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Church Promoting Da Vinci Code

Is the Church body going over board by recommending their congregations attend the Da Vinci Code movie so they will better understand the issues? Is the Church body promoting the Da Vinci Code movie better for Hollywood then Hollywood itself?

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 ---Alan on 5/5/06
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Look at this.Da vinci code is fiction.the author has clearly said that.Now why do I need time to study this "fiction" so that i understand the issues better?which issues?sounds so daft to me!!
---pkay on 5/5/08

I read DVC. It poses no danger to my faith, but I also know Church History. To list DVC's errors in this regard is like trying to nail applesauce to the wall.

Movies are not evil in themselves, no more evil in itself than a book. Of course, this is what happens when peple confuse cultural norms, and especially cultural conservatism, with Christianity.
---Jack on 7/15/07

What was a sin in the past is no longer a sin today.

When I first became a Christian, the preacher preached against going to movies because it was a sin, today preachers encourage going to movies. The bible says we should abstain from the apearance of evil. What a shame we call evil good and good evil.

Moderator - It appears not only are they encouraging people to go to the movies today, but to attend the most Satanic movies.
---Rev_Herb on 3/12/07

Unfortunately Jack, this won't keep people from viewing this movie out of the sheer hype that this film has produced. I can't believe that "Opie" is involved in such trash!
---NVBarbara on 5/20/06

If it's any comfort, DVC was panned in Cannes. Critics say it's just a bad movie (surprise!). According to a reporter, at what was supposed to be a serious dramatic scene, people even laughed.
---Jack on 5/17/06

I don't believe the original question and if it is true, then the pastor who suggested such people to attend is nuts.
---A_Catholic on 5/11/06

The book and movie are historically incorrect. The whole story is wrong. Christians are to hold to the truth not error and certainly not ensure more money for the author and movie makers promoting blasphemy.

David W
---David on 5/8/06

go watch this movie??, we would only be supporting plans of the devil ... the bible or a biblical movie's the best to go for friends, study and get more knowlege and understanding of the truth so you will be well equiped in times of trouble. this movie will be very blashemous of our Lord.. I have read the book ... Mary Magdalene sat at the foot of Jesus asking for forgiveness, my advice to you all, stay away.. save your money for God's portion instead..and you will be well blessed Amen
---jana on 5/6/06

The Bible says that the righteous "shutteth his eyes from seeing evil." (Isa 33:15) The way this movie apparently denegrates the dignity and diety of Christ, it is a most blasphemous evil, undoubtedly inspired by Satan himself.
---jerry6593 on 5/6/06

Our pastor said that we should not watch the movie if we're not fully grounded on the Bible because it is very misleading.I have read the whole story itself because a friend sent me a soft copy as an attachment to the e-mail.I didn't have any idea what a blasphemous story it was but I decided to continue reading it.The church should make its congregation aware of the dangers the Da Vinci Code story is posing to their spiritual stability.
---mayette on 5/6/06

I know that God has given me financial resources, and I do my best to put them places where I'm being a good steward. Giving them to the box office for this film shows them that they can make money while giving credit to someone who is deceiving people about Jesus.

I have read a book, De-Coding Da Vinci, and there are others(The Da Vinci Deception comes to mind), that do not give seeds of doubt, but do arm us with what we need to know for conversations. I'll be ready with an answer for my Lord!
---Marla on 5/5/06

Moderator - I don't see the Apostle Paul doing pagan things at the discount rate. As a matter of fact, he would not be doing pagan things period. Moderator I agree 100% with you. I'm sorry, I've already decided not to watch it. Unfortunately many will and UNhollywood is all about the money. If 40 million books were sold and they sell 40 million tickets that translates to $360,000,000. You know then, they will make Part 2 then and talk about all the kids Jesus fathered and left behind.
---gerardo on 5/5/06

Dan: As a Bible teacher/strong Christian, I could watch the movie and not be mis-lead. Remember Peter. The devil wants Christians to feel that way. That somehow YOU have the ability to fight him off. Even Jesus prayed to the Father and used HIS strength. Why don't most Christians wait till the movie is out on DVD. pay $1.00 at McDonalds and watch it in groups if they really want to discuss it? Why give Hollywood the money necessary to make another movie bashing our Lord and Saviour Jesus.

Moderator - I don't see the Apostle Paul doing pagan things at the discount rate. As a matter of fact, he would not be doing pagan things period.
---gerardo on 5/5/06

I refuse to go see it and PAY good money which goes directly to support Hollywood's debauchery and anti-Christian bias. By seeing the movie, Hollywood's dollars increase and statistics get skewed to their advantage!
---Judy on 5/5/06

Yes, the Church should be promoting the books showing the lies and deception of the Da Vinci Code
---Barry on 5/5/06

I don't plan to see the movie,but I have heard a lot about it.It is not based on bible facts as I understand it.If we want to learn more about what is false It is best to learn more of what is true and real so we can tell what is false without flirting with what is false.A church should not promote this film.
---william on 5/5/06

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As a Bible teacher/strong Christian, I could watch the movie and not be mis-lead. Many Christians are not well versed in the Bible, and could be easily confused. I would not recommend anyone going to the movie. Rather spend that money on a book such as "Cracking Da Vinchi's Code", or "The Da Vinchi Deception". Then you have in hand for review, the correct Biblical answers.The problem with the movie/book is that it is presented as fact, when actually it is self-admited fiction.
---Dan on 5/5/06

Lizz, one of Eve's biggest mistakes is when she listened to the devil instead of walking away from him. Even Jesus said "take heed to what you listen to." It's the trick of the devil to get us to believe it's okay to listen to the world's point of view, but Jesus didn't do that and neither should we.
---Donna9759 on 5/5/06

I suppose if we watch the movie or read the book, we would be better able to answer those who quote it against us. But I do not want to see a film where there is a blasphemous portrayal of Christ.
Incidently Herb, do you think now that it is a sin to go to the movies?
---alan8869_of_UK on 5/5/06

I believe it is wise to know what I am talking about. Seeing the movie is perhaps a good thing. But, viewing it at the theaters will only tell Hollywood that it is a success. I am not in any hurry to see or promote this film. Therefore, renting it in a few months will not help its ratings as attending the theater will. I trust and believe God's word and don't want erroneous ideology put in my mind might lead me astray.
---Jim_Benzing on 5/5/06

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I believe that we as Christian's need sometimes to research. I believe that a true test of our faith is when we can sit and listen to the lie and Our faith stands strong and we can teach the truth thru the lie. We are much to quick to act as though merely hearing or seeing something will cause us to lose faith I am strong in faith and know no man or Movie can deter my faith in my Lord Jesus Christ.
---Lizz on 5/5/06

The recommendation is to develop critical analysis. It is not to watch a movie or read a fiction book. What is the big deal? Lets concentrate on the real issues. Read your Bible.
---Alfonso on 5/5/06

I've not a clue where you attend church Alan, but I know its not the one I belong to!
This movie is blasphemous and could very possibly confuse new believers. The devil only needs to plant one seed to cause confusion. The church I attend certainly does NOT advocate viewing this trash.
---NVBarbara on 5/5/06

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