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Should I Remarry My Exhusband

I have been divorced for almost a year. We have a two year old son. He has asked me back many times but, I refused him each time. Now I feel I am ready to try again, but he says he doesn't know. I have strong suspisions he was seeing his best friend. Should I continue or should I leave him alone?

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 ---Lindsey on 5/8/06
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Leave the past behind and move on. If Christ hasn't changed this man then all of the reasons for your divorce are still there waiting.
---TERETHA on 12/30/07

Beloved, always reach out for help you nev er know who may be able to help you along the way. God can use anyone, anything, anyway he desires. There is help for you. Receive it in Jesus name.
Now...there are many questions that need to be answered. Was he abusive to you or the kid? Was he a saved man and you? Did he ever cheat on you? Just a few questions that need to be answered before I can give a good, godly comment. I will pray for you and your son. Peace and love
---Robyn on 5/12/07

You have strong suspicions your spouse is seeing his best friend. Is that friend male or female? That is a very big issue. Especially if friend is male. Run away quickly. Don't get involved with that period. If he is not sure about getting back together, it could be a good thing for you. Believe what he is saying to you. Leave him alone. Leopards don't change their spots, they just get bigger. You could be saving yourself a lot of pain.
---Robyn on 5/12/07

I have been married for 27 yrs and I am getting a divorce. My husband has committed adultery 5 times that I know of. Each time I have forgiven him. We did counseling, he pretented to be saved, we tried weekends off together, etc. Yet he still kept committing fornication and adultery.

I say get on with your life. God has something great out there for you. Pray that God truly saves him and in the meantime work on making yourself better.
---Pandora on 5/11/07

dont ask people about such things. ask God and pray for His wisdom and revelation for you. untill the time don't do anything just wait for the answer. it is not good to look for the anwer from a man but only from God Himself. don't be lazy in searching and looking for God right now but make the effort in sake of you and your child.
---Kasia on 3/28/07

I thought i was the only one in this situation.My ex asked many times and i refused now i want him back and he says he has given his heart to the other woman and will not hurt her for me and his boys...
---lee_lee_c. on 3/27/07

I think your relationship needs a lot of work, for there is already no trust. Go and see a Christian counsellor, first on your own and then together with him, before you make any decisions.
---Junia on 3/25/07

if he does not do drugs or drink yes take him back your kids need him and its clear from what was written that you still love eachother. if you dont have proof of an affair then its just suspision and that is not good enough to keep a family seperated from eachother.
---teryn_tant on 3/24/07

I did and divorced him again. I would say if he was abusive or unfaithful to you, you might seek Godly couceling before you make that very difficult decision. I will pray for you.
---Kathy on 6/7/06

I would not know much about the reasons why you divorced at frst. read methew 5 vs 35 and consider what it says. if it was me i will settle the previous differences first and take him back. as it seems he may have moved on.
---admir5679 on 6/7/06

I'm unsure about what you expect from him. You now want to try again but he's not sure any more. But you admit that he has asked you back MANY times and you refused. Perhaps he has now reached the point where he knows he has to move on - without you. You don't give a reason for the divorce and you only 'suspect' he is seeing his best friend. Either have a real heart-to-heart conversation with him or leave it alone and make a new life.
---f.f. on 5/19/06

Let him alone. He knows you want to try again, but he's also thinking of the times you rejected his advances - so now he has moved on. To make a move now would not be wise since you have deprived him of his leadership role.
---WIVV on 5/18/06

Lindsey, your friend may be seeing things that you're not seeing. Instead of "fighting", try to talk about the issue with her and see if there are good reasons why she is against re marrying your ex.
---A_Catholic on 5/15/06

You don't have to chase after him. he must show real interest, not the other way around.
---StellaD on 5/13/06

Why crawl back into the old muck and mire you escaped from? Why would you try something again which didn't work in the first place? Leave him alone and seek God's will for your life. If ex isn't a commited Christian you can't marry him anyway and be unequally yoked. Focus on God,prayer,reading the Bible, and going to church and let God direct your steps as the Word tells us He will. Often women won't stay out of a bad relationship because at least it is familiar to them and the unknown scares them.
---Darlene_1 on 5/13/06

Thank you for your responses. I am trying to "let go and let God", but it is very hard. I am praying for the strength to handle this and to accept whatever path God wants me to take, whether it's with him or not. My best friend of 23 years and i have been fighting over this and now she won't speak to me because i told her i wanted to try again with him. she is not a christian and i'm not sure if this is the devils way of putting blocks up for me or if this is God's way of telling me to stop.
---Lindsey on 5/9/06

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If, you have suspisions, you are probably 9 times out of 10 correct! And, that is "Adultry and Fornication". If, he tells you, that, he doesn't know, he proabably is trying to tell you, that, he is not ready to give up the lifestyle, that, he is living now! The best thing, that, you can do is Pray and put it in God's Hands! I have been there, and, i know, how it feels! You will be in my Prayers!! God Bless You! Ruby
---Ruby on 5/9/06

Yvonne: Great comment!!

Lindsey: Test the waters before you dive in, or bed in. Agree to preconditions such as counseling for BOTH and absolutely NO SEX.

Those good walls will help to determine, in a non-risky environment if either one of you are not ready to marriage, or both should drop the whole reconcilliation idea.
---John_T on 5/9/06

Dear torn one - the bible actually addresses your situation and teaches against re-marriage to the same partner, because have broken the vow/covenant with that person (against God's direction). Deuteronomy 24:4 then her first husband, who divorced her, is not allowed to marry her again after she has been defiled. That would be detestable in the eyes of the LORD. Do not bring sin upon the land the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance. Don't dwell in the past.God will provide, just ask!
---Gis on 5/9/06

you cant move forward if you are going backwards
---Yvonne on 5/9/06

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Hi, Marriage according to my Bible is for life time, God is against putting away. You should go back to him, resolve whatever the problem is, you may need to involve your pastor if need be. Above all let Christ be the centre of your home, if he is not born again, pray seriously to God for his salvation. God of Peace be with you, amen.
---Tom on 5/9/06

God is always interested in reconcilliation. How about dating for a while? Do whatever it takes to make sure you are not going to repeat history.
---john on 5/8/06

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