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Breast Is Leaking Fluid

My question is to my sisters out there. I'm in my mid-forties and one of my breasts is leaking a white fluid when pressure is applied. I need to know if any of you have experienced this. I'm a little scared.

Moderator - Go to a doctor immediately.

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 ---Cathy_Y on 5/6/06
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Mary,forgot include be true, most good than bad, this does not hold me captive,this not first time with cancer, I made up My mind,this last week,been in bed and I made up my mind not going let my daughter interfere with me seeking god,make room, I mean seriously makeroom for God to move as He Wills Do! A Heb. 11:1,I told lord, I got no complaint allow me stay in my home
I was praying and I begain to Utrera lord prepare my mind to make room for the physical blessing/miracle I don't trust doctor concern the cancer it,you know how I found out and all went through. I felt..hold on..ELENA. make room for god.

---ELENA on 10/12/12

Hello, Mary just saw your blogg you left for me,there is no use at this point, I have had cancer too,long no more surgery,they almost kill me with the chemo do not trust and I do. Not have really good insurance Must trust the lord. Thankyou so much for caring. I have out of pocket. What you called deductables. I am Latina. Hugs my friend, ELENA
---ELENA on 10/11/12

Hi Elena, is there a chance you can find another doctor--one that would remove your ovaries, or is your insurance limited? If you can, get another doctor, especially if your cancer was caused by estrogen, shame on your current doctor! God bless, love you, Mary :)
---Mary on 10/9/12

Family,This is ELENA, been on CNT few years now,never seen blogg before well,I complain for years,tipo tests,mammograms,complain no one paid me any minds,after 10 years then they said breast cancer,so,went several. doctors, plus I beg them at 36 take out ovaries, nobody would, so yes,you or anyone reading need to see doctor.lquido should not be leaking from your breast. Not normal
God help all of us.
---ELENA on 10/9/12

Maybe you're pregnant.
---Jed on 7/18/12

Hi Amy, how are you feeling today dear? What did the testing show? I've beat breast cancer and many other women have too--but I hope it's not that, of course. Anyway, God bless, hugs, Mary
---Mary on 7/18/12

i have been leaking from both breasts i have nightsweats, moodswings, and severe cramps that will NOT go away! i have been living like this for a while now and i has a sample taken yesterday and some bloodwork. i am scared, but most of all i just want it to stop.
---amy on 7/17/12

Part 2: Trust me I know now the importance of getting treated for nipple problems. Just found out I have a rather advanced breast cancer. Wish I would have seen doctors much earlier. God bless each woman reading this.
---Mary on 4/20/11

Hi, I know this blog is old but for any woman reading this who has any discharge or any other nipple or breast problems, PLEASE see your doctor ASAP. I just had a breast biopsy yesterday and will find out results tomorrow, it's worth a biopsy to be sure everything's all right, ladies.
---Mary on 4/19/11

I think this can be caused by many different things, however, when I was 21 I had a tumor in my pituitary gland which caused me to have white fluid leakage from my breast. A few months later both breasts were doing this, and finally a few months later one would almost squirt if pressure was applied. I began to gain weight despite not changing diet, and I was excessively tired. You probably should see a doctor just in case, but I would not worry. God helped me through my trial and no matter what it is, He will help you too.
---Mindy on 4/18/11

if your breast has been producing this fluid continuously since you were breastfeeding last,then there is no problem. but if you breastfed long ago and this fluid is resurfacing then better see a doctor to rule out complications. i personally think there is no big deal
---delfina on 4/3/11

Your breasts still think there is a baby to feed.

I purposely breast fed my little girl to allow my breasts to dry up naturally to see if this healed my problem and it did. Prior to this I had lumpy painful breast every month.
They leaked the same fluid and became very concerned as it went a stale sticky yellow substance.

