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Am I Just Being Stupid

My husband and I work at the same job. He been has there longer than I have and has lots of female friends. They will not speak to me but always talking and speaking to him even when I am standing there. Is that disrespectful or am I just being stupid?

Moderator - It could be disrespectful unless they just don't know you yet, however both parties should make an attempt to communicate.

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 ---Charlotte on 5/6/06
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Bless your heart, You're a better women than I am! My hackles are rising just thinking about it. I call it just plain rude. They're rude and your husband isn't much better. He should be hurt for you when he sees them treating you this way and make provision to deter it.
---star on 5/3/07

Your husband should introduce you to all the women and men.You should smile and be receptive to all of them.You are his best girl and you don't have to be having these feelings .More than likely they are unsure,maybe you are withdrawn,just be yourself.Wife is a really important position...these days. God bless you both working so close.lulac3895
---lula on 5/31/06

It may be that you aren't in the "inner circle" yet. What might help is if he would make certain you are included. He could do this by talking about you, rather you are there or not. Asking for your comments if a question is ask, and inviting your opinion, as part of the conversation. (This is just a few quick ideas.) He needs to establish the fact that you are his wife and as such you are to be included in "the inner circle". Time may take are of this.
---wivv on 5/31/06

Just focus on the friend that sticketh closer than a brother, who is Jesus, and you won't have to try to be anyone else's friend. It will just come naturally.
---Autumn on 5/8/06

Proverbs 18:24
A man that hath friends must show himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.
---Fred_S. on 5/8/06

Wayne, you said the Bible says if we would be friends, we must show ourselves friendly.

Can you provide Book, Chapter, and Verse for that, please?
---Jack on 5/7/06

What is discussed and spoken about? Some of us are more shy and not as outgoing. The Bible says that if we would have friends, we must show ourselves friendly. It can be an opportunity for you to share with the others how much your husband means to you, show you respect and honor him, that you are proud of him. It is hard to imagine that they would then not speak to you. Take an interest in the work and needs of others around you. Let His grace and loving interest flow through you and see if that helps!
---Wayne87 on 5/6/06

Why not extend your hand in friendship and introduce yourself to these people? Why did you choose to work with your husband? I don't think I could do that.
---Nellah on 5/6/06

Are they aware that you are his wife? Has he introduced you to them? If not, he should have so why don't you have a word with him about that. He should also be trying to involve you their conversations so that you get to know them. It sounds to me as if both they and he could be being disrespectful.
---emg on 5/6/06

Charlotte, perhaps you need to have a small conversation with him at home, so he knows how you're feeling; guys can be 'ignorant' about such things! After that, if it were me, I'd then think hard about ways I could include you in some discussions at work. Most likely (I'd hope!) he's not trying to be disrespectful at all, just trying to get things done efficienty. A lot depends upon what's being discussed, what type of business it is and his role in the company!
---Daniel on 5/6/06

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