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Recommendation 666 Of The EU

What is Recommendation 666 of the European Union?

Moderator - Isn't it the document for the seven year plan for the One World Order?

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 ---Nellah on 5/7/06
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I suppose it's a recommendation that comes after recommendation 665, and before recommendation 667.
---Eloy on 10/29/07

Sounds like another one of those gloom, doom, and rumors of boom that God's paranoid Chicken Littles are so fond of hearing and talking about. Acts 17:21

Really, shouldn't Christians have better things to do than scare each other with end-of-the-world horror stories?
---Jack on 10/28/07

"Recommendation 666" is an actual document of the Western European Union saying that it will be the "military muscle" of the EU. The WEU is made up of 10 full member nations. "666" also establishes a High Representative position able to call a council at any time, as well as to hold emergency powers if granted.
---Brandon on 8/26/06

Reccomendation 666 is a reply from the WEU (Western European Union) to the Council of the European Union. The WEU told the EU, via. Reccomendation 666, that they would be the military muscle for the EU, and in the event of an emergency, the power of the 10 nation WEU would be directed by the Secretary General of the European Union, also known as the High Representative for the Common and Foreign Security Policy. The office of High Representative was created by a seperate EU legal document #666 in 1998.
---Richard on 7/6/06

I would give you references for these but we cannot post links to outside sites. I'm sorry if I bothered you by mentioning those things. I was merely pointing out some interesting things. There are many groups out there that think the EU will author in the antichrist. I dont know about that, but some of their arguments are compelling.
---chris on 5/16/06

Chris ... the two prime movers of the EU are Germany, which is mainly Lutheran, and France, which is avowedly a secular country.
It would be intersting to have the references for your other clams
---alan8869_of_UK on 5/16/06

Coincidences? who knows?
The European Union has declared that they are the revived Roman Empire on several occasions.
In Brussels, Belgium at the European Commission building they have an exhibit titled "The Roman Empire Returns".
The Seal of the European Union is of a woman riding a bull.
Leon Marchal, former secretary general of the Council of Europe, confirmed that the stars on the EU flag are representative of the woman of the Apocalypse.
---chris on 5/16/06

Planning to do WHAT in 7 years? Please, be a bit more specific.

Moderator - I don't remember the details as it was't all available nor that interesting. It's just the seven year plan on how to run/administer the 7 year plan for the EU which hasn't be executed yet, but will be shortly like in 2009?
---Jack on 5/16/06

Can you give a summary of Recommendation/Document 666?

Moderator - Bottomline, it's the beginning of a seven year EU plan. Does it have anything to do with the Book of Revelation? Who knows. It's interesting that it it from the EU and the plan is for seven years.
---Jack on 5/15/06

I've done some research (admittedly not finished yet), and so far as I can tell there is NO "Recommendation 666" of the European Union. And if the EU was that ol' ten-nation confederacy (which now embraces 25), do you think they would do anything as obviously named? Again, it's chicken-littleism.

Moderator - It's document 666 not recommendation 666. Yes, it exists. It's embraces 10 nations of the world zones not 10 EU nation/zones.
---Jack on 5/14/06

"...discerning the sky..., watching & praying", words of Jesus Christ Himself, ".. why call me Lord, Lord and don't do the things I say....". The Jews missed their "time" by not watching. "Offences must come, but woe to the [one] by whom they come...". "Out of the bitter [comes the sweet]". The people who crucified/turned against Jesus Christ probably called Him "chicken little" because He did'nt overthrow the oppressors of His people.
---Bob6749[Elishama] on 5/12/06

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