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When Is The Next Revival Coming

That last true revival in the US was in 1905, when will the next great outpouring come to the US? Is America ready? Is the Church ready?

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 ---alan8778 on 5/6/06
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And that my friends is part of the problem, you believe not the scriptures and you walk like dead men having no faith!
---George on 12/1/11

there will be another revival such as the world has never seen it will begin 2010 in australia and much greater than azzuza street.this revival will never be stopped but greatly opposed.
---chris_fresco on 7/26/10

It is my humble opinion that as long as the economy is as good as it is, we will not see a revival.

When Israel was prosperous they would leave God to seek after idols, but when times got tough they would cry out to God. (Example: Judges 6:1-7, & Exo 3:7)

Lord bless each of you,
---trey on 12/4/07

IMO is that we are living in the end times, a time the Bible says there will be a great falling away, a great apostasty, leading up to a one world government headed by the Antichrist. Some preachers like to predict another great revival (beginning in their own church, naturally) but I see no indication of such. I may be wrong. I PRAY that I am wrong. Only time will tell.

Moderator - I see no indication either.
---Donna2277 on 12/4/07

I believe there is yet a great coming revival that will usher in the return of the Lord. In Romans 11:25, Paul is speaking of a mystery that will take place in the future. He states that a blindness in part has happened to Isreal (which is true), and that it will be that way until the "fullness of the Gentiles has come in." As the GREAT and TERRIBLE Day of the Lord nears....we will experience the most glorious time in history for the church as well as the darkest hour the world has ever seen.
---Dusty on 4/25/07

Revival doesn't come in the churches, it starts in the people first and spreads through the church. When God's people pursue fellowship with God at home,through prayer,fasting,and praising/worshiping God then there will be revival. When people give and stop looking for what they can get,then they can prepare their hearts for God's great move. The Holy Spirit flowed through me more in church when I fasted and prayed,had myself already in fellowship with God before church,then He used me in church.
---Darlene_1 on 4/4/07

The Bible does not speak of an end-time revival. In Revelations it says that hearts will wax cold. You see that happening today everywhere. Churches are half-empty. The casinos are full of people who used to attend church regularly on Sundays. People are turning away from God except when they face a terrible event in their life.
---Susie on 7/18/06

I believe revival will come when the Jew and Gentile come together. When we unite in our belief in Jesus, the greatest revival will break out in the world. God will not leave His chosen people behind, absolutely not. With the world crisis, it appears we're moving closer to this Revival than we thought.
---rachel on 7/16/06

There is no such thing as a Pre-trib rapture.

And when you have a revival, you admit you were dead and lifeless before.

You don't revive a living healthy body, do you?
---Jack on 6/1/06

I don't believe that there will be another Revival. We are so close to the end that we will be Raptured.
---Helen_5378 on 5/10/06

I believe this is the SADDEST blog I have ever read on this website. Darlene's 1st sentence was SO true. If anybody was tuned in to what the Spirit is doing today, you would see that the great falling away, AND a great move of God are happening simultaneously. Unfortunately, we see proof of the former right here. His word says that in the last day, he will pour out of his spirit upon all flesh. Sadly, a lot in the church world have opened their umbrellas, and therefore remain dry as a bone
---T.S. on 5/10/06

Next great outpouring will be one-on-one witnessing. No sizable recognizable revival is coming. The revival will be not in mass meetings, or large church gatherings, but in personal witnessing by Christians to those who are lost. If we would recognize this our individual endeavors would be much greater. We have but to step up and speak for the Holy Spirit will surely guide our words and steps.
---mima on 5/7/06

You will not see any more great revivals come. The next thing you see will be the rapture, not a revival. You will see a falling away, not a revival. You will see good called evil and evil good, not a revival. You will see more and more false prophets spring up, not a revival.
---Rev_Herb on 5/7/06

Think about this: One does not revive a healthy functioning conscious body.
---Jack on 5/7/06

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