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What Is The Da Vinci Code

What exactly is the Da Vinci Code?

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 ---BERRY on 5/6/06
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Paul ... So is Shakespeare ... & Gone with the Wind, and indeed all fiction.
---alan_of_UK on 8/1/08

blasphemy , lies, deception distortion of the truth. Fake. False. Evil.
---Paul on 8/1/08

The author of the book himself says it is a work of Fiction. Fiction is fiction and not reality.

Yes as followers of Christ, we are rightly offended because the book portrays Jesus as married with Mary Magdalene and having children . We have to do only one thing to look unto Jesus who is the author of our faith. His grace will take us to eternity and not Da Vinci.
---Joy on 7/27/08

I want to know the controversial issues about the Da Vinci Code. This is not to confuse myself but to know how to counter attack or confront these issues with the word of God.
---Lorna on 7/13/08

The DVC is nothing but the work of satan, and a true christian should not even think about watching the movie, or reading the book. Another attack against our Lord Jesus Christ, as well as against christians. The devils tool to try to lead people away from Christ Jesus. But Praise the Lord, we know who is going to win this , for in the end Jesus Christ as well as us the Saints of Christ will prevail. Amen!
---Cynthia on 10/3/07

based on the Gnostic gospels.....all you have to do is research and you will find all you need to know about the DVC.
I don't see a movie unless I know what it's about first. I don't have to bite the apple to know it's not good for me metaphorically speaking.
When ever you do something like watch a movie should ask yourself "would Jesus be here watching this? or doing this?"
I sincerely doubt Jesus would be watching blasphemy like the DVC.
---Lisa on 10/2/07

It's a work of fiction and was never claimed to be anything but that.
---alexia on 9/24/07

---boby on 9/23/07


I am a converted christian.
Moderator - Are you stating you loss your faith in Jesus Christ because of reading the Da Vinci Code?
---eleanor on 9/12/07

It is a novel - fiction. Or do you mean what is the "code" in the book?
---Bruce5656 on 3/12/07

da vinci code is just the side of these gnostics.. and i believe that what is written in the Bible is the TRUTH and nothing more or less. and why do we believe those claiming Christians outhere when they just want to point out what the code is? It does not help...That is of the Devil.
---Cyril_Udtojan on 5/27/06

When we look at the positive sides of it, it gives us, the Christians opportunity to clear the clouds from Da Vinci Code.

Many people incl. luke warm Christians will come to know our Lord with indepth.
---Water_Lily on 5/13/06

Da Vinci Code, an absolute perverted way for a person to make a few dollars Christ's and Christian's expense. How many christians will watch the movie buy the books just to see how stupid and rediculous the code really is
---William on 5/12/06

Yes, i agree, The evil one and his demons are out there and everywhere, decieving many even many who call them selfs christians, and dont know it.
---winna3836 on 5/12/06

Any document from Christian antiquity is worth knowing about. The Gospel of Judas is available for download from the National Geographic site. Though it's fragmentary and no more than half of it's there, read it for yourself and you'll see why the church rejected it.

Remember, people have ALWAYS told lies about Jesus. This is nothing new, as we see in the canonical Gospels.
---Jack on 5/12/06

Maybe this is the start of the apostasy! The evil one uses mass media especially hollywood. It even uses National Geographic channel not only for the Da Vinci Code but also Gospel of Judas///all lies to confuse people in their faith. As usual, people without faith say it is art or freedom. Iys the devil'r reason always.
---jaraina_reyes on 5/12/06

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It is fictional novel by Da Brown. Since last year, he has been refusing to be interview by Discovery Channel when the investigation team found the "A European Secret Society" recorded in his book was a fraud & hoax fabricated by some Frenchmen, reported The Times in US.

There are so many flaws in his book that the film maker, Ron Howard has to consult specialists, historians & theologians like. Ms. Wellborn as to change the plot for the movie.
---Water_Lily on 5/11/06

So then Pokemon, Harry Potter, Superman, Spiderman are all 'of the devil?'
---MikeM on 5/8/06

The word im looking for is "FICTION". Is all just a fiction story to amase people. Much like Pokemon, Harry Potter, Superman, Spiderman . All Fiction!. The Da Vinci Code is just a fiction story to lean, blind people into believing lies from the devil. Dont try to mix it with the Bible. It wont fit with the teachings of the bible. It has confuse many for their lack of knowledge. Its all falsehood. It shows the bible has being a fake. The Da Vinci Code is a work of fiction. Its a work for Satan!.
---Ramon on 5/8/06

Ok! The Da Vinci Code is just another fiction Movie, I don't understand what everybody is so excited about. Just be there for your children and answer their questions as best as you can. Same goes with Harry Potter it's all fiction.
---Brenda on 5/8/06

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It is a story. It is fiction. It is not true.
---Dawn on 5/8/06

It is a novel written by Dan Brown which is made into a movie with Tom Hanks as the actor. It is fiction. Therefore you have to read it as is. If you read it, or wants to see the movie, bear in mind DO NOT MIX FICTION WITH THE TRUTH about our faith!
---bebet3754 on 5/8/06

Have these people who hate the Da Vinci Code even read it, or seen the film? As for me, I tried to read the Book. It is full of historical mistakes, and mixes fact and fiction. I did read 'holy blood, holy grail.' which is better FICTION. i will ignore the film, maybe i will see "An American Haunting." this weekend. I would think some protestants would like it, as it is anti-RCC.
---MikeM on 5/7/06

A Fictional Story that is causing great confusion because of its falsehoods.
---Philomena on 5/7/06

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The Da Vinci Code is something very special. It is used to place doubts in the Christians mind and to lead our children away from the truth. I is a tool of the devil which is working very well.
---Rev_Herb on 5/7/06

A fabulous satanic lie that is taking the "world" by storm. Another sign, that the hour grows late, and our redemption draws nigh!
---mima on 5/7/06

This is a non sense thing! Anyway it is given that satan will use other people to mislead and be in the path of DOOM.
Satan is the God of LIES and DECEPTION so what can i expect!
God may spare the lives of the people who disgrace JESUS as the saviour and God to mankind.
---EDWIN5354 on 5/7/06

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