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Abortion Victims Go To Heaven

Do the victims of abortion go to heaven or hell?

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 ---jennifer on 5/5/06
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Cluny ... My post was supposed to be for James

I agree with you that Jesus was not a sinner, and had no sin nature* in Him

It is James with whom you should be arguing!!

*However, Jesus was not a complete stranger to sin. Being God, He would know all about sin ... after all God was there and saw when mankind (Adam & Eve) rebelled & started sinning against Him.

And being Man, he had the ability to sin ... otherwise how could Satan have tempted Him?
---alan8566_of_uk on 2/8/11

James L.-- I think you misinterpreted my last post..Let me repeat:

And if Jesus had ANY trace of the curse of sin in Him, His death could not be relied upon for forgiveness of sins! His sacrifice was effective because He, Himself, was totally sinless.
---Donna66 on 2/8/11

I thought the Orthodox church taught original sin like the Roman Catholic church.

To make JESUS born without sin the RCC says that Mary was born without sin. This doctrine is called the Immaculate Conception. Since she was born without sin so could JESUS be born without sin. In RCC theology babies are sinners. Some propose they go to Purgatory or limbo. I am not sure Orthodox churches agree with this.
---Samuel on 2/8/11

\\Craig ... This was your exchange with Dee ..
\\If babies have sin at conception, then Jesus would be sinful at that time too, right?\\
---Dee on 3/19/10

You said "Absolutely correct"\\

No, it isn't because Jesus is a total stranger to sin, and always was.

The Orthodox Church teaches that sin is extrinsic to our original ontology. It's an add-on and not part of us.

You've noticed that many places I've rejected the fantasy of a "sin nature"--a phrase nowhere in the very Bible that so many here appeal to.
---Cluny on 2/7/11

I'd like some scripture to back up the assertion that Jesus had nothing in Adam.

If Jesus had nothing in (common with ?) Adam, how could He have been tempted in all things? That means He had to resist the flesh.

Also, you are correct that He laid down His life. But if He hadn't done that, He would have died from old age. He did age, right? Aging is nothing more than death in progress.

Donna66 is right on. Sinful nature is the flesh. NATURAL.

Read 1 Corinthians 15. Natural, corruptible body is contrasted with incorruptible (resurrection)
---James_L on 2/7/11

James L -- Jesus did die...But it was His choice to do so (you and I will die whether we want to or not)
Jhn 10:18 No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father.

And if Jesus had ANY trace of the curse of sin in Him, His death could not be relied upon for forgiveness of sins! His sacrifice was effective because He, Himself, was totally sinless.

2Cr 5:21 For he hath made him [to be] sin for us, who knew no sin, that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.
Rom 5:19 For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.
---Donna66 on 2/8/11

Sorry ... My last should have been addressed to James !!
---alan8566_of_uk on 2/8/11

I think you meant, James_L :P
---CraigA on 2/8/11

Craig ... This was your exchange with Dee ..
\\If babies have sin at conception, then Jesus would be sinful at that time too, right?\\
---Dee on 3/19/10

You said "Absolutely correct"

Absolutely correct means that Jesus was sinful.

Maybe you did not make yourself a clear as yuo should have done.

---alan8566_of_uk on 2/7/11

James L, Jesus had nothing in Adam. He received nothing from him. Jesus didn't die because of the sin of Adam. Jesus willing laid down His life.
No man took His life from Him.
Read John 10:15-18.
Notice Jesus said He had the power to lay down His life and that no man took His life from Him.
When Adam sinned he encountered spititual and physical death.
---Elder on 2/7/11

Nobody is "born" a sinner. But all are born with a sinful nature (Now, what sin can one possibly commit in the womb?) Of course, victims of abortion go to Heaven.
---Donna66 on 2/7/11

Alan Part 1,
I'm not saying that Jesus is a sinner. What I said is that Jesus inherited the curse from Adam.

The curse from Adam is not spiritual death. It is ONLY physical death.

Compare Romans 5 with 1Corinthians 15 and notice all the same phrases.

If Adam brought spiritual death to all men, then Christ brought spiritual life to all men. Period.

There is nothing in the text to insinuate that though Adam brought death to all men, that Christ brought only an OPPORTUNITY for life. It says in Christ ALL live (Rom 5:18, 1Cor 15:22).

