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Has The Holy Spirit Left Me

Do you think the Holy Spirit has left me? Can the Holy Spirit leave a Christian?

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 ---Angela_Boggs on 5/5/06
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Kathr, the Calvanist believed that if one backslid, or quit coming to church, fell into a life of sin through temptation etc. they must not have been truly saved. I've also read that they believed in infant baptism, another point of difference between they and the Baptists.

I agree with you, we are not to judge. God is the judge. I cannot see one's heart but God can. Example:
Joh1:47 Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and saith of him, Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!

Lord bless you.
---trey on 1/5/13

\\I am not a Calvinist...never studied about Calvin until a few months ago.\\
---Mark_V. on 1/4/13

I didn't "study about Calvin" until after years of studying Calvinism from MacArthur, Sproul, James White, and others. You ought to be honest

\\just because one believes..(xxxx)..does not make them a Calvinist.\\
---trey on 1/4/13

If you learn it from Calvinists, it DOES make you a Calvinist

That's like learning from the Watchtower publications and then claiming you're not a Jehovah's Witness

Or watching Kenneth Copeland on tv and then claiming you don't know anything about Kenneth Hagin

---James_L on 1/5/13

Trey, interesting that Calvinist believe in backsliding. What exactly is the "Calvin" definition of backsliding, and under WHO'S eye would be the judge deciding what is a backslider offense, and making that judgemental decision one is not saved? No real difference from the inquisition really. Man playing God.

That's what I've been trying to say here. No different than the RCC.

Just exactly what Markv does here too with many, DECIDING WHO IS SAVED OR NOT according to his standards.
---kathr4453 on 1/5/13

Hi Kathr4453, you are correct there are more differences between the Calvanist and the Baptists of ages past!

The Calvanist believe that every elect child of God will hear, believe, and accept Christ. They also believe that every child of God will maintain good works until the day they die. They believe that if one backslides they must not have been a true child of God.

The Baptists of yesteryear and the Old Line Primitive Baptist of today believe that every elect child of God will be with God in glory because everyone of them will be born again by His Spirit! They believe in an Almighty God that is able to save his people from their sins without the help of man. Matt 1:21
---trey on 1/4/13

Trey, no one can preserve without being in Christ . It is Christ in you.

Please again, explain the difference more clearly between Calvinist and baptists.

Calvin persecuted and murdered annabaptists over the doctrine of infant baptism vs adult baptism.

So, there are more differences than you just stated.

Calvin never really left the RCC. That's what is so humorous about markv's post.
---kathr4453 on 1/4/13

The RCC have catechisms of works that would permit you to enter heaven.
---Mark_V. on 1/4/13

Please for the 100th time show me the documents that the Catholic Church teaches you have to earn your way to Heaven..I am waiting:)
---Ruben on 1/4/13

Seriously MarkV, the RCC use to preach faith plus nothing? When? That there is no salvation outside the RCC? What protestant Church today teaches such a thing?
And now you are saying the protestant churches today are preaching works TOO, as in the sacraments for salvation? Can you give us examples of these churches? The ONLY Churches I see are those like Calvinism who preach infant baptism, just as Calvin did himself, declaring he was regenerated at his infant baptism.
You are more confused than ever MarkV. Or were you hoping to deceive ignorant people with your false lies. The ONLY churches following the RCC doctrine are those teaching the sacraments for salvationhaving NOTHING whatsoever to do with FAITH + NOTHING!
---kathr4453 on 1/4/13

Bro. Trey, thank you for the information. The doctrine of works is very old, many cults teached it before the RCC put it to use. Islam, has had it for a long time. Since it started in the RCC, it has been passing down through the last few centuries to other denominations. The RCC have catechisms of works that would permit you to enter heaven. The Protestant Church opposed those views. But lately many are preaching it. Preaching a helpless god who cannot do anything, he is obligated to man. Even the word of faith teachers have him doing whatsoever they desire. Just ask and God is obligated. That god is not the God of the Bible.
---Mark_V. on 1/4/13

Sister Shira, just because one believes in the Almighty God's electing grace, and that our Lord predestinated a people to heaven before the world began does not make them a Calvinist. (Calvanism didn't come about until mid 1500's.) The Baptist of ages past believed these doctrines. It wasn't until James Arminius brought in his doctrine in the late 1500s that people began to believe that salvation was by choice.

