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Why Watch DiVinci Code Movie

Why should someone watch the DiVinci code movie? This movie does not reveal the truth about Jesus Christ? John 3:16 says "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life" amen.

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 ---Women_of_Faith on 5/6/06
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There is a "church" in my hometown that is showing that movie. I don't know the purpose. My concern is if I had time to read a lenghty book, I would use it on Gods Word. I have seen the previews on tv and it seems to be another demon movie.
---shira on 1/15/08

PT 2: Though some of the movie gave actual facts of Christianity like Constitne , it is still fiction of the Jesus story, it just opened my mind better about the Christian history past & to look for myself what is written & to test the faith like the bible says.
---candice on 6/1/06

I saw the movie this past weekend & nothing has changed my faith. I know the stories are not real, however when they spoke of Constitine becoming a Christian on his death bed & him still dabling between the Christianity & Pagans. I did research on google & that part is true, the storyline is fiction ,but some of the history of Christianity is true.
---candice on 6/1/06

The book and the movie are fiction accounts that add just a little truth that can cause many people to ask questions. Here is a group
that has done a good job in answering the many questions that have been raised. If a fictional work bugs you then I challenge you to seek the answers to the questions you have, then you might help others to seek the truth. You don't have to condem or defend, just seek the truth ... it will set you free!
---Clay on 5/22/06

For anyone interested, the movie was panned at Cannes yesterday.
---NVBarbara on 5/17/06

even a man with strong faith can give in to temptaion. we are all sinners and we all can sin. just because you know Jesus does not mean you try and fight satan with out him. instead of seeing the movie spend money on books that break the code and expose the false claims of the movie. GOD bless
---paul on 5/16/06

Do you see the problem?
The struggle between good and evil comes down to a struggle for the faith of men.

If Satan can use this garbage to make you doubt and fall away he's won.

The framing of the davinci code has enough fact intermingled with it to confuse anyone who doesn't have a solid foundation.

This is a direct attack upon Jesus, moreover it's disturbing.
---z-pha3394 on 5/16/06

Bill, I disagree with a few things. Many of strong faith have the greatest problem with the book/movie I know I am grieved to see my Lord misrepresented. I also believe the enemy is out to destroy, and regardless of authors "intent" it is not merely a ficticious adventure story designed to entertain. We are in a spiritual battle. Choose this day whom you will serve
---christina on 5/15/06

The DiVinci code is clearly a fictitious adventure story designed to entertain, not to educate. Those of strong faith should and do understand that. Those who doth protesteth too much about the lies and misleading statements only display their own paranoia and the fragility of their own faith.
---Bill on 5/15/06

I think that christians may watch the Da Vinci code when it comes out on TV a year or two from now, but my opinion is they not spend even a dollar making someone who defames Jesus, wealthy.
---Ron on 5/15/06

Please don't waste your precious time reading or viewing the DiVinci code. Life has so many things to offer than spending time viewing a movie that is deceitfull & untrue.
I am so tired of Hollywood making terrible movies. Garbage & lies.
---Lauren on 5/8/06

Those of us who have not died to the world,will find ourselves following the world. And certainly the world is going crazy(50 million copies of the books sold) over the Da Vinci code,
---mima on 5/7/06

I don't think anyone who is new or weak in the faith should watch this movie, thinking it will give them new insights into the christian faith. The book is fiction, which means it is the figment of someone's imagination, with little tidbits of familiar thoughts interspersed. It would be easy enough for someone who doesn't have a firm understanding of Christ's finished work on the cross to become confused with this material.
---tommy3007 on 5/7/06

Why should anyone watch any movie? They are full of lies, sex and all sorts of perversions. A Christian shouldn't watch movies at all. To go to a movie and give them your money is supporting there ways. Would you give money to a child molester for molesting your child? Why support the people that are molisting the minds of our children? If you donate money to a false religion, you are taking part and agreeing with what they do.
---Rev_Herb on 5/7/06

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