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Benny Hinn's Great Crusade

After watching Benny Hinn for a long time, I had a chance over the weekend to attend his crusade in Denmark over the weekend. I must say that he teaches from the Bible and I didn't note anything out of place. Many people were healed and I must add some were not. Overall it was a great crusade. Your thoughts?

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 ---pkay on 5/1/06
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One prime example of misinterpretation is one of the most famous verses in scripture, John 3:16, millions have wrongly been taught that God loves the world to the point of givinf Jesus for it, and so if anyone just believes in Jesus they will have eternal life. But the problem with this mistranslation is that God hates the world, the Greek word, "kosmon" here etymologically means "order", which is the opposite of the Greek word, "chaos" which etymologically means "disorder" and "unruly". Therefore John 3:16 in lit.Gk: "For whom God so loved the righteous, so as the Son of him, the single-sired he gave, that all in who obey him be not abandoned, but have life eternal."
---Eloy on 8/31/08

.rob, every word must be kept in context, else you have lie and not truth. Opened: Jn.3:16,18, lit.Gk: "...that all in who obey him be not abandoned, but have life eternal. The obedient to him is not judged, but the not obeying already has been judged, that not obedient to the Name of the single-sired Son of God." qualified also with Jn.3:36= "...but the wrath of God abides on him." Gal.2:21 refers to old testament law keeping, and not the law of Christ. qualified in Gal.5:14+ 6:11-16. Eph.2:8,9 AND 10, Must Be Included here: "For his doing to be created in Christ Jesus, ONTO GOOD WORKS, whom God who before prepared, that IN THEM WE SHOULD WALK."
---Eloy on 8/30/08

Eloy, I believe the Bibe is the Word of God. I believe it is true, it is complete, and it is without any error.

On 2-6-2008, you wrote something in the "TOO MUCH CHRISTIAN HYPOCRISY" blog that is true. I totally agree with what you wrote in that blog.

Since there is something we do agree on, do you agree with me on what is written in the following scriptures as being true?

John 3:16-21
John 1:1
Galatians 2:20-21
Ephesians 2:8-9
Matthew 7:13-23
Romans 1:18-32
Galatians 1:6-10
2 Peter Chapter 2.
---Rob on 8/29/08

disser, whom has died and left you in charge? Stop dissing evangelists, and you yourself get out and do the work of an evangelist as you are commanded. If you think that you can do more or better than Benny Hinn, then prove it, else be silent and get to work: do the works of Christ as you are commanded to do, and stop playing the devil's advocate. I hear a lot of echoing brass and howling cymbals here. If Benny Hinn is doing so much wrong, do you not think that the Almighty has the power to judge him? Let God do his work, and even if Benny Hinn was a complete empty vessel, God still could use Benny to bring glory up to him, even as he can make stones cry out or donkeys speak human words.
---Eloy on 8/29/08

About Benny Hinn's Ministry:
I want you to read James 3:8-10,13-18 and chap.4 as well. I have noticed that many of the things that you have spoken about happened many years ago. I say to you, have you not made mistakes and had to apologize and repent of them. I,too, went to some of his crusades in Tampa, Fla. When a person goes for a healing, that person most likely has already been prayed for by the many prayer warriors who are there for that very purpose. That occurs even before the people are lined up to go up on the stage with Benny. The tongue speaks evil or good. All I see are curses upon this ministry.
---Pat8399 on 8/28/08

Rob, once again Benny Hinn has never declared himself to be a healer or taken credit for the healings that have occured at the crusades! He always gives God the glory for all healings! Don't tell lies to justify your feelings about Benny Hinn!
---theresa on 8/28/08

At my church we were doing a study of false teachers and of course Benny Hinn came up.What we were showed was some clips of Benny on TBN and some of the things he was saying were lined up with the discription of false teachings that are listed in 2Peter chapter 2.If you look at his statements in line with Peters teaching you really have to wonder.Be careful with tele-evangelists,check their teachings against the only authority on the subject...the bible.
---ron on 8/28/08

John, you are correct in saying it is God who heals. Also God does not heal everyone, but if you pay close attention Benny Hinn claims to heal everyone.

