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Demonic Possession And Illness

What's the difference between demonic possession and mental illness?

Moderator - In some cases, nothing.

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 ---David on 5/9/06
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atheist, you never give up do you? I am a saved person and my spirit will live forever but this body is flesh and bone and is corrupt. If you don't believe your body is dirty and corrupt, look at your shirt collar at the end of the day. God made man and woman and put them in a perfect place but heeeeerrrreee comes satan. Man did this to himself. Many were sick in the times of Jesus but were not demon possessed.
---shira3877 on 8/18/11

I understand what you are saying entirely. You do not believe in demons, therefore if someone does they must be sufferring from a mental illness, ie the belief in what does not exist.
However, I do not accept the basis of your arguement.
---DuncanDisorderli on 8/18/11

Steveng:"All mental illnesses are demonic either directly or indirectly - either fear, brain damage, or chemical imbalance. Whatever the root cause, God can heal."

A small child suffers a head injury in an auto accident. He can still breathe, but that is all. An MRI shows brain damage.

So his condition is the work of demons, not a result of the accident and the visible brain damage?

So why doesn't god heal this child? Seems god is rather weak and unmerciful if he cannot or will not heal an innocent child whose suffering is caused by a little old demon.
---atheist on 7/24/11

All mental illnesses are denomic either directly or indirectly - either fear, brain damage, or chemical imbalance. Whatever the root cause, God can heal. In the new world to come, do you think that there will continue to be fear, brain damage, or chemical imbalance? As soon as Satan is taken care of there won't be.
---Steveng on 7/24/11


Actually, I was saying that belief in demons is a symptom of mental illness, not that there are other causes of mental illness. By believing in demons, you are opening the door to allow thoughts that you are not under your own control to overtake you. You will then be possessd by your own thoughts.
---atheist on 7/24/11

I don't, but I believe that the reverse is true, that mental illness is one aspect of demonic possession, that is what faith is all about - believing what you cannot definitely know. Your faith is that demonic possession is one type of mental illness, however, you would have to admit, if being honest, that you cannot prove or know 100% that that is true either.
---DuncanDisorderli on 7/24/11

How do you know that belief in demonic possession is not a mental illness?
---atheist on 7/22/11

I believe that all mental illness is, at root cause, demonic possession, or at least the result of the influence of the Lord of Lies.What is good is derived from God, what is not is not good because it has been tampered with by the Devil. Mental processes as well as physical events in the world.
What is more difficult is the treatment - most people who are not comitted Christians will reject religious solutions so they will have little, if any, effect.
And one thing that I disagree with from the replies. Even saved Christians can suffer possession. Being saved does not prevent us from sinning, we all sin, and all sin is a potential entry-point for a demon. Being saved is only the start, salvation is an 0n-going and life-long process.
---DuncanDisorderli on 7/22/11

I agree with the Moderator.

Hence, the spiritual warfare many experience on and off the blogs.
---lovable_linda on 1/1/08

Moderator is spot on.

This question gives me pause, are the ones exhibiting mental illness on these blogs actually demon possessed?
---Mike on 12/30/07

The moderator Is correct. And while I have virtually no experience in this field many others do have and gain exceptional results. Usually the results come from those in a controlled environment. And surprise surprise those running the controlled environments frown on any good results.
---mima on 12/9/07

One is supernatural, the other is not.

Demonic possession involves the controling influence of a demon.

Mental illness involves physiological and or psychological problems.
---Bruce5656 on 3/29/07

I have 8 friends and/or relatives who have been put on meds for bipolar and depression and all believe they are worse now and are hearing voices--demonic. Two of them that are on lower doses believe that anti-phsych meds have opened a gateway for demons.
---tc on 6/22/06

As a teen I saw unbelievable things in a pentacostal church that to this day make me shake in fear, in fact I believe those were demonic manifestations, laughing, twitching, jumping, rolling around on the floors, all I believe were demonic. What I noted from these people is out of church they were always talkiing about being sick, and many were 'borderline' mentally ill, always in some type of counciling. To this day it makes me fear God.
---MikeM on 6/6/06

A person suffering true demonic possession has his will suspended during it, and hence has no moral responsibility for acts committed during possession--or memory of them.

A person with severe mental illness DOES have use of his will and usually remembers what he did during episodes (barring interference with memory by the meds taken, which can happen).
---Jack on 6/6/06

Demonic possession can imitate some forms of mental illness, especially schizophrenia (hearing voices, delusions of grandeur or persecution) or multiple personality disorder.

But generally there are PHYSICAL manifestations accomanying demonic possession (extreme strength, levitation) and INTELLECTUAL ones (revealing hidden things about bystanders, speaking in real languages unknown to the speaker).
---Jack on 6/6/06

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All mental illness is caused directly by demonic possession. Damage to the nervous system can actually open up a person temporaily to demons (it's a complicated thing). Did you know that there are also many people who have noticed sudden psychic powers in them, after brain injuries...but scientists don't know the demon part. You see the soul is connected to the spirit and to the physical nervous system at the same time; the mind has the ability to make changes in both the physical and spiritual body!
---Okebaram on 5/22/06

I believe that certain medications/drugs can alter the balance of the mind and cause the enemy to take control , If you focus on hatred, unforgiveness, all negative thoughts these are tools of the enemy that he uses to cause you not to follow Gods instructions and eventually you become, the enemies victim of mental Health.(just my opinion)
---Carla5754 on 5/11/06

Saved people cannot be demon possessed. Yet, there are many Christian believers who are mentally ill.

Many mental illnesses are organic in origin and therefore require medication and therapy for symptom management.

Others are due to severe traumas in childhood. Many mentally ill patients experienced child abuse in some form or fashion, or grew up in homes where a parent was either mentally ill, or addicted to drugs or alcohol.
---Madison2202 on 5/10/06

cont: Unfortunately, the insurance companies dictate the length of hospitalization, and often discharge is done prematurely, and the patient returns to the real world unprepared without necessary supports.
---Madison1101 on 5/10/06

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mima: You said, "And surprise surprise those running the controlled environments frown on any good results."

You are so wrong about mental health professionals. I work in a psychiatric hospital, and the doctors, nurses and social workers there desire the patients to heal and get well. It saddens them when former patients return having decompensated.
---Madison1101 on 5/10/06

john you said-what's the difference? the demonics are driven and fueled internally while normal mental illness is not. well could you please explain? because normal mental illness is internally(brain) too.
---eliza4969 on 5/9/06

Scripturally, we see several instances were lunatics had demons cast out of them. This does not mean that all mental illness is demonic. Even fear can be demonic and is cast out by the perfect love of God. I have cast out many demons from bi polar and schizophrenic people. Many will tell me they have demons. What's the difference? The demonics are driven and fueled internally while normal mental illness is not.
---john on 5/9/06

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