Here is the difference: Calvanist believe that only the true elect will persevere where the Baptist in years past preached that the elect are preserved in Christ!

I am a Baptist and I believe in election, predestination and preservation of God's saints.

Lord bless you Sister.
---trey on 1/4/13

I totally agree Shira.

MarkV, anti_Christ doctrine is something you have no clue whatsoever. anti_Christ doctrine has nothing to do with your false doctrine of God picking your name out of a hat, basd on God's good humor. Actually your doctrine is anti_Christ, because it bypsses the cross all together. just as those self arrogant Jews believed themselves to be God's elect who also denied the CROSS as the only way of Salvation.

To be IN CHRIST is to no longer be a part of this world, or to try to change this temporal world by means of lording it over anyone.

Calvin never left this tempral world in his doctrine, but tried to change it. THAT markv is what is anti_christ...still in a 666 mode.

---kathr4453 on 1/4/13

Unless a person is born again, supernaturally brought from death unto life, miraculously translated out of darkness into the light, he cannot even see the things of God (John 3:5) an less apprehend them (1 Cor. 2:14). The Holy Spirit has to shine in our hearts in order to give us,
"the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ" (1 Cor. 4:6).
---Mark_V. on 1/4/13

Something Calvin never saw nor can you see as well.
---kathr4453 on 1/4/13

Kathr, the anti-Christ doctrines you preach are well known to me. You argued the Son of God is not eternal. You spoke on behalf of your free will, in giving Christ permission to enter your heart so that He could give you faith, and admitted you came to Christ without faith, and he in turn gave you everything free for giving Christ permission.

Unless a person is born again, supernaturally brought from death unto life, miraculously translated out of darkness into the light, he cannot even see the things of God (John 3:5) an less apprehend them (1 Cor. 2:14). The Holy Spirit has to shine in our hearts in order to give us,
"the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ" (1 Cor. 4:6).
---Mark_V. on 1/4/13

Sis. Shira, you don't have to apologize, you display the love of Christ. And, I am not a Calvinist. Those are lies of evil Kathr. My teachings come from Scripture, and many other sources, never studied about Calvin until a few months ago. Do not know a thing about his life or if he was saved or not. Who knows who's saved but God? If Calvin believed in election, then he was right.

"Does man save himself with his free will?" When His disciples heard about how hard it was for a rich man to enter heaven they were greatly astonished, "saying, "who then can be saved?:

"But Jesus looked at them and said to them. "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible" (Matt. 19:26).
---Mark_V. on 1/4/13

markv, I thought we were on the same page but your "elect" doctrine turns me off. I am so sorry you believe such as that. I ask you once if you were calvanist and now I know you really are, even tho you told me you weren't. I still love you in Christ. when someone ask me about that on christianet,I am going to give them scripture that tells the truth. God does not "select" certain ones to be saved. He does select certain ones for certain callings.
---shira4368 on 1/4/13

Calvins heart was utterly DEPRAVED even after he professd to be the ELECT! NO CHANGE!
Matt 15:19
For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:
John 8:44
Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning
Romans 1:29
Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness, full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity, whisperers,
Galatians 5:21
Envyings, murders.. shall not inherit the kingdom of God.
Blaspheme God again MarkV
Neither repented they of their murders ( Calvin did not repent either)
---kathr4453 on 1/3/13

Just like the calvinist puritans, markv believes himself to be another on a witch hunt, burning at the stake those who disagree wth him. Just like his father Calvin.

Your words don't scare me or bothr me markv, and glad you said what you said for all to see what a horrible person you really are.

Stay away from me MarkV.
---kathr4453 on 1/3/13

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The Only satanic doctrine here is MarkV's calling God's Word a lie, and defending murderers as above the word of God. Markv thinks all "elect calvinists" including murderers??? are above God's Word. Just like in Massachutes, we had the "ELECT" calling other "ELECT" satanic and murdering them. This, poor poor markv is what is evil and satanic that you continue to carry forward to today.

