined our marriage. Your wife needs the Lord.
---shira on 3/5/08

Get her checked out... if she is bipolar the beer just might be a way to self medicate. If she is a witness then no AA or drug group will help her since they have roots in false religion. Not to mention they look down on people with mental illness that use drugs or drink for the most part they think your not really sick...
---Chato on 4/28/07

i not saying these groups don't work... so don't go and press the reply key just yet to lambaste me about what I said... the fact is bipolar and other mental illnesses are NOT the same as alcoholism. Drinking and using drugs is a by product of the illness... of witch many people with mental illness do get hooked... the the coin phase "dual diagnosis".
---Chato on 4/28/07

The first step is going to have to be by her.... and here is where some of the AA thinking can help... she need to first believe she has a problem befor she can get help... NOW, this does not mean if she is a danger to you or of self that you should wait till she agrees... if she is a threat like that she needs to be hospitalized...
---Chato on 4/28/07

either way what ever mood disorder it is... and there are a lot of them .... they all come down to one thing... CHEMICAL imbalances in the brain... this means that with proper meds she will be the warm that you loved once again.... also try to remember that... the person we are when we are sick is not the real us... we still love we just have a hard time telling it.
---Chato on 4/28/07

I want to pray for your well-being: Jehovah, I ask that you would give this brother Your grace to weather this time of difficulty. Let him know experientially that You, the eternal One, are there for him, and deeply concerned about his needs and frustrations. Give him wisdom in dealing with the wife and marriage You have ordained. By the blood of Jesus of Nazareth. So be it.
---LB on 5/21/06

By the way, you're not crazy. You're living with someone who has a medical condition that affects her brain, which affects her mind, which affects how she interacts with the world around her (in this case, YOU). You can't reason with an organic disease, it must be treated. You have my compassion and understanding.
---LB on 5/21/06

My opinion is you need pray AND qualified help; someone who understands brain pathology; as a malfunctioning organ. I've tried prayer and reasoning with a bipolar person, and the only thing it's done is made ME crazy! Let's change the context for a minute. Think about diabetes. Would you pray? Most likely. However, we all know the surest way to overcome diabetes is to loose weight, begin exercising, change your diet, and, most likely, begin administering insulin injections. I view bipolar as no different.
---LB on 5/21/06

First asked God to intervened in your marriage and have His way. Next explain to your wife,heh I'm committed to you and want to help you in anyway I can. You understand that we have a problem with your drinking and with your behavior. So let's just take this to the Lord in prayer. If she will not pray with you to not be discouraged but continued to pray, God knows where you're at it he will help.
---mima on 4/28/06

Unless you seek medical help you will not findout what her problems are. They are not necessarily bipolar or alcoholism but you need to find out first before any help can be given. Pray for wisdom in your doctor and when a diagnosis is made get help for her and for yourself. These are illnesses that affect whole households not just individuals.
---emg on 4/27/06

Maybe she is just tormented in her mind by the stones of the broken law (the accusers) and is throwing herself into a fire (judgment) and into the waters, not understanding that Jesus has already taken it for her. There is just as much hope for her as there was for the young man in Mark 9:22 because His compassions fail not.
---Linda6563 on 4/27/06

She may either have that or ADD. I'll be praying for you and your wife.
---Rebecca_D on 4/27/06

First of all prayer is your first recommendation.

Her behavior could be any one of a number of diagnoses. She needs to be evaluated by a licensed psychotherapist or psychiatrist. She also needs to get to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting or Celebrate Recovery Meeting. If she is unwilling to go to therapy or AA, see if she will join you in marital therapy with a therapist. Also, you can go to Al-anon.
---Madison on 4/26/06

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