Concerning the loss of your eye, where is your faith?
Too many times I have heard fake healers tell others if something they pray for does not come to pass, it is because of their lack of faith.

Also since it is true that it is God and God alone who heals, why does God need people like Benny Hinn to have so called healing and miracle crusades?
---Rob on 8/28/08

.rob, You are still avoiding to answer the question.
---Eloy on 8/28/08

A-men Theresa. So many bad-mouthers claiming to be Christian, when their own words condemn themselves that they are completely separated and mock God's own children. I know Benny's shortcomings, but his "yet to learn more" does not mean that he is false. Would you condemn a babe for not walking upright? Or condemn a person for being an unsaved Christian when they never had a chance to hear of Jesus? So too these "so-called" Christians need to stop racking God's children for their ignorance. Benny does much good for the kingdom, and not bad. You whom blaspheme him, what works are you doing for the kingdom compared to Benny's works? None? I thought so. So be silent, you creature of all subtlety, and enemy of the cross.
---Eloy on 8/28/08

One thing's for sure, we're all individually going to stand before the judgment seat of Christ and give an account of the deeds done in our bodies (II Cor. 5:10), whether good or bad, ncluding "every idle word" we speak. We won't stand for Benny Hinn. We'll stand for ourselves. Like it or not, "yeshua first", and everyone else, Nikita is still gloriously healed by the power of Jesus Christ since 1992 when she attended a crusade led by Benny Hinn, who by the way has never personally claimed to heal anyone! She forsook her parent's Muslim religion and is a Christian now!
---theresa on 8/27/08

Does anyone else besides myself notice that Eloy does not answer any of the specific questions I have presented to him.

I can only say the reason is obvious.
---Rob on 8/27/08

Benny Hinn is raking millions of $$$. He owns a million dollar home, & mercedes SUV & flies around in a private jet. he said that he is making $100 million a year
---mike on 8/27/08

Rob. Just because Bennys wife is on medication doesn't disprove that God uses him for healing people. I asked the very same questions before I realized that not everyone gets healed all the time and it's not the person who heals, it is God. I once prayed for a man with a brain tumor which had spread to his left eye and renedered him blind with much pain. Within a couple of minutes he was toally healed. That was 7 years ago and he still has perfect health. Just a month ago my own eye went blind. Many people prayed over me, and I prayed, and nothing happened. It turns out that I had to get the eye removed. So, does that disprove that God heals? No, but He is the boss and we just do what we can.
---john on 8/27/08

More questions for Eloy.

If Benny Hinn is the "REAL DEAL" why doesn't he allow the News Media to video tape any of his crusades. He he wasn't a fake, one would think he would let this happen unless he is trying to hide what is really going on.

Also why does Benny Hinn do this. He tells people the Holy Spirit is about to come. He has people stand up, grab the persons hands who are standing next to them and raise their hands high in the air. He then tells them to close their eyes and to keep them closed.

After this, he signals his sound technician to crank the volume of his microphone all the way up. Benny Hinn then gives out an ear piercing screech causing people to fall backwards into their seats.
---Rob on 8/27/08

I attended one of his revivals some years back and was blessed as you were.Now a few years later while he was still in FL.I moved to that state and lived there 3 years.I made a trip to attend the church he was pastor of one Sunday and he didn't preach anything that wasn't biblical but he was very controlling.Insisted everyone stand during the praise and worship service the entire time.Even yelled at one woman embaressed her.I wonder what he did with the sick and elderly? For that reason I never attended again.
---shirley on 8/27/08

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Really pretty clear. Follow, Benny Hinn a self proclaimed shepherd who is guiding you to & through his twisted version of gospel. Or pick the original.
Or become unblinded by asking and following Jesus.
Whoaaaaaa, wait a minute Trav..that would take faith to follow the LORD, I would actually have to read scripture.

But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ, and all ye are brethren.
Matthew 23:7-9

U say: Benny Hinn's false gospel sounds better to basic message you give..... all who defend his lies.
Hear instruction, and be wise, and refuse it not.
Proverbs 8:32-34 Proverbs 9:8
Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man, he will love thee.
Proverbs 9:7-9
---Trav on 8/27/08

Do you truly want to know the truth from me? then ask of me because you are truly seeking, until then you will abide in darkness. Nevertheless I will ask of you one question to lead you to one of your answers. Jesus said to the Jews, "You all will surely say up to me this proverb, Physician, heal yourself." Now why does Jesus say, "It is written, Not on bread only lives man, but every word coming out by mouth of God?" Learn what is meant by this and you will have the answer to one of your questions.
---Eloy on 8/27/08

In September 1986, Benny Hinn had a crusade.