Calvin DID NOT preach "I AM CRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST". And those who know better know he did not.

If Calvin was truly crucified with Christ, no such murders and exalting himself over others would have occured. You REALLY just don't get it, and never will.

a mad dog foaming at the mouth is all you are!
---kathr4453 on 1/3/13

Kathr, when I want to address you, I am not afraid to do it. You do not scare me, for evil spirits do not scare me. I will respond to your evil spirit this time. You are nothing but a trouble maker spirit, just like those others, always accusing and trying to bring down those who speak for God and His right to save whom He wills. Only the anti-christ do that, and that is your work. Like Peter, you are being a mouthpiece for satan, always have been since I begin answering you four or five years ago.
I defend the Word of God against your false doctrines and those of others who speak on behalf of man and not God. Your not an overcomer, but a false teacher. I am not the only witness to your lies.
---Mark_V. on 1/3/13

Nana, I just read your post.

Christ is my judge. (2Cor 5:10)

If you would like to judge me go ahead. It make me no difference.

I believe the scriptures when they tell me I am eternally saved by grace! Eph 2:8 When I stand before God my only plea is the finished work of Christ!!! - John 19:30

I believe the scriptures when they state that my righteousnesses (righteous works) are as filthy rags before a just and thrice holy God! - Isa 64:6, Rev 4:8

The dead (unrighteous/wicked) come before the judgement seat of God and are eternally judged by their works. - Rev 20:12

The just are just because of the imputed righteousness of Christ. - Rom 3:26, 2Cor: 5:21
---trey on 1/2/13

Kathr4453, lets judge you for judging Calvin. We do not belief you are an overcomer yourself. ///

Why is everyone who cannot be rebuked by the false doctrine of Calvin have such poor grammar, and all the exact same grammatical error as MarkV.

We do not BELIEVE, not belief is the proper word MarkV.

You have no idea what an overcomer is, nor are you in any position to judge one you do not know.

Calvin's words and murders are well recorded MarkV, MURDERERS are not OVERCOMERS.

Murderers will NOT enter the Kingdom of God.

Now you take that up with God, and HIS WORD and leave me out of it.

By the way, who's "WE" as in WE the MarkV of many names here on line.

---kathr4453 on 1/2/13

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Kathr4453, lets judge you for judging Calvin. We do not belief you are an overcomer yourself.

What you speak is only your opinion about someone you never met or knew in your life, you never had a chance to ask him questions. How can you make such a comment about someone else? You can speak badly of someone but that does not mean you are right.

You were asked, a long time ago, if you believed the Son of God is eternal? And you said no, by your response it looks to me you are not an overcomer yourself, you have the wrong Jesus.
---John_D. on 1/2/13

We know that Calvin professed to be a christian, but was he really an overcomer? Did he really overcome this world? History itself proves he did not. He may have you to believe he came out of the RCC,(world), but Calvinism itself is as much in the world as the RCC.. Neither are OVERCOMERS the way God intended us to be overcomers. You believe God is changing your old, and not crucifying it TO DEATH, so that the NEW CREATURE is who risen up with Christ has that victory as the ONLY MEANS OF OVERCOMING.

Head knowledge will never overcome.
---kathr4453 on 1/1/13

John 14:15 "If ye love me, keep my commandments."
John 14:16 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever,

Are you keeping his commandments trey? Never leave you?
John 8:29 And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone, for I do always those things that please him.
Are you more deserving than Jesus?
---Nana on 12/30/12

angela is probably gone by now, it's been 7 years since the post. If a person does not have the Holy Spirit, it is because they never had Him in the first place. Jesus said, He would never leave you, and the Spirit of Christ lives in the life's of all true believers.
---Mark_V. on 12/30/12

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Has the Holy Spirit left me?
Let us see what the scriptures say:

Joh14:16 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever,

Heb13:5 Let your conversation be without covetousness, and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

Need I say more?
---trey on 12/29/12

the holy spirit. I used this as a guidance and it seems ive squandered many times. now its gone and i havent been able to get it back. please help.
---Paul_S on 12/28/12

Follower, here is what an "overcomer" means,
"For whatosever is born of God overcometh the world and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God" (1 John 5:4,5).
Faith in Jesus Christ as Savior not only makes us God's children, but overcomers as well. The day we trusted Christ was a day of victory for every Christian, because it was the day we overcame the world. Christ has given us the victory. (1 Cor. 15:57).
---Mark_V. on 8/18/12

Follower of another Christ, you said to me,

" whatever holy scripture is shared is worthless to you because you don't believe holy scripture is truth."