In Adam all die physically, even Jesus. He did die, right?

In Christ ALL will be raised in resurrection
---James_L on 2/7/11

Alan Part 2,
Paul said he died when the Law came and sin became alive (Rom 7:7-11).

So was Paul writing from the grave? Or was he saying that he died SPIRITUALLY?

What did Paul mean in Romans 1:21-28?
They KNEW God, but BECAME futile,
They EXCHANGED the glory of the incorruptible for an image,
They BECAME fools,
They EXCHANGED the truth for a lie,
They did not see fit to acknowledge God ANY LONGER

It is taught that we are BORN futile, BORN fools, BORN not ackowledging God. But that's not what scripture teaches.

Babies are not born sinners. Otherwise Jesus would be a sinner, being human Himself.

But how could Jesus be tempted in all things if he did not dwell in corrupt flesh (Heb 4:15)?
---James_L on 2/7/11

James L, I am sorry for disagreeing with you on this topic about Jesus, since then you would have to give proof as to when did He become sinless. He had to in order to pay for our sins. The genealogies are mentioned to confirm what the prophets had spoken. He was not born of man but of God. "For that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit: Matt. 1:20.
---Mark_V. on 2/7/11

James _ L So Jesus was a sinner?

Now the Bible states that Jesus was God.

So that makes God a sinner. What is sin ... disobedience agaisnt God.

So God is disobedient to Himself!

Does that mean He is going to Hell?

Or did He get saved at some time? I wonder who forgave Him? Himself?
---alan8566_of_uk on 2/6/11

\\If babies have sin at conception, then Jesus would be sinful at that time too, right?\\
---Dee on 3/19/10

Absolutely correct. The church has affirmed from the beginning that Jesus is "fully man" as well as "fully God".

Why were the genealogies put in Matthew and Luke? To show that Jesus is a man.

He is God, born in a man's body. The Word became flesh and pitched His tent on our midst (John 1:14)

If He did not inherit the curse from Adam (in the flesh, Rom 5:12-14) then He could not be a man.

We are not sinners because of Adam, we have sin in our body. Big difference. We become a sinner when we understand the Law, obey the lust of our flesh and die spiritually (Rom 7:9)
---James_L on 2/3/11

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Dee: 'If babies have sin at conception, then Jesus would be sinful at that time too, right?'

NO, of course NOT

Conception with two HUMAN parents.......

When conception is from God, certainly it is sinless!
---Peter on 2/2/11

I do believe that God takes care of all the babies that are aborted or die after birth. for the simple fact that the bible clearly states that he knew us even before we were born while we are in the womb. He knows every hair on our head. It doesn't matter who we are or what we practice all things were made by God. If they are not at the age of accountability (knowing right from wrong) then why would they not go to heaven?
---AMANDA on 2/2/11

Victims of abortion (a living soul in the mothers womb) including those that are born brain dead, severe handicap & mental retardation etc, they are born in sin, they are innocent of their actions because they have No knowledge of what is going on in their surroundings. They are with God when they die.
---Lawrence on 3/21/10

A product of the womb is spiritually integrated with God even before his or her parents come together. God chooses our parents for the influence they will have on our lives, that we might become the person that will fulfill God's Will. That's the reason for which we were sent in the first place.

When we are born into the world, we are BORN INTO SIN. A child in the womb does not sin, knows no sin. Once born, the child can practice sin, or act in sinful ways. But the child, once born, by the influences of the world, also soon forgets his spiritual beginnings.

An aborted child naturally returns to his spiritual home because his Soul is undeveloped.
---Elaine on 3/20/10

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If babies have sin at conception, then Jesus would be sinful at that time too, right? He couldn't choose at that time to not sin. It wasn't until he was born and conscious of right and wrong that he chose not to sin. It seems more likely we are born with the capacity to sin (Adam's curse) but are innocent in the womb. Therefore the unborn would fall under God's grace and enter heaven.
---Dee on 3/19/10

I know abortion is very horrible and a sin. I believe many women and men are naive of this evil thing and deceived by society. (satan roams about like a roaring lion seeking to deceive whom he can) I also know there is absolute forgiveness if we repent and turn to Christ. I think that babies and children of a believing parent or parents have the assurance that their little ones are in heaven. Acts 2:39
---Tony on 1/23/10