At this crusade, a person who Benny Hinn claimed was being "slain in the spirit" fell on top of an 85 year old lady by the name of Mrs. Ella Peppard. Mrs Peppard's hip was fractured from this. She died in the hospital 15 days later. This happened at Benny Hinn's crusade and he was standing there when this happened. Why didn't Benny Hinn heal Mrs. Peppard.

On April 4, 2000, Benny Hinn stated that Christ Himself would make a physical appearance with him on stage at his crusade. We all know this did not happen.

Eloy, how do I know these things? It comes from doing research.

This is just a small amout of evidence which is available that proves Benny Hinn is a fraud.
---Rob on 8/27/08

I tell you the truth I have had the same delimma. False preachers are very hard to detect, because these people are too smart. They are smart enough to preach the Bible, otherwise they might be found out. So what are you going to do? If God is not in this false preaching, and He is not, no one is healed.
---catherine on 8/27/08

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Eloy, I have more questions for you. I want to see if you will answer them or avoid them.

On May 26, 1983 Benny Hinn's a plane had fuel starvation on take off and crashed. Benny Hinn spent 3 days in the hospital, and his wife Suzanne spent 4 days in the hospital. The pilot suffered severe head injuries. If Benny Hinn is able to heal people why couldn't he heal himself, his wife or the pilot.

Better yet, if Benny Hinn is able to perform miracles, why was he unable to prevent the plane from crashing.

Benny Hinn's wife Suzanne takes medication for a mental illness. Why doesn't Benny Hinn heal his wife.

If Benny Hinn is able to heal people, why does he need to wear reading glasses? Why doesn't he heal his eyes?
---Rob on 8/27/08

Eloy, you have not answered my question about when you have ever seen Benny Hinn share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I asked this question because I have watched Benny Hinn many times, but I never heard him share the Gospel as it is written in scripture.

Also, you did not answer my question about when you yourself, Benny Hinn, or anyone else who claims to have the power to heal and perform miracles have done what is written in Galatians 10:19.

Once again I will say I have done research on Benny Hinn. Time and time again Benny Hinn has been exposed as being a FRAUD, 2 Corinthians 11:13, and Matthew 7:15-23.

Eloy, have you ever read and studied these passages?
---Rob on 8/26/08

It's not surprising that there are so many different viewpoints on this mortal man, Benny Hinn. One thing I know for sure, many have come to Christ by him preaching the Gospel. Surely this is a good thing despite whether his prophecies or doctrines are all perfect. I would rather be in his boots than have all my techniques and doctrines correct and win no one to the Lord.
---john on 8/26/08

.rob, I answered you with very specific answers, but why are you avoiding them?
---Eloy on 8/26/08

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In the Holy Ghost I truly say to all dissers of the body of Christ whom think they can escape God's Judgment: Lay your hand upon your mouth, for better it were that your soul never to have been born then for you to blaspheme my own children. deadbeat christians continually dis obedient Christians and dis the Holy Spirit, because deadbeat christians are no Christian at all, but fruitless trees prepared for the lake of fire and destruction.
---Eloy on 8/26/08

it never ceases to amaze me at the people who know the kind of person God can use.Paul tells us that some people preach to prove someone wrong and others preach for money but if Christ is preached therin does he not saying that everything those faith people say i believe , but i would be very carefull as to what i say is of the devil. Balaam WAS A MONEY GRUBBER BUT GOD USED HIM ANYWAY. AND SAYING SOMETHING IS OF THE DEVIL IF ITS NOT IS BLASTPHOMY OF THE HOLLY SPIRIT. so unless total godlessness comes out of there mouths i chew up the meat and spit out the bones. but i am very carefull as to whome i say is of satan
---Peggy_Tuzzolino on 8/26/08