Why do you twist what I said? Scripture is the Word of God. Get that right. What satan said to Eve was a lie. It is true he said a lie, but what he said was a lie. Are you saying he spoke the Truth to Eve? When God speaks in any passage, it is Truth, and since Jesus Christ is God, what He says is also True becaus He is the Truth.
---Mark_V. on 8/16/12

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Follower, Craig is correct. Also ( Hebrews 10:26) nowhere states that the Holy Spirit leaves you. If you had read the context you would know that the writer of Hebrews is speaking rhetorically. Because (v.39) he excludes himself and genuine believers from this category. Sin willfully in the Grk carries the idea of deliberate intention that is habitual. The sin is rejecting Christ deliberately. These are not isolated acts. According to the Mosiac legislation such acts of deliberate premeditated sin required exclusion from the congregation of Israel (Num. 15:30,31) and from worship (Ex. 21:14).
---Mark_V. on 8/15/12

Jesus said He would never leave us or forsake us. The Holy Spirit IS the Spirit of Jesus Christ!

The fact that you are concerned about it is a GOOD thing! That tells me that the Spirit is convicting you and conviction is a sign that God loves you.

What does scripture say? If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us. You're hiding a sin... most likely a stronghold that satan has on you. Maybe its time to ask the Lord to reveal this sin that has so greatly grieved him. Your relationship with God hasn't ended but you have grown distant from Him.

How often will God forgive us? 7 times 70 (Matt 18:22). Come to your senses and return home and he will greet you with open arms. (luke 15:20)
---CraigA on 8/12/12

yes the Holy Spirit can leave you:

Hebrews 10:26
For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins,

Willfully sinning after you receive Gods saving truth will eventually quench the Holy Spirit because the life of a follower of Christ is to overcome Satan, sin, and the world with prayer. To overcome means to stop doing the sin. This may take a while with many bumps in the road. To sin, then pray about it and continue to sin and pray without ever taking action to overcome then the sin begins to take root. When the sin takes root you begin to willfully sin then your prayers are empty words and then your sin becomes habit.
---Follower_of_Christ on 8/11/12

When God saved me it was eternal and that means forever and ever. I'm glad I don't have to start over every time I sin. I would be saved everyday. My flesh sins and so does yours. Someday I will have a glorified body and I can't wait. I see how the world is today and it makes me want to leave here but the young generation are slowly being indoctrinated to this world we live in today and if Jesus not return during this time their children will go thru the same process.
---Shira4368 on 8/1/12

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You may say things to me when I am with you that cause me grief. I may choose to shut my mouth and pretend to have not heard you. But since I promised to stay by your side no matter what, you just have to get used to the silent treatment til you clear up the thing that caused you to offend me.

G3875 parakletos
an intercessor, consoler.
advocate, comforter.

para means beside or next to.

kaleo means to "call".

The Holy Spirit is not going anywhere if God has placed it there. I am sorry, you are stuck with it.
---Phil on 7/31/12

How can we still be sinners when Christ has redeemed us. There is no mention in the N.T. that we are sinners - only saints. If we sin, we are saints that sin, not sinner. Just a thought.....