Hi Lucy, bless you honey. Your child IS waiting for you up in Heaven and you will get to meet someday. God understands why you made the choice you did and it's strictly between you and God--and no one else that may judge you. God bless you.
---Mary on 1/23/10

Lucy, Know that you are forgiven if you have repented of this sin. The worst thing about abortion for the "parents" is the deception that everything will be alright. Many women suffer because they believed this lie and went through with abortion. What people don't realize is that the "fathers" suffer at least sometimes from the decision also. How do I know this? I was one who told a wife to abort a child because I didn't want it or have time for it. When I got saved that was one of the hardest things for me to get over. I believe that unborn children who die do go to heaven as well as children who haven't reached their age of accountability before death.
---tommy7376 on 1/23/10

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Depending upon the parents, whether or not one is born again, some offspring go to heaven and some offspring go to hell.
---Eloy on 1/23/10

By all means, the abortion victims go to Heaven. Each and every one of them go to Heaven. God tends to these little ones, nurtures them, cares for them. And, if any of their parents, father and/or mother, becomes redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb, they will be reunited with their babies and children. Remember the Account of king David's first child born from his affair with Bathsheba. The child ended up dying. And, David replied that the child will not come back to him (the LORD would not let the baby live), but, rather, someday, David would return to the child. Meaning...that David was going to the same place where the baby went to, that is, Heaven.
---Gordon on 1/23/10

I agree with Tommy, newborns are born sinful but they have not rejected the gospel and therefore are sinful but not accountable.
---larry on 1/23/10

\\ Yes, all babies goes to heaven. Born or unborn. Do not make my God out to be some kind of a monster.
---catherine on 2/13/08\\

Can you give book, chapter, and verse on that?
---Cluny on 1/23/10

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For "Jack" Isiah (speaking of Jesus).."before the child knows right from wrong" (etc)..and Jesus said plainly "suffer little children to come unto me"..for goodness sake I'm all for being fundamental about scripture,but not as an excuse for legalism against grace..we should KNOW God's love better than that!
---richard on 1/23/10

i believe that abortion in my situation was the better option than the life i would have had no choice but to give my child, every day i live with this agonisizing pain that i have given up, or 'murdered' my baby, and only find comfort in the fact that my son or daughter is currently being cared for by God, i hope my baby is waiting up there for me to finally hold, i am so so sorry.
---lucy on 1/22/10

all sins can be forgiven if you repent with a contrite heart and feel a true sorry for your sins.
The babies in the womb are clearly the victims of murder. They will go to heaven.
They are innocent.
---lisa on 2/13/08

First, babies are not innocent and pure, the Scriptures teach that all are born with the sin nature, it is not something that comes on us later. I believe babies whether aborted or miscarried or died at an early age go to heaven because Jesus covered the sin nature problem. I can't explain accurately here what I'm trying to say, God knows the answer.
---tommy3007 on 2/13/08

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Yes, all babies goes to heaven. Born or unborn. Do not make my God out to be some kind of a monster.
---catherine on 2/13/08

Absolutely the soul of the innocent baby would go to heaven.If the mother later repented of that sin she too could go to heaven.How much better not to have such a sin on one's conscience though.
---shirley on 2/13/08

The abortion victims, which are the UNBORN BABIES, go directly to Heaven in the Presence of GOD to be cared for and nurtured. And if the mother (and father) become Saved and Heaven-bound, they shall be reunited with their child. This has been revealed by Holy Prophets of GOD. The evil act of abortion does not ultimately prevail over the Innocent ones.
---Gordon on 2/13/08

I would only remind fellow believers that the Scriptures clearly state that 1. End times would be so evil that God would take His from their mother's womb, ( you did it, not Him ). 2. It's murder. 3. They go to paradise and eventually Heaven with the rest of us as Scripture say's those who never heard the Gospel will have the chance to stand before Christ and Choose as will millions of others who never heard and died.
---frank_laroche on 2/13/08

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I believe there is an age of accountability, thats diff. for each child, when King Davids son died as an infant he said that "he cant come back, but I will go to be with him" I think it's up to God and any provision that He may have in the atoning work of Christ that protects those who cannot conscientiously reject Christ, infants, unborn and severely mentally handicapped.
God is righteous, just and Loving.along with being Sovereign and can do what He wants
---Jim on 2/13/08