In these end times when there are multitudes of false prophets speaking the word for self glory,for the love of money.none of us can see into the hearts motives without the HOLY SPIRITS gift of discernment. The man we speak of, i discern not the workings of GODS SPIRIT but of the flesh, & its amazingly similiar disguises."the spiritual man judges all things" so i steer clear.But i do know ALLPOWERFULL GOD can turn wrong motives into good outcomes for the innocent. this is what i pray,HE will help the lambs in the audience to find JESUS. As for benny, he will stand naked,alone before the Great GOD & give account for all his works whether his motives were good{to glorify Jesus}or evil{to glorify self}. None can hide from HIM!
---yahshua_first on 8/26/08

Here you have a false self proclaim prophet speaking for another false prophet. The dillusion continues. Will a false prophet defend another false prophet? Of course, they come from the same school. Almost all come from the same teachings. Some more smart then others on how to use the Word. Can we believe someone who states he has been saved three times? Is that possible? How about someone who questions the death of Christ, not severer enough as he puts it, to command our attention and love. Can this person be the new Jesus Christ in the flesh? For one, he does believe he is a god, as Benny Him states you can be one. Can he bring someone from the dead and Jesus did? He say's he has. Is he the real light Jesus saw on the Cross?
---Mark_V. on 8/26/08

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Eloy, I have asked you some very specific questions. Why do continue to avoid answering them?
---Rob on 8/26/08

When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.
Deuteronomy 18:21-22 AMEN!

For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.
Mark 13:21-23
For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
Matthew 24:23-25

br>The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means, and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?
---Trav on 8/25/08

Pastor Herb, I've never heard Benny Hinn declare 9 persons in the godhead. However, comparing Obama to Benny Hinn is far-fetched. I guess you consider politicians who lie and have disregard for the poor acceptable as long as they say they are against abortion. There are many issues. I am a follower of Christ, not Benny Hinn, but years ago I attended the crusades and Christ Jesus was declared by him as the Healer and Saviour. You obviously need to study the Word more yourself. God bless you!
---theresa on 8/25/08

You didn't notice anything out of place because you don't know your bible. He has said that we are little gods. He has said there were 9 in the Godhead. God was 3 persons, Jesus was 3 persons, and the Holy Ghost was 3 persons. Later he recanted that statement though. Benny Hinn is no more a man of God than the Pope. Anyone who follows Benny Hinn is as blind at the people who want to vote for Obama.
---Pastor_Herb on 8/23/08

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Did you ever go to a magic show? It's the same thing. Nothing but illusion and deception for financial gain.
---jerry6593 on 8/23/08

.rob, It is well known that many have been healed through Benny Hinn's ministry. You may check with him on the details. God's power through me has also completely healed a young professor of aids, and raised a dead infant to life, and saved many lost souls. And I am sure that there are numerous others that have been healed and became Christians through my active witness and intercession for them. It is also documented that the Lord himself has indeed raised me up from my death bed and he has healed me when no medicine on the earth was able, and he has made me born-again all over again. But none are so blind as those whom will not see.
---Eloy on 8/23/08

To every nonbeliever and nonChristian whom disses Christ and his very present power: you speak emptiness and foolishness to me and to those like me whom has indeed truly been ministered to by the physical Lord Jesus Christ in person and has eye-witnessed his unspeakable glory with manifested proofs following. We are living testimonies in the flesh of the everliving Lord Jesus Christ with medical documentation which prooves our miraculous healing from God. Therefore you speak foolishness in the face of reality.
---Eloy on 8/23/08

Hi everyone! Hear ye! Hear ye! I've been to three Benny HInn crusades as I stated before and yes he preached the gospel of Jesus Christ and never took credit for or pointed to himself as the source of healing or salvation! The last crusade I attended I believe was in 1996 and it was the third one. If you haven't attended any of the crusades you are speaking without experience. NO, he doesn't charge at all, and yes he takes a love offering for those who choose to give. These are the facts, accept them or reject them, but don't be a false accuser.
---theresa on 8/22/08

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Eloy, when have you, Benny Hinn, or anyone else you may know who claim to have the power to perfom miracles and heal people, do what is written in Luke 10:19?