---Joanne on 7/30/12

My honest opinion, the Holy Spirit never leaves His children as He is God and Jesus who made the promise of never leaving us nor forsaking us. We are all sinners and fall victim to the devils trickery each and every day. He knows exactly how to get you down... Remember that he will do whatever he can to pull you away from God, at any cost... God's Spirit will not leave you, but you can suppress Him with sin which is wrong.. If you allow the devil control, you mentally tell the Holy Spirit "Okay I want to listen to Satan now, thank you" Meaning you won't hear His voice but the devils voice.. if it makes sense... Never think that God's Spirit has forsaken you.. It is us who forsake Him by not listening to Him..
---Ryno on 7/30/12

God, Christ and the Holy Ghost have not forsaken you. God's and our love (concern) for you is eternal. There are times when you must learn to make decisions and examine the results for yourself. Whether the outcome is good or bad is relative these things are for God to decide. In comparison to God we are but children we always will be.Allow God to teach you, allow the Holly Ghost to comfort you, and allow Christ to guide you. In life all will slip and fall short. That is why we are granted all the gifts of the spirit. God dislikes darkness in all it's forms not the humanity that he has created.

Hold onto God he will restore your faith.
---Gregory on 6/19/09

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To Whosoever has an ear to hear?

Only when you're not Saved & Sealed, will the Holy Spirit not always stay by you but once you're Sealed, you are no longer your own :and the only way the Spirit will forsake you, is when you die.

By one man all fell! By one man, we shall be raised up into Glory. God hath both raised up the Lord, and will also raise up us by His own Power :by which we're Sealed. 1Cor.6:14,19

Once Sealed, the Power of the Spirit will grieve us of any sins we may fall into, until our heart repents :or we die, at which point the Spirit will depart from us.

Endeavor in keeping your heart always open to hear where the Spirit is guiding you....and when your heart is weak, you will obediently follow.
---Shawn_M.T. on 4/13/09

The gifts of God are without repentance. Some people attempt to see this as the once saved always saved doctrine. The Bible says no man can pluck you out of my hand (Old and new test.) But neither of those scriptures implies that you cant turn from God. The bible says if you leave your first love you must repent and do the first works.....Acts 2:38 is the first works of a christian....Repentance and Baptism in the Name of Jesus and you will receive the Holy Ghost...This is a promise......
---Bro_Doty on 4/8/09

you wouldn't be worried so much if he had
---Eileen on 1/29/09

The Holy Spirit has not departed from the earth, so that would be impossible.
When you say the Holy Spirit has left you, what do you mean?
Only God can give you the baptism of the Holy Spirit. People can't give you the baptism of the Holy Spirit. That's God's domain.
---Rebekah_Martin on 5/15/08

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The Holy Spirit departed from Saul. The Holy Spirit was never in Saul but was with Saul, and there in is the difference between the Holy Spirit being in a person today and the Holy Spirit being with a person (Saul, David, Samson) in the Old Testament.
---Mima on 5/15/08

I think the Holy Spirit left me. Please someone help me.
---corinne on 5/14/08

Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God, if a person always go against, grief the H/S, H/S will leave the person. The Spirit of God cannot dwell in a person who keep sinning against Him, whoever does not bear fruits, H/S will eventually leave him. Same to the church, H/S cannot dwell in a place where there is no truth, if a church has not been preaching the truth, H/S cannot dwell in that church.(The truth: no adding/subtracting of the Bible, purely the words of God - The Bible)
---Chance on 5/1/08

Holy Spirit will leave a person like how an evil spirit can possess/leave a person, i DO NOT want to associate H/S & E/S together, just so you can see H/S does leave a person.
---Chance on 5/1/08

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One thing that one can count on is the word of God.
He said that He will NEVER LEAVE YOU.
Will abide with you until the day of redemption.
Put not your faith in feelings,put them in the word of God which never changes.
---lionel on 12/10/07

Jesus said her would never leave us....and be with us even till the end of time!
---lisa on 12/10/07

The same thing happened to me only I wasn't sinning. I was just laying in my bed one night and something left me from head to toe and I cried out "Holy Spirit why have you forsaken me!" I have bees crying every day since.
---Janette on 12/10/07

God will ALWAYS forgive you if you are willing to confess and repent and come back to him. If this is really bothering you, you should talk to your pastor or someone like that. There is a book called "The Gift of Forgivness" by Charles Stanley, that is really good about explaining God's forgiveness for us.
---sarah on 11/27/07

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I need your help Mr. John Miller!!!
---nita on 9/13/07

Hebrews 13:5 Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.
Ephesians 4:30 And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.

