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Girlfriend Wants To Date Others

My girlfriend told me she wants to feel single so she can meet other guys and see what's out there, but she does not want to loose me. What should I do?

Moderator - Let her know that isn't a problem and that you will be available for other ladies.

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 ---Ivan_Dominguez on 4/28/06
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Ivan, she already knows what is out there, namely, other guys. You can avoid a lot of damage and spare yourself a lot of grief by quickly leaving her before merging with her any further. Ivan, if I had a girlfriend that said to me exactly what she said to you, I would tell her: "It was nice knowing you, Good by." Then I would stand up, brush her air off of me, turn and walk away, never to go back. Take a lesson from me, and from Joseph in the old testament, run for your life, for an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.
---Eloy on 10/13/08

Dear Moderator~ Biblical(Canonized) and Christ-like replies ONLY

Again I have to disagree with the moderator as I feel this advice, although understandable, is vindictive and not Christlike.
Tell her that you are very sorry that she feels that way, but if thats the way that she feels than she doesnt just want to "feel" single, she wants to BE single and you release her to that.
God will bless you with your wife in HIS time. And when the time is right, you wont have to look for her, she'll be there.
God doesnt say, "Hey I have a blessing for you now go find it." He says "Hey, I have a blessing for you here it is."
---Robert on 10/12/08

I have a good feeling you should never have dated her. I mean is she good for your soul?
---catherine on 9/5/08

Reading this question made me smile:o)

When approached with a similar option, my response was quite simple, "If I am not enough for you now, I never will be, enjoy your life and forget about me, and that is not an option." Said with a smile, honestly hoping that she would indeed find her mate. I felt blessed by her honesty.
---Josef on 9/5/08

True love will want her to be the happiest she can be. Generally,dating is a time of getting to know others rather than a commitment to just one. You want her to make an intelligent decision, so encourage her to have friends, to make sure you are the best one for her. She does not seem to have made this decision, so you certainly are not kept from having other friends that you might marry. Remember to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness--He will add all the other things you need.
---Wayne87 on 9/3/08

You can only marry one person so why should you date more than one?
---wes on 6/23/07

Let her date and you date too.
---tonya on 8/2/06

Let her date others and find yourself someone who loves you as you deserve. If she feels like that now, she will not necessarily change over time. Indeed in time she will likely flee the coop.
---Robert on 7/19/06

I'm not too sure that I'd want this lady as even my friend. Just think of her as a passing acquaintance that you once knew and wait for the real one to come along.
---F.F. on 5/5/06

Sounds like she is on the way out and not wanting to hurt you. I would think it would be best just to move on, still remain friends though. Does not sound like it will be more than that. Besides, how old are you 2? Take your time, don't rush anything.
---Jerry on 5/2/06

Stanton your comment 'Look at her mother. That's the way she's going to be' is unkind and unfair. Please stick to the question and don't try blaming anyone except the girl who lacks loyalty. Our parents (both of them) are guilty of their own faults - not ours - and we are guilty of our own - not theirs.
---emg on 4/30/06

That's fine! Better now than later - but make sure you tell her you are also free to date others too.
---WIVV on 4/29/06

I re-affirm M.P.'s reply. This is not a girlfriend. She is not even a friend, and she is being very selfish. Leave her alone, quickly (quickly=shortly). ROM 16:20 "And the very GOD of Peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly (quickly)". Walk away from her. Otherwise you will be in for a lot more hurt. This tells me that GOD has someone better for you; someone that will make you happier. Look at her mother. That's the way she's going to be.
---Stanton on 4/29/06

You should date lots of people to see what kind of person you are compatable with. Dont marry the first person that you date! I agree with Mod. tell her no prob and that you're going to date others also. If you guys were meant to be with each other you'll be with each other in the end.
---sue on 4/29/06

Don`t fall for that! She is telling you that your feelings aren`t important, and she wants to "trade up" to another man. I totally agree with the moderator. Too many young women play this catty game because they want money and security, hurting good, honest men in the process. Men need to dump these women.
---greg on 4/29/06

If she wants to be 'single so that she can meet other guys' she is not committed to you. Saying that she does not want to lose you seems to me that she is saying "I want you to stay right there whilst I look around to see if there is someone better, but if I don't find anyone I'll be back." She is either very immature or does not know the meaning of loyalty. I don't think that you should consider her your girl-friend but just think of her as a female acquaintance and get on with your own life.
---M.P. on 4/29/06

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