I have watched Benny Hinn many times along with doing research on him. Once again I will say this is how I know what is written in 2 Corinthians 11:13-15 and 2 Peter Chapter 2 is a perfect example of who Benny Hinn and those who are like him.

Also you say that Benny Hinn preaches the Gospel, but you avoid discussing what Gospel Benny Hinn is preaching, Galatians 1:6-10.

You also avoid answering when you have ever heard Benny Hinn talk about SALVATION, 2 Timothy 3:10-17.
---Rob on 8/22/08

.rob, if you were correct that Jesus gave his power only to the 12 apostles, then the gospel would be both dead and the Lord God Jesus a liar and the gospel would be a lie, but in fact you are in error: for exactly as Jesus has said, Jesus has poured out his power upon all whom will receive him. Almighty power given to others as well as to the 12 Apostles: Almighty power given to us, John 14:12: almighty power given to the 70, Luke 10:17-20: given to Steven, Acts 6:8: given to Ananias, Acts 9:17,18: given to Paul, Acts 13:9-11+ 14:8-11+ 16:16-18+ 19:11-20+ 20:9-12+ 28:3-9: given to Paul and Silas, Acts 16:23-26: yes, given to us the sanctified, Matthew 17:14-21+ Mark 16:17-20+ John 14:20,23.
---Eloy on 8/22/08

Eloy, if I am in error, please show me in scripture where Stephen, Mathias, Barnabas, Timothy, Apollos, etc,etc ever laid hands on or healed annyone.

Also I have listened to Benny Hinn on several occasinins but I have yet to hear Benny Hinn share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I also have never heard Binny Hinn talk about SALVATION. If Benny Hinn has ever done these things, please tell me when and where.
---Rob on 8/21/08

.rob, you err, for when Jesus spoke he refered to all people, all disciples. Jesus' Commission to share the gospel and do his works is to all flesh, and not only to the 12 apostles: for grace not shared, is grace despared, it is sin: and the fruitless tree is condemned. Clearly Jesus, my God said: "preach the gospel to EVERY CREATURE...and these signs will follow THEM THAT BELIEVE. Note, he Did Not Say these signs will follow You, but he Did Say these signs will follow THEM...make disciples of all nations. "If you all abide in me, and my words abide in you, you all will ask what you all will, and it will be done for you. Herein is my Father glorified, that yo all bear much fruit, so will you all be my disciples." John 15:7,8.
---Eloy on 8/21/08

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"This thereupon know, that in final days will be present times hard. For the people will be self-lovers, money-lovers, seducers, proud, desecrating speakers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, without compassion, slanderers, intemperate, merciless, not lovers of good, betrayers, stubborn, puffed up, pleasure-lovers rather than God-lovers, HAVING A FORM OF PIETY, BUT DENYING THE POWER OF IT: and of these turn away from." II Timothy 3:1-5.
---Eloy on 8/21/08

Liam, as I stated earlier in this blog, no offering was given and definitely no charge was made for attending the crusade. He doesn't charge. A voluntary love offering is taken. Don't tell lies. You'll do well to "examine yourself" to see whether you are
in the faith",(II Corinthians chapter 13, verse 5 & I Corinthians chapter 11, verse 28). Everyone of us are going to give an account of the deeds done in this body, whether good or bad for him or herself!(II Corinthians chapter 5, verse 10).
---theresa on 8/21/08

Does the Bible also say become filthy rich off of these miracles? Or tell people to stop seeking medical attention?

I'm obviously not making any progress with reason on this blog. I'm sorry you will probably be taken advantage of by liars and thieves and not even know it.
---liam on 8/20/08

Eloy, if you examine scripture in the true context which it is written, without adding anything to it, or taking anything from it, you will see that casting out demons, speaking in new tongues, and healing people was only attributed to the Apostles of Christ.

Concerning Benny Hinn sharing the Gospel, he does not share the Gospel of Christ Jesus, which is the the Gospel which leads a person to SALVATION. When have you ever heard Benny Hin talk about SALVATION?