You may have grieved the HS and he is not working in your life, but he hasn't left you.
---Rev_Herb on 6/4/07

This is why some of us use our unique ChristiaNet names or others use some other method of identifying themselves. ie. NVBarbara, Darlene_1 etc
---Bruce5656 on 10/30/06

In reference to "did the Holy Spirit leave me" blog. I did not write this reply... I have been told that Benny Hynn etc.. I have never heard Benny Henn say that. I believe there was a mix up. This is not my reply. Thank you.
---chris on 10/29/06

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I heard that Benny Hinn interviewed a woman who claimed the Holy Spirit left her body. She went to a bar to drink, disobeying the Holy Spirit's conviction. Supposedly, when she sat down, she physically felt Him leave her body. I know the Holy Spirit would come and go in the Old Testament, but will the Holy Spirit leave a struggling christian today? Could satan imitate that physical experience to cause a person to doubt their eternal security. Will God or His Spirit ever give up on one of his children?
---chris on 9/4/06

2. If you feel He has left you, you were never really in Love with Christ to begin with. A relationship with Christ is eternal. Not like our marriages many times that last a short while. The promises of Christ are for eternity.
---Lupe2618 on 7/24/06

Angela, if you are saved, the Holy Spirit will never leave you. You can believe all the others that say, you can leave Him, but that is not true at all. It is not by our strength or power, but by His power. If people think they have left the Spirit, it is because they never had the Spirit. If they did, they would not even think they could leave Him. Christians are not condemned. Only unbelievers.
---Lupe2618 on 7/24/06

---JOHN_MILLER on 7/24/06

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I feel the same way...
---faye on 7/23/06

You said you had a burning sensation for five days. I have experienced a similar thing. I was strongly convicted of a sin I committed. My body felt like it was on fire. However, it only lasted for an evening. At first I thought it was Satan, but I now believe it was God. Has anyone else experienced this?
---Tammy on 6/5/06

contiue He will bring fear upon you and fear
does not come from God he won'ts us to have peace and a sound mind When the devil comes at me i just say i rebuke you in the name of Jesus and he leaves but he will come back trying something else just hold on don't give up
---Betty on 5/31/06

Yes God's spirit can leave you.when the scripture says he will never leave you are for sake you And that is true. but it is us that leave him we are not to go by feelings because they change. If you feel like you have sined stay on your knees untill you touch him There is a song about touching Jesus. He loves us and he is willing to for give us .And yes that is the devil puting those thoughts in to your mind it has happen to me when i would try to read the bible .
---Betty on 5/31/06

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jesus said I will never you or forsake,and yea I,am with you always even until the end of time. And many others paul said nothing can separate me from the love of may at times feel like God has desserted you,but he hasn,t we live by faith not sight, and definitely not feelings.
---tom2 on 5/30/06

angela boggs

email me at mike3966 and we will talk further.

KNOW THIS you are not forsaken,by GOD you are not, unloved of GOD. If you recieved Jesus as your savior. you can't be taken from GOD,and He will never leave you. dont go with "feelings" they can confuse. go with the Word of GOD that is our truth.
I am praying for you loved one.
---willow on 5/30/06

Angela, Confidence in the Spirit comes only by repentance, and let's not make that a one time thing.

Confess your sin to God daily asking for his grace until you again regain the health of your spirit, and even then don't stop.

By continual asking, seeking, knocking we are conditioned to look for his blessing and are more able to see and feel it. In this case it's the grace of KNOWING that his hand is upon you...It's his will for you to know, but it's his glory for you to choose it.
---z-pha3394 on 5/30/06

No one can answer the first question expect you. the second question, yes the Holy Spirit can leave a person. God said that his spirit will not always strive with man. You said that you were asked to be saved again, did God convict you of your sins and did you repent? If so then you are one of God's. The bad thoughts came from Satan, because God doesn't do that. Satan feeds off of your fear, he knows what can break you. the only power Satan has is what you allow him to have.
---Rebecca_D on 5/19/06

