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Why Some Blogs Deleted

I'd like to know why removed some of the blogs? Specifically the one titled "Why Baptise A Baby?" (parts of which can still be found cached at GOOGLE). I've also noticed a few other blogs missing too.

Moderator - We deleted all blogs last week that had 3 or less responses in order to keep the site useful. Feel free to open any back up. How to use the google command to search the blogs baptise

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 ---Daniel on 5/2/06
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Thankyou, God.
---Elena_9555 on 12/14/14

This blog first posted 2005!!!
---observant on 11/12/14

Mod.Permit,Thanks!! Prayer for the .............Veterans & Allies,All Wars!
FatherGod,Forgive me forgetfullness, please remember this Day we give homage & respect, all those Vets & allies who gave their lives that We are alive,now.Please be with all the Vet's families, please help those who are homeless, hungry, need a job or go bk to school, skills, medicine, mental health or monies to start up a new career, open Doors Father That NO man can shut!! In jesus name.amen thankyou, for Cnt thankyou for this priviledge.
---Elena_9555 on 11/11/14

I would like to suggest (to the Moderators) the possibility of putting the old blogs in a "compressed Archive" where people can still reach them if need be & if it is convenient for the owners of this website.
---Adetunji on 11/6/14

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---Elena_9555 on 11/5/14

Mod.Permit-thanks! EMS Prayer for Mrs. L.T. Deliverance
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---Elena_9555 on 11/3/14

Braggards ballyhoo, blather and foam at the mouth...bear witness of themself.
The bible does say if we bear witness of ourself, that witness is not true. Bearing false witness, of yourself.
False witness, deception.
---Mark on 1/13/08

In truth Mod, my wish is that so many redundant questions wouldn't get posted. Just refer the asker to the one that is the same perhaps. I'm tired of multiple Benny Hinn and RCC questions that are the same. The answers are the same, and most just go in circles. If people are going to bash each other, have a 'Bashing blog' so we can skip over it and not have the bashing that goes on in the other blogs and get totally off the subject.

Moderator - "Bashing Blog" umh Anyone want to open it :) I agree sometimes questions can get over asked however there are new people all the time and they want to blog freshly.
---NVBarbara on 12/27/07

I'm new at this, but love it. How do I know where a blog may be placed? Have a blessed joyful day, everyone.
---Mishon on 4/1/07

a agree with the moderator, if there is no responds or if they are large they should be deleted to make room for more.
---irene7395 on 3/31/07

It does seem conservative,with trillions of bloggers,to save space and cut some out.As they would with many Public journals, People cannot keep every single post, and must "clean house"once in a while.
---rosem4839 on 3/29/07

Moderator: That makes sense, but I know there were at least a dozen posts for that one, and now I have to wonder why the one "Why Are Abortions Bad" was canceled too then: It had a page of 20 posts on it with a link to 20 more on the previous page and seems to be the 3rd page Google cached!

Moderator - Hopefully, there wasn't a programing accident, but I don't think so.
---Daniel on 3/28/07

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Seventh Day Adventist Member (27)
What Day Is The Sabbath (602)
Are Seven Days Adventist A Cult (287)
Are 7th Day Aventists A Cult (560)
Explain The 2,300 Day Prophecy (134)
Explain Revelation 14:6-12 (7)
Seventh Day Adventist Christians (39)
Book Of Revelation Difficult (187)

Can these be placed under one subject head, e.g. SDAs to save space, and redundancy? There are almost 2000 SDA posts alone
---John_T on 5/23/06

Moderator, I do appreciate your work with the stress, fatigue, frustration you must feel at times, not to mention our whining. Being a very poor speller and slow reader I would not be any help.

Moderator - Thanks!
---Ulrika on 5/8/06

Moderator, if I were your side of the 'big pond' I'd be first in the queue for the job - I'd just love it. What I'm now worried about is that I've set myself up for everyone to notice, and comment on, my own spelling mistakes!!!
---f.f. on 5/8/06

I wonder why it is necessary for moderator to 'correct' spelling when it is an accepted fact that U.K. spelling is sometimes different from U.S.spelling. I recently sent in a question with the word jewellery in it which is correct but was altered to jewelry. I've also seen the word wives (correct) altered to wifes (incorrect. Moderator, if you must correct, p-l-e-a-s-e correct everytime someone uses ect. when they mean etc.

Moderator - You are hired for the job. There is no pay including long hours, and of course plenty of testy bloggers to deal with :)
---F.F. on 5/8/06

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Couldn't you remove blogs that have sat for weeks with no new replies?
---NVBarbara on 5/8/06

I have nothing to brag about, I am just a simple country boy. Socrates considered himself the most annoying person in Athens. I would only 'irrate' as my mentor Mark Twain would, to instagate thought. The more I think I know, the less I really do.
---MikeM on 5/4/06

For what reason is a person banned? Sometimes part or all of my posts are deleted. My wife says 'they just don't like what you are saying, period.' there are parameters for sure, but beyond the clear ones, like profanity, or maybe insulting, what are the limits? Divergent theologies?

Moderator - Sometimes your comments are bragging or have an attempt to irrate people. And yes, there is no point in posting those types of comments.
---MikeM on 5/4/06

It would be helpful if there was a theology blog devoted to theological questions only so one didn't have to sift through so much personal stuff. And BTW there were many more than 3 posts on the "Why Baptise A Baby?" blog.
---Tina5349 on 5/3/06

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I have also wondered why only some of my responses are posted...does this happen to other people?

Moderator - If a response doesn't make sense or is intended to be nasty it doesn't get posted.
---christina on 5/3/06

I agree moderator, when I was new here I had not idea how to find older questions and it was only after using Christianet for some time that I realised that the same questions do get asked regularly. I think that could be seen as a positive thing because it shows that new people are joining all the time and confirms that the same things trouble most of us. We are here to help each other, not hinder questioners. Those of us who know where a similar question can be found can redirect people as well.
---emg on 5/3/06

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