Benny Hinn and those like him teach a completely different Gospel, Galatians 1:6-10.
---Rob on 8/20/08

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In 1992 here at Market Square Arena during a crusade led by Benny HInn, Nikita believed God for a miracle, against her upbringing as a Muslim, and she is healed. She was very thin and sickly, but has been healthy ever since. She had been given 6 mos. to live and she is healed! Like it or not! I'm still rejoicing with her and whatever mistakes you want to keep a record of of Benny Hinn, you'd better be careful of yourselves. Pray for him and those who error and make sure the beam is our of your eyes! (Matthew chapter 7, verses 3-5) If he's wrong, pray for him, but I know there have been true healings at the crusades.
---theresa on 8/20/08

Trav, I'm not claiming Benny Hinn to be a miracle worker and neither does he at the crusades. As I stated earlier this week, my father prayed for many people and they were healed of cancer, heart diseases, arthritis and other ailments. His life was one of humility and honor in the Lord Jesus Christ as a minister and pastor. I also stated there are many others God has used to pray the "prayer of faith", (James chapter 5,verse 15), so I'm rejoicing in your healing through your mother's prayer of faith, but the fact is people have been healed at the Benny Hinn crusades in the past.
---theresa on 8/20/08

Jesus Commands: "Go all you into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. And these signs will follow them that believe, In my name will they cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues, they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. For there is no man which will do a miracle in my name, that can lightly speak evil of me. For he that is not against us is on our side." Mark 16:15,17,18+ 9:39,40. Benny preaches the gospel, Benny heals the sick, thus he is "for" the kingdom, and "Not against" the kingdom. Now whom of you is evangelizing as the Lord Commands? Whom of you is laying hands on the sick and they are recovering? Where are you works of Christ?
---Eloy on 8/20/08

I'm the recipient of a miracle. My mother prayed about a growth in my knee I was to have surgically removed. The doctor who was about to do surgery was amazed when he couldn't find it pre surgery x rays. There was no where for it to go!
I'm convinced of miracles. I also know by his fruit, Benny Hinn is a child of the father of all lies. You want to follow him blindly, this is your concern. He is blind.....leading the blind. A wolf in sheeps clothing. Benny prophesied that Jesus would appear with him on stage, at a future date. I guess you guys were at that event when it happened? You don't need this guy..get free..get scripture.
---Trav on 8/20/08

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Theresa: I am disappointed by the ignorance of man but never truth.
---liam on 8/20/08

theresa: I'm not being a "naysayer". I'm just asking that people be careful about these things. Peter Popoff uses his wife to give him information about people (gathered before recording) through a transmitter in his ear and then Popoff claims he gets the information from God. He is a liar.

That's great that they make mistakes, but that's besides the point: *some* of these people are actively using God's name to deceive people and take their money.

I have yet to see anything to convince me that Hinn is any different.

All I am saying is that if someone can convince you fully that a lie is true, they can do a lot worse to you too. Be careful.
---liam on 8/19/08

The Bible teaches we will know people by their Fruits, Matthew 7:15-16.

Any person who has done indepth Bible study will know the Bible talks about Benny Hinn in Matthew 7:21-23, 1 Corinthians 11:13-15, 2 Peter Chapter 2, and Revelation 2:2.
---Rob on 8/19/08

Yes, when I see her again I will tell her about the blog.I don't have her medical records, but I know her family raised her as a Muslim and she was healed. You remind me of the naysayers of Jesus' day who were so jealous, they couldn't rejoice with those who were healed. Also, I never said Benny Hinn heals. You see, my father laid hands on the sick and other faithful Holy Ghost preachers and people received healing from the Lord in the name of Jesus Christ many years before I knew there was a Benny Hinn. He is a vessel God uses to pray for and to hold crusades for people of faith to come together in Jesus Christ to believe for the impossible. Her name is Nikita and she is healed whether the "Pharisees" of today want to believe it!
---theresa on 8/19/08

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Men are not "faith healers", but men God uses to pray for, speak and believe for the healing that can only take place with Jesus Christ as the Healer using them. Has Benny Hinn made mistakes? Yes, and so did Moses, who God spoke of as the "meekest man" on the earth during his time, so did King David, "a man after God's own heart" and so have you who judge without knowing the power of God manifested at the crusades held by Benny HInn. The Pharisees followed Jesus Christ around and nitpicked his character, discredited him and some of the same things people are doing in the same manner to God's men. I don't agree with anything totally but the Word of God and God uses Benny HInn!Pray for him!
---theresa on 8/19/08