Who is the victim?
---Eloy on 2/13/08

Fran, probably more of an irony than a joke. I am quite opposed to abortion.
---InimicusStultitiae on 2/12/08

IS, that is a rather ridiculous question and I think you are joking. Would mothers and fathers who murdered their children at an older age go to Hell if they did not deeply repent and change? Yes. The thing is you would save the unborn from sin through an early death and have the parents who kill put in Hell instead.
---frances on 2/12/08

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I believe that all unborn babies, whether aborted or miscarried, all go to heaven. They are pure and without sin and I believe the go straight to heaven to be enternally with God and the rest of your family. This comforts me. Believe what you want.
---Mary on 2/12/08

Christina, I agree with you that killing the unborn is evil. God is good and will ultimately save all humanity, stamp out all evil, and become All in all (1 Cor.15:22-28). Bless you!
---InimicusStultitiae on 10/10/07

InimicusStultitiae...interesting quesion. Mima answers from the perspective of the aborted baby, however your question is not is it better to be aborted, but rather, is it better to abort. Answer would be no, since it's a sin to kill and one must answer to God. Besides, "most likely die unsaved" is not definite, so only God would know and I'd prefer to trust Him.
---christina on 10/9/07

What is it with some of these questions. Are you serious? I wonder how God feels about them. And don't say something like: "Well, God wants us to know things".>>> No He doesn't.
---catherine on 10/9/07

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Mima, think through your response to me to its logical conclusion. Isn't it a little frightening?
---InimicusStultitiae on 10/9/07

who would then minister the word if we kill off all the babies?
---amelia on 10/9/07

---InimicusStultitiae I have pondered your question. And I must say that I would rather be aborted than cast into hell.
---Mima on 10/8/07

Babies are innocent, they do not know sin, so they would go to heaven.
---Gayla on 10/8/07

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If abortion victims go to heaven automatically, isn't it better to abort than to let the baby be born, grow up, and most likely die unsaved and go to hell?
---InimicusStultitiae on 10/8/07

Lisa, can you provide scripture to support these claims: (1) Children are innocent, & (2) Children (or anyone for that matter) currently resides in heaven with Jesus.
---Ryan_Z on 10/8/07

Yes they go to heaven! These innocent children that never had a chance to breath are with Jesus!
---Lisa on 10/8/07

No! They were never born so they were never entries that qualified for either. It ain't a cake tell it is fully baked.

Moderator - The scripture says He forms and knows us in our mother's womb.
---notlaw99 on 10/8/07

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I Corinthians 7:14 For the unbelieving husband is sanctified through his wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified through her believing husband; for otherwise your children are unclean, but now they are holy. This scripture clearly states that children are sactified through their believing parent. The word "unclean" in this scripture actually means demonic. So I belive the scriptures are very clear on this issue of aborted, unborn children.
---Ryan on 6/10/06

How can anyone possibly believe that a child that God knew even before it was in its mother's womb would go anywhere other than Heaven? Phyliss it sound as though you not only believe in abortion but also the killing of a child after birth if there is something wrong with it (you wouldn't know if it's green or purple until it is born) and also the killing of a young (or older adult) if it joined the communist party (you couldn't know that at birth or earlier). Where do you get these ideas?
---F.F. on 5/31/06

I believe abortion victims go to heaven. I mean they are not even fully formed yet, let alone being able to have a mind of their own. Scripture is silent about children going to heaven, but I do believe that aborted babies go straight to be with Jesus.
---Helen_5378 on 5/31/06

An issue with God? nope.Gods word is very sure on this issue. So many places in the bible were God says that before you were formed in your mothers womb I knew you. And statements from men that acknowledge this answer they go to doubt about it.
---tom2 on 5/31/06

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Jennifer, I am praying for you. Please, know that you are not alone. Any Roman Catholic Church can help you find true peace, as they have with many in your situation, for they have organizations for this very situation. God loves you and so does the Church.
---eleanor on 5/16/06

Certainly the victim would not be held responsible for the act of abortion. Therefore we could ask, would a one day old baby that died go to heaven or to hell? The Bible tells us that David would join the child that him and Bathsheba conceived. Do you believe David went to hell or heaven? What ever your answer, you have the answer to this question.
---mima on 5/7/06

This happened a long time ago and now i am trying my best to walk in the light. i just hope and pray that if i don't mess up too bad from now on, that i will be able to see and hold my baby in heaven. thanks to everyone who replied.
---jennifer on 5/6/06

