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My Son Frightened To Death

My son came home frightened out his wits and explained that he was sleeping and felt someone tug the sheets. He tried to get up to see what it was when he was held down and could not get up until he physically fought something which eventually freed him. What was it?

Moderator - His friend having fun.

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 ---Carla5754 on 5/5/06
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If it happens only once, I think you shouldn't make a big deal of it. It could have been an unusually realistic dream or an instance of "sleep paralysis" (a normal phenomenon)...or as mod suggests, someone having fun with him. Don't borrow trouble. Your son will not worry about it if you don't.
( you don't want to makes things worse by conveying fear.)

If it continues, Check his eating habits before bedtime, his general health and/or find an adult to pray with both him and you about the situation. Or consult a pastor you trust. If he recommends deliverance, find someone who has that ministry.
---Donna66 on 6/14/11

yes! I have heard of this type curse but, I tell you give NO POWER to IT! Put your son Day n Night pray for Him to Be Delivered... Some of these things Do Not Without Fasting & Prayer! Plead the Blood of Jesus... Matt. Talks about fasting ... You Must Put Him get all who you can friends,prayer blogg on here and Continue to Read the Word of God with your son... I will put you both n my prayers! There is Power n the Blood of Jesus! Power n the Name of Jesus! Keep vigilent & others will encourage you on here too! God bless you n your son...
---ELENA on 6/13/11

Bad news it was a demon. It didn,t let him go, it entered him. He was away from home where someone he knew had demons. Because he was away from you sanctuary he was seceptable to someone demons. Christian do not let your son or daughters sleep over, Even if thier christians many times there not. Especialy there kids.

What to do,

Pray mightly. ask you son did it touch him then disapear. sign of posetion.

find a church where dileverence is preached and prayed over.

Again Pray to Jesus
---Tom on 3/17/11

I have heard of this happening to people. Have heard could be a witch or the devil riding you. Is your son into witchcraft or anything of that nature? You have left out too many details to really say what this was. How old is your son? Where was he sleeping? Has this happened before?
---Robyn on 3/17/11

Pray, pray, pray in the Name of Jesus Christ and put on the full armor, pray Psalm 91, 23 and believe that God has something special planned for your son. Make sure he knows Jesus Christ as his only savior, salvation and redeemer. God is Allmighty.
---Junia on 3/29/07

you said your son came home- from sleeping, how old is your son?
---eliza4969 on 3/29/07

I've heard of what is called "sleep paralysis", where your brain is quasi-awake but not your body (best way I can explain it). It's not uncommon. This phenomenon is said to be the real cause of alien visitiations in sleep.

I don't doubt it was very frightening to your son. It's happened to me at various times, especially when I was just 13.

It's a natural thing. Don't worry about it.
---Jack on 5/7/06

I was "restrained" once before and it was the Holy Ghost holding me in place to pray. I physically could not even raise my head up. If I had gotten up, I would have become busy with other things and not really paid much attention to the fact that He was wanting me to intercede for someone. When He was finished praying through me, I was able to move. We need to not assume everything is a demon. In truth, there is not a devil under every rock and around every corner. Only God is omnipresent.
---Linda6563 on 5/7/06

American Haunting is based on a curse put on a family, centers on a little girl, I believe. Supposed to be based on fact. Maybe more based on fact movies need to be made! I think your sister needs to have her house cleaned. Anointing with oil and demanding the demons leave her home.
---Nellah on 5/6/06

Is this new film, "An American Haunting" really a true story of a demon who killed a man? Can Biblically this happen?
---Donna on 5/6/06

When I tried to explain to my family about my last home they kept telling me it was in my mind, and I nearly lost it(believe) you cant tell someone nothings happening to them, when it actual fact it is, eventually I testified in Church expecting everyone to think I'd gone loopy, lol but a few members actually, explained what it could have been, I would like to know if anyone else had experienced this sort of thing.
---Carla5754 on 5/6/06

there was no one there but his cousin, who could not be trusted on his own as his mom was away for weekend, so I asked him to go stay with him as company, now my sister always said she felt someone or something sit on her bed, and all these strange things happening but don't believe in evil spirits until now.

Moderator - There are so many things it could have been including what you listed. I guess without asking many questions to your son it may just be a mystery.
---Carla5754 on 5/6/06

The full story:
He went to stay at my sisters and during the early morning he was awoke by something pulling the sheets, he said he tried to get up but he felt heavily restrained, and a force he didnt recognise, he began to pray saying in the name of Jesus but it got worse and no matter what he said it would'nt go, eventually he physically pulled himself up, he's 21yrs old.
---Carla5754 on 5/6/06

It sounds as if your son had slept somewhere other than at home. If he is young-ish maybe he and friends were watching late, unsuitable films or telling scary stories before bed. If so, he possibly had a nightmare. You need to ask him a few things before you can get to the bottom of it (if it still troubles him that is). If he seems O.K. now it will probably be better the leave the subject alone so that he will, eventually, forget it.
---M.P. on 5/6/06

Where was he sleeping?
---shira on 5/5/06

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