Liam, I hate to disappoint you, but very glad to inform you that this claim is true and she is healed by the power of Jesus Christ during a crusade held by Benny HInn in which all glory was given to God in song, worship services, the Word of God spoken and the healings. There was another healing of a baby that made the newspaper that year where the doctor acknowledge the child was healed of an incurable disorder. I'd have to go to the library here to try to find it and the date of the crusade since it was 16 years ago, but it happened.Benny Hinn never laid hands on directly for her healing. He directed our attention to the Lord for healing after a powerful worship service where Jesus Christ was exalted in 1992.
---theresa on 8/19/08

Beware of Benny Hinn. He is a liar. His miracles and prophecy's have not come true. There have been study's done to verify his bragging and miracles. They are false healings.
Read your Bible and use your head. If one phrophecy given does not happen....they are not of GOD. God does not even give one false phrophecy. While Hank Henegraff the egotist gets on my nerves ....he did prove Hinny out as a liar.
---Trav on 8/19/08

No body heals or performs miracles, except by the Holy Spirit as God determines. God is sovereign and has a time and place for everything. He seeks our obedience and faith in Him through Jesus Christ. So a crusade, a gathering etc, is not about the man, Hinn, Roberts, or anyone else, its about Jesus. It's Jesus' ministry and gathering. We are to see His miracle power at work by faith, ever praising Him for His faithfulness, sacrifice on the cross and gift of life. Paul stated correctly, "It is not I who live but Christ within". And, John the Baptist said, "I must decrease for Him to increase". Is that what is happening today?
---Robert on 8/19/08

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Theresa: can you provide medical documentation for before and after the healing event? If so, James Randi would be very interested in her case since it, if true, would be the only case in the world that can been shown to be true and that would qualify as a miracle. Or could your friend have been misdiagnosed originally?

James Randi shows that many of these faith healers are FAKE even if they appear genuine. He is not a "debunker", or an atheist---he is an investigator.

PLEASE watch the interviews with James Randi from the mid 90s on youtube and make an INFORMED decision about these claims before devoting yourself to them. These claims are dangerous and many people die from lack of medical attention.
---liam on 8/18/08

Tina: "Why do you christians like criticizing others? Are you perfect? Why don't you just work on yourselves and stop criticizing others. Don't you know that criticism is demonic? Your faith is what gets you healed! Benny Hinn is not responsible for your healing.Why are u so ignorant of the scriptures "

Criticism is demonic? Hog wash. Christians are to bring to light false prophets so others will not go to Hell. If we didn't warn others then we are sinning.

Hinn, and others, would not be healing if there wasn't some sort of compensation. Jesus never charged for what He did.
---Steveng on 8/18/08

Having attended three healing crusades led by Benny Hinn,I can attest to the validity of the power of God healing at these meetings! A woman I attended college with attended one in our city in 1992 having been given 6 mos. to live. She was raised as a Muslim, but was desperate. She knew I was a Christian and after receiving total healing of her terminal condition (while in the stands), told me about it. She received confirmation from the hospital and her primary doctor afterwards. I last spoke with her in person 2 mos. ago and she's still healed 16 years later!! She's no longer a Muslim and believes Jesus Christ is all who the Bible says HE is!
---theresa on 8/18/08

Consider James Randi's explanation of faith healers: they cheat.

1) Many faith healers claim to have a success rate of around 80%, yet that's the same percentage of people who go to hospitals who have symptoms that clear up on their own.

2) Ever hear of the placebo effect?

3) Testimonials are not evidence and there is no documentation that shows people were cured of their deadly diseases---no cases of diabetes being cured, etc.

4) People with cancer/diabetes die because they stop regular medical treatment after they are "healed" by these people.