Phyliss, Abortion is sin, because it is killing an inocent human life. Matthew 5:21-22 \ 19:18 Romans 1:29 If a person repents and believes in Jesus as Saviour, their sins are forgiven. Mark 1:15 Acts 2:38 \ 3:19 Even after salvation, when we sin we can repent and our sins will be forgiven. 1John 10:9 Repentance is turning away from the sin and asking God for forgiveness. It is not well I had a good reason for what I did, or I know God will forgive me, so I can do whatever even though it is sin.
---Ulrika on 5/6/06

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I forgot to mention that only Jesus Christ can judge where you will spend eternity in. I have no authority over this. But remeber that the Lord is merciful and wonderful. Trust in Him
---Sareliz_Maldonado on 5/6/06

No. Many people do make mistakes and fall short from the glory of God. Ask God for forgiveness.We are all his children. He loves us. Do not feel that there is no hope for you because there is.
---Sareliz_Maldonado on 5/6/06

Phyliss, if you need to be forgiven for "abortion for the right reason" are you saying that abortion is a sin? If not a sin then why the need to be forgiven? Just seems your conscience admits that abortion is wrong so you admit need for forgiveness. Maybe I am missing your thought, so please clarify. Thanks.
---Wayne87 on 5/6/06

As far as chapter and verse, I think this is convincing enough for me: John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Ghost while still in the womb. See KVJ Luke 1:5
God knows us before we are even formed in the womb. KJV Jeremiah 1:5; KJV Revelation 13:8
---chris on 5/6/06

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Phyliss, There is not any good reason to have an abortion. Christian people don't have abortions.
---Thomas on 5/6/06

Jack I'm sure that no one can give chapter and verse because it's not there BUT don't you think that as God allows conception to take place, so that a new human being is created, He is going to care for and protect that precious little thing? No way is He going to let it be 'a nonentity' or consign it to hell. It is HIS and He loves it. I honestly do not know how anyone can believe anything else.
---emg on 5/6/06

I believe that God know all things, from the beginning to the end. Is abortion sin in its entirety? If a child is born green or purple, should I keep him? Born with an ideal of the Communist Party, should I keep him? If his life is planned for the bad, could I love him? If he is planned by evil men in world from beginning to end, should I keep him? Life is planned by many, believe me, not all good either. I love the LORD and believe if I choose an abortion for the right reason, I will be forgiven!

Moderator - Show the scriptures. My Bible says people that murder go to hell.
---Phyliss on 5/6/06

Can anyone give book, chapter, and verse from the Bible where it says that aborted babies go to heaven?
---Jack on 5/6/06

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Naltaw, Especially babies who are partially born, are very much alive. God loves us while we are still in the womb. I believe aborted babies will be in heaven. Psalm 139:13-16
---Ulrika on 5/6/06

Amen Moderator!!!! Notiaw99 seems to me that is a "half baked" idea. When an egg and sperm come together they form a complete human being. Everything needed for that tiny person to be human is already in place in the DNA and its Genetic makeup is already determined,it is fully a person.

Moderator - You have that right "Half baked idea".
---Darlene_1 on 5/6/06

Notlaw, I think you are 100% WRONG in your answer. From the moment that child is conceived I believe it is considered a human being. As moderator has already said 'He knew us before we were in our mother's womb' What the mother rejects God will protect and take straight back to be with Him for ever, I am certain. The same will apply to naturally miscarried babies.
---M.P. on 5/6/06

Notlaw ... From your answer, I assume you do not disapprove of abortion?
---alan8869_of_UK on 5/6/06

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Yes. I believe they do go to heaven. They are human beings. Not lifeless blobs of cells. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to have their heads, as well as their morals, examined.
---Lin on 5/6/06

A person is as much alive at the time of conception as he is after he is born. Yes, they go to heaven.
---shira on 5/5/06

God knows us & each child made, from the beginning, so yes the child would be in our fathers arms. As for the "it's not a cake till fully baked" does not go far. You have to add individual ingediants to make a cake,then it takes time for it to "grow" or bake, as for a child it's DNA from its parents are already there,but because of the abortion it did not have a chance to fully "grow" to a delievery,but God still knows it as a baby.
---candice on 5/5/06

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