Sorry there is no other way to dry up your milk it may not be possible for all women after child bearing days are over but for those having babies, at your peril bottle feed, your breast may or may not suffer , but that is the price we pay listening to the world. God gave us our breasts for our husbands but also to feed our babies if that is possible!!!
---Carla on 3/16/11

This can be caused by menopause or peri menopause. Women are going through these earlier today.
drugs for birth control,blood pressure,antidepressants and some herbal medications can cause this.
see if it happens without applying pressure. Since it is one breast only. doctor should evaluate you. If it turns to a clear egg white like liquid or bloody, definitely see doctor. Don't freak it is probably a hormonal imbalance but see Doctor and gain peace of mind.
---Tsuanne on 3/16/11

I had my last child 23 years ago and I have always had a white milky substance come out of one nipple.just recently it has gotten thinner and more fluid comes up if i put pressure on it.I go to the Dr. on friday.I was told years ago by a Dr. after I had an X-ray that the milk duct was inflamed but it was ok and not to worry about it.I hope this helps you feel a little less abnormal.I know woman dont talk about their bodies and share what we go thru at menopause or other things that effect us at different stages of our life.
---Francesca on 3/14/11

Doesn't matter how old you are. Unless you are within months of childbearing, Don't just be scared...Get yourself to the Doctor! Let HIM decide what tests you may or may not need. This symptom MAY indicate a problem that needs treatment NOW. If it doesn't turn out to be serious, at least you won't need to wonder or be scared any more.
---Donna66 on 11/6/09

I am having the same issue. I am only 24. Going to get a sono and possible mamo soon to check it out.
---joyce on 11/6/09

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yes i got the same thing and it relly scared to me i am only 19 and it just came out of nowhere i relly wont to knoww why it doing that
---tweety_coleman on 4/28/08

As Kathy Y asked this question well over a year ago I hope that she has certainly 'got off her computer' by now and sought help.
---RitaH on 9/5/07

Kathy_Y: Get off of your computer, now! You need to see a doctor right away honey. This is not normal for your breasts to be leaking anything unless you have just had a baby. Please honey...go now. We will be here when you return. God bless you and be with you now and always.
---Robyn on 9/4/07

Cathy, if you have never had children I am unsure what it is, but if you have had children I'm guessing it is milk. I had this problem for many years after having my last child and it is quite common (sometimes it had a green tinge to it also). For your own peace of mind go and get it checked out though. Please get back to us after you've seen the doctor and let us know.
---M.P. on 4/17/07

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I don't know your age Cathy, but this happens sometimes during menapause. However, no matter your age get to a doctor quickly to get to the bottom of the problem.
---NVBarbara on 5/7/06

M.P.,I wasn't making the statement to be argumenative, for we both were speaking what we understand. I just don't think it is a common occurance,I had never heard of it before in our part of the country, without underlying disease. Given others know about it I even wondered if it was pecular to one part of the world more than another. I had heard, in parts of Japan they would give babies to elderly men to keep/babysit ,men let them suckle, and they came to milk to feed them.
---Darlene_1 on 5/7/06

Darlene, I was passing on information given me in writing. This is the exact wording "While a milky nipple discharge is rare in men and in women who have never been pregnant, it does occur. When it does, it is more likely to be caused by some underlying disease (particularly when accompanied by other changes in the breast(s). IT IS RELATIVELY COMMON IN WOMEN WHO HAVE HAD AT LEAST ONE PREGNANCY. I said 'quite common', this info. says 'relatively common' so perhaps there is a slight difference there.
---M.P. on 5/7/06

I had the problem over many years, attended hospital to have it checked out and was told that it was old, retained milk and is quite common. I had many hospital visits for this problem as well as cysts (the fluid in cysts looks somewhat like urine). At the age of 50 I had to have the milk ducts removed because blood had started to show in the milk as well. That is far less common. Anything unusual to the individual should be checked out.
---emg on 5/6/06

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I agree with all here. While it could be something as minor as a cyst or breast milk leaking, there may also be something that requires immediate medical attention. Please get to the doctor right away.
---Madison on 5/6/06

for years I had the same problem, and thought that I had cancer, but eventually it stopped after I breast fed my last daughter. But You MUST SEEK MEDICAL ASSISTANCE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
---Carla5457 on 5/6/06

Please don't be afraid, but as Moderator said,do go to a doctor, quickly.That is one of the warning signs of cancer,another is if a dimple appears in the breast,and also if the nipple becomes inverted. I don't want to scare you, but I have never heard of what M.P. said, and I'm 67,it isn't as common as she thinks. Could you possibly be pregnant? Then it would be normal,mother-in-law had last child at 45.
---Darlene_1 on 5/6/06

When I found a large lump in a breast it was my fear that kept me from getting to a doctor for a while. Thank God it was only a cyst. My fear could have killed me had it not been a cyst. Get to a doctor immediately. Where does fear come from?
---Nellah on 5/6/06

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God in Jesus name I command the leak to stop and any damage be restored by the power of the blood of Jesus. Amen.
---anonymous on 5/6/06

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