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Angela, you don't live by feelings as a Christian, you live by faith. Seems you are under Satanic attack. The Devil will attack through your mind,Pastor is mistaken. Fight the Devil with Jesus Name,rebuke all bad thoughts or even negative thoughts in Jesus Name. Say in Jesus Name I don't receive this! If jealousy,"jealous spirit I rebuke you in Jesus Name and command you to be gone to the realm of darkness,I bind you there in Jesus Name".Pray,praise God,sing songs to Jesus,read the Bible.
---Darlene_1 on 5/6/06

Angela, If your pastor denies the fact that Satan will plant thoughts in our minds, then he is wrong and has been deceived. Satan most assuredly does plant thoughts in our minds trying to trick us into believing that they are our thoughts. When something like that happens resist it in the name of Jesus Christ, and command the thoughts to cease. James 4:7 says, "Submit yourselves therefore to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you."
---tommy3007 on 5/6/06

The devil will do absolutely anything he can to get you to doubt your faith or to make you feel worthless. I don't think the pastor should have said what he did. God tells us that He will never leave us nor forsake us. When we feel that there is a distance between us or an absence of Him it is we who have removed ourselves from the fellowship we had, not the other way round.
---M.P. on 5/6/06

Precious Angela, I know you have the faith of The Father within you for He has given us all a degree of His faith. (Rom. 12:3). I know you have faith in God, so have faith in yourself as you abide in His presence. Happy is the one who does not condemn themselves in that thing which they allowed. (Rom. 14:22). Cast your cares upon Him, for He does care for you. I love and admire you honesty, and I know that The Fathers grace is enough for you: for His strength is made perfect in weakness. (2 Cor. 12:9)
---josef on 5/6/06

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Beloved, if you heart does not condemn you, (let nothing and no one condemn you, remember The Father justifies you, and Jesus died for you. Rom. 8:33,34) then you will have confidence in God. And whatsoever you ask of Him, you will receive, because you have confidence in His Word and that confidence pleases Him. (1 John 3:19-22)
---josef on 5/6/06

My dear Angela, Beloved child of God. The Father loves you, and it is obvious to me that you love Him. Let not your heart be troubled, I know you believe in Jesus, therefore trust His salvation. (John 14:1-3) He will never leave you or forsake you. You are precious to Him. (Heb.13:5). If your heart condemns you, remember God is greater than your heart, and understands all things. (Heb. 3:20)
---josef on 5/5/06

NO. As soon as you confessed your sin HE casted it into the sea of forgetfulness never to be remembered.(Isaiah 43:25; Psalms 103:3; IJohn 1:9; Micah 7:19) Meditate on these scripture because as the righteousness of God you have a right to be forgiven & to live w/o a sin-conscience.(Romans 8:1; 2Corinthians 5:21; 1Peter 2:24)
---Rickey on 5/5/06

Can't seem to feel God's presence. I'm terrified. I love God. I feel I was saved when younger then backslid, then asked be saved again. why I asked if Holy Spirit left me b/c was reading scriptures, two bad thoughts came in my mind about God. felt burning inside body for 5 days, I know they weren't something i'd think of on my own. coud it'd been devil? my pastor said devil doensn't do that. i'm scared. I've prayed, asked for forgiveness repeatedly afterwards, is God still holding me in his hand.
---Angela_Boggs on 5/5/06

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Absolutely not, the Holy Spirit never leaves a Christian after he comes in. How strong is your prayer life, how consistent, have surrendered, and you can expect the Holy Spirit to manifest himself to you in a way that you are not expecting.
---mima on 5/5/06

Angela, what did you do to make you think He left you? Did you commit a sin? He doesn't really leave you once you have him abiding in you, but you can quench Him and grieve Him, Repent. Confess your sin (if that's what you did) and pray what Davied prayed "Create in me a clean heart O Lord." Ask Father to forgive you and He will. We walk by faith, not by feeling.
---Donna9759 on 5/5/06

Angela, I would like to know why you are asking this it because of something you have done? I will say God says that He will never leave us or forsake us...He is the faithful one, true to His word. If He began a good work in you, His promise is to bring it to completion. Set your eyes on Jesus. God bless you
---Christina on 5/5/06

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