Don't give these people your money.
---liam on 8/17/08

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I have wanted to go, but hearing that he collects money and even one leaves not healed is not the same teachings I see in the bible. Jesus never charged and everyone was healed. We are to see even greater things in our day...not more disappointments for a man who lives in a mansion and owns a jet!
---Gwen on 7/6/08

Why do you christians like criticizing others? Are you perfect? Why don't you just work on yourselves and stop criticizing others. Don't you know that criticism is demonic? Your faith is what gets you healed! Benny Hinn is not responsible for your healing.Why are u so ignorant of the scriptures
---Tina on 10/22/07

be careful when u speak of gods annointed. i preache to souls like you. foolish peope who do not know god or his power
---sss on 11/28/06

Benny Hinn is a greedy money grabbing preacher. He is materialistic and self centred.designer suits and rolex watches are not christian. He is a false teacher as potrayed in revelations and a liar. He will be judged.
---ian on 6/6/06

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Friends, Now the original Thomas has become Thomas D.
---Thomas on 5/27/06

Original Thomas ... When another Alan appeared here, I added my number to my name. It's as well I did, because there is now another Alan, who will not change or add to his name.
Cliff also added to his name and became1st Cliff.
If you did this and became "Thomas the original" there could be no confusion.
---alan_do8869_of_UK on 5/27/06

3. His stage presence is an exact replica of her- he even emphasizes his words, whispers, and makes gestures just exactly like her. It is SPOOKY. When I was a kid, my mother used to watch her and I was scared to death of her- I thought she looked like a ghost, as pale as she always was, those long white dresses and the way she talked with her voice rising and falling speaking so dramatically- and Benny Hinn does the same thing (except he wears a white suit instead of a dress! ;)
---T.S. on 5/27/06

2. I doubt Jesus ever spoke to his disciples that way when they were following him in the ministry. I wouldn't work for Benny Hinn for any amount of money, because of that reason. In fact I've heard other people who have, and said he is VERY hard to work for. The 2nd thing is his complete and just downright STRANGE obsession with Katherine Kuhlman. I mean, I have people that I admire, people that have greatly impacted my life, but sometimes it's like watching a male version of her reincarnated!
---T.S. on 5/27/06

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Here's the only thing I have to say about it all. I'm not going to make a judgement call on whether he's a Christian or not, but there are 2 things that bother me: 1 is his attitude toward his 'staff'. Have any of you ever noticed that they all seem scared to death of him, and the way he talks to them on stage is absolutely hateful and rude sometimes. I've seen him actually YELL and stomp his foot at them if they didnt do what he said how he said it and as fast as he thought they ought to do it!....
---T.S. on 5/27/06

To the new Thomas, Please add a number or something to your name. I don't want anyone confusing you with me. I'm Thomas. Not you. Change your name to Homer or Armon, anything but Thomas.
---Thomas on 5/27/06

I didn't know about his statement in 1974 that God told him that he needed to change because he was doing wrong. Did he say WHAT he was doing wrong? Has anybody observed a change?
---Donna2277 on 5/26/06

Pkay, you better not listen to this people. I dare you to research any man or woman of God you know and see if you won't find mostly criticism. If God calls you to the ministry one day, you'll get the same reaction.
That's why Jesus asked us to personally judge by the fruits we witness.
If you did, you'll know without doubt that while Benny Hinn is very imperfect, He is a man of God
... and yes, one of those people who I expect to be in heaven.
---Okebaram on 5/26/06

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I have personally listened to recordings of mr hinn where he stated that jesus was physically gonna show up at one of his crusades. not the holy spirit or any spirit be jesus himself in the flesh.and other prophecies that didn,t come to pass on dates which he said they would.that the definition of a false prophet.
---tom on 5/26/06

Ingrid, I am very familiar with Mr. Hinn's "ministry". The conclusion that I've come to is that he is not a "straight shooter" as you suppose, but is elitist within the christian community, secretive, and greedy. The pulpit should never be the place where one makes financial gain. I do not begrudge quality facilities... but where's his financial accountability? Scripture says we are to avoid even the appearance of evil... in this area he certainly does not.
---daphn8897 on 5/8/06

My name is Lisa and I am a believer in Jesus Christ. I believe God used Benny Hinn to tell me that I had been healed in Jesus name not Benny Hinn's name. I believe Benny Hinn is not a God or a Devil but human just like you or I. He is not sinless in nature and the reason for Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. Sometimes we put our pastors or evangelists up at the same level as God and when they sin it's a reason to point the finger. Remember what Jesus said about casting the first stone.
---Lisa on 5/8/06

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