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Small Voice Talking To You

How do you know when God is talking to you? Is it like a small voice from the Holy Spirit that puts something into your thoughts or what?

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 ---Pak on 4/29/06
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Jesus Christ sent the Holy Spirit to us.
The Holy Spirit carries us in prayer to Jesus Christ to receive truth faith and true healing.

We must humble ourselves before God to receive His faith, His knowledge and His power, to hear His voice and grasp what He tells us to do.
---Rachel on 3/30/08

God makes it understandable.

Only God can stop the madness that torments a mind.
The Holy Spirit will carry you to Jesus Christ where you will receive faith, strength, soundness of mind and the undeniable ability to hear God's voice. His voice is bold, filled with faith, truth, rest and peace, miraculous wisdom, encouragement, perfect soundness, beauty, power, profound healing, grace.
---Rachel on 3/30/08

A thought may come into your mind but the Written Word of God will confirm it. There is no "new" revelation today.
---Elder on 3/28/08

That is how the Lord speaks to me. I get a thought, or a verse, or something a friend may have said that encouraged me.

There have been times when I was going through a really rough patch and the Lord would give me a verse that was just the right thing for that occassion.
---Madison on 5/17/07

Once I had a prophecy preacher stop by the pew where I was sitting and start using the exact words that I had prayed to the Lord in my prayer closet when I was totally alone. Not only were the exact words and sentences used but in fact he gave answers to the questions I had ask during these prayers. A period of about three months had elapsed between prayers and prophecies!!! Something like this will change your mind about prophecy preachers.
---mima on 5/2/06

one of the best ways to hear God's voice is through Wisdom.
---aurunoday on 5/1/06

The Holy Spirit brings to our rememberance all that Jesus said to us, but like Bayless Conley said: "if you don't put the word in you, nothing comes out." That's why we need to read, meditate and study the Word of God all the time, as much as we can, then the Holy Spirit brings it to our rememberance and speaks and reminds us of it.
---Donna on 5/1/06

When God speaks to you by means of the Holy Spirit, it is in the form of thoughts. Pay attention to your thoughts, or the words in your thoughts. When God speaks to you, it will always line up with Scripture. Be sensitive to the Spirit and you will know Him when He speaks to you.
---Debbie on 4/30/06

When God talks to me it is thru His Word. He can also talk to us by laying something on our hearts that we know without a doubt it is God calling us to do something for Him.
---shira on 4/30/06

I have never heard an audible voice. I know in my mind(my thoughts) what the Spirit is saying. Once I started to sin bigtime. Stop don't do this said the Spirit. I continued, stop stop don't do this the Spirit said. Still I continued, STOP STOP the Spirit virtually shouted in my mind. I then stopped realizing the Spirit had kept me from doing a very foolish sin.
---mima on